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Sometimes even a minor thing can make you question yourself. For instance, as you own Nespresso Citiz and know that its Energy saving mode automatically turns OFF your coffee maker after 9 or 30 minutes. But what about when you have to turn OFF your coffee maker manually? Do you know how to do it?

Don’t worry! I have gone through this phase as I mainly relied on Citiz’s energy-saving mode, and I was blanked when the manually turning OFF situation arrived. Thus, to help you, I will tell you how you can turn OFF your Nespresso Citiz quickly.

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Let’s dig right into the operation by keeping in mind the Safety Precautions.

A Step-By-Step Procedure On How To Turn Off Nespresso Citiz

Nespresso Citiz has two buttons; one is Lungo present on the right side (110 ml or 3.72 ounces), and the other is Espresso (40 ml or 1.35 ounces) present on the left side of your machine. Both buttons are used to turn OFF the Nespresso Citiz. Let’s see how


  1. Press the Espresso and Lungo buttons together.
  1. Your machine will then be OFF.
  1. Then you can further unplug the cord if you want.

Video On How To Turn Off Nespresso Citiz

If you want to visually see the steps on how to turn OFF the Citiz machine, then click on the link below.

Video Link:

Guide On How To Turn Off Nespresso Citiz

Further questions that popped up in your mind while turning OFF your Nespresso Citiz have been answered below. Read them to know about your machine better.

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Why Is My Nespresso Citiz Blinking?

When you turn ON the machine, the LED starts blinking. This happens because the machine lets you know that water is being heated up and the machine is becoming ready for brewing coffee. The whole process takes approx. 25 seconds and after 25 seconds, the blinking stops means the machine is ready to brew delicious coffee.

How Long Should Nespresso Citiz Last?

Nespresso Citiz, with its strong outer covering and high-quality internal parts, allows the machine to last up to 10-15 years. If more specific care is provided, it can certainly serve you more time.

How Do I Turn Off My Nespresso Citiz Coffee Makers?

To turn OFF the Nespresso Citiz Coffee maker, together press the Espresso and Lungo button.

How Do You Turn On A Nespresso Citiz Coffee Machine?

To turn ON the Nespresso Citiz coffee maker, you have to press any beverage button; it can be Espresso or Lungo. After this, LEDs will start blinking means the machine has been turned ON and is in the heating phase.

Do Espresso Machines Automatically Turn Off?

Espresso machines like Nespresso Citiz have an automatic OFF system, which lets the machine automatically turn OFF after 9 or 30 minutes of continuous non-use.

How Do You Turn Off Descaling?

To let the Nespresso Citiz out of descaling mode or to turn OFF the descaling mode. You have to press and hold the Espresso and Lungo button together for 3 seconds. 


Turning OFF your Nespresso Citiz is not a complex process, but it’s less importance (due to Energy saving mode) can make you ponder how to do it. But I believe now you clearly understand and will remember how you can turn OFF your machine before the automatic power OFF.

How to use Nespresso Citiz & Review on Nespresso Citiz machine are the best guide to know more about your Nespresso Citiz machine in each aspect. Feel free to check them.

Till next time, Adieu 👋


How Do I Turn Off My Nespresso Citiz?

To turn OFF your Nespresso Citiz, you have to press the Lungo & Espresso buttons simultaneously. After this, you can unplug the cord if you want. 

Why Does My Nespresso Citiz Machine Not Turn Off?

Nespresso Citiz has Energy saving mode with two options. The first option allows the machine to turn OFF automatically after 9 minutes of continuous non-use, and the other option after 30 minutes. If your Nespresso Citiz is not turning OFF, your machine is probably set to 30 minutes of automatic OFF. Wait for 30 minutes; otherwise, you can also Turn your machine OFF manually by pressing Espresso & Lungo buttons together.

If the turning OFF issue continues, your machine could be in descaling mode. To exit the descaling mode, press and hold the Espresso & Lungo button together for 3 seconds.

If the above methods don’t work, then you can contact Nespresso Club:

  • Originaline: 800-562-1465
  • Vertuo line: 877-964-6299 

Does The Nespresso Citiz Machine Turn Off Automatically?

Yes, Nespresso Citiz has an automatic turn OFF system which allows the machine to automatically turn the machine OFF after 9 or 30 minutes of continuous non-use.

How Do I Reset My Citiz Nespresso?

To reset your Nespresso Citiz, 

  1. Turn OFF your machine by pressing Lungo and Espresso buttons together.
  2. Press and hold the Lungo button for about 5 seconds.
  3. The LEDs will speedily blink 3 times, ensuring Resetting has been done.

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