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Coffee is like a morning booster, or we can say a great way to start your day in a fresh mood. Coffee attracts everyone; even its aroma is breathtaking. Being able to know how one can make coffee is such an attractive quality of a person. And we want to include this amazing quality in you as well. We are here to let you know how you can make Espresso using the Nespresso Citiz coffee maker.

Buying a perfect match coffee maker is a little hassle, especially if you don’t have much knowledge and experience with coffee makers. To help you out in making a good decision, we have a perfect guide just for you. You can check Best Nespresso Machines, where we wrote every possible detail which will help you in choosing the perfect Nespresso Coffee machine for your upcoming delightful life.

If you want to learn more functions other than coffee making, such as descaling, resetting, and programming water volume, then we warmly invite you to see our How to Use Nespresso Citiz guide. OR want to see a detailed review on Nespresso Citiz, then our doors are always open toward our post Nespresso Citiz Review.

Let’s get right into Espresso coffee making using Nespresso Citiz. 

Cautions for Nespresso Citiz: 

  1. Before or during Nespresso Citiz use, there are certain things that you must keep in mind for your safety.
  2. You should always make sure that your machine is clean before making any beverage.
  3. When you clean the brewer for brewing, disconnect the cord from the mains.
  4. You should never lift the lever in between the brewing process.

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  1. Fill the water tank with fresh drinking water.
  1. Turn on the machine by pressing either Espresso or Lungo button.
  1. After pressing, the LED light will start blinking. It means the machine is in the pre-heating phase. 
  1. The blinking will continue for approx. 25 seconds. After this, the blinking will become steady, and your machine will be ready for brewing.
  1. Now it’s time to insert the capsule into the capsule compartment. 
  2. Lift the lever, insert your Espresso coffee capsule, and close it.
  1. Place a mug/cup under the coffee outlet.
  1. Press the Espresso button. About 40 ml or 1.35 oz coffee will start pouring into the placed cup/mug. 
  1. If you want to stop the flow in between, then you can do so by pressing the same Espresso button again the flow will stop. To continue the process again, press the Espresso button.
  2. After the coffee has been poured, eject the capsule by lifting and closing the lever. The used capsule will fall into the used capsule container.

10.  Enjoy smooth Espresso

Video on How you can make Espresso with Nespresso Citiz Machine

For your ease, we have also made a video guide on how to make a delicious cup of Espresso from Nespresso Citiz. To watch it click on the video below.

Video Link:

How to Make Espresso using Nespresso Citiz Guide

This guide will enlighten all the steps, procedures, points, etc., related to brewing Espresso using Nespresso Citiz. You should definitely check these out to know more about your coffee machine. Here we go:

Does Nespresso CitiZ make Espresso?

Yes, Nespresso Citiz can make Espresso and Lungo as well. The Espresso shot will be 40 ml, and the Lungo shot will be 110 ml.

Which button is Espresso on Nespresso?

The espresso button is present on the top left side of the Nespresso Citiz machine. By pressing it, a shot of Nespresso will start pouring into the cup/mug.

Does Nespresso Citiz make coffee or just Espresso?

Nespresso Citiz not only makes Espresso coffee but can also make Lungo.

Is Nespresso Citiz single or double shot?

A coffee lover can make single and double shots with Nespresso Citiz. However, the second shot of the same capsule will be less strong than the first one.

Can you use 1 Nespresso pod twice?

Yes, you can use one Nespresso pod twice. To do this, after the first shot has been poured into the mug/cup, do not take out the capsule and again press the same coffee button you use for making your first coffee shot. The second shot will then start pouring into the mug/cup.

Can Nespresso Citiz be used without pods?

You can use Nespresso Citiz without pods, such as for dispensing hot water for tea.

Does Nespresso make good Espresso shots?

Espresso Shots from Nespresso Citiz are the same as you get from the barista, but you get these shots in the comfort of your own house. You can enjoy as many delicious Espresso shots as you want with much conveniences. 

What setting should my Espresso be on?

By fault factory setting, your Espresso is in the setting of 40 ml per shot. You can change this volume setting to set them according to your desires.

What size is Nespresso Citiz Espresso?

Nespresso Citiz Espresso is, by default, factory setting at 40 ml per shot.

Is a double Espresso two shots?

Yes, when you pour two Espresso shots in one cup using the same capsule, it will be a double shot or two-shot Espresso.

How do I know if I have an Espresso or Lungo?

It depends upon the volume. If the poured coffee volume is 40 ml, then it is the Espresso shot, and if the poured Coffee volume is 110 ml, then the Lungo shot has been poured.

What setting should my Espresso be on?

If you want to activate or turn on your Nespresso Citiz, then press any beverage button, either Espresso or Lungo. It will turn the machine on, and the preheating phase will start right away.

Is Espresso stronger than coffee?

Yes, Espresso has more caffeine in one ounce of water than regular coffee. 

Does Nespresso Citiz have a Milk Frother?

No, Nespresso Citiz does not have a milk frother, but Nespresso Citiz & milk includes a milk frother in it.

Is Lungo the same as double Espresso?

Lungo is about 110 ml, and Espresso is 40 ml, so yeah, Lungo is approx. same as a double Espresso.

Can you make frothed hot milk using Nespresso Citiz?

The Nespresso Citiz model does not have a frother, so you cannot froth hot milk; however, its Nespresso Citiz & milk model does have a frother.

How is the Nespresso Citiz machine’s outer covering?

Nespresso Citiz is a beautiful machine with a black and chrome color metallic outer covering.

Should I unplug my Nespresso when not in use?

It’s good to unplug the Nespresso Citiz when it is not in use, as it could be dangerous, especially when the children are around.

What are 2 shots of Espresso called?

The two shots of Espresso are called Doppio in Italian or Double shot in English.

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How do I use my Nespresso Citiz Espresso machine?

Using Nespresso Citiz Machine is very easy. All you have to do is plug in the cord, turn on the machine, wait for the machine to heat up, insert your cord, press the beverage button, and voila. Your favorite brew will start pouring into the mug in no time. Besides coffee preparation, with more and fewer steps, descaling, resetting, rinsing, and programming volume can be easily done.

Can you make regular coffee with Nespresso Citiz?

Unfortunately, Nespresso Citiz is only designed for brewing strong coffee shots such as Espresso and Lungo, so it cannot be able to make regular coffee.

How do you make 2 shots of Espresso with Nespresso Citiz?

If you want to make two shots of Espresso using Nespresso Citiz, then do not eject the capsule; you just use it for making one espresso shot. Press again the Espresso button and the second shot will then start pouring into the mug having the first shot already in it.

How long should Nespresso CitiZ last?

Nespresso Citiz can last up to 5-10 years. They have a strong outer covering that protects the sensitive inner parts. If you descale and use your brewer properly, then its longevity period can be increased.

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