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Bad day? Coffee will surely take care of it. A cup of Lungo would be enough to enlighten your lousy mood. With the Nespresso Citiz machine, you can easily extract a delicious cup of coffee in no time. If you don’t have any previous knowledge of how you can operate a Nespresso Citiz machine, then we will guide you. Check our How to Use Nespresso Citiz guide.

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Let’s start with the process of how you can easily make Lungo from Nespresso Citiz.


  1. Rinse and clean the tank with fresh water.
  1. Fill the tank with fresh drinking water.
  1. Turn on the machine by pressing either Espresso or Lungo button.
  1. The LED lights will start blinking. Let the machine heat up
  1. After approx. 25 seconds the LED lights will become still, which means the machine has been heated up.
  1. Lift the lever and insert your favorite coffee capsule.
  1. Close the lever
  1. Place a mug/cup under the coffee outlet.
  1. Press the Lungo button, and 110 ml Lungo will start pouring into the mug/cup.
  1. If you want to stop the pouring process in between, then again process the Lungo button. To continue the pause, press the Lungo button.
  1. Your coffee has been served. Enjoy it.

Video on How you can make Lungo with Nespresso Citiz Machine

If you like to watch the making steps more than reading, we suggest you to check out the video on how to make Lungo using Nespresso Citiz. Just click on the video below.

Video link: 

How to Make Lungo using Nespresso Citiz Guide

This guide will help you know more about coffee preparation, especially Lungo using the Nespresso Citiz machine. Give them a must-read.

What is the difference between Nespresso Lungo and Espresso?

Lungo is a 1:4 ratio; 1 % coffee has 4 % water. The Default factory setting in Nespresso Citiz has 110 ml of Lungo. So 110 ml Lungo coffee has more water. In contrast, Espresso uses less water than Lungo. The Default Factory setting of Espresso is 40 ml. So the water-to-coffee ratio of Espresso is 1:1

Is a lungo 2 shots of Espresso?

Espresso is 40 ml, while Lungo is 110 ml. Two shots of Espresso will approximately be taken as a Lungo. The difference is the coffee-to-water ratio. In one shot, the Lungo-to-water ratio is 1:4, and Espresso to water ratio is 1:1.

Does Lungo mean a double shot?

One shot of Espresso of 40 ml, two shots will be of 80 ml. The Lungo one shot is 110 ml. So Lungo is somehow a double shot of Espresso. The only difference between them is the coffee-to-water ratio. The coffee-to-water ratio is 1:4 in Lungo and 1:1 in Espresso. 

Is Lungo a long shot?

Lungo one shot is 110 ml and Espresso is 40 ml. So yeah, Lungo is a longer shot than Espresso. Lungo-making takes a long pull for voluminous extraction. 

How do you pull a lungo?

To pull a Lungo, Press the Lungo button on the machine.

What volume is a lungo?

One Lungo shot is of 110 ml volume.

Which Nespresso pods are best for Lungo?

Nespresso Original Line pods are the best for making coffee, such as Espresso or Lungo, in a Nespresso Citiz machine.

Is Nespresso Lungo same as Americano?

No, both are different. The Lungo water-to-coffee ratio is 4:1, while the Americano water-to-coffee ratio is 1:1. 

What size is Nespresso lungo?

Nespreso Lungo is 110 ml in volume.

Do you add milk to Lungo?

Yes, you can add milk to your Lungo. First, brew Lungo using Nespresso Citiz, then pour 10 ml to 20 ml milk into it.

Is Lungo stronger than Espresso?

No, Lungo Water to coffee ratio is 4:1 while the Espresso water to coffee ratio is 1:1. It means Lungo has more water than coffee, so Espresso is stronger.

Is Lungo stronger than Americano?

Lungo is stronger than Americano, but it has a more bitter taste. 

How many ml is a lungo shot Nespresso?

One Lungo shot is about 110 ml.

Why is it called Lungo?

Lungo word is derived from the two words ‘long’ and ‘go.’ As the Lungo extraction method is long and slow, it produces voluminous extraction.

Is lungo espresso or coffee?

Espresso is different, and Lungo is different, but both are types of coffee. So Lungo is not Espresso, and vice versa.

How long should a lungo shot take?

A Lungo shot takes approx. 30 seconds as it has a longer pull than Espresso.

How many ml should a lungo be?

A Lungo should be 110 ml.

Does Nespresso lungo have more caffeine?

If we compare Lungo with Espresso, then No Lungo does not have more caffeine as its water-to-caffeine ratio is 4:1.

What is the difference between coffee and Lungo?

Lungo is one of the types of coffee that is dark and 110 ml in volume.

Is lungo stronger than ristretto?

Ristretto water to caffeine ratio is 5:1, and Lungo is 4:1, so no Ristretto is not stronger than Lungo.

Can we make creamy milk foam using Nespresso Citiz?

Nespresso Citiz does not have a frother which means you cannot make milk foam from it. 

Can I brew a Nespresso coffee capsule twice?

Yes, you can brew Nespresso Capsule twice. However, the second shot from the same capsule will be less intense than the first one.

Is a lungo more bitter than Espresso?

Yes, Lungo is more bitter than Espresso. Lungo Extraction is long, so it produces bitter voluminous coffee extraction.

Is latte espresso or Lungo?

The latte is made by using Espresso Coffee. You add frothed milk to the Espresso to make a latte.

Can you make tea with Nespresso?

Yes, by dispensing only hot water, you can add tea bags to the hot water for making tea.

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How do you set lungo on Nespresso Citiz?

Nespresso Citiz has a Lungo button whose default factory setting is 110 ml. To reset the Lungo volume, press the Lungo button until you are satisfied with the poured volume. Once you achieve the desired volume, let go of the hold. From now on, your machine will remember this setting and will serve you the same volume of Lungo.

How do you make a lungo with a Nespresso machine?

To make Lungo with a Nespresso machine, insert your capsule and press the Lungo button.

Which button is Lungo in Nespresso?

The button present on the top right side of the Nespresso Citiz machine is the Lungo button.

Can you use Nespresso without pods?

You can use Nespresso without pods for dispensing hot water for tea.

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