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Your Nespresso Citiz is not working, & you want to know the best troubleshooting for it? Then fate has let you here at the perfect spot. 

Hi, Pal!

Your coffee craving brings you to your coffee machine, but when you turn your machine ON, you realize it’s not working. You tried everything you could, turning your machine OFF and ON again, rinsing, cleaning, but all efforts were in vain. Your concerns with your machine intensify, So here I want you to relax and not panic. We will fix it together. 

I also own Nespresso Citiz, and there were a couple of times when I had to find the problem and fix it by myself. And believe me; it took me not more than a couple of minutes to place my machine back on its working track.

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So, keeping safety precautions in mind, here we go; troubleshooting your Nespresso Citiz machine.

How To Fix A Nespresso Citiz Machine That Isn’t Pumping Water

The most prominent issue other users or you might as well face from the Nespresso Citiz machine is that its pump is not working. When you press the beverage button, either Espresso or Lungo, there is no flow of water from the coffee outlet; even when the water tank is full. It means your machine is not pumping water, so here is a simple fix for it.


When your press the beverage button for brewing and the machine dispenses no water from the coffee outlet together with the coffee, then the water pump needs some mending.


Your Nespresso Citiz Water pump is not working because of blockage in the water pipes or in the connection area of the water tank made by air bubbles.


Let’s see how to fix the water pumping problem and bring the coffee flow back.

  1. Half-Fill the machine’s water tank with the maximum Hot water you can get from the tap. (do not pour boiling water from the boiler).
  1. Place a sizable 1L container under the machine’s coffee outlet.
  1. Turn your machine ON by pressing any beverage button (Espresso or Lungo).
  1. LEDs will start blinking, and when the machine’s LEDs stop blinking, it means the machine is heated up, and now it’s time to fix the stuck water valve or pump.
  1. Press the Lungo button, and you will feel the machine will start making a buzzing sound immediately, but it cannot pump the water out.
  1. During the process (when you press the Lungo button), you must remove (disconnect) the water tank from its place and place it back immediately. Perform this operation consecutively until the brew cycle stops.
  1. Then again, press the Lungo button and repeat the above step (point 6) multiple times. This will help in the forced pumping of water.
  1. You have to repeat the above process (point 6 or 7) multiple times (6-10 times). Sometimes the water starts to come out early, or sometimes it takes a couple of turns).
  1. Eventually, the water will start dripping out from the outlet. You have to keep going until the dripping turns into a good water flow.
  1. There you have it. You have fixed your Nespresso Machine water pump.

Disruption In The Flow Meter

Nespresso machines, including the Nespresso Citiz model, have a flow meter that manages and maintains the water flow during pumping. Any disruption in it can lead to dysfunction of the flow meter. So here’s how you can fix it;


The flow meter that is supposed to monitor the water flow for each coffee shot is not performing its duty well.


Any disruption could be a cause for the dysfunctionality of the flow meter; for instance, deposit formations leading to clogged pipes.


To recover the flow meter functionality, here are the solutions you can follow.

Descale your machine

  1. Descale your machine using the Nespresso Descaling solution, as deposits of calcium and magnesium can be formed over time and clog the pipes, resulting in the dysfunctionality of the flow meter and water pump. 
  1. If you want to know the descaling process in detail, then read How to descale your Nespresso Citiz.

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Nespresso Citiz Water Not Coming Out

Your machine is ON and is heated up. You pressed the Lungo or Espresso button and wondered why is water not coming out from your Nespresso Citiz machine. Is something wrong with it? There could be a few reasons for the water to stop dispensing from your Nespresso machine.


  1. Air pockets have formed inside the water pump or pipes.
  2. Limescale deposits have been formed inside the machine.


To Remove Air Pockets

  1. To remove the air pockets, you have to tilt the machine 30 degrees from the surface and press the Lungo button (the water tank should be half-filled with water). During the brew rinsing cycle, keep removing and placing the tank back into the machine. Once the process finishes, again press the Lungo button and keep on repeating the operations. After almost 6-10 tries, the water will start coming out of the machine.

To Remove Limescale:

  1. For the second problem, you have to descale your Nespresso Citiz to remove the limescale deposits. If you want to know how you can descale your Nespresso Citiz, then click on How to descale your Nespresso Citiz.

Nespresso Citiz Airlock Problem

Airlock problems occur mostly when you give your machine a rest or have just bought the Nespresso machine. Over time sitting idle in a factory or in your home, air pockets can be formed inside the pump and water pipes, and when you try to brew the cleaning cycle after a long period of non-use or first-time usage, no water comes out from the machine. 


Air pockets can form in the machine’s internal pipes resulting in blockage of fluid.


Airlock problems mainly occur after you have given your machine a pretty long rest or the machine has been placed idly for quite some time after it is manufactured. 


To fix your Nespresso Citiz Airlocks, try these solutions below:

  1. Half-fill the water tank with fresh water.
  1. Place a maximum of 1-liter container under the coffee outlet.
  1. Tilt and place your Nespresso Citiz at approx. 30-degree angle from the surface.
  1. Then turn ON your Nespresso machine by pressing either Espresso or Lungo button.
  1. After your machine has been heated up, press the Lungo button. The machine will right away start brewing the rinsing cycle (but unfortunately, it won’t be able to dispense the water due to air pockets).
  1. While the rinsing cycle continues, you have to disconnect and place back the water tank on the machine in a consecutive manner till the cycle stops.
  1. When the cycle stops again, press the Lungo button and repeat the above point.
  1. You must continue doing this operation until water starts dripping into the capsule, which will eventually turn into cascading. 
  1. It will take 6-10 takes, sometimes more or less, to completely remove the air pockets from the inside.

Why Is My Nespresso Citiz Machine Not Making A Full Cup

When your Nespresso Citiz machine is not making a full cup of coffee, it means descaling is required. But there are also some other problems that can affect coffee volume. 


Your machine is not giving its best. It’s failing to achieve the task of brewing the volume of a shot it must brew.


Your machine requires descaling as limescale deposits decrease the coffee flow and saturation process resulting in less coffee.


Here’s how you can correct them:

Check The Water Tank

  • Firstly, check the water tank. A low quantity of water in the tank can affect the coffee volume. So fill the tank with fresh water if necessary.

Descale your machine

  • When you use your machine for a long time, deposits such as coffee grounds, dirt/residual, calcium, or magnesium deposits can be formed, which partially block the passage of water in water pipes, resulting in less coffee volume. To avoid this, you have to descale your brewer with a Nespresso Descaling kit.

Reset Your Machine

As we know, you can also change the water programming setting in Nespresso Citiz. So some error in the machine’s software settings can lead to less volume, or someone has changed the coffee volume settings. You can reset your machine to solve the less coffee value problem. 

  • To reset, turn OFF your machine by simultaneously pressing Espresso and Lungo buttons.
  • Press & hold the Lungo button for 5 seconds to reset your machine.
  • Resetting has been shown by the three times blinking of the LED.

Nespresso Citiz Only Water Coming Out

You have inserted the coffee capsule in the capsule compartment, and when you press the beverage button, only water comes instead of coffee. Let’s fix this;


You have inserted the capsule, but when you press the beverage button, you see only water coming out instead of coffee.


Your machine requires descaling, or maybe you have not placed the capsule correctly. 


To solve the problem, here are a few methods you can check.

  1. Descale your brewer with a Nespresso Descaling kit.
  1. Check if the capsule inserted is in the correct position. 
  1. If the issue remains, then you can call Nespresso Club
  • Originaline: 800-562-1465
  • Vertuo: 877-964-6299

Nespresso Citiz Machine Not Working After Descaling

Some glitches in the software can cause your machine not to work. For instance, here, your machine is not able to reach the coffee processing state after descaling. It might put you in a bit of worry, but there are a few things you should try, and most of the time, the machine recovers instantly. Otherwise, you always have the option of contacting Nespresso Club for help.


Your Nespresso Citiz is not working properly after you have descaled it in a proper way.


Your machine has not yet exited the descaling mode, or resetting might require. 


Exit The Machine From Descaling Mode

  • After descaling, letting the machine out of descaling mode is essential. To perform this exiting operation, you have to press and hold the Espresso and Lungo button simultaneously for 3 seconds. The machine will then be exited from descaling mode.

Resetting Your Machine

  • Another solution you can try is resetting your Nespresso Citiz machine. To reset, turn your machine OFF by simultaneously pressing Espresso and Lungo buttons. Then press & hold the Lungo button for 5 seconds to reset your machine. The LED will blink three times fastly means resetting has been done.

Check Water Volume

  • Also, check the water in the tank and fill it if it is low in Volume.

Contact Nespresso Club

If the above solutions don’t work, then contact the Nespresso helpline;

  • Originaline: 800-562-1465
  • Vertuo: 877-964-6299

The Nespresso Citiz Light Does Not Come On

No light indicator problems are also observed in Nespresso machines. To solve this problem, you can check the following solutions.


  1. You should review the mains and plug
  1. Also, check if there is low voltage and or damaged fuse.
  1. If all the above things are good, you should contact Nespresso Club for further inquiries regarding your machine.

No Coffee, No Water

You have inserted your coffee capsule, and when you press the beverage button, you see nothing coming from the machine. Not even a drop of water dripped from the machine’s spout. It can happen, and there are a few methods that you can try at home to solve this problem. Here they are;


Your machine is not ready to dispense water or coffee even after inserting the coffee capsule.


The reason for no water or coffee could be disruption in the passage of water due to air bubbles or limescale deposits.


Force Rinsing To Remove Any Air Bubbles

  1. The first method is force rinsing. To do this, you have to fill the water tank with warm water (maximum temperature should be 55 degrees Celsius). 
  2. Then turn ON your machine by pressing any beverage button (Lungo or Espresso). After the machine heats up, press the Lungo button. 
  3. While the Lungo brewing cycle is going on, remove and place back the water tank consecutively.
  4. Once the Lungo cycle is completed, no water is still coming out. Then again, repeat the process by pressing the Lungo button and continue to connect & disconnect the tank from the machine.
  5. You have to repeat the above procedure 6-10 times (less or more depending upon after which turn the water starts coming out). 

Check The Water Tank

  1. You should see the water volume in the tank.
  2. If the volume is low, then you should fill the tank with fresh water.


  1. After performing the above methods and there is still no water or coffee coming out, you should descale your brewer as descaling agents remove the internally formed buildups, which might be the reasons for the blockage of coffee flow. 

Coffee Comes Out Very Slowly

As you are brewing a cup of Espresso or Lungo, you observe that your coffee is pouring slowly into the cup. A few reasons are there for these problems.


If your machine is dispensing coffee very slowly, it means the machine requires descaling.


Descale Your Machine

  • Your machine needs descaling or thorough internal cleaning because using your machine for a long time without cleaning can cause the coffee grounds or limescale to build up inside the pipes that, reduce the coffee flow & the saturation process—resulting in the dripping of coffee instead of cascading. 
  • Your coffee flow also depends upon the water quality. If you are using hard water, then coffee flow can slow down. 

Coffee Is Not Hot Enough 

One of the primary reasons for your coffee not being hot enough is the machine is not heating to the level it is supposed to. The standard Nespresso Coffee temperature for Orginaline machines is 83-86° degree Celsius, and for Vertuo is 78° ± 5° degree Celsius. Here are the following solutions you can follow:


Your machine is struggling to make and dispense hot coffee.


  1. You should check to see if there is a problem with the machine’s thermostat or if your machine needs cleaning. 
  1. Firstly you should clean your machine thoroughly. For which descaling is the best option. 
  1. If your coffee is still not enough after descaling, then there is probably something wrong with the machine’s thermostat. 
  1. You can replace it through a technician or send it to Nespresso for repair. 
  1. You can also try preheating your cup to keep your coffee hot.

Capsule Area Is Leaking

If there is a leakage in the capsule area & you don’t know how to make it stop, then you should follow the below solutions, but first let’s see the reasons for the leakage;


If the coffee capsule is not placed correctly, then water leakage problems can occur. Further blocked grid plates also play a role in water leakage.


  1. First thing first, you should place your coffee capsule properly in the capsule compartment. If the capsule is not positioned correctly, then there are chances for water leakage.
  1. Secondly, blockage in the grid plate can also be the reason for leakage. Grid plate helps thoroughly extract coffee with water by allowing the water to pass through its pyramid-shaped holes. If the deposits accumulate in the grid plate, then the capsule will not get saturated properly, and water blockage can occur, resulting in water leakage in the capsule area. So you should clean the drip using a brush and then rinse the machine a few times using just water.

Irregular Blinking

Sometimes you face no indicator, or sometimes irregular blinking shows. Here are the following reasons and solutions for irregular LEDs blinking on your Nespresso Citiz.


If you think your machine is showing irregular blinking, it could be possible it has not been exited from descaling mode. 


  1. If the irregular blinking is fast, it can probably mean your machine is still in descaling mode. To exit the descaling mode (the machine should be turned ON), simultaneously press and hold the Lungo & Espresso button for 3 seconds. 
  1. If the issue continues, you can also reset your Nespresso Citiz. To do so, turn OFF the machine (by pressing the Espresso and Lungo button together) and press & hold the Lungo button for 5 secs. The LEDs will blink fastly three times, which means resetting has been done.
  1. You can also contact the Nespresso Club.

How Do I Reset My Nespresso Citiz?

Resetting helps in placing back the changed operations back to factory settings. For instance, if you have changed the water volume or energy-saving mode, they will all go back to the already-setted settings. These factory settings are:

  • Lungo 110 ml (3.72 ounce)
  • Espresso 40 ml (1.35 ounce)
  • Energy saving mode after 9 minutes.

If you want to manually reset your Nespresso Citiz machine, follow the steps below.

  1. Turn the Nespresso Citiz machine OFF (simultaneously press the Espresso and Lungo button).
  1. Press and hold the Lungo button for about 5 seconds.
  1. The LED will start blinking fastly three times, which means resetting has been done.

Why Is My Nespresso Citiz Not Turning On?

If your Nespresso Citiz is not turning ON, you should check the mains. Also, check the machine’s cord to see if there is any defect/damage. Otherwise, I suggest you contact the Nespresso Club. 

  • Originaline: 800-562-1465
  • Vertuo: 877-964-6299

How Do You Fix A Clogged Nespresso Citiz Coffee Maker?

If your Nespresso Citiz is clogged, then you should descale your Brewer using the Nespresso Descaling kit. The grid plate can also get blocked due to coffee ground deposits. Use the toothbrush to clean the grid plate and then brew a few rinsing cycles to clean the machine. 

How Do I Make My Nespresso Brew?

To brew using Nespresso, you have to turn ON the machine ( by pressing either the Lungo or Espresso button), fill the tank and place a cup/mug under the coffee outlet. Then insert your coffee capsule in the capsule compartment and press the beverage button you want (lungo or Espresso). Your coffee will start pouring into the placed cup/mug.

How Do You Prime The Pump On A Nespresso Machine?

If your Nespresso machine is not pumping water, then priming the pump can be helpful in removing this problem. Here’s how you can prime the water pump:

  1. Fill the tank with fresh water
  1. Place a container of max. 1 Liter under the coffee outlet.
  1. Turn ON the Nespresso Citiz machine (by pressing either Espresso or Lungo button)
  1. Wait for the machine to heat up ( will take approx 25 sec)
  1. Press the Lungo button and lift the lever
  1. Wait for a few seconds to let the water flow through the system and to let the air escape.
  1. After a few seconds, close the capsule compartment by placing the lever back in the horizontal position.
  1. When the Lungo brew cycle stops, again press the Lungo button
  1. Repeat point 5-8 a few times until the water starts pouring into the placed container.

How Do I Fix My Nespresso Citiz Machine When It Is Overheating?

If your Nespresso Citiz machine is overheated, you should turn it OFF (by simultaneously pressing Espresso and Lungo buttons) and unplug the cord. Then lift the lever and let the machine rest for 30 minutes.

The Nespresso Coffee Machine Doesn’t Pierce The Capsule

The capsule in Nespresso coffee machines is pierced through the water pressure. If your machine cannot pierce the capsule, there is some issue with the water pump. The main reason is the air bubble. To remove the air bubbles, it’s good to prime the pump. This is how you can do this.

  1. Fill the tank with fresh water.
  1. Place a container of max. 1 Liter under the coffee outlet.
  1. Turn ON the Citiz machine (by pressing either Espresso or Lungo button)
  1. Wait for the machine to heat up ( will take approx 25 sec)
  1. Press the Lungo button and lift the lever.
  1. Wait for a few seconds to let the water flow through the system and to let the air bubbles escape.
  1. Then after a few seconds, close the capsule compartment by placing the lever back in a horizontal position.
  1. When the Lungo cycle stops, again press the Lungo button and repeat points 5-7 a few times until the water starts pouring into the paced container.

After this, the pump will work nicely and be able to pierce 

Nespresso Citiz LEDs Flashing 

Nespresso Citiz’s various blinking rhythms and colors tell different things. It is good, or should I say necessary, to have the knowledge to keep the brewer in good health. I will tell you each possible flashing you can expect from the machine, what it is trying to tell you, and how you can solve it. So here we go;

Nespresso Blinks Red Light

If your Nespresso Citiz LED is flashing in red color, then it means your machine is overheated.


You should give your machine a rest. Turn OFF the machine by simultaneously pressing Espresso and Lungo buttons and letting the machine cool down.

Light Blink Half Green And Half Orange

If you observe Nespresso Citiz LEDs flashing in green and orange color, then your machine is in the descaling mode. You have to exit the descaling mode to stop this flashing.


To exit the descaling mode, press and hold the Espresso & Lungo button for 3 seconds. The machine will then exit the descaling mode, and fast flashing will stop. After this, the machine will continue to blink normally for approximately 25 seconds to ensure the machine is being heated up.

Regular Blinks Per Second

If your machine is facing regular blinking per second without any reason, then it could be some glitch in the machine’s system. Here is how you can get rid of the glitch


Reposition your machine, i.e., try to place your machine on a flat smooth surface. Also, check if the lever is closed completely.

Two Blinks Per Second

Your machine does give you signals on cleaning. Two blinking per second flashing by your machine tells you to clean your machine.


You should clean your machine to keep the internal area clean and neat. You can check out how to clean your Nespresso Citiz guide to give your machine a proper cleaning. 

Three Blinks Per Second

The machine’s descaling sign is given through three blinks per second. When you see this sign, you should descale your machine first.


To descale your Nespresso Citiz in a proper and guided way, see the How to descale Nespresso Citiz guide.

Nespresso Citiz Drip Tray Problems

I have also faced the problem that my Citiz’s drip tray is most often filled with a lot of water. It made me not only discard the drip tray water but also refill the tank most often. But eventually, after struggling a little to solve this issue, I finally came up with a solution.


  • You have to clean the grid plate. To locate the grid plate, you have to open the capsule compartment, and on the internal side closer to you, you will see the grid plate. Take a clean brush and scrub it to remove the deposits from the grid. After this, you have to brew a few lungo cycles with only water. 
  • If the issue continues, then you can contact Nespresso Club.


Each problem that might be expected from your Nespresso Citiz with their solutions has been explained, and I hope you will be able to repair your machine without much effort and struggle; however, if your machine is showing no signs of recovery, then it’s good to move to another machine.

If you want to know more about Nespresso Citiz, you can also read How to use Nespresso Citiz and Review on Nespresso Citiz machine guides.

Till next time, have a great coffee day!


Can Nespresso Machines Be Fixed?

Minor issues and glitches can be fixed at home by yourself, but if the problem is related to internal parts damage, they can also be fixed with the help of a technician. Overall yes, Nespresso machines can be fixed or repaired.

What Is The Lifespan Of A Nespresso Machine?

Mainly Nespresso machines live up to 10-15 years. Further care, such as using the machine by following proper instructions, following safety precautions, and descaling on time, can enhance the lifespan of your brewer as well.

How Much It Costs To Repair A Nespresso Machine?

Repairing cost depends upon the issue your machine has to face. However, if your machine is under the repairing warranty limit, then there can be no associated repairing cost (except if the user had bought the machine at trade. 

How Long Should Nespresso Citiz Last?

Nespresso Citiz can last up to 15 years if taken care of properly by following the Nespresso guidelines. 

Has The Nespresso Citiz Been Discontinued?

Yes, Nespresso Citiz has been a discontinued model, but you can still find it on online shops such as amazon, Walmart, etc.

How Do I Get My Nespresso Citiz Machine To Work?

To get your Nespresso Citiz to work, you have to prepare your machine. First, you have to turn ON the machine by pressing any beverage button (Espresso or Lungo). Then fill the tank with fresh water. The machine will take approx. 25 seconds to get ready or heat up. Once the blinking LEDs become still, it means the machine is ready for brewing. Place a mug/cup under the coffee outlet, insert the coffee capsule, and press the Lungo or Espresso button to start the brewing process. The coffee will then begin to pour into the mug

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