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Each machine is built from different parts, and each part serves a specific and significant function. The absence of any machine part directly or indirectly affects the product quality. And that’s why we will let you know about the Nespresso Citiz parts and what are their roles in the machine’s processes, such as descaling, coffee brewing, cleaning, etc. To learn more about Nespresso Citiz, you can also check out a detailed Review of Nespresso Citiz.

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The number of parts depends upon the machine type. Even the same parts, such as the button, can function differently for different processes in other Nespresso machines. If you want to know more about the parts and how their use can lead to coffee brewing and other processes, check out our How to Use Nespresso Citiz Guide, OR if you are looking for other Nespresso machines, then we welcome you to Best Nespresso Machines Review post.

Precautions For Nespresso Citiz 

It’s a good habit to read the safety precautions of every electronic you buy for your house. You never know what fate will bring you. There are certain safety precautions that should be taken note of when you are brewing or cleaning. To learn more about those specific precautions which can keep you and your brewer safe, check our Nespresso Citiz Safety precautions guide by clicking on the link below.

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Nespresso Citiz Parts List

Nespresso Citiz machine comes with various significant parts that collectively help in serving a nice hot cup of coffee at your desk. Let’s look more thoroughly at the parts and contributions they provide to the brewer’s functioning.

You can also check the Nespresso Citiz manual if you wish to know more.

1. Coffee Buttons Espresso And Lungo 

Nespresso Citiz has Lungo and Espresso buttons to brew Lungo and Espresso, respectively. Let’s see where they can be useful besides brewing two types of coffee. 

What Are Their Use?

To ON and OFF the brewer

  1. You can press either Espresso or Lungo button to turn the machine ON.
  2. To turn the machine OFF, Espresso & Lungo buttons are used again. Simultaneously press and hold the Lungo and Espresso button.

In Energy saving mode

  1. To change the Nespresso Citiz Energy saving settings, the Espresso button is useful. Just press and hold the Espresso button for 3 seconds.
  2. To exit the Energy Saving setting mode, Press and hold the Lungo button for 3 seconds.

For The First Time Or After A Long Time Cleaning Nespresso Citiz

  1. Press the Lungo button to rinse the machine.

For Coffee Preparation

  1. Press the Lungo button, and about 110 ml of Lungo will be poured into the mug/cup through the coffee outlet.
  2. Press the Espresso button, and about 40 ml of Espresso will be poured into the mug/cup through the coffee outlet.
  3. You can also make tea just by dispensing Hot Water (with no capsule in the capsule compartment)

In Water Programming of Nespresso Citiz

  1. Press and hold the coffee button whose volume you want to change. Let go of the button once you have achieved your desired volume.

In Emptying the System

  1. Press Espresso and Lungo buttons simultaneously.

In Resetting To Factory Settings

  1. Press & hold the Lungo button for 5 seconds. 

In Descaling

  1. When the machine is on, Press and hold the Espresso and Lungo button for 3 seconds to enter descaling mode. Same procedure to exit the descaling mode
  2. Keep pressing the Lungo button for the solution to pour continuously into the container.

Can You Replace Them?

Nespresso Citiz buttons are replaceable. You can do it at home by yourself if you have some experience with wire-related technical work. Otherwise, we recommend taking your spare button to the technician and asking them to change it.

You always have the option to call Nespresso Club for machine repair as well.

Can You Buy Them From Online Stores?

No, they are not available in online stores. You have to contact the Nespresso Club for repair if you need spare buttons.

2. Coffee Outlet

Nespresso Citiz has a narrow coffee outlet, mainly for pouring coffee into the container. Let’s see what other purpose it is used for.

What Is Their Use?

For coffee preparation or cleaning, or descaling coffee outlet plays its role.

In Coffee Preparation

When you press the Lungo or Espresso button, coffee comes out through the coffee outlet.

In Descaling

When the descaling solution comes out, it passes through the coffee outlet and then falls into the placed container.

In First Time Use

When you rinse your brewer to use it for the first time or after a long time, the dirty water also comes from the coffee outlet.

In Programming the Water Volume

The coffee pours through the coffee outlet when you press the specific button whose water volume setting you want to change.

In emptying the system

The remaining water in the brewer uses a coffee outlet for exiting.

Can You Replace Them?

You can replace the Nespresso Citiz coffee outlet by sending it to Nespresso Club. 

Can You Buy Them From Online Stores?

Yes, you can buy Nespresso Citiz coffee outlets through the online shop.

3. Capsule Container

Nespresso Citiz has a removable capsule container present below the capsule compartment.

What Is Their Use?

A capsule container is a great storage place. It can store 9-11 used capsules. After this, you have to take out the capsule container and throw the used capsules away to make space for upcoming used capsules.

Can You Replace Them?

You can replace the capsule container at home. If you have a spare capsule container of Nespresso Citiz, then place it in the machine.

Can You Buy Them From Online Stores?

Yes, you can buy capsule containers item from online shops. For instance, on Amazon, you can find Nespresso Citiz Capsule Container.

Check Nespresso Citiz Capsule Container on Amazon →

4. Drip Base

The drip base is where you place your drip grid.

What Is Their Use?

It holds the drip grid strongly so you can place your cup or mug on it.

Can You Replace Them?

Yes, you can replace them at home.

Can You Buy Them From Online Stores?

You can buy it through the Nespresso website online. They are available on it.

5. Drip Grid

The drip grid is where you place your cup/mug. Let’s see its use.

What Is Their Use?

It is a support for your drinks. The use of drip grids are

  • You can place your coffee cup or mug on it
  • You can place the container on the drip grid during descaling to let the dirty solution pour into the container.
  • The filter-like grid advantage is that it helps in letting the overflow fluid into the drip tray.

Can You Replace Them?

Yes, you can replace them at home.

Can You Buy Them From Online Stores?

They are available on online shops such as eBay, Amazon, etc., and when your product arrives, you can easily change them at your house.

6. Lever

A lever is a significant part of your Nespresso Citiz. Let’s see their use.

What Is Their Use?

The use of the Nespresso Citiz lever are:

  1. To insert the capsule, you have to lift the lever to open the way to the capsule compartment.
  2. For capsule ejection, you have to lift the lever and close it. The capsule will then fall into the capsule container.

Can You Replace Them?

Unfortunately, replacing your Nespresso Citiz lever is not possible. You have to send it for repair to Nespresso Club.

Can You Buy Them From Online Stores?

No, they are not available in online shops.

7. Lid

There is a lid on the water tank in Nespresso Citiz. Let’s see their use.

What Is Their Use?

The use of the Nespresso Citiz Water tank lid is;

  1. It keeps the water not to come out from the water tank on sudden jerk
  2. It keeps any insects or dirt out of the fresh, clean water. 

Can You Replace Them?

Yes, you can replace them at home.

Can You Buy Them From Online Stores?

The lid is available in online shops such as Amazon, Nespresso, etc., so you can buy it.

8. Water Tank

It is also an important part. Without it, you won’t be able to brew coffee or descale it, as no water tank means no way to intake water.

What Is Their Use?

  1. Nespresso Citiz has a water tank that can store water up to 1L
  2. Coffee brewing can happen only because of water in the water tank. The water tank provides water for your coffee.
  3. For descaling, the water tank is the one for providing the descaling solution and water mixture.

Can You Replace Them?

Yes, you can replace them easily if you have an extra Nespresso Citiz Water tank.

Can You Buy Them From Online Stores?

Yes, you can buy Nespresso Citiz water tanks from online shops such as Amazon, eBay, and Nespresso website.

9. Drip Tray

The drip tray is where all the overflowing fluid can store. The drip tray also has a drip grid. Let’s see its usage.

What Is Their Use?

  1. It supports the cup, mug, or container.
  2. It stores the overflowing fluid.
  3. The overflowing fluid is hot, so if there is no drip tray, droplets can fall on you, which can cause scalding. So a drip tray saves you from misfortune.

Can You Replace Them?

Yes, you can replace them yourself.

Can You Buy Them From Online Stores?

Yes, the drip tray is available on online shops such as aliexpress, Nespresso website, amazon, eBay, etc.

Can You Take Apart A Nespresso Citiz Machine To Clean It?

There are several parts in Nespresso Citiz that you can take apart for cleaning your machine. For instance, the drip tray, drip grid, water tank, and capsule containers are removable, and you can easily clean them.

Does Nespresso Citiz Have A Reset Button?

Nespresso Citiz does have a reset button. This is how you can reset your brewer.

  1. When the machine is off, press and hold the Lungo button for 5 seconds
  2. The LED lights will start blinking 3 times, ensuring resetting has been made.

Explore Nespresso Citiz Parts & Accessories For Your Nespresso Citiz Machine

Nespresso Citiz Parts Image

Nespresso Citiz Parts Name

Nespresso Citiz Parts Bottom Line

Price for Nespresso Citiz Parts

Get Nespresso Citiz Parts

A plastic drip tray, an excellent spillage storage place in your Nespresso Citiz.


Nespresso Aeroccino whisks for serving high-quality froth in one go.


Coffee outlet used for cascading brew into the cup without splashing hot coffee all around.


The plastic lids seal & stop water spillage and keep the liquid clean and away from outside dirt.


Water tank used to store water for brewing and descaling the brewer.


Nespresso Citiz Capsule containers can hold 9-11 used capsules. A great storing place that removes the struggle of throwing each capsule separately every time.


Removable cup storage mat used to hold small to large cup sizes.


With this V-Shaped valve fitting, the Nespresso Citiz internal system is maintained.


The Delonghi Nespresso Citiz Flowmeter is used to measure the water flow toward the water pump. The inside magnetic spinner counts the revolution water made when it passes through the spinner.


The Krups MS-0067795 Citiz Flowmeter helps measure the water flow toward the pump. The magnetic spinner counts the revolutions water makes when it passes through it.


The Nespresso Citiz Drip tray has a grid on it, which is not only used for placing cups, but its grids allow the spillage to pass and fall into the drip tray.


A plastic drip tray can hold the spillage to prevent the brew spillage from directly falling on the surface, which can cause splattering.


Krups Nespresso Citiz 110. Heating Element 230 V helps in maintaining the Nespresso Citiz Heating process. It heats the water and ready your brewer for coffee brewing.


Nespresso Citiz D110 Coffee Machine Replacement 2pc White Side Casting enhances your brewer's quality. Not only it protects the internal parts, but it also gives a classy look to your brewer.


This Drip grid is for Nespresso Citiz Machine Krups Nespresso, and it only fits in Nespresso XN700. It allows the spillage to fall into the drip tray and support the cup.


Nespresso Citiz Parts Guide

The Nespresso Citiz Parts guide will inform you about all the machine-related questions that might have or will come to your mind gradually. By reading this, you will surely learn new things about Nespresso Citiz, so keep scrolling.

How Do I Get My Nespresso Machine Serviced?

If you want your Nespresso Machine Serviced, you can contact Nespresso Club at their phone number 1800-019-090. 

Is Nespresso Citiz Good Years Over?

The Nespresso Citiz espresso machine is now discontinued. But there are other Nespresso Coffee machine models that work with less or more the same and will satisfy you when it comes to a good coffee taste and convenience. 

Can You Take Apart A Nespresso Citiz Machine To Clean It?

Yes, a few parts, such as the water tank, capsule container, drip tray, drip grid, and drip base, are removable, and you can easily clean them by taking them apart from the machine.

Why Is My Nespresso Citiz Machine Broken?

Some errors or problems might lead you to think your machine has been broken. You can check the problem, and if they are solvable, then you can easily do so at your home. To check Nespresso troubleshooting, you can check out How to use Nespresso Citiz, and you will find Nespresso troubleshooting. See and find if the problems match yours and correct them with the given solution.

Check How to use Nespresso Citiz for Troubleshooting Guide →

Is There A Fuse In A Nespresso Citiz Machine?

Yes, the Nespresso Citiz machine has a thermal fuse that allows the machine to stop working if the machines exceed the designed hotness level.

Does Nespresso Citiz Have A Reset Button?

Nespresso Citiz does not have a specific reset button, but you can reset it by following the below instructions.

  1. Turn off your machine
  2. Press and hold the Lungo button for 5 seconds.
  3. The LED lights will blink, showing resetting has been done.

Is Nespresso Citiz Machine High Maintenance?

Not high maintenance, but yeah, we can say good maintenance is required. Every machine requires maintenance from time to time. Your Nespresso machine maintenance depends upon the water hardness level, the type of coffee you are brewing, and how often your machine is used. If all the dependency factors are high level, then surely your machine requires high maintenance; otherwise, average usage rates require average maintenance.

Can A Nespresso Citiz Machine Be Repaired?

Yes, by contacting Nespresso Club, your machine can easily be repaired.

How To Get A Nespresso Citiz Replacement?

By checking online sites, such as Amazon, eBay, and Nespresso websites, you can get Nespresso Citiz replacements easily.


How Long Should Nespresso Citiz Last?

Nespresso Machines, including Nespresso Citiz, last about 5-10 years. Their longevity can vary depending upon the way you treat your Nespresso Citiz.

Can My Nespresso Machine Be Repaired?

Yes, your Nespresso machine can be repaired by contacting Nespresso Club. 

Does Nespresso Repair Machines For Free?

It depends upon the warranty time and limit. If your Nespresso machine fulfills the repairing rules and falls under the warranty limits, then your repairing can be done from very less to almost free of cost.

How Much Does a Nespresso Machine Repair Cost?

Your Nespresso machine repair cost can vary according to the problem. The average repair cost can be between 40$ -140$.

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