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Hello! Do you feel stuck because your Nespresso Essenza is not working and you cannot fix it? Oh no, I understand how it feels when your routine gets disturbed by an issue in your machine. However, don’t worry! Whatever the issue you are facing in your machine, I am here to help you troubleshoot your Nespresso Essenza. Don’t waste your time staring at an empty cup of coffee. Let’s get started and fix your Nespresso Essenza!

 If you are dealing with no light indication or the capsule area has started leaking. 

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How To Activate Nespresso Essenza Pump System

Does the water stop flowing in your Nespresso Essenza? It is a sign that your machine is not pumping water because the pump has become inactive. You can only brew your coffee once the pump gets activated. This problem usually arises when your coffee machine runs on an empty water tank. No worries, I will walk you through how you can activate the pump system of your Nespresso Essenza and ensure that you have a smooth coffee-making journey.

Steps To Activate The Pump System

Follow the steps mentioned below to activate the pump system of your Nespresso Essenza.

  1. Check The Water Tank

Check the water level in the water tank before performing any action.

  1. Activate The Pump System

To activate the pump system, follow these steps.

  • Push the Lungo button, open the lever, move it towards the back, and hold it. 
  • After a short while, the water will start flowing through the system.
  • Hold the lever until the water stops flowing in the system. Then close the lever.
  • When you close the lever, water starts to flow out of the coffee outlet.
  • Now, push the Lungo button to stop the water flow.

You have successfully activated the pump system. Hurray! Your Nespresso Essenza is now back in operation.

Problem: How To Fix The No Coffee Flow In Nespresso Essenza

Does your Nespresso Essenza not pour coffee? It is a sad situation. Hold on. I will guide you on how to fix this issue. But before that, you need to understand why it’s happening in your machine. Every problem has a cause behind. Let’s explore the cause of this no coffee flow issue.

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Causes Of No Coffee Flow

Here I have explained the reason below why no coffee flows out of your Nespresso Essenza. I have also mentioned the solution of this problem. Read and solve this problem in your machine

Cause: Air Pocket

It usually occurs when you are brewing a coffee, and the water tank runs out of water in the middle of the brewing process. As the water tank gets empty, it will make a loud noise, and an air pocket may form inside your machine, obstructing the coffee flow.

After that, even when you fill the water tank and try to brew your coffee, no coffee will flow out because of the airlock issue.

How To Fix It

You need to clear the air bubble to fix the no-coffee flow in your Nespresso Essenza. But how can you remove this air pocket? Follow the steps mentioned below to remove the air pocket.

  1. Remove the capsule from the holder, as you are only trying to clear the air pocket.
  1. Fill the water tank and ensure that you position the water tank correctly on the machine.
  1. Now, push the Espresso button. At first, some air may release, but nothing will flow out because of the air pocket, even though the water tank is full. 
  1. All the Nespresso machines have an auto priming device inside the machine, which automatically pumps water. So we have to keep on trying to run water through the machine.
  1. Now, push the Espresso button again. After a few seconds, you will notice a change in the machine’s sound, and the water will flow out from the coffee outlet. 

That’s how you can fix the no coffee flow in your Nespresso Essenza by clearing the air pocket. After clearing the air pocket your machine will be ready to brew coffee.

Note: The brewing process will take longer if a large air pocket is inside the machine. To resolve this issue, press the espresso button continuously until the water starts flowing.

Problem: Why There Is No Light Indicator On My Nespresso Essenza?

A steaming hot coffee is a perfect start to a busy day, but one morning you find out your Nespresso Essenza is not working. As you press the button, you eagerly wait for the light indicator to let you know your machine is getting ready to brew your coffee, but the light indicator does not turn on, indicating that your Nespresso Essenza is not turning on. As you start wondering what went wrong, you get frustrated. But don’t worry. You can fix this issue with a few simple steps.

Causes of No Light Indicator

To solve the issue we need to understand the causes first. Here are the possible causes of why there is no light indicator on your machine. I have also mentioned how you can fix the issue depending on its cause.

Cause 1:

Power Outlet is not working

How To Fix It

First, look at the power source. Is the outlet you are using working correctly? 

Cause 2:

The machine is not properly connected to the outlet

How To Fix It

Check the machine is securely plugged in and properly connected to ensure that the machine receives the required voltage amount of power. I know it sounds obvious, but the simplest things are sometimes the most evident. 

Cause 3:

Voltage is not appropriate

How To Fix It

Ensure that the voltage is optimal for your coffee machine. 

Cause 4:

The fuse is not working.

How To Fix It

Check the fuse is working, because if the fuse has blown, your machine may not be able to turn on and show light indication on the button/

Problem: No Coffee, No Water 

Are you a daily user of Nespresso Essenza? But now you encounter a situation where no coffee and water is coming out of the coffee outlet. Uh-oh, it’s a problem, but don’t worry. I am here to help you identify the cause of this problem and the solution with the help of the steps listed below. Let’s dive into the solutions to this problem and get you back to sipping your caffeine dose.

Causes Of No Coffee, No Water

There are various causes of why nothing is coming out of your Nespresso Essenza. Read the causes and their solutions mentioned below to fix the no coffee and water issue in your machine.

Cause 1:

Water level is low in the water tank

How To Fix It

Look into the water tank to check the water level since your Nespresso Essenza does not have a sensor to alert you when the water level is low. It might be possible that the water tank is empty and that’s why nothing is coming out of your machine. So, before you start the brewing process, you must check the water level and fill the tank if the water level is low. And position the water tank correctly.

Cause 2:

Capsule position is not correct. When you insert a capsule inappropriately, your coffee machine may not be able to detect or puncture the foil seal on the capsule, which prevents the machine from brewing your coffee. That’s why no coffee will flow out of the machine when you press the button after inserting a capsule. 

How To Fix It

Ensure that you insert the capsule correctly. Also, the lever must be firmly closed and the machine is properly locked. Because sometimes the lever is not properly closed which does not allow the machine to brew coffee.

Cause 3:

The Coffee Spout of your machine is clogged. Normally when we brew a coffee, coffee flows out through the coffee outlet leaving the residues left behind on the coffee spout. These residues accumulate over time and clog the coffee spout, restricting the coffee and water flow. It also causes leakage inside the machine because the coffee spout is clogged, affecting water flow and pressure.

How To Fix It

You need to clean the clogged coffee spout. Use a needle or pipe cleaner, but be careful while using this method; you must not damage your machine. Also, regular cleaning of your machine can help prevent clogging and ensure the machine continues to work correctly.

Cause 4:

Can scale buildup cause blockage? YES. Scale buildup can block the flow of coffee. If you do not clean your coffee machine regularly, water minerals such as calcium and magnesium from hard water may deposit in the machine’s inner parts, including heating elements and nozzles, which restricts the flow of water and coffee. 

How To Fix It

Descale your machine. Descaling will surely fix the no coffee, no water problem of your Nespresso Essenza.  Because it protects and maintains the heating elements and other parts of your Nespresso Essenza that come in contact with water. Also, Nespresso recommends you should descale your machine at least twice a year.

Do you know how to descale your Nespresso Essenza? You must know the correct descaling procedure; if you need help, scroll down to read the descaling instructions of your Nespresso Essenza.

Descaling Instructions

Follow the steps below to descale your Nespresso Essenza. 

Note: Nespresso provides a descaling kit specially designed for your machine, including a manual and two sachets of descaling solution.

  1. Turn on your machine.
  2. Before you start descaling, remove the used capsule by opening the lever and empty the used capsule container.
  3. Take out the drip tray, drain the stored liquid, and place it back on the machine.
  4. Now, place a container under the coffee outlet.
  5. Add 500ml of water in the water tank and Nespresso descaling solution and position it correctly.
  6. The buttons on the machine will start blinking; wait till the blinking lights become steady.
  7. Press the Espresso and Lungo button simultaneously and hold for three seconds. Buttons will start blinking, which indicates the descaling mode is activated.
  8. Push the Lungo button to start descaling. Water will start flowing from the coffee outlet.
  9. When the water tank gets empty, water will stop flowing.
  10. Refill the water tank with the already used solution dispensed in the container.
  11. Push the Lungo button and allow the descaling solution to flow through the machine and come through the coffee outlet.
  12. Drain the used water into the sink.
  13. Rinse the water tank and fill it with fresh water for a cleaning cycle.
  14. Press the Lungo button to start the cleaning cycle. The espresso and Lungo buttons will blink throughout the cleaning cycle.
  15. Now, exit the descaling mode by pressing the espresso and Lungo buttons simultaneously and hold for three seconds.

That is how you can descale your Nespresso Essenza and clear out any mineral buildup in your machine.

Problem: Why Does My Coffee Come Out Very Slowly?

Are you eagerly waiting for the moment when you can finally sip a warm, delicious coffee? But your Nespresso Essenza is taking too long to fill a cup. Don’t let the slow pour of coffee ruin your mood; I know it’s frustrating. But don’t worry!

I have good news for you!

Your machine’s slow coffee flow issue is easily fixable with a few tips and tricks. Let’s resolve the issue of slow coffee flow and enjoy your coffee without delay!

Causes Of Slow Coffee Flow

There are various reasons which are causing the coffee to come out slowly from your Nespresso Essenza. I have mentioned the causes and their solution below. Let’s read them and solve this issue.

Cause 1: 

If the coffee comes out slowly from your machine, it may be because the capsule you have inserted is different from the coffee type which you are brewing. If you insert an Espresso capsule and press the Lungo brew button, what will happen? The coffee will flow out super slowly because the Lungo button is for two shots of espresso, which take longer to brew. And your coffee will result in an over-extracted and weak espresso.

What is the chemistry behind this coffee flow? 

Let me break it down for you.

The speed or rate at which the coffee flows from your machine can vary depending on the coffee variety and the type of brew button you choose. It is because different coffee beans have different densities, grind sizes, and moisture levels, which affect the speed at which water can pass through the coffee grounds and into your cup.

Such as Espresso takes 25 to 30 seconds to brew whereas Lungo takes 35 to 40 seconds, which is longer time than an Espresso.

How To Fix It

Use the appropriate capsule for each coffee type. Before you insert a capsule in the capsule holder and start brewing your coffee, check the capsule type first. If you enjoy drinking Lungo, simply select a capsule specially designed for Lungo to get a longer, smoother brew and press the Lungo button. Besides, if you want to brew an Espresso shot, select the Espresso capsule and insert it, then press the Espresso button. 

In case you’re ever unsure which capsule is best for you, check the packaging for all the details you need. 

Cause 2:

Certainly, the most common cause of slow coffee flow is the dirty machine that slows down the brewing process.

If you use unfiltered water in your Nespresso Essena to brew coffee, soon you may face a clogged machine problem and I am sure you don’t want it to happen. The unfiltered water contains minerals that buildup inside your Nespresso Essena and affect the coffee flow by blocking the pipes and nozzle of your machine. Thus, your coffee comes out slowly.

How To Fix It

Descale your machine as it helps remove the mineral buildup and prevent any blockage in your machine which is affecting the flow of coffee.

If you have been using unfiltered water in your Nespresso Essenza to brew coffee, you should think about descaling it. Because soon you may face a clogged machine problem, and you surely don’t want it to happen.

The unfiltered water contains minerals that accumulate inside your Nespresso Essenza and affect how well it works by blocking the nozzles, pipes and the pump in the machine. Preventing your machine from reaching the ideal brewing temperature. However, if you use filtered water, you won’t likely experience this problem. See the detail of descaling process in the section “Dsecaling instructions” under the problem “No Coffee, No Water”.

Problem: Why Is The Coffee Not Hot Enough In My Nespresso Essenza?

A steaming hot coffee can brighten your mood after a long day. But wait, your freshly brewed coffee is not hot enough and fails to meet your expectations. I feel sad for you because it is disappointing. Your coffee machine might not always be able to brew your coffee hot enough. But don’t worry! There’s a solution to every problem, and I will help you troubleshoot your Nespresso Essenza. 

Causes Of Coffee Is Not Hot Enough

Here are the causes of why your machine is not brewing hot coffee. Also, a few tips are mentioned to make your coffee hot enough to lift your mood.

Cause 1:

If you are not getting hot coffee from your Nespresso Essenza, it is because when you pour hot coffee into a cold cup, the temperature of the coffee drops due to the transfer of heat in a colder cup. 

How To Fix It

Preheat your cup as it can reduce heat transfer and keep your coffee hot for a longer time. How can you do preheating? You can preheat your cup in different ways.

  1. Pour hot boiling water into your cup and wait for a while, then drain the water and brew your coffee in the preheated cup. 
  2. Rinse the cup with hot water, before you brew your coffee.

This little step of preheating can help keep your coffee warm and enjoyable. 

Cause 2:

Your Nespresso Essenza is brewing a coffee that is not hot enough, maybe because the water you use in your machine has high mineral content, which you can say is hard water. It can have various bad effects on your machine, including changes in brewing temperature. How? Do read the following points.

  1. Scales have buildup inside your machine, affecting the heating elements and causing the water to take longer to heat up.
  2. The mineral deposits decrease the machine’s efficiency by making it difficult to reach the desired temperature.
  3. Mineral deposits are responsible for inconsistent coffee temperatures because of fluctuations in water temperature. 
How To Fix It

You need to descale your machine because descaling can improve the brewing temperature in your machine by removing mineral buildup in the heating element, such as the boiler or pump system. You should avoid using tap water if you aren’t aware of the mineral content in the water of your area and use filtered water to keep your coffee machine safe from the issues that can occur by using hard water. See the detail of descaling process in the section “Dsecaling instructions” under the problem “No Coffee, No Water”.

Problem: Why The Capsule Area Of My Nespresso Essenza Is Leaking?

The smell of freshly brewed coffee can lift your mood but a leaky machine is enough to spoil it When you notice the capsule area of your Nespresso Essenza is leaking. It feels overwhelming but you don’t need to freak out because I am here to guide you on why the capsule area of your Nespresso Essenza is leaking. And with a little effort, you can quickly repair your leaky machine.

Causes Of Leaky Capsule Area 

Let’s explore the possible reasons and the solutions to get your machine back on track.

Cause 1:

Leakage in the capsule area may be because the capsule is not correctly placed in the capsule compartment.

How To Fix It

Open the lever to check the capsule and position it correctly.

Cause 2:

When the capsule holder is clogged by the coffee residues and water cannot enter or exit the capsule, it may start leaking in the capsule area. 

How To Fix It

Clean the capsule holder by using a brush and remove the clog from the capsule holder. That’s why daily cleaning is essential, and you must clean the capsule holder with a moist cloth after each use.

If leakage persists in the capsule area, even after cleaning, there might be an issue inside your Nespresso Essenza. You should call Nespresso Customer service for assistance. 

Problem: Why Is My Nespresso Essenza Blinking Irregularly? 

When you rely on your Nespresso Essenza to start your day with a delicious coffee, but one day it starts blinking irregularly. You may get confused about why it is happening all of a sudden. Don’t worry! I have found out why your machine is facing an issue of irregular light blinking so you can fix it and savor a delicious coffee again. 

Causes Of Irregular Blinking

Every blinking light is trying to give you a signal about your machine. Just like the irregular blinking is signaling you an error in your machine. Let’s read to find out the cause of this irregular blinking.

Cause : Mistakenly Entered Descaling Mode

You might be facing this issue of irregular light blinking because your machine has unintentionally entered the descaling mode. 

How To Fix It

You need to exit the descaling mode. 

  • Press the espresso and lungo buttons simultaneously and hold them for three seconds. The light will stop blinking and become steady, indicating your machine has exited the descaling mode.

If you have followed the above step to exit the descaling mode, the lights are still blinking then, there may be some other issue with your machine. If your machine’s warranty period is still ongoing, you should call Nespresso Customer Service to seek guidance for a repair.

Problem: Why No Coffee, Just Water Running Out Of My Nespresso Essenza?

When you are craving for a delicious coffee, but your Nespresso Essenza is only pouring water instead of coffee from the coffee outlet, you must be feeling bad. But, don’t be sad! I will help you sort out this issue of getting plain water from the coffee outlet instead of coffee.

Causes Of Only Water Coming Out Of The Coffee Outlet

The reasons you are not getting any coffee, but only water from the coffee outlet, are mentioned below.

Cause 1:

The capsule is not in the correct position. When the capsule is not in its place, the machine cannot detect the capsule and extract the coffee grinds, and no coffee will be brewed to flow out of the coffee outlet.

How To Fix It

Open the lever and position the capsule correctly. Also, ensure that you have inserted a new capsule in the capsule compartment.

Cause 2:

When the grid plate is clogged with coffee residues, water cannot pass through the tiny holes to puncture the capsule foil, and as a result, no coffee will flow out. Check the grid plate of your machine; if it is clogged, you need to clean it. But where is the grid plate? Open the lever and look inside the capsule compartment; you will find a grid plate at the bottom. The grid plate has small holes from where the water enters the capsule. Technically, the pressure of water is responsible for puncturing and piercing the capsule foil leaving a grid-like pattern on it. 

How To Fix It

What you have to do is clean the clogged grid plate by removing the coffee residues. Follow the steps below to clean the grid plate.

  1. Take a brush. It can be a toothbrush, but make sure it is clean. Make it wet and scrub the interior of the grid plate towards the front to remove the coffee residues.
  2. When you scrub the grid plate after a few times, place it back in the machine and press the brew button to run a cleaning cycle by allowing the water to flush out the coffee residues. 
  3. If the grid plate holes are entirely blocked, scrub the grid plate multiple times and pass water through it by pressing the brew button. The dirty water will come from the coffee outlet carrying the coffee residues.
  4. Repeat the procedure until the water becomes clear.

Cause 3:

Mineral buildup and other impurities are causing blockage in the internal parts of machine such as pipes and thus decrease the efficiency of the brewing process.

How To Fix It

Your machine needs descaling. As descaling protects your machine by preventing the formation of mineral buildup which hinder the coffee flow. 

If you have cleaned the grid plate and descaled your machine but still the coffee is not flowing out. Contact the Nespresso Club for assistance if your machine is still under warranty. Otherwise, consult a professional for guidance. See the detail of descalinh process in the section “Dsecaling instructions” under the problem “No Coffee, No Water”.

Problem: Why Is My Nespresso Essenza Not Making A Full Cup

If your coffee machine is programmed to brew a full cup because you enjoy drinking a lot of coffee in the morning. But, currently, you are getting a volume lower than what you have programmed in your coffee machine. You started wondering why your Nespresso Essenza is not making you a full cup even when you have programmed the volume. That’s what I am here to address you today. 

Causes Of Not Making A Full Cup

You may have mistakenly reprogrammed the stored volume. It usually occurs when you press the button to start and then press it again to stop before it finishes the preprogrammed volume.

How To Fix It

You have to program the volume again by restoring the default settings. How can you do so? It is easy to restore the default settings.

  1. Switch off the machine.
  2. Press the Lungo button and hold it for five seconds.
  3. The light on the Lungo button will flash three times to confirm the factory reset.

After restoring the default volumes, you can reprogram the volume and savor a full cup of delicious coffee.


Why Is Water Not Coming Out Of My Nespresso Essenza?

If you push the cup button, but no water comes out of the coffee outlet, the machine may have an air bubble. It usually occurs when the water tank runs empty or after a long period of inactivity. Lift the lever, move it towards the back, and hold it. While exerting pressure, push the cup button, either Espresso or Lungo, until water fills the capsule chamber.

How Do I Reset My Nespresso Essenza? 

Switch off the machine, push the Lungo button, and hold it for five seconds. Light will quickly blink three times to confirm the machine is reset to factory settings. After that, the light will blink while the machine is heating up and become steady when the machine is ready.

How Do You Calibrate A Nespresso Essenza Machine?

Place your glass of espresso on the cup support and Insert a capsule. Close the machine head. Now, push and hold the espresso shot button until you get the desired volume of coffee in the glass. As it reaches the desired volume, release the button.

How Do You Prime A Nespresso Essenza Machine?

Push the Lungo button. Open the lever, move it towards the back, and hold it. After a short while, the water will start flowing through the system. Hold the lever until the water stops flowing in the system. Then close the lever. When you close the lever, water starts to flow out of the coffee outlet. Now, push the Lungo button to stop the water flow.

Why Is My Nespresso Machine Not Working?

A dirty and clogged machine is the major problem because a clogged machine cannot function properly. Descaling and flushing might fix your tasteless coffee. A red blinking light on the vertuo indicates an issue, such as overheating. Remove the capsule and disconnect the machine; wait a few minutes before restarting it.

Why Is My Nespresso Blinking And Not Making Coffee?

Add water into the tank and push the button to start. Switch off the machine by pushing the button for three seconds. Then switch on the machine by pushing the button again. After extensively using the machine, wait for 20 minutes and let the machine cold down.

Why Is My Nespresso Not Working After Descaling?

If the machine is fully scaled, the descaling program might not run properly, the machine will stop, and the buttons will start blinking. Wait a few minutes and allow the descaling solution to reach the scale buildup inside your machine. Push the button to resume the descaling process.

Why Is My Nespresso Machine Just Flashing?

The light on your Nespresso machine is flashing because it is heating up. The button will continue to flash until it reaches the brewing temperature. As the machine heats up, the button stops flashing and becomes steady. After that, the user can choose whatever cup size he wants to brew, and the machine will start brewing.

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