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Greeting Fellows,

Are you struggling to keep good things with your newly welcomed Nespresso Essenza machine? Well, that’s exactly why I am here to help you in building a nice bridge between you two. I assure you have landed on the perfect ‘how to use Nespresso Essenza’ guiding spot.

Baristas’ skill achievements will be no big deal as you will be able to cover all the related things alongside the main plot of the topic. After going through this Nespresso Essenza usage guide, I undoubtedly say you will become no less than a barista expert.

Precautions For Nespresso Essenza

We cared a lot, but sometimes any leniency can be trouble full. Therefore, safety precautions come with everything, as your, my, and everyone’s lives matter. Safety precautions are very significant, and you must have knowledge about these before you get right into using any electronics. 

To show your life’s values to us, we have served a comprehensive and easy-to-read and learn guide on Nespresso Essenza Safety Precautions. You can learn more about it by clicking below.

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Nespresso Essenza Parts

  1. Water tank
  2. Lever
  3. Drip Tray
  4. Drip Grid
  5. Capsule Container (for 12-14 Capsules)
  6. Coffee Button 
  7. Coffee Outlet

What will you get in the box?

  1. User manual
  2. Welcome to the Nespresso folder
  3. Nespresso Grand Cru capsule tasting gift
  4. Coffee machine
  5. Descaling Kit (Optional)

Nespresso Essenza Specifications

2.Capsule containerTo store 12-14 capsule
3.Water tank34 oz
4.Frequency60 Hz
6.Temperature 41°F to 113°F
7.Weight 6.6 lbs
8.PowerMax. 19 bar
9.Two button controlOne button for Lungo and one for Espresso
10.Dimensions6.5” W x 9.9” H x 11.4” D

How to Use A Nespresso Essenza First Time Or After a Long Time

Nespresso Essenza is undoubtedly an excellent machine with a very compact design with unique Nespresso crema serving quality. Whether you desire Lungo or Espresso, both would, at any second, be served by the only Nespresso Essenza. But to achieve that, first you must learn how to use the brewer if you are new to it or using it after quite a long time. So without further ado, let’s get right into the Nespresso Essenza instructions.

  1. Clean and fill the reservoir with distilled or clean water.
  1. Remove the protective film from the drip tray if you are using it for the first time.
  1. Place a container on the drip tray.
  1. Plug the machine wire.
  2. Turn on the machines. The button will be located at the lower back of the machine.
  3. After turning it on, the button’s light will blink; wait until they stop blinking.
  1. When the lights stop blinking, it means the machine is preheated and ready to use.
  1. Before putting any capsule, run the cycle with only water to clear the machine internally.
  2. To run the cycle, press and hold either Lungo or Espresso button for about one minute. 
  1. Dispose of the dripped water.
  1. Fill the tank again, and your brewer is ready to use.

How to Prepare Nespresso Essenza for Daily Use?

Coffee cravings can happen daily, especially during the winter season. Besides that, mornings are a good excuse for coffee intake. Let’s see how to prepare your Nespresso Essenza so you can enjoy your beverages daily.

  1. Fill the water tank.
  2. Turn on the machine.
  3. The lights will start blinking.
  4. Let the light stable to ensure the machine is preheated and ready to use
  5. Place a mug in the drip tray.
  6. Insert the capsule into the machine by pulling the lever.
  7. Your machine is ready to use.

Prepare Coffee In Nespresso Essenza

  1. Fill the tank with fresh drinking water
  2. Turn on the machine and wait for the machine to heat up
  3. Place a mug under the coffee outlet
  4. Pull the lever, place the capsule, and close it.
  5. Press either Espresso or Lungo button 
  6. Coffee will start pouring into the mug.

Nespresso Essenza provides the most instant and easiest way to get yourself a delicious lungo or Espresso. The daily beverage preparations are just one button away. Yes, it is effortless as I have tested it out myself, and quite literally, I have been using it every day since. Let’s get into the instructions separately to let you know how to make Espresso or Lungo using Nespresso Essenza.

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Instructions on How To Make An Espresso Cup 

Just follow the steps below to make an Espresso cup using Nespresso Essenza.

  1. Fill the reservoir or water tank with fresh, clean and distilled water.
  2. Place a mug or cup onto the drip tray.
  3. Turn on the machine.
  4. Let the machine preheat.
  5. When the button stops blinking, your machine is ready.
  6. Put the capsule into the machine by pulling up the lever.
  7. At the front of the Nespresso Essenza, you will have 2 cup symbol buttons. 
  8. The left side button is for Espresso, and the Right side button is For Lungo.
  9. Press the Espresso button.
  10. Your delicious coffee will start dripping right into your mug.

Instructions on How To Make A Lungo Cup

Here are the steps you should follow to make a Lungo cup using Nespresso Essenza.

  1. Fill the water tank with fresh, clean and distilled water.
  2. Place a mug or cup onto the drip tray.
  3. Turn on the machine.
  4. Let the machine preheat.
  5. When the button stops blinking, your machine is ready.
  6. Put the capsule into the machine by pulling up the lever.
  7. At the front of the Nespresso Essenza, you will have 2 cup symbol buttons. 
  8. Press the Lungo button.
  9. Your delicious Lungo will start dripping right into your mug.
  10. Pull up the lever to eject the used capsule after brewing.

How to clean Nespresso Essenza?

Cleaning is a significant part of the machine, and it must be done often to keep things with the machine. Here are the following steps you should follow in cleaning your Nespresso Essenza.

  1. If your machine is used regularly, you should clean the coffee outlet regularly with soft and damp clothing.
  2. The drip tray and reservoir can be separated from the machine, so you can rinse and clean them out quickly.

How to Empty the System of Nespresso Essenza?

  1. Turn off the machine
  2. Remove the water tank
  3. Press & hold the ON/OFF button at the same time press Espresso or Lungo button 3 times
  4. After a few sec, pull the lever and close it
  5. Your machine will enter the emptying mode and will turn off automatically after it

Emptying the system can be done when you have not used the machine for too long, after repairing, or for frost protection. You can quickly enter into the emptying mode by following the below steps:

  1. When the machine is on, press both Espresso and Lungo buttons simultaneously.
  2. The machine will turn off.
  3. Remove your water reservoir.
  4. Press and hold the On/Off button and press either the Espresso or Lungo 3 times.
  5. Pull up the lever, and close it after a few seconds.
  6. The machine will turn off automatically, and your machine will be entered into emptying mode.
  7. Your machine will be blocked for 10 minutes.

How to Descale Nespresso Essenza?

  1. Turn on your machine
  2. Empty the drip tray and capsule compartment
  3. Fill the water tank with fresh water upto 0.5 L
  4. Pour 1 Nespresso Descaling sachet into the tank and mix them well
  5. Place a container under the coffee outlet
  6. Press and hold Espresso & Lungo button for 3 sec
  7. Blinking light will ensure descaling mode has been started
  8. Press and hold the Lungo button for 90 sec, and the solution will start pouring into the container
  9. Refill the tank with the poured solution and repeat point 8 two times
  10. Rinse, clean, and fill the water tank with fresh water
  11. Repeat point 8 two times
  12. Descaling has been done
  13. Press & hold the Espresso and Lungo button for 3 sec to exit the descaling mode.

Descaling is a significant element that must be done twice a year or more, depending upon machine usage. Here is the following procedure to descale your Nespresso Essenza.

  1. Turn on your machine.
  2. Remove any used capsule from the capsule container.
  3. Empty the drip tray as well.
  4. In the water tank, pour 0.5 L water and 1 Nespresso Descaling Solution.
  5. Place the container or mug on the drip tray.
  6. To set the machine in descaling mode, press and hold Espresso and Lungo buttons for 3 seconds.
  7. Both buttons’ LED lights will start blinking.
  8. Press the Lungo button for 90 seconds and let the descaling solution pour into the mug.
  9. Again fill the water tank with the same dripped or used descaling solution.
  10. Press the lungo button again till the tank becomes empty.
  11. Repeat the procedure one more time.
  12. Now dispose of the used descaling solution.
  13. Rinse and clean the water tank.
  14. Fill the water tank with clean water.
  15. Brew the water cycle like your brew descaling solution about two times.
  16. Your machine has been descaled.
  17. To exit from the descaling mode, press and hold the Lungo and Espresso buttons for 3 seconds.
  18. You have exited the descaling mode, and your machine is ready to function.

Nespresso Essenza Troubleshooting

If you are having issues with your Nespresso Essenza, they can be solved. Minor issues are easy to tackle. Here I will discuss the troubleshooting, and by following these, you can upright your brewer without going to technicians.

  1. You should probably check the power source if you see no indicator lights blinking.
  2. If your coffee is not dripping, then refill the reservoir or descale.
  3. If your coffee is not hot enough, let the water brew cycle run first, then put your capsule for coffee.
  4. If your capsule area leaks, you should check and reposition the capsule properly.
  5. For unusual lights blinking, you can call the Nespresso Club.


Does Nespresso Essenza make regular coffee?

No, Nespresso Essenza is only compatible with making Lungo and Espresso; it does not have the technology to brew regular coffee. 

How do I reset my Nespresso Essenza?

You can easily bring your Nespresso Essenza to factory reset by following the steps below.

  1. When the machine is turned off, press and hold the Lungo button for 5 seconds.
  2. The LED lights will start to blink three times. This will ensure the brewer has gone into the reset mode.
  3. After this, the blinking will keep normally going until the brewer finishes its preheating phase.

Do you leave Nespresso Essenza open or closed?

If you are not using your brewer, it would be good to put it in energy-saving mode. And if there are children in your house, you should close the brewer when you are not using it for safety.

What are the three buttons on Nespresso Essenza?

Nespresso Essenza has only three button controls to make lavishing Lungo and Espresso for you. The three buttons are;

  1. Lungo Button
  2. Espresso Button
  3. On/Off Button

Are you supposed to use Nespresso pods twice?

Yes, you can use your Nespresso pods twice. Well, Nespresso doesn’t officially say to use your pods twice, but you can get taste, aroma, and strength from the second time brewing the same pod. 

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