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CAUTION: The Caution sign alerts you of hazardous situations to avoid them before any injury can occur. 

WARNING: An Alarming sign is to take immediate action for Your precious life’s safety.

INFORMATION: Reminds you to correctly use the machine as per instructed. 

Gratifying seeing you here, Pals!

Looking for right-away knowledge about safety precautions, you are at the perfect spot. 

Just for you, I have gone through all the Nespresso machines manuals to come up with easy and convenient coverage. It will save you from doing all the mind work. Keep scrolling, and I hope you will cherish seeing the glam of Nespresso Essenza Safety Precautions.

A lot of you care, but sometimes it’s not enough. A little ignorance can become a regretful moment in your life. And you don’t want this to happen ever. So when it comes to your precious life’s safety, ignorance must be cancelled. You surely have Electronic devices in your house, which makes you an authoritative person to know about their safety precautions too. 

Some, or if I correct myself, almost all of you, know what major precautions exist. But you may not know about those little specs whose ignorance can harshly affect you. So, If you want to know about those small specs, you should read the safety precautions below to reduce calamity risks.

Nespressoo Essenza Cautions

When you are using Electric appliances, for instance, here we have Nespresso Essenza, you should be careful around it. We know it brings delight to your mornings, but a half-asleep person doesn’t have some of the senses awake and can do some things that can be harmful to them. Let us bring those precautions to your table.

  • Before using Nespresso Essenza, you must go through the instructions given by the manufacturer to avoid any forbidden work.
  • Nespresso Essenza is not built for outdoor use, so you should also not use it outside, especially when the outside environment is harsh.
  • When you receive your machine, you will see a guidebook in which, besides instructions, safety precautions are also there, so go through them as well to let yourself know what the manufacturer is saying.
  • You should not use this machine for other purposes besides brewing beverages.
  • You should protect the machine from long sun exposure, or otherwise, it will heat the brewer.
  • Water and electricity are enemies, so you should not place the brewer around water or humidity.
  • You can use Nespresso Essenza in your households, kitchen, offices, staff kitchens, farmhouses, apartments, etc.
  • If any warning sign shows up, immediately remove the plug from the source.
  • When the brewer is on, do not touch the hot surfaces, or it will cause scalding.
  • You should not touch the machine with wet hands.
  • If you want to remove parts of the brewer, let it cool down first, then do it.
  • If you see the brewer cord damage, prevent using the machine and don’t let anyone use it.
  • You should not use accessories that the manufacturer doesn’t recommend.
  • When you are connecting the brewer, first attach the plug to the brewer and then the cord to the power source.
  • You should not insert your finger in the capsule housing, as it is dangerous due to sharp edges.
  • You should not clean the brewer with forbidden or sharp tools.

Safety Precaution around Children

Most houses have children, but having children doesn’t mean you will be forbidden to have electronics. You can have electronic devices, but you must be extra careful with them. Here are the following precautions you must take to keep your loved ones safe and healthy.

  • If you have a child of age 8 and more than 8 yrs, you can let them brew on their own, but you must be there to look after them during the process.
  • You should not let the children play with the brewer as it is not a toy to play with.
  • When the cleaning or descaling time comes, you should be the one to do it, not let the child do it.
  • You keep an eye on the children, especially when they are around the brewer and the brewer is on.
  • Try to turn off the brewer when not in use.

Electric & Fire Shock Avoidance.

Long-term use can be a cause of electric sparks, especially in the cord. The cord might get damaged, and unsteady current flow can lead to a spark that, if not controlled, can cause a fire. To avoid all these harsh predictions, you should follow the following precautions.

  • If you see any spark, rapidly unplug the cord from the power source to spot further risks.
  • You should only plug the brewer’s cord into the socket where the current is steady and the wires are earthed.
  • Voltage must be steady on the socket; otherwise, any sudden increase or decrease in voltage can be dreadful for the machine and cause a severe spark.
  • You should not place your brewer beside hot places like an oven, or it will melt the brewer’s body and affect its internal elements.
  • You should place your brewer on smooth and even surfaces.
  • For cleaning the brewer, you should turn off the brewer from the main power source.
  • You should never put any brewer’s part in the dishwasher unless the manufacturer recommended some parts as dishwasher safe.
  • When the brewer is in working condition, you should not open it up.
  • You must not put or let anyone put anything inside the brewer besides water in the reservoir and capsule in the capsule compartment.

Safety Precautions While Operating the Nespresso Essenza

You should always be careful when the brewer is operating. The following things should be kept in mind during brewing.

  • You should keep your eye on the brewer when it is in a working state.
  • If you think the brewer is producing strange noise and smoke while brewing, then immediately turn off the brewer and let it be checked by contacting Nespresso Club.
  • You should carefully close the lever to avoid any scalding.
  • You should never put your finger under the coffee outlet or capsule compartment.
  • Always use fresh and cold water for refilling the reservoir.
  • If you are not using your brewer for a while, then before setting it aside, clean & dry it thoroughly first.
  • Change the water in the reservoir when you have not used the brewer for a while.
  • You should put a mug on the drip tray before brewing.
  • You should avoid using strong cleaning agents and use only mild or less acidic cleaning agents.
  • You should avoid using steam or pressure cleaners to clean your brewer.

Cord related Precautions

The cord is an important element; without it, you can’t run the machine. So taking care is a must. And any damage in it can cause a spark and fire in the brewer. So here are the following precautions.

  • You should always disconnect the brewer holding the cord adapter on the cord itself.
  • If you have wet hands, then do not touch the cord.
  • Keep your cord away from hanging over sharp edges.
  • You should not let heat and humidity touch the cord.
  • If there is any cord damage, don’t use it.

Extension-Cord Precautions

You have noticed that many brewers come with a short cord. The reason for this is that they prevent the entangling of the cord. Longer cords are there in case you want to extend the short cord. They are called extension cords. Precautions regarding them are as follows.

  • You should only use an earthed extension cord.
  • For the cord cross-sectional area, it must be 14 AWG size with matching power input.
  • You should first attach the cord to the appliance, then plug in the power socket.
  • When you want to disconnect, turn off the power source and remove the plugs.
  • If you are using a Long detachable or extension cord, then you must keep in mind the following things
  1. The extension cord will be grounding type 3-wire if the brewer has a grounded type cord.
  2. The extension cord should have a greater electrical rating than the brewer’s cord.
  3. You should not let the extension cord hang over sharper edges.


Descaling is an important part which children should not do. Adults with some previous experience or knowledge about descaling would be preferred. Descaling maintains your brewer’s working. While descaling, you should be careful of some things.

  • You should use the Nespresso descaling Kit in descaling your Nespresso machines, including Nespresso Essenza.
  • You should follow the procedure and guidelines on how to descale your brewer.
  • Following the procedure, you should carry out line-wise during the descaling
  1. Prepare yourself by reading the instructions about descaling your brewer.
  2. Go through the complete descaling process according to the guidelines.
  3. Cleans out the brewer by brewing a clean water cycle and rinsing the reservoir.
  4. Waste all the left material properly in the waste bin to avoid pollution.


How do you clean Nespresso Essenza?

For internal rinsing, fill the water tank with fresh water, turn on the machine, and after the machine heats up, press the Lungo button to rinse your machine internally. For external cleaning, remove the water tank, drip tray, and capsule container and rinse them separately. Use a soft, damp cloth to clean the machine’s outer surface.

What PODS work with Nespresso Essenza?

With Nespresso Essenza, all Originalline Nespresso pods are compatible.

Can I plug Nespresso Essenza into the extension cord?

Yes, you can use an extension cord for your Nespresso Essenza. But you should remember to use only an earthed extension chord whose cross-sectional area must be 14 AWG size with matching power input.

How do I rinse my Essenza mini?

To rinse your Nespresso Essenza, fill the water tank and turn on the machine. Press the lungo button, and the rising will start. Repeat the rinsing process 3 times thorough cleaning.

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