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Hey! Have you recently bought Nespresso Vertuo Pop +? Undoubtedly, an amazing decision! Why? Because Nespresso Vertuo Pop + is a small coffee machine carrying all the benefits that larger Vertuo machines have. So, more the less. Furthermore, Nespresso has designed this machine in different unique colors so their lovely customers can have a wonderful experience by setting it up according to their kitchen color scheme in any corner (without the tension of space). Once you start brewing, you will fall in love with each drink you brew with this Nespresso Vertuo Pop +.

No doubt, Nespresso has won the hearts of coffee lovers with its unique coffee machines. People love brewing coffee with Nespresso coffee machines; that is the reason they dominate the coffee industry. People who want to enjoy delicious coffee without hassle must have Nespresso machines in their homes and workplaces. 

So, being a Nespresso lover, you also have bought the Nespresso Vertuo Pop +, and now it’s an exciting time as you are holding the package of your brand-new coffee machine in your hands. You’re about to start an incredible journey, unlocking a new level of coffee enjoyment. For the first time, you will explore its features, including its size, weight, and other crucial information. 

So, are you ready to indulge in the fascinating world of your Nespresso Vertuo Pop +? But let’s first go through the safety precautions! 

Safety Precautions Instructions 

When you’re ready to unbox your Nespresso Vertuo Pop +, remember to prioritize safety first! With caution and care, unboxing your Nespresso Vertuo Pop + will be a delightful and accident-free experience! Let’s get started! 

  1. Find a calm and spacious area with good lighting for your unboxing adventure. 
  2. Before reaching for any cutting tool, take a moment to inspect the box for any signs of damage or mishandling during transit. 
  3. Use a sharp blade or scissors to carefully cut through the packaging tape carefully, ensuring the tool’s direction is away from you and others. 
  4. As you open the box, be mindful of any delicate components or accessories inside. 
  5. If you notice any broken parts or sharp edges, handle them carefully and consider contacting Nespresso’s customer support for assistance. 
  6. When lifting the machine out of the box, ensure proper lifting techniques to avoid strain or injuries to your back and muscles. 
  7. Be cautious of any plastic wrap or packaging materials, ensuring they don’t accidentally get in contact with the machine’s electrical components.
  8. As you unpack the accessories, be gentle to avoid any accidental damage. 
  9. Keep the user manual handy and read through it before setting up the machine to understand the safety guidelines thoroughly.
  10. Take time during unboxing; rushing may lead to accidents or overlooking important details. 
  11. Dispose of the packaging responsibly, recycling where possible to reduce environmental impact.

Now, let’s have a look at the box first and see what information it is delivering to you! 

Box Description

Let’s start by looking at what’s mentioned in the box, and then we’ll quickly go over what kind of coffee this machine can brew. In a moment, I’ll talk in more detail about it. First things first, the packaging is 99% recyclable and environmentally friendly. 

The description on the box includes prominent features like:

The image depicts the box description for the article titled "Unboxing of Nespresso Vertuo Pop+."
  1. Automatic shutdown after two minutes.
  2. It has a one-touch system.
  3. It reads the barcode on the capsule. 
  4. It features a speedy 30-second heating time.
  5. It offers four different coffee sizes. 

Besides this, the appliance is made of 35% recycled plastic. That’s a fantastic point! But bad news for the milk-based beverages lover! Your Nespresso Vertuo Pop + doesn’t contain a milk frother, but the good news is it can work with the frother (that you have to buy separately).

Click to Buy Nespresso frother directly from Amazon. 

Now, let’s delve into the mesmerizing Nespresso Vertuo Pop + unboxing instructions!

Time to Open the Nespresso Box

Alright, it’s time for the grand unboxing of your Nespresso Vertuo Pop + – the coffee lover’s dream come true! Get ready to peel off that packaging tape and reveal the coffee magic. With a mix of excitement and anticipation, let’s dive in, but remember to handle it with care. Safety first, my friend! Let’s unbox and get brewing for a coffee adventure like no other! Let’s get started! 

  1. Prepare a safe and well-lit workspace for unboxing. 
  2. Use a sharp blade or scissors to carefully cut through the packaging tape. 
  3. Keep the cutting tool away from your body to avoid accidents. 
  4. Lift the top of the box and set it aside gently. 
  5. Check for any instruction manuals or documents on top of the packaging and remove them. 
  6. Take out your Vertuo Pop + machine and place it on a stable surface. 
  7. Remove any protective plastic or packaging material from your machine. 
  8. Locate the water tank and remove it from the packaging. 
  9. Find the Adjustable cup support and drip grid and adjust it to the desired position on your machine. 
  10. Inspect each component for any damages before use. 
  11. Place your machine in its designated spot, ensuring proper ventilation around it. 
  12. Follow the setup instructions in the user manual for a safe and hassle-free setup. 
  13. Finally, dispose of all packaging materials responsibly, recycling where possible.

Done with unboxing? Now, let’s have a look at all the items present inside the box! 

Items You will Get Inside the Box

This image illustrates the contents included within the box for the "Unboxing of Nespresso Vertuo Pop+" article.

As you have opened the box and now it’s time to examine what you have inside. As you open the lid, an aura of suspense fills in the room. Nespresso has carefully created the packaging to protect the precious Vertuo Pop + machine. By opening the lid, you can discover the following things.

Instruction Manual

The instruction manual is good for your reference about how to use your machine for the first time and how to descale it. As step by step instructions from making the first cup of coffee to appliance maintenance are listed in this manual. 

The image displays the 'Instruction Manual' for the article titled 'Unboxing Nespresso Vertuo Pop+'

The Safety Instruction Manual

 The safety manual is to keep your brewing journey worry-free and risk-free. If you follow the instructions in the safety instructions, your machine will have a long life, and you will be safe as well. 

Quick Start Guide

When the urge for coffee strikes, who wants to wait? With the help of a quick start guide, you can set up and operate your Nespresso Vertuo Pop+ machine in no time. The quick start guide has all the machine setup instructions for you.


You will get a warranty card with your Vertuo Pop + machine as Nespresso always guarantees the excellence of its products and provides you warranty certificates with their appliances. So, you can have an amazing brewing journey knowing that Nespresso will support you and be there for you if any unexpected problem occurs.

Adjustable Cup Support

The cup support adds convenience to your coffee routine. Place it beneath the coffee outlet, then put your cup on as it provides a stable and secure spot for your cup, preventing spills or accidents.

Drip Grid

The drip grid is also provided in the box, and you no longer have to worry about spills. With this little drain, your brewing area stays clean and tidy. 

This image displays the "Drip Grid" featured in the article titled "Unboxing of Nespresso Vertuo Pop+"

Nespresso Capsule Set

When you purchase a new coffee machine, Nespresso provides a package of different flavored Nespresso capsules as a compliment; the package has 12 capsules inside. Each capsule offers an exceptional and enjoyable coffee experience, ranging from rich and bold to smooth and balanced. So, find out your favorite capsule by trying them out.

This image showcases the 'Nespresso Capsule Set' featured in the article 'Unboxing the Nespresso Vertuo Pop+."

Nespresso Vertuo Pop + Overview

I am not exaggerating, but when I opened it, the first glimpse of the Nespresso Vertuo Pop + machine made me stand still for a moment because it has a smart and unique design, I am sure you will have the same captivating experience, and that is the reason it has gained immense popularity. So, let’s get more captivated by the sleek design and features of your Vertuo Pop +. Keep scrolling!

Various Color Options of Nespresso Vertuo Pop +

The Nespresso Vertuo Pop + genuinely comes in eight vibrant and eye-catching colors.

  1. Pacific blue.
  2. Mango yellow.
  3. Spicy Red.
  4. Deluxe silver Grey.
  5. Dark Grey.
  6. Liquorice Black.
  7. Deluxe Titan.
  8. Aqua mint. 

With different color options, you can match the machine to your kitchen’s decor. Whatever color you choose, the Nespresso Vertuo Pop+ will become an attractive center point in your house.

Compact and Convenient Size for Any Kitchen Space

This image showcases the 'Compact and Convenient Size for Any Kitchen Space' featured in the article 'Unboxing Nespresso Vertuo Pop+."

The tiny size of this machine is one of its best qualities, although some features are sacrificed as a result. In terms of size, it has the following height, width, and depth:

  • Its height is approximately 9.8 inches (25 centimeters), equivalent to a standard ruler’s length. 
  • In terms of width, it’s 3.5 inches (13.6 centimeters), slightly larger than your hand’s width. 
  • Regarding the depth, it measures roughly 16.7 inches (42.6 centimeters), and without water, It weighs 3.5 kilograms (7.7 pounds). 

So, you won’t have to worry about it taking up too much space on your kitchen counter, and you can easily find a comfortable position for your Nespresso machine.

Water Tank Capacity 

The water tank at the back can store up to 600 milliliters (20 fluid ounces) of water. It’s important to note that this machine holds less water than certain other Nespresso Vertuo models due to its smaller size. You’ll need to refill the tank more regularly if you make multiple beverages simultaneously.

Capsule Storage

Let’s move on to the next thing, the capsule container which is to store the used capsules. It is small to match the machine’s small size. You can find the capsule container by looking from the right side of your machine. It has a removable insert with holes at the bottom, which makes it easier to clean. After cleaning, you can easily slide it back in.

This image displays the 'Capsule Storage' featured in the article 'Unboxing the Nespresso Vertuo Pop+."

If we talk about how many capsules the capsule container can store, you may check it by adding a mug-sized capsule, a double espresso, a grand longo, and four espresso capsules. You will see it gets full with them. So, your Nespresso Vertuo Pop + can store about seven capsules at a time. 

Key Features of Nespresso Vertuo Pop +

I am in awe of the amazing features of the Nespresso Vertuo Pop + machine. Either it’s Bluetooth connectivity, a fast heat-up system, or many other features. Let’s not wait any longer and check out the outstanding features of Nespresso Vertuo Pop + in detail and take your brewing experience to the next level with its simplest operating mechanism.

One Touch Brewing System

The Nespresso Vertuo Pop + has a simple one-button processing. Insert your favorite Nespresso capsule and press the only button on its head. Press the button, sit back, and let the Vertuo Pop + do the rest of its work. 

Centrifusion Technology

Nespresso Vertuo Pop + works on the principle of Centrifusion technology, in which the machine extracts the ground coffee with water by spinning the capsule at up to 4000 revolutions per minute. As you insert a Nespresso capsule, the machine reads the barcode and adjusts its settings accordingly.

Fast Heat Up System

The fast heat-up feature of Nespresso Vertuo Pop + is impressive; it takes just thirty seconds to reach the optimal brewing temperature. And it is convenient for busy people who always need a quick coffee fix.

Low Energy Consumption

Low energy consumption is another convenient feature that works by shutting off the machine after two minutes of non-use. This auto-off feature also gives you peace of mind when you unintentionally leave the house without switching off your Nespresso Vertuo Pop + machine. 

Bluetooth Connectivity 

You can connect the Nespresso Vertuo Pop + with the Nespresso app and uncover a world of convenience. I’ll go through some advantages of using the Vertuo Pop + with the app. 

  • Smart Coffee: Connecting your machine gives you access to the newest Nespresso coffee innovations. Keep updated on new releases and interesting flavors to ensure you never miss out on the coffee you adore.
  • Expert Advice: By using the linked app, you can get step-by-step instructions and immediate guidance for important maintenance activities like descaling, rinsing, and cleaning your machine.
  • Machine care: Maintaining your equipment is much easier than ever. Through the app, you can access thorough assistance and guidance tutorials designed especially for your Vertuo Pop+.

Coffee Size Options and Limitations

This image displays the "Coffee Size Options and Limitations" discussed in the article "Unboxing Nespresso Vertuo Pop+."

If I talk about the types of coffee you can make with this machine, there are four options including espresso, double espresso, Gran Lungo, and coffee mug size, but it cannot give you a carafe. A carafe can only be brewed using the Vertuo Next.

Let’s now discuss the details of the coffee sizes.

  1. Espresso – A 40 ml / 1.4 oz espresso is the smallest serving size. 
  2. Double Espresso – It is twice the amount of Espresso that is 80 ml / 2.8 oz. 
  3. Gran Lungo – It offers 150 ml / 5.1 oz of coffee.
  4. Mug Size – It gives you 230ml / 7.8 oz of your favorite caffeine fix.

It’s important to note that you can add milk separately to your coffee to improve its volume. However, the machine can only create a maximum of 230 mL unless you utilize multiple capsules.

We have just explored the noticeable and amazing feature of the Vertuo Pop +. Next, I will walk you through the steps of using it for the first time. So, let’s get started and learn how to get the most out of your new coffee buddy!

Nespresso Vertuo Pop + First Use Instructions

Using a coffee machine for the first time is really exciting, but it can be overwhelming if you are not aware of the right instructions. I am going to discuss the Nespresso Vertuo Pop + first-use instructions so you can understand how to operate it correctly for the first time and how it actually functions to deliver a perfect coffee each time. So, let’s get started!

Turn On Your Vertuo Pop +

  • Plug in the cable and switch on the machine by pressing the only button on its head or by turning the lever to the left in the lock position.
This image illustrates the process of activating your Vertuo Pop+ by plugging in the cable and initiating the machine, either by pressing the single button located on its head or by turning the lever to the left into the locked position. This step is detailed under the heading 'Turn On Your Vertuo Pop+' in the article 'Unboxing of Nespresso Vertuo Pop+."
  • The power button will blink until the machine heats up, then the light becomes steady, and your machine is ready to use. 
The image illustrates the process of activating your Vertuo Pop+ coffee machine. The power button will initially blink while the machine heats up, and once it reaches the appropriate temperature, the light will remain steady, indicating that your machine is ready for use.

After switching on the machine, the first step is rinsing before preparing your first drink in it. Let’s dive into the rinsing procedure!

First Cleaning Cycle 

It’s time to prepare your Nespresso Vertuo Pop + for the first use by cleaning it. 

  1. The first thing you need is water for cleaning.
  2. Detach the water tank and take off the lid. 
  3. Rinse the tank by adding water. Then fill water into the tank and place its lid on top to close it. And place it at the back of the machine where it usually lies.
  4. Ensure you have plugged the power cable into the socket. Now remove the cup support to place an empty 1L / 34oz container below the coffee outlet. 
  5. Open and close the machine head and make sure the lever is in the lock position. 
  6. Now, switch on the machine by pushing the button once. Then press the button three times in two seconds. The cleaning cycle starts and may continue for up to seven minutes.
This image illustrates the process for initiating the 'First Cleaning Cycle' in the article 'Unboxing Nespresso Vertuo Pop+.' To begin, turn on the machine by pressing the button once, followed by three quick presses within two seconds. This action will activate the cleaning cycle, which may last for up to seven minutes.

NOTE: The Coffee button will blink throughout the cleaning process and become steady as the cleaning is completed.

This image displays the caption, "The cleaning cycle starts and may continue for up to seven minutes," under the heading "First Cleaning Cycle" in the article titled "Unboxing of Nespresso Vertuo Pop+."

Connect Your Vertuo Pop + Machine to the Nespresso App

Follow the steps to connect your Vertuo Pop + to the Nespresso app and bring convenience to your life.

  1. To pair your Nespresso Vertuo Pop + machine, download the Nespresso app on your smartphone. Always use the latest version of the Nespresso app.
  2. Enable wifi or Bluetooth on your smartphone and stand close to your machine.
  3. Launch the app and tap on the machine icon at the top right of the screen.
  4. Ensure your wifi password is ready and your machine is correctly plugged and switched on.
  5. The first step is the Bluetooth connection. Click on the ‘’Pair Vertuo Pop +’’ icon at the bottom.
  6. Place your smartphone on top of your machine, as this process may take up to two minutes; ensure your smartphone’s Bluetooth is ON.
  7. The second step is a wifi connection. Tap on “Connect Wifi.” Select the relevant wifi network, and enter the password.
  8. Tap on Finalize pairing. 

Your Nespresso Vertuo Pop + is now ready to use. Let the brewing begin!

Nespresso Vertuo Pop +: Scanning the Capsule’s Barcode

The Nespresso Virtual system automatically calculates the water quantity and coffee size by scanning the capsule’s barcode. The capsule compartment/holder of your Nespresso Vertuo Pop + machine opens up by twisting the lever to the right, compared to the original line machines, which normally have buttons. It’s important to note that opening it with only one hand could be difficult, whereas using two hands is usually more convenient.

How to Make Coffee in Nespresso Vertuo Pop + For the First Time?

Are you going to brew coffee for the first time in your newly bought Vertuo Pop + machine? Ahh! I can smell the aroma of freshly brewed coffee in my imagination. Well, a few things look overwhelming when you try them for the first time but don’t worry, I’ll be there for you. Oh! No, not in real but here I will guide you in each step on how to make coffee in your Vertuo Pop +. So, take your favorite coffee mug and dive into the Vertuo Pop + coffee brewing instructions. 

Basic Instructions on Water Volume Programming: 

  1. You can program the coffee volume per your preference by following the steps below.
  2. Switch On the machine by clicking the button once. Open the machine head and place a capsule of your choice for which you want to program the volume.
  3. Close the head and move the lever to the left in the lock position. 
  4. Now, place your cup under the coffee outlet.
  5. Press the coffee button and hold it until the desired volume of coffee flows out. As you release the button, the new water volume is programmed for the specific capsule you have inserted.

NOTE: The programming is specific to each capsule type. Cup sizes can be programmed from 20ml / 0.7 oz to 535ml / 18 oz.

Let’s Brew Espresso

To explain how to make coffee in your Nespresso Vertuo Pop + machine, I will start with a 40 ml espresso coffee.

  1. Choose an Espresso coffee capsule, and place it facing down in the capsule compartment so the flat shiny surface is on the top; now, push the machine head down and pull the handle to the left to lock it.
This image illustrates the process for brewing espresso with the Nespresso Vertuo Pop+. To brew espresso, select an espresso coffee capsule and insert it into the capsule compartment with the flat shiny surface facing upwards. Next, lower the machine head and slide the handle to the left until it locks in place.

2. Wait for the button to light up as the machine takes thirty seconds to heat up. As you see the button lit up, press the coffee button to begin brewing your Espresso; coffee will dispense out of the outlet in a while. 

3. If you want to stop the coffee flow early, press the coffee button. And to manually top up your coffee, push the button again and push again to stop when the desired volume is reached.

4. Once the coffee has been dispensed, twist the handle to the right to release the used capsule. The capsule will automatically be pushed back into the used capsule container.

Dripping of espresso from a Nespresso vertuo pop plus

It’s Time to Try Double Espresso

Now let’s move on to making double Espresso. The capsule is named Charo, which is 80 ml of coffee. Place the capsule in the holder facing down, close the head by pushing it down and twisting the handle to the left. Start by pressing the button; in a while, you will have a delicious double Espresso coffee topped with crema. 

Similarly, you can try the Gran Lungo using the Costa Rica capsule for 150ml of coffee. It will take around 90 seconds to brew. After brewing three different cup sizes of coffee consecutively, you need to check the water level as the tank is small in this machine. Fill it up as you need more water to brew the mug-size or XL-size coffee, which is 230ml and 355ml.

For mug-size coffee, select the capsule Meloizo. It will take around 93 seconds to brew a mug-size coffee.


It is an enjoyable experience to unbox Nespresso Vertuo Pop +. The setup process is simple and easy. The Nespresso Vertuo Pop + is distinguished by its incredible features; one of the most amazing is its compact size, which can make its space in any kitchen easy. You can brew from the smallest 40 ml to the largest 355ml XL Mug size coffee. And the machine warms up really quickly.

To get the most out of your Vertuo Pop +, don’t forget to clean it at the end of each day. And descale when it gives you a signal by blinking orange three times and goes steady white. Always keep a check on the water level, especially while brewing mug-sized coffee, as it needs a bit more water than usual Espresso coffee. 

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s start your brewing journey with Vertuo Pop +.


How Do You Put Capsules in Nespresso Vertuo Pop +?

Open the machine head by turning the lever to the right. Place a capsule with a dome-shaped at the bottom. Close the head and lock the machine by moving the lever to the left in a lock position.

Does Nespresso Vertuo Pop + Have Bluetooth?

Yes, Nespresso Vertuo Pop + has Bluetooth and wifi as well. You can connect it to your smartphone’s Bluetooth or Wi-fi.

How Do I Reset My Nespresso Vertuo Pop +?

If you want to reset your Vertuo Pop + to factory settings, follow the steps below.

  1. Open the machine’s head to eject any used capsule. 
  2. Close the head and leave the handle in the unlocked position. 
  3. Ensure the machine is plugged in while performing this step.
  4. Push the button five times in three seconds. The button light will change from white to orange and flash five times, then switch to steady white light. Your Vertuo Pop+ is now reset to factory settings.

What Is the Difference Between Nespresso Vertuo Next And Nespresso Vertuo?

A significant difference between these two machines is the size; the virtual pop is the smallest of all the Vertuo machines, whereas the Vertuo Next is quite bigger. Vertuo Pop + has a tiny water tank that can hold 0.6 L of water, so you need to refill it more frequently, and the Vertuo Next can hold 1.1 L of water.

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