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Keurig Descaling Solution – 14 Fl Oz Bottle Review
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Keurig Descaling Solution will be a worthwhile purchase if you intend to keep your brewer in perfect health with a small effort. Descaling using Keurig Descaling solution will keep your brewer going for 3-4 months. Its strong agents will clean your brewers thoroughly and perfectly for perfect cups of coffee.

Maintaining Keurig Coffee Makers in perfect condition does take a little effort. To provide ease in maintenance, Keurig provides a descaling solution that knows how to rewind the Keurig machine towards its new shape. Descaling is the best way to internally cleans the brewer to prevent it from doing a bad job. 


Keurig Descaling solution is an essential element for your brewer’s take care, and it is also recommended solution by Keurig. It has the ability to remove mineral deposits and dirt that roughly clogs the water tubes, puncturing needles, pod holder, and dripping nozzle.

Keurig Descaling Solution-14 Fl Oz Bottle is enough to cover the whole 3 months without going through cleaning. When the brewer is cleaned with a Keurig descaling solution, it wipes out all the excess minerals and calcium deposits (called scale)that formed over the time of constantly brewing. This automatically makes your next brew taste sublime. 

Besides improving your coffee taste, it also performs its primary job, which is cleaning every nook and cranny of your coffee maker. Even those places where it would be difficult for you to open and clean it properly. 

Another cool thing about this descaling solution is that it does not leave any odor or taste behind. Many cleaning solutions are not odorless and may leave their soapy flavor, which will mix up in your brew, making it undrinkable. After Keurig descaling solution usage, it only needs one time cleaning with water to cut off its contact with the brewer completely.

Effectiveness and convenience are the significant qualities of this descaling solution. You only need 45 minutes from your busy schedule, and this 45 minutes worth of maintenance lasts for three months. 

When it comes to healthy drinks, there should be no compromise, and Keurig knows it very well. Keurig descaling is a toxic-free solution. It has citric acid, which slips right off with the water, leaving no residue behind after doing its job. It doesn’t have any effect on the brewer’s inside material as, well.

What We Like

  • The fast-acting and odorless mixture works fast to keep your coffee maker clean.
  • Remove mineral buildup that can affect brewer performance.
  • It is an odorless solution.
  • It won’t have any toxicant that can affect your health, i.e., Non-toxic.
  • Coffee maker effective cleaning.
  • It doesn’t leave any residual taste behind.
  • Protect the brewer
  • Keurig recommended cleaning solution.
  • Improve brew features, like temp, strength, coffee quality, and brew time, eventually enhancing coffee tastes.

What We Don’t Like

  • It takes your time and attention. 
  • Repeated steps can be hectic sometimes.
  • They are a little pricy. 

Note: Keep the descaling solution away from children, open wounds, eyes, skin, and sensitive body parts. If it is swallowed or accidentally poured on the scar, injury, or eyes, rinse immediately and seek medical advice immediately.

Is Keurig Descaling Solution – 14 Fl Oz Bottle for You?

Keurig Descaling Solution – 14 Fl Oz Bottle is a perfect match for you if you are looking for the best descaling solution. It is the only solution Keurig approves for cleaning Keurig coffee makers. This solution gives you whole 3 months of cleaning coverage. Besides these, it has agents that effectively cleanse and powerfully act up in removing mineral buildup inside your coffee maker. It is non-toxic, odorless, and effective in its working. It is a bit pricy, but it never disappoints you on spending your penny on it.


Do you use the whole Keurig descaling solution bottles for better-tasting beverages?

It is permissible to use a whole bottle of Keurig descaling solution at one time for effective work in unclogging and cleaning debris, calcium, and mineral deposits. Descaling your brewer after 3 months with a whole descaling solution bottle can preserve longevity as citric acid safely cleans the inside of the coffee maker without harming its elements.

How do you use 14 oz Keurig descaling solution safely?

Keurig descaling solution does require some pre-preparations and time in cleaning your brewer. Here are the steps which you should follow while cleaning your Keurig brewer.

  1. Turn off your brewer and remove the water reservoir and coffee pods, if any.
  2. Pour the whole descaling solution bottle into the water reservoir
  3. Add 24 oz of water to the reservoir
  4. Mix both water and solution well
  5. Place a mug (preferable to place a large size mug of 12 oz) on the drip tray
  6. Brew your first cycle by selecting the largest brew-size cup.
  7. When the first brew cycle is complete, dispose of the water in the sink.
  8. Repeat this process until there left no mixture in the reservoir
  9. After this, let the brewer rest for about half an hour
  10. After half an hour, clean the reservoir and fill it with clean water
  11. Brew a few cycles with only clean water.
  12. This will remove all sorts of mixture leftover.
  13. Now your brew is cleaned and ready for coffee brewing.
  14. Descale your brewer after every 3-4 months depending upon the mineral content in your brewer.

How many Oz is the Keurig descaling solution?

Keurig Descaling solution has about 14 oz of a solution, which is enough for once cleaning your brewer. One bottle can remove calcium deposits, unclog the brewer’s elements, remove mineral buildup, and thoroughly clean your coffee maker for better-tasting beverages.

Is the Keurig descaling solution Universal?

Keurig Descaling solution is very effective when it comes to ideal descaling. It is approved by Keurig to use it for descaling Keurig brewers. However, you can also use it on brewers other than Keurig brands. So yeah, it is universal.

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