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Keurig Descale and Cleanse Starter Kit Review
Easy to Use4.5 out of 5
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One-month descaling coverage provider: Keurig Descale & Cleanse Starter Kit is a great step in your brewer’s maintenance. Their advanced and efficient ability will remove spoiled taste carry-over and maximize brew taste and your brewer’s life.

Coffee makers provide you with a great coffee cup with maximum ease, but in return, they demand some care too. Descaling is a perfect step towards maintaining and caring for your brewer. For this, Keurig provides you with Keurig Descale & Cleanse Starter Kit. The kit includes a pouch containing a descaling solution which will give a one-month descaling coverage, and two Keurig Rinse Pods that will quickly remove the spoiled taste carry-over between brews. Using a descaling kit provides an excellent brew taste and extends the life of your Keurig Coffee Maker to the fullest extent.


Keurig Descaling & Cleanse Starter Kit is an efficient way to clean your brewer thoroughly. It removes the deposits and scale that build up over time and make your brewer keep performing its job in a perfect way.

Brewer maintenance can be a little tricky, especially when you and your brewer don’t get much free time. For this, Keurig provides a cleansing kit that can last up to one month without giving you headaches of cleaning it now and then. 

The cleansing kit includes a trial-size Descaling Solution Pouch with a guideline on how to use it properly. This solution gives an entire 1 month’s coverage of descaling.

Besides the descaling solution, it also has two Keurig Rinse Pods, which are used the same way you brew your coffee pods. They minimize the flavor left by previous coffee pods over time. 

Keurig Descaling and Cleanse Starter Kit are very effective and compatible with all home Keurig brewers. So you can clean, maintain, and take care of your brewer’s essential cleaning items all at once in the comfort of your home.

What We Like

  • Easily clean all the essentials brewer’s parts
  • Effective working ability keep your brewer running at peak performance
  • Gives one month of descaling coverage
  • Descale solution removes calcium deposits and scale 
  • Reduce flavor carry-over between brews.
  • Descale Solution helps extend the brewer’s life
  • Odorless descaling solution pouch and fast-acting ability

What We Don’t Like

  • Sometimes solution leaves its taste in the brewer, which might affect the brew taste.
  • These kits have some authenticity problems, such as typo mistakes, product titles saying packages may vary
  • Leaves a bitter taste.
  • Descale Solution pouch is in less quantity (kit includes a trial size descale solution pouch)


Helps the brewer by removing Deposits and scale

Keurig Descale & Cleanse Starter Kit is helpful in removing Calcium Deposits, stains, and scales that build up over time with constant coffee brewing. Removing these helps in the laminar flow of coffee and enhances brewers’ health.

Extend brewer life

Descaling no doubt extends the brewer’s life span. The mustered dirt can clog the needle, dripping nozzle, or water pipes. If not cleaned properly, it will decrease brew functioning and often lead to working failure. Descaling helps avoid all these possibilities and automatically extends the brewer’s life. 

Efficient working

Keurig Descale & Cleanse Starter Kit effectively does its job when it comes to cleaning and descaling the Coffee maker.

Provides one-month coverage

The descaling kit contains a Keurig descaling solution pouch which gives a whole one-month coverage means you will be free from descaling the brewer for up to one month, and without much hassle, you can keep on brewing great-tasting coffee mugs.

Reduce flavor carry-over between brews

The brewer descales solution and cleansing kit reduce the previous pod’s taste by removing their stains and flavor residues.

Price and Availability


Is The Keurig Descale and Cleanse Starter Kit for You?

If you are looking for a cleaning agent that would thoroughly and neatly clean your brewer without damaging brew quality and taste, Keurig Descale and Cleanse Starter Kit would be best for you. Descaling solution and cleansing pods are the items that Keurig offers to maintain your brewers. Its descaling solution will clean the water pipes and rinse pods that provide help by unclogging the needles, cleaning pack holder, and dripping nozzle. It will also remove the stains, previous brew tastes, calcium deposits, residual dunes, etc., and make your brewer clean and fresh.


How do you use the Keurig descale and cleanse starter kit?

Struggling with using the Keurig descale and Cleanse Starter kit? Don’t worry; here are the steps by which you can easily descale your brewer.

When you get your kit, you will see one pouch of the descaling solution and 2 cleansing pods.

Descaling Solution

  1. Starting with the Descaling Solution, cut it open and pour it into the reservoir.
  2. Add three cups or 24 oz water to the reservoir
  3. Mix them evenly
  4. Brew three times with the largest brew size
  5. After this, ADD WATER light will be illuminated
  6. Leave the brewer for about half an hour
  7. Clean the water reservoir and fill it with clean water
  8. Lastly, brew a cycle only with water; after this, your brew will be descaled.

For the Cleansing Pods

  1. Place the pods in the pod holder and close the lid.
  2. Brew a large cycle with the cleansing pod on
  3. After this, remove the pod
  4. Again run a large cycle, but this time only with clean water
  5. Your brewer elements are clean now.

How do I descale my Keurig without a kit?

You can still descale your Keurig brewers, without the kit, through vinegar descaling. For this, you must have white vinegar with you. Mix the vinegar in the water and pour this mixture into the reservoir. Brew a few cycles with it, and then run a few more cycles only with clean water. 

What are the things included in Keurig Descale and Cleanse Starter Kit?

The Keurig Descale and Cleanse Starter Kit is the perfect cleaning kit as it contains all the essential cleaning items that Keurig offers to maintain the Keurig coffee maker’s life and work. It includes:

  1. Descale Solution pouch (1-month descaling coverage)
  2. Rinsing pods 2

Can I use vinegar instead of a descaling solution in my Keurig?

Yes, you can use vinegar instead of a descaling kit; both work fine, but the vinegar might leave its smell and taste in the brewers. Otherwise, it is effective in extending the life of your brewer.

How long does the Keurig starter kit last?

Keurig Descale and Cleanse Starter kit consist of one descaling solution pouch and 2 cleansing pods. Using a whole descaling solution pouch one time can last up to a month. For the cleansing pods, it is permissible to use them once a week for effective work.

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