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Keurig C K-Elite Review
Design and Appearance4.5
Coffee Quality4.6
Ease of Use4.6
Ease of Clean4.3
Brand Reputation4.5
Coffee Aim’s Crux:
The Keurig C K-Elite machine has a metal finish which gives it a premium look, and this machine is a bit huge, so it will take a little more space at your counter. K-Elite C serves the coffee as per your choice with its programmable features. You can make an iced coffee or a strong and bold cup with K-Elite C. This machine has five different cup sizes, allowing you to brew as per your requirement. K-Elite C is compatible with reusable universal My K-Cup. The capacity of the removable water reservoir is 75 oz. You can brew 8-cups in one refill. K-Elite C dispenses hot water to make tea, hot cocoa, or instant soups.

Every coffee lover wants a perfect cup of coffee to make the coffee time a relaxing time, free from the tensions of workload and hectic routines. But they want it as effortlessly as possible. The great coffee maker K-Elite C is here to solve this issue for you, saving your time and energy.

Keurig K-Elite C can make your mornings rush-free with its programmable features. These features allow you to turn on your machine before waking up. Some of the models of Keurigs are very compact in terms of features, and some are very loaded; the K-Elite C is somewhere in between. With K-Elite C, you can have a nice cup of coffee at home, even if you are running low on time.

Let’s have a much deeper look at Keurig K-Elite C to know whether you can use this machine.

What is the Keurig K-Elite C Single-Serve Coffee Maker?

If you are looking for a quick, easy, and simple single-serve coffee maker, then K-Elite C will be your choice. K-Elite C is a giant-looking but aesthetically designed machine with a premium metallic finish. It has a 75-oz removable reservoir with a water filter in the center of the reservoir. K-Elite C has five different cup sizes, and you can adjust the brew temperature. Make your coffee at the perfect temperature and perfect size! K-Elite C has programmable features such as auto-on and auto-off features, the machine has a timer fitted in it. You can use all K-Cups and reusable universal My K-Cup to brew your own ground coffee. K-Elite C can also serve hot water for making tea or soups with its hot water dispenser. K-Elite C has a quiet brew technology, making it a less noisy machine. K-Elite C saves your time by making your coffee in less than a minute (if you are not making strong coffee). You can also make an iced beverage with K-Elite C, as it has a specific button for making iced coffee. See, K-Elite C is a complete package.

What is the Keurig K-Elite C Brushed Gold?

You have three color options while buying K-Elite C; one of them is Brushed Gold. The Brushed Gold K-Elite has a sizzling look and a warmish tone.

What is the Keurig K-Elite C Brushed Slate?

The Keurig K-Elite C Brushed Slate has a dull and mild tone. This color option suits you if you are not a fan of very bright and glossy surfaces.

What is Keurig K-Elite C Brushed Silver?

Brushed Silver is the third color option in the Keurig K-Elite C range. This is a very reflecting and striking color, grabbing the attention immediately. If you like to have a very lustrous product at your counter, then it is a perfect one. 

Keurig C K-Elite Single-Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker Overview

Keurig K-Elite C is aesthetically designed to give it a smooth and superior look. This machine can outshine the other models because of its look. The metallic finish with decent color gives it a classy look. But it’s not just the appearance but also the features that make it impressive. K-Elite C has many programmable features; auto-on, auto-off, and temperature control settings.

K-Elite C has a removable 75-oz reservoir that can make about 8-cups before refilling. This brewer can brew hot strong coffee; it has a strength button to make strong coffee. The K-Elite C can also serve iced coffee by hitting the ice over button. The K-Elite C has five different coffee sizes with a minimum 4-oz cup size. The K-Elite C has a hot water dispenser for serving hot water when needed.

You can auto-on and auto-off your machine by setting the timer. If you set the timer for turning on the machine, then the machine will turn on automatically as per the timer setting. So with this feature, your machine will turn on in the morning before you wake up. Similarly, you can set a timer for turning off the machine automatically. K-Elite C allows you to customize the temperature of your coffee as per your choice.

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Key Features And Specs of K-Elite C

The Key features and specs of Keurig K-Elite C are listed below:

  • Dimensions: 13.1″ High x 9.9″ Wide x 12.7″ Deep (16.5″ High with handle opened). Weighs 8.0 Ibs.
  • 5 Cup Brew Sizes: K-Elite has five brew sizes with a minimum 4-oz and maximum 12-oz brew size.
  • Removable 75-oz Water Reservoir: With this much capacity, you don’t need to refill the reservoir again and again. You can brew 8-cups in one refill.
  • Removable Drip Tray: By removing the metallic drip tray, you can pour your coffee directly into your travel mug, having a length of 7.2″.
  • Less Brewing Time: You can make coffee in under a minute with K-Elite C. Time-saving!
  • Less Noise Making: Equipped with quiet brew technology, this machine makes less noise while brewing. Calm morning!
  • Smooth to Use: K-Elite is a very simple machine to use and understand. For making strong coffee, hit the strength button. For making iced coffee, hit the ice over button.
  • Strong Brew Setting: You can make strong coffee with the help of the strength button.
  • Iced Coffee Feature: K-Elite C has an iced coffee setting to make delicious iced coffee.
  • Hot Water Feature: The dispenses hot water by pressing the hot water button. You can also select the cup size for hot water.
  • Compatible with My K-Cup: K-Elite C is compatible with a universal reusable My K-Cup coffee filter. You can brew your coffee grounds.
  • Descale Alert Feature: With this feature, the descaling button will illuminate when your machine requires descaling, keeping you alert to maintain your machine’s performance.

Programmable Features of Keurig K-Elite C

The programmable features of K-Elite C make it easy and convenient to use this machine, which are given as;

  • High Altitude Setting: Even if you are at a high altitude, K-Elite C performs very well and gives a perfect cup of coffee.
  • Temperature Settings: This feature allows you to adjust the temperature of your coffee according to your preference.
  • Auto-On Setting: By setting the timer, the machine will automatically turn on. It heats the machine, making it ready to brew.

Auto-Off Setting: By setting the timer, the machine will automatically turn off. This feature helps in saving energy.


Some of the features of Keurig K-Elite C are favorite ones, given as follows:


The K-Elite C makes very less noise while brewing coffee. Along with quiet brewing, this machine has the property to make coffee very quickly. You can have your coffee in less than a minute (a strong one will take up to a minute).


The other best feature of K-Elite C is that it can make strong coffee. This is a feature that you will not find in many single-serve brewers. While brewing strong coffee, the machine will take a little longer than regular.


The Keurig k-Elite C has a water dispenser which is a unique thing to have in a coffee maker. This machine can serve you hot water if you want to make tea.


You can make iced coffee with Keurig K-Elite C, as it has a special button for making iced coffee.


It is super convenient to use K-Elite C, having a water-refill and descale alert feature. Descale alert helps you maintain your machine, and with a water-refill alert, you will know that your reservoir needs a refill.


In K-Elite C, you can set a timer to turn on and turn off your machine automatically. You can set a timer if you want to turn on your machine before you wake up. Or if you want to turn off your machine after a certain time of turning it on, then you can set a timer to perform this task.


Some features of Keurig K-Elite C that we don’t like much are:


If you are a person who likes compact-style products, then you should reconsider your decision. K-Elite C is a large size machine accommodating a little more space.


The Keurig K-Elite C has a very infirm and shaky drip tray. If you are moving your machine, you need to be very careful as the drip tray can fall off its place.

The appearance of K-ELITE C

The Keurig K-Elite C has a very absolute and chic design enhancing its aesthetics. This machine is 13 inches tall with the top curves artistically. The top of the machine has buttons for performing tasks; five buttons for brew sizes, the ice over button, the strength button, the descale alert button, the hot water button, the water refill button, and the menu buttons. When you press any button to perform the desired task, that respective button will illuminate with bright blue light. There are three color options in Keurig K-Elite C; brushed gold, brushed slate, and brushed silver. You can choose according to your kitchen’s color theme.

Simple to Use

Like all other models of Keurig, K-Elite C is also very easy and simple to use. You need to do a few simple steps to make your coffee. Fill up the reservoir, place your cup on the drip tray and place the K-Cup pod into the machine. Then you need to customize your coffee as per your need. You can make strong coffee by pressing the strength button; if you need a regular one, then don’t press the strength button. Adjust the temperature, and select the brew size by hitting the buttons designed for respective tasks. You are all set now, hit the brew button, and your coffee will be ready in no time.

K-Elite has a removable 75-oz reservoir; you don’t have to refill it very often as it’s large. To make iced coffee, hit the iced button. It also dispenses hot water to make tea or soups. The programmable features can save your time and energy. 


To function properly, Keurig K-Elite C requires regular cleaning, i.e., descaling. You need to descale your machine after every three months, but Keurig K-Elite C itself reminds you to descale when needed. The descale button of K-Elite C starts illuminating with bright blue light, which indicates that your machine needs descaling. Descaling Keurig K-Elite C requires just a few steps. Add water and descaling solution into the reservoir, place any container on the drip tray and press the hot water button. The machine will start pouring the solution (mixture of water and descaling solution) into the container.


The Keurig K-Elite C can serve a classic, strong, bold cup of coffee. While making strong coffee, the drip slows down, taking a minute extra to brew. The machine will take approximately 40 seconds to brew the regular coffee. Quite quick!

This machine has very less brewing time, but the quick brew doesn’t have that enriched aroma of coffee. So, if you like bold coffee, you should go for strong coffee. Keurig K-Elite offers you to brew your coffee in five different sizes with a minimum of 4 oz and a maximum of 12 oz. 

You can enjoy the iced coffee with K-Elite C; you need to press the ice over button to make iced coffee. One of the best features of K-Elite C is that it doesn’t make noise while brewing. The hot water dispenser in K-Elite C gives you hot water; you need to press the hot water button to have hot water for making tea or instant soups.

Price and Availability

Keurig C K-Elite Amazon

The Keurig K-Elite C is quite expensive; it can be heavy on your pocket. This machine is available online in many stores. You must be thinking about why you should choose Amazon. 

Amazon is a very well-reputed and affordable store; the price of K-Elite C is about $208. But when the price goes down when the sale is up, you can save money during sales. The second best reason to choose amazon is that Amazon offers you a refund. If you don’t like the machine, your money will be refunded.

Keurig C K-Elite Reviews

The reviews of Keurig C K-Elite are very positive and satisfying. About 21,000 people have shared their reviews with us through email. After going through all the reviews, we computed the score, and it turned out to be very good, i.e., 96/100. Most people are having a very positive experience with Keurig C K-Elite.

What is the difference between Keurig K Elite and K Elite C?

Both the machines, K-Elite C and K-Elite, are the same. The difference lies in the accessories. K-Elite C comes with a universal reusable My K-Cup and charcoal water filter in addition to the actual machine. But in the K-Elite package, you will only get the machine. No starter kit with Keurig K-Elite. In Keurig C K-Elite, the “C” stands for Costco. 

Where can I find the Keurig C K-Elite Manual?

The manual for Keurig C K-Elite comes with the machine for your guidance. You don’t need to worry if you have lost it or it’s been misplaced. You can find the manual for Keurig C K-Elite online.

Which K-Cups are compatible with the Keurig C K-Elite?

You can use any regular K-Cup in the Keurig C K-Elite. The C K-Elite is also compatible with the universal reusable My K-Cup. You can brew your own coffee grounds with Keurig C K-Elite.

How Does The K-Cup Pod Work in Keurig C K-Elite?

The K-Cup pod works in Keurig C K-Elite like any other Keurig machine. First, you must fill the reservoir and turn on the machine for heating. Place a cup on the drip tray, open the machine’s handle, and place the pod into it. Adjust the temperature and select the cup size, and the machine will start brewing.

What kind of water reservoir does the C K-Elite have?

The water reservoir of C K-Elite is removable; it has a capacity of about 75 oz. As it is removable, you can take it to the sink to wash and refill. You can’t see the water level in the reservoir from the front of the machine.

Is Keurig C K-Elite for You?

You have come a long way in this review, and you must have got lots of reasons to buy this machine. The favorable features of Keurig C K-Elite allow you to have a personalized cup of coffee perfectly as per your taste! You can turn on and turn off the machine automatically by using the timer setting. Using the strength button, you can have a bold coffee enriched with taste at your preferred temperature and brew size. Making iced coffee is not a big deal with C K-Elite. Press the ice-over button for iced coffee. You can even have a hot cup of water with C K-Elite as it has a water dispenser.

K-Elite C shows the class of Keurig with its handy features and super functionality. But it’s not necessary that you like all the features. Don’t worry! Keurig has a wide range of single-serve brewers, you can pick the one that suits your need and preference.

Some best-selling models of Keurig are:

  • K-Select: The features you can’t find in some other models of Keurig, such as K-Classic, are in K-Select. K-Select has a 52-oz water reservoir. The maximum brew size in Keurig K-Select is 12 –oz. You cannot control the temperature of your coffee with k-Select, but this machine allows you to adjust the strength of your coffee.
  •  K-Classic: This model doesn’t bag too many features. K-Select comes with a 48-oz reservoir. The maximum cup size you can have with this machine is 10 oz.
  • K-Café: The K-Café is the replacement for the discontinued Rivo. The Keurig K-Café allows you to experience a variety of coffees. You can make milk-based lattes and espresso with some frothing. It has a 60-oz reservoir and 6-10 oz brew sizes.
  • K-Supreme Plus: K-Supreme Plus is one of the best-selling models of Keurig. The feature that adds value to this model is the “Favorite Buttons.” Using the favorite button, you can customize your coffee and save these settings. K- Supreme Plus has five brew sizes and a removable water reservoir. You can change the strength and temperature of your coffee and can make iced coffee with K-Supreme Plus. All in one!
  • K-Compact: K-Compact is a small machine with a removable water reservoir. The reservoir has a 36-oz capacity. The maximum brew size that you can have with K-Compact is 10 oz.
  • K-Slim: The Keurig K-Slim accommodates very little space with a 4.8″ width, perfect for your desk. It has a 46-oz reservoir, and you can remove the drip tray. K-Slim offers you a maximum 10-oz brew size.

Keurig C K-Elite Comparison Chart

Keurig C K-Elite Single serve Coffee MakerKeurig K-Elite Single Serve Coffee MakerK-Select Coffee MakerK-Mini Single Serve Coffee Maker
Single Serve Coffee4, 6, 8, 10 and 12-oz.4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 oz.6, 8, 10 and 12 oz.Fresh water each time 6-10 oz.
Lattes and CappuccinosNoNoNoNo
Temperature ControlYesYesNoNo
Iced SettingYesYesNoNo
Fits Travel MugYesYesYesNo
MultiStream TechnologyNoNoNoNo
ColorsBrushed Silver, Brushed Slate, Brushed GoldBrushed Silver, Brushed Slate, Brushed GoldBlack, Vintage Red, Matte White, Matte Navy, Oasis, SandstoneBlack, Studio Gray, Oasis
Digital ClockYesYesNoNo
Product Dimension13.1” H x 9.9” W x 12.7” D13.1” H x 9.9” W x 12.7” D12.5” H x 9.2” W x 11.6” D12.1” H x 4.5” W x 11.3” D
Energy Saver Auto-OffYesYesYesYes
Water Reservoir Capacity75-oz removable 75 0z removable52 oz removableAdd fresh Water Each Time
Froths MilkNoNoNoNo
Strength ControlYesYesYesNo
Heating PlateNoNoNoNo
High Altitude SettingsYesYesYesNo
Digital ScreenYesYesNoNo
Multi-Position Water ReservoirNoNoNoNo

Important FAQs

Is there a removable water reservoir in Keurig C K-Elite? How much water does it hold?

Yes, Keurig C K-Elite has a removable water reservoir, quite large, having a 75-oz capacity. As the reservoir is removable, it is very easy to refill and wash it. Take the reservoir to the sink for refilling and washing without moving the machine.

Can I adjust the size of my beverage with the C K-Elite™?

The Keurig C K-Elite has five different cup sizes, a maximum of 12 oz and a minimum of 4-oz cup size. Yes, you can adjust the brew size between these sizes according to your need. The minimum cup size is 4 oz, and the maximum is 12 oz.

Can I use the My K-Cup® reusable coffee filter with the C K-Elite?

The Keurig C K-Elite is compatible with the universal reusable My K-Cup coffee filter. You can save money using a reusable My K-Cup, as you only need to buy your own ground coffee.

Which is better: Keurig Supreme or Keurig C K-Elite?

You can’t decide which is better because both machines have impressive features. The K-Elite C has a large water container compared to the K-Supreme. In K-Elite C, it is 75 oz, and in K-Supreme, its capacity is 66 oz. K-Supreme allows you to customize your coffee, and K-Elite C allows you to turn on and off your machine automatically. K-Elite C has quiet and fast brew technology, while K-Supreme doesn’t.

Is the Keurig C K-Elite being discontinued?

Keurigs have launched about 80 models, of which many have been discontinued, and some have been updated to give you a better experience. Keurig C K-Elite is the replacement for the discontinued K-475, which is present in the market to date. 

What is the difference between Keurig K-Elite and Keurig C K-Elite?

Keurig C K-Elite is the exact same brewer as the K-Elite. The only difference is that with C K-Elite, you will get a starter kit, i.e., charcoal water filter kit, universal reusable My K-Cup coffee filter, and K-Cup pods. But if you buy a Keurig K-Elite, you will only get the actual machine.

Which is the highest-rated Keurig?

Keurig’s single-serve coffee makers are competitive in the market and one of the hot-selling brands. With a vast range of single-serve coffee makers, everyone can find a machine according to their desire. Some single-serve Keurig makers that people purchase frequently are Keurig K-Café, Keurig K-Select, Keurig K-Classic, Keurig K-Duo Series, Keurig K-Mini Series, Keurig K-Slim and Keurig K-Supreme Series. But among all these models of Keurig, if someone wants to know the one top-rated model, then that would be Keurig C K-Elite. Keurig C K-Elite is the highest-rated brewer because its features make it extraordinary. It has five brew sizes and can make strong coffee and iced coffee. Keurig C K-Elite has a large 75-oz removable water reservoir and programmable features.

Is the C K-Elite worth it?

Yes, Keurig C K-Elite is worth buying, you can have a classic coffee with this brewer in no time. Its programmable feature can turn on and turn off the machine automatically. You can set the timer to turn on the machine automatically in the morning to save you time. You don’t need to refill the water reservoir again and again as C K-Elite has a large reservoir, i.e., 75 oz, which is removable. You can make strong coffee with C K-Elite as it has a strength button. You can use the ice-over button to make iced coffee. Keurig C K-Elite has five different brew sizes. It is compatible with universal reusable My K-Cup to brew your own coffee grounds and thousands of K-Cup pods.

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