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Welcome!  You are at the right place if you have recently bought Nespresso Prodigio and are looking for its instruction manual. After reading this article, How to use Nespresso Prodigio, you can use your appliance easily and more conveniently. Also, you’ve lost the user guide that came with your appliance. In that case, you may utilize this article for any necessary appliance-related guidance. Let’s move further and have a look at these instructions.


Before using your Nespresso Prodigio, take the time to read its safety precautions carefully. Doing this will ensure your safety and increase your appliance’s durability. Click on the link below to read them. 

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Specifications Of Nespresso Prodigio

It is crucial to read your appliance’s specifications before using it. These are the standards on which your Nespresso Prodigio operates. Cross-check them with your house power supply and voltage to prevent any damage to your Prodigio. You can also consider your personal preferences, such as machine weight and water tank capacity. You can return the machine if these specifications do not match your preferences.

Specifications Details 
Power 1260 W  / 50-60 Hz / 220-240 V 
Maximum pressure19 bar / 1.9 MPa
Weight 3 kg / 7 lbs
Water tank capacity 0.8 L / 27 oz
Dimensions in inchesW= 4.7 inH= 10.1 inL= 14.7 in
Dimensions in cmW= 11.95 cmH= 25.53 cmL= 37.4 cm

Packaging Content 

When you order Nespresso Prodigio from Amazon, Walmart or any online store, the package should contain all the contents mentioned below. If any of the contents are missing, then complain at that store and order it again.

1. Prodigio Coffee Machine 

The Prodigio coffee machine is the main item in the package. You may use this machine to make coffee whenever you wish.

2. Tasting Box Of Nespresso Grands Crus Capsules

The package also contains capsules. These are 16 in number. Capsules are there for you to have your initial experience of coffee made with Nespresso Prodigio.

3. Nespresso Welcome Brochure 

A welcome brochure also comes with the package. It contains initial information about how to use your Prodigio and its related safety precautions. You can consult it anytime you need help with your appliance. 

4. User Manual 

This instruction manual details operation, standards, and guidelines for your Nespresso Prodigio. You can save it in a cabinet for future consultation. 

5. 2 x Water Hardness Test Stick

These sticks measure the hardness of brewing water. The amount and proportion of minerals in your brewing water can dramatically affect the flavor of your coffee and how likely your Prodigio is to get scaled up. So it is better to check the hardness level of the water.

Parts Of Nespresso Prodigio

Before using your Prodigio, it is necessary to become familiar with all its parts. You can use your equipment more conveniently if you do this. Let’s look at the different parts of Nespresso Prodigio. 

1. Water Tank 

The water tank is attached to the back of your machine. Your machine stores water in this tank to make your coffee. It can hold 0.8 L / 27 oz of water.

2. Water Tank Lid 

It covers the water tank, keeping the water in it clean and dust free.

3. Adjustable Water Tank Arm

Like the water tank, it is also at the back of your machine. It is there to hold the water tank in place.

4. Coffee Outlet

It is on the front side of your machine. Prepared coffee comes out from here. It is also used to empty the machine’s system while descaling.

5. Used Capsule Container

It is fitted in the front. Your machine drops the used coffee capsules into it. It can store 18 used capsules.

6. Drip Grid

The drip grid is handy when making less coffee. The distance from the coffee outlet to the cup increases when you use a smaller cup so that coffee splatters will fall out of the cup. It is used to prevent this inconvenience.

7. Adjustable Cup Support

It holds the coffee mugs and cups firmly in place while you brew coffee into them.

8. Maintenance Light

The maintenance light turns on when the water tank is empty, a used capsule container is out of place or is complete, or if descaling is needed.

9. Coffee Buttons (Ristretto, Espresso & Lungo) 

These buttons are used to turn the machine on or off, to rinse for the first time, to make coffee, and to descale the machine.

10. Slider For Capsule Insertion

It is present at the top of your Prodigio. It is used to insert coffee capsules into the machine and to eject the used capsules into the used capsule container.

11. Nespresso Light

It is present just above the coffee outlet. It tells about the capsule’s stock management. 

The App 

Nespresso Prodigio can be connected wirelessly to your phone via Bluetooth. With this feature, you can consistently make great coffee while having a unique connected experience on your smartphone or tablet. To start your connected journey, follow the below-mentioned steps.

  1. Download the Nespresso App on your tablet or smartphone from the App Store or Google Play.
  1. If you already have the app, then update it.
  1. Launch the app.
  1. Click on the machine icon.


When you pair your Nespresso Prodigio with your tablet or smartphone, you can easily access it to brew coffee. Follow the below-mentioned steps to pair your machine.

  1. To begin with, confirm that your tablet or smartphone’s Bluetooth mode is turned on. 
  1. Launch the app and click on the machine icon.
  1. Follow the instructions on the app.
  1. When the pairing is complete, the Nespresso Light will blink thrice. 

Connectivity Functions

From the Nespresso app, you can easily access the following features via your tablet or smartphone

  • It tells you about capsule stock management.
  • With it, you can either plan to brew coffee later or now. 
  •  You will get notifications on the app if your machine needs maintenance.
  • It will tell you when your machine needs descaling.

First Use Or After A Long Period Of Inactivity 

You are now ready to use your machine after becoming familiar with all its parts and specifications, right?  The manufacturers of Nespresso Prodigio carefully clean the machine before packing it. But still, it is advised to rinse your machine when using it for the first time as some particles or chemicals may be left behind. This rinsing is necessary to maintain the quality of your coffee. Follow the given steps to set up and rinse your machine. 

  1. First, thoroughly rinse out the water tank and capsule container.
  1. Fill the water tank with potable water.
  1. Now assemble different parts of the machine. Place the water tank on its arm, fit the drip tray and capsule container, and place the cup support below the coffee outlet. 
  1. Plug the machine into the mains.
  1. For pairing your tablet or smartphone with the machine, download and launch the Nespresso app and tap the machine icon. Make sure that the Bluetooth mode is on your tablet or smartphone. The Nespresso light will blink three times when pairing is complete.
  1. Turn the machine on by pressing any coffee button on the Nespresso. You can also turn on the machine by opening the slider. It will take approximately 25 seconds to heat up. Rinse the machine before making coffee by pressing the Lungo button. Repeat this three times. Remember to place a cup or container under the coffee outlet during the rinsing process.
  1. The setup is complete, and the machine is ready for use.

8. Ensure all three coffee buttons are turned ON before turning your machine off. Lungo and Espresso buttons should be pressed and held simultaneously for three seconds to turn off your Nespresso Prodigio.

Regular Coffee Preparation

After setting up your Nespresso Prodigio and connecting it to your tablet or smartphone, you can brew coffee with it on a regular basis. It is strongly advised not to reuse a used capsule in order to maintain hygienic conditions. Just follow the below-mentioned steps. 

  1. Fill the water tank with potable water. Place a cup under the coffee outlet.
  1. Turn the machine on by pressing any coffee button. You may also turn your machine on by opening its slider. It will take 25 seconds to heat up. The lights will become steady when the machine is ready.
  1. Place a capsule of Grand crus in the machine by opening the slider and placing a cup under the outlet. You may select the brew size you want based on the chosen Grand Cru:

Ristretto (25 ml / 0.84 oz),

Espresso (40 ml / 1.35 oz),

Lungo (110 ml / 3.7 oz).  

To select your desired coffee size, press its respective button. You may click the preferred coffee button even when the machine is heating up. When the machine is prepared to brew, the selected coffee button will flicker before turning on steadily. The coffee will start to pour.

  1. Preparation will stop automatically and will also eject automatically.
  1. To stop the coffee flow, press the selected button or slightly move the slider backward until the coffee stops flowing. Please be aware that a manual top-up is impossible in this situation. 
  1. If you want to top up your coffee manually, touch any coffee buttons within 10 seconds after the preparation. 
  1. Throughout the brewing process, you may adjust the cup size by selecting the new desired coffee button. The machine will stop if the amount of coffee extracted exceeds the new target coffee size. 
  1. To accommodate a milk recipe glass, lift the cup support.

Energy Saving Concept 

Nespresso Prodigio has the feature of shutting off automatically when not used for 9 minutes. The machine turns off when inactive to minimize energy use. So there will be no energy consumption if your machine remains plugged in. 

  1.  Your machine has an automatic off mode. It turns off automatically after 9 minutes of non-use.
  1. The automatic off mode can also be changed from 9 to 30 minutes by pressing and holding the Lungo and Ristretto buttons for over 3 sec. The Espresso buttons will light three times to indicate completion. 
  1. To revert to 9 minutes, repeat the same procedure. The Espresso button will flash one time for confirmation.

Programming The Water Level

 You can program any coffee button on your Nespresso Prodigio to brew water for your coffee at the desired volume. Changes to the yield of water used to prepare the coffee will impact the extraction and strength of your coffee. 

  • Ristretto buttons can be programmed to provide water from 15 to 30 ml / 0.5-1 oz.
  • Espresso button can be programmed to provide water from 30 to 70 ml /1 to 2.33 oz.
  •  Lungo button can be programmed to provide water from 70 to 130 ml / 2.33 to 3 oz.

Follow the below-mentioned steps for programming your desired water volume:

  1. Ensure the machine is ON.
  1. Open the slider and insert the capsule.
  1. Close the slider.
  1. Press and hold the selected coffee button.
  1. Release the button when the desired volume is reached.
  1. The three coffee buttons flash for confirmation.
  1. Water volume is now stored for the button used during programming.

Reset To Factory Settings

If you accidentally programmed your machine with the wrong settings and want to change them, you can reset your Prodigio to the original settings it had when you purchased it.

Factory Settings Are

  • Lungo 110ml / 3.7oz, Espresso 40ml / 1.35 oz, Ristretto coffee buttons 25ml / 0.84 oz.
  • After nine minutes, the machine will turn OFF automatically.
  • Hard water is the default setting, corresponding to around 1000 cups of Espresso.

To Reset The Factory To Factory Settings:

  1. Ensure the machine is turned OFF.
  1. Press and hold Espresso & Lungo buttons for at least 5 seconds.
  1. All the coffee buttons and LEDs will blink once as confirmation.

Emptying The System Before A Period Of Non-Use, Or For Frost Protection

It is essential to empty your Nespresso Prodigio when you intend not to use it for an extended period. Emptying is done to prevent frost in your machine and maintain its functionality. It should be noted that the machine remains blocked for 10 minutes after emptying.

You can empty your machine:

  1. Remove the water tank.
  1. Under the coffee outlet, put a container.
  1. Press and hold the Ristretto and Lungo buttons simultaneously for at least 6 seconds while ensuring the machine is ON.
  1. For verification, the Ristretto and Lungo coffee buttons will flash.
  1. Close the slider, and the machine will start emptying the system. If the slider is already closed, the emptying will begin automatically.
  1. When the procedure is finished, clean the drip tray and the cup support.
  1.  Machine turns to OFF mode automatically when empty.

Cleaning Of Nespresso Prodigio

Cleaning is vital to ensure hygienic conditions. Cleaning also ensures that the taste of the prepared coffee remains perfect, as it removes all the residues. The following things related to cleaning must be kept in mind.

  • You should empty the drip tray and capsule container every day.
  • You should clean the water tank and its lid correctly.
  • It is recommended to clean your machine with warm water and with an odorless detergent.
  • After cleaning, dry all the machine parts with a clean cloth, paper, or towel before reassembling them.
  • The coffee outlet must be cleaned regularly with a damp cloth to remove residues.
  • You should never immerse any part of the machine in water. Also, avoid putting it in a dishwasher as your machine can get damaged, and electrocution is dangerous. 

Descaling Of Nespresso Prodigio

 Descaling of your Nespresso Prodigio must be done often because the mineral deposits in the water form scales. These scales can affect both the quality of your coffee and the durability of your machine. Also, to avoid damage to your machine, you should only use the descaling kit provided by the Nespresso Club. Follow the below-mentioned steps to descale your machine.

  1. First, empty the drip tray and the used capsule container.
  1.  Ensure that your machine is ON. To enter the descaling mode, press and hold the three coffee buttons for 6 seconds until the confirmation with a beep. The three buttons will start blinking. Note that the maintenance light remains ON during the whole process.
  1. Now fill the water tank with 1 unit of Nespresso descaling liquid and add 0.5 L / 17 oz of water. 
  1. Place a container with a minimum volume of 0.8 L / 27 oz under the coffee outlet.
  1. Ensure the slider is closed; press any coffee button to start the descaling cycle. When the water tank is emptied, the machine will stop automatically.
  1. Refill the water tank with the used descaling agent, which passed in the machine and was collected into the container. 
  1.  Empty the drip tray. 
  1. Press any button to start descaling a second time. The machine will stop automatically when the water tank is empty. To avoid residue, thoroughly empty and rinse the water tank, drip tray, and cup support.
  1. Refill the water tank with fresh potable water once the descaling is done twice. Press any button to start rinsing the machine. The machine will stop automatically when the water tank is empty. Repeat the rinsing process twice.
  1. To exit the descaling mode, hold the three buttons for 6 seconds until the confirmation with a beep. The machine is now ready for use.
Water hardness:*  Descaling after:*
App fHdHCaCO3(40 ml)
Level 0< 5< 3< 50 mg/l4000
Level 1> 7> 4> 70 mg/l3000
Level 2> 13> 7> 130 mg/l2000
Level 3> 25> 14> 250 mg/l1500
Level 4> 38> 21> 380 mg/l1000

fH:  French degree

dH:  German Grade

CaCO3:  Calcium Carbonate

*On the App, you can adjust the water hardness any time under “Water status.” 


Nespresso Prodigio is an electronic device prone to damage and malfunction. Suppose you run into any difficulties while using your device. In that case, you may quickly and effectively solve the issue by referring to the list of potential problems and their associated fixes below. You can also contact the Nespresso Club in case of any troubleshooting.

Potential issues Solutions 
Pairing has not been successfulYou should check whether your tablet or smartphone is compatible with Nespresso Prodigio.If yes, ensure the Bluetooth mode is on your tablet or smartphone.Keep your tablet or smartphone close to the machine while pairing.Avoid turning on any microwaves near your machine during pairing.
If you want to unpair your machine via the app,Go to the App «Name,» click on «Machine status,» then click on «Unpair this machine.»Click on «unpair this device» to confirm the unpairing.
If you want to unpair your machine via the machine,Press the Ristretto and Espresso buttons simultaneously and remove the plug from the mains. Doing this will unpair your machine.
Suppose you want to reactivate the Bluetooth on your machine via the machineTo do this. In that case, you need to reset your machine to factory settings.This will cancel your machine’s pairing with your tablet or smartphone.
No light on the coffee buttonsIf there is no light on the coffee buttons, your machine has turned off automatically.If the lights remain off while you turn on your machine, check the voltage, fuse, or plug.
No coffee, no water, unusual coffee flowCheck if the water tank is correctly positioned.If empty, then fill it with potable water. Descale it if necessary.
Coffee is not hot enoughYou can preheat your cup if your coffee is not hot enough.It may also happen when your machine needs descaling, so descale it properly.
The slider does not close completely and the machine doesn’t start brewingThis may happen when the capsule gets blocked inside the machine.To fix it, empty the capsule container.
Leakage (water under the machine)It happens when your drip tray is complete, so empty it to fix this problem.If the problem persists, call the Nespresso Club
Maintenance light is ONThe maintenance light turns on when the used capsule container is full or when a capsule gets blocked in the machine.Empty the used capsule container and check that no capsules are blocked.Check the water tank. If empty, fill with potable water and brew a coffee.If the problem persists, call the Nespresso Club.
Nespresso light is ONIt means your capsule stock is empty.You can order capsules via the App or the Nespresso website.
Three coffee buttons flash quicklyThe three buttons flash quickly when the descaling of your machine has been completed.To exit the descaling mode, hold the three buttons for 6 seconds until the confirmation with a beep.If the problem persists, call the Nespresso Club, or check the App for more information.
Water or coffee flow does not stop even when pushing a coffee buttonIf this happens, gently move the slider towards the back of the machine. Doing this will prevent the water or coffee flow.
No coffee flow; water goes directly into the drip tray (despite inserted capsule)This may happen when the slider accidentally remains open.Pull the slider to ensure it is closed.If the problem persists, call the Nespresso Club
Machine turns to OFF modeThe Nespresso Prodigio is equipped with an energy-saving mode.It turns off automatically after 9 minutes of non-use.To again turn the machine on, press one of the coffee buttons to turn to “ON-mode” or open the slider.

Contact The Nespresso Club

Nespresso Prodigio’s manufacturers give their machines a rigorous test run before final packaging. It’s still conceivable that your machine may have an unforeseen issue you encounter when using it. You can always contact the Nespresso Club to have your machine fixed. Also, if you have difficulty operating it or need any advice regarding your machine, feel free to contact the Nespresso Club or an authorized representative. Contact details for your Nespresso Club or your authorized representative can be found in your machine box’s Welcome to Nespresso folder or at nespresso.com. 

The Positive Cup: Our Approach To Sustainability

Nespresso, every cup of coffee, has the power to not only bring pleasure but also to refill, repair, and revitalize local economies and the environment through its approach to attaining sustainability. They do this by using 100% sustainably sourced coffee, using aluminum as a base metal in their machines, and financing climate protection by carbon insetting.

Disposal And Environmental Protection

This appliance complies with the EU Directive 2012/19/EC. Your machine has valuable materials that can be recovered or recycled. The packaging material is also recyclable. E-waste recycling is essential to reduce environmental pollution and preserve natural resources. You may either get information on disposal from your local authorities or leave your machine at a collection station so that it can be disposed of properly. Proper disposal will also produce economic benefits. 

Limited Guarantee

Warranties provide customers with legally-ensured service replacement or correction of issues insofar as the warranty stipulates in its conditions for the duration of its term. Nespresso Prodigio comes with a warranty of two years for domestic use and three months for commercial use from the date of purchase. During this period, Breville will be responsible for repairing or replacing any defective product at no charge to the consumer. Remember that if you get any part or accessory repaired or replaced, the guarantee expires two years from the date of purchase of the original product and not from the date of repair. The below-mentioned things void the warranty, and you should prevent them.

  • When the machine is not used following instructions or accidental damage or misuse of Nespresso Prodigio.
  • Damage due to improper maintenance also invalidates the warranty.
  • Only using Nespresso capsules guarantees your machine’s proper functioning and lifetime. This warranty will not cover any defect from using non-genuine Nespresso capsules.


So there you have it. You are now ready to use your Nespresso Prodigio after reading this article. You have become familiar with all the parts and specifications of your Nespresso Prodigio, and you can now use your Prodigio more conveniently. You can also consult this article if you need any help with your appliance in the future. For more information about coffee, you can visit my website CoffeeAim.

I hope you will have an aroma-filled experience with Nespresso Prodigio.


Can I Run Nespresso Without a Pod?

The machine will only produce water if the Nespresso capsule is not inserted. Your hot water contains coffee residue if you recently brewed coffee. You only need to run it a few times to get good, hot water ready to make a lovely cup of tea.

Does Nespresso Machine Have Wi-Fi?

Yes, this coffee maker’s Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities can keep track of the capsules you use and alert you through an app when you’re running low on coffee. 

What Happens If You Don’t Descale Your Nespresso Machine?

If mineral scale accumulation is not cleaned, it obstructs water flow and stops a machine from operating. You won’t be able to enjoy a hot cup of coffee.

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