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Welcome to the precautions manual! 

If you have purchased a Nespresso Prodigio and are looking for information about its safety features, you have come to the right spot. After reading this article, you will be able to operate your appliance without any possibility of harm or damage. Please take the time to read them properly before using your appliance. Both your safety and the longevity of your appliance will be guaranteed. Let’s move further and have a look at these precautionary measures. 

Usage And Limitations  

It’s important to handle electrical items carefully. The below-mentioned points will tell you where to and where not to use your Prodigio and its accessibility. Prodigio is specifically designed for specific environments and care should be taken while using it.

  • You can prepare coffee beverages with this appliance in accordance with the instructions given in the manual. Please try to avoid using it for other purposes other than coffee making.
  • It is only designed for indoor use under normal conditions. To avoid workplace accidents and safety hazards, you should not use it in offices and other places of business. 
  • Children below 8 years of age are not allowed to use it due to their safety concerns. They may engage in fun activities and utilize it as a toy. Children above 8 years of age are permitted the use of appliances only if an adult is supervising them, and also the risks should be fully disclosed to the children. 
  • Physically challenged and handicapped persons will find some difficulty in operating it, but they are only allowed to use it under supervision.
  • Only adults are allowed to clean and maintain the machine because they are better at handling electronic gadgets. Children above 8 years of age can clean the machine, but adult supervision is again required.
  • To guarantee the long-term use of the appliance, you should keep certain factors in mind, like shielding it from sun rays, water splashes, and humidity
  • The manufacturer will not be held liable if you do not comply with the instructions given. Damage to the product caused by improper handling will be the user’s responsibility. Also, the warranty will not apply under these conditions.

How To Reduce Fire Risk And Lethal Electric Shock While Using Your Prodigio?

 Electrocution and fire are always dangerous. Exposure to electrical sources, such as exposed wires, is one of the common causes of this kind of mishap. Read the following instructions carefully to prevent it.

  • During alarming conditions or when you feel that the machine is not operating properly, pull the plug out of the power outlet right away. This will reduce the possibility of any mishap.
  • You can reduce the chances of potential harm by using an easily accessible power source.
  • Verify that the power source’s voltage matches the value listed on the rating plate. This is important because the appliance is designed to operate at the specified voltage. The warranty will be nullified if this is not done, and the company won’t be liable for any damage caused. 

Precautions While Connecting Your Prodigio 

Connect your prodigio to a power-generating source only after its proper installation. Never connect your Prodigio without first making sure the cord and the power supply are dry. Also, avoid the following things when connecting

  • The cable is prone to damage. It should never be pulled over sharp edges and corners, or its insulation will wear out. You can also clamp it to ensure retention and support to the cable whilst restricting movement.
  • Do not expose the cord to heat or moisture. Always dry your hands before touching the cable because electricity and water together can cause serious damage. 
  • Ensure the cable is insulated adequately before plugging it into the main switch. The manufacturer, its service representative, or other appropriately authorized individuals must replace the supply cord if it is damaged.
  • Only use an earthed extension cord if one is needed. It is advised to protect you from electric shocks.
  • It is advised to never put electrically operating devices beside hot surfaces and direct flame as it can cause overheating of your appliance and shorten its life. It should be kept on an even surface that is resistant to heat and fluids.
  • Before cleaning and maintaining the appliance, unplug it to avoid electric shocks. Keep the appliance unplugged when not in use for long periods of time. This is an energy-saving habit and will protect your appliance from serious damage.
  • Nothing should be inserted into the openings as doing so could result in a fire or electric shocks.

Precautions While Operating Your Prodigio

 Problems can also occur while using the appliance. Your Prodigio runs on electricity, and problems like overheating can occur. To avoid any adverse effects, read the following instructions carefully.

  • Never let the appliance run unattended. This minimizes the chance of accidents. Never use a device that has any parts that are broken or not functioning properly since it could catch fire or provide electric shocks. Contact the Nespresso club in this situation.
  • While operating, make sure that the slider is completely closed. The machine runs on electricity, and it heats up while operating; opening the slider can cause scalding.
  • Never put your fingers under the coffee outlet or the capsule compartment. Doing so can cause injury and scalding. 
  • Never use a deformed capsule, as it will hinder the machine’s working. If a capsule gets blocked in the compartment while it is running, immediately turn it off. Do not try to fix it on your own, and call the Nespresso club.
  • Always use a damp cloth and avoid potent cleaning agents for cleaning purposes. 
  •  Always use fresh and potable water for making coffee. This concerns your health as well as your coffee experience.
  •  The water tank should be emptied before a period of non-use. Also, replace stored water in the tank from time to time.
  •  The drip tray is necessary to avoid the spilling of liquid. It ensures a neat and clean environment and saves you from unnecessary trouble.
  • Strong cleaning solutions can damage these appliances. Always use a damp cloth and mild cleaning agents that are environmentally safe to ensure the operator and appliance safety.
  • The plastic cover in which the machine was packed should be properly disposed of after removal. 
  • This appliance contains magnets.
  • This appliance is designed for Nespresso coffee capsules available exclusively through the Nespresso Club or your Nespresso authorized representative. 

Precautions While Descaling Your Prodigio

 Descaling is important for removing the scales from the appliance. Cleaning is important for the long-term use of your Prodigio and will ensure that your experience remains the same from time to time.

  • For descaling, always use the Nespresso descaling agent to ensure that your coffee experience remains perfect. The descaling agent is particularly designed for this appliance. It will help remove any kind of stains and dirt and also prevent any kind of contamination that may occur by using other cleaning agents.


You are now fully aware of all the safety issues relating to your Prodigio after reading the aforementioned guidelines. Now, you can use your Prodigio without worrying about any safety concerns. Following them will guarantee your safety and increase your appliance’s durability. If you are looking for how to use your prodigio, click the link below: How to use Nespresso Prodigio. Hope you will have an aroma-filled experience with Nespresso Prodigio.


Do you need to clean Nespresso machine after each use?

Cleaning is important to remove residues from your machine. If you want to increase the durability of your Nespresso machine then you should clean it after every use both from inside and outside to remove residues.

Can Nespresso machines overheat?

Overheating is suspected as the Nespresso machine operates on electricity. In case of overheating, turn off your machine, unplug it and let it rest for atleast 30 minutes. 

Should you unplug your Nespresso when not in use?

Our machines are equipped with an auto shut-off feature after 9 minutes of nonuse. The machine turns off when inactive to minimize energy use. So there will be no energy consumption if your machine remains plugged in. 

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