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Are you fed up of rushing towards the coffee shop to start your morning?  I know everyone has a busy schedule nowadays, and it’s hectic to fetch time for manually making coffee or to head toward a coffee shop. That’s why you have also invested your first salary in purchasing a fully automated Nespresso Lattissima Plus to save your time and energy while making a delicious coffee at home. Believe me; it will be one of the best decisions you have ever made. 

Ready to make your first cup of coffee at home?  But how to operate this machine? Shit man! Wait for a second! No need to worry. If you are looking for the right guide for your Nespresso Lattissima Plus, you’ve landed on the right spot. I’m ready to guide you about your Lattissima plus and how it works while enjoying my warm cup of coffee.

Ready? Let’s start now!


The Lattissima Plus is usually a safe machine, but remember, it is an electronic device. You have to be extra careful and take precautions before and after using it. You might burn your hand or suffer other serious injuries due to inappropriate handling. 

To keep you and your loved one safe from any problem, I suggest you read the precautions carefully if you are using your coffee maker for the first time and keep it in mind to have a good experience while handling it.

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Unboxing Of Nespresso Lattissima Plus 

I know you are eager to get your hands on the Nespresso Lattissima Plus when it arrives, so it’s time to unbox your Nespresso Lattissima Plus. Your coffee maker will come with some mandatory items; thus, carefully check your parcel, and if these items are not included in the box, then ask for a replacement. Let’s check it. 

1. Coffee Machine

Here, you get your Nespresso Latissima Plus. Now, you can fulfill your coffee cravings by brewing creamy and flavorful espresso with this machine and make your evening lovely with a steaming hot cup of Cappuccino or Latte macchiato.

2. 16 Capsule Set 

You get this starter pack of Nespresso capsules which came as a sample gift for the buyer. You can experience the flavors of Nespresso without making a purchase for the first brew. Each capsule has a different flavor profile, which you’ll get to know once you start using them. The starter pack of Nespresso capsules might be different from the one which is displayed in the picture below.

3. Nespresso Folder

It is to keep your manual safe inside. Put your manual inside the Nespresso folder, and keep it in a secure place such as a cupboard or a cabinet. So it won’t be lost or misplaced, and you may easily access it whenever you need to read it.

4. User Manual

You will find a user manual with the machine that has all the instructions about your Nespresso Lattissima Plus. It is the most important thing in the box after your machine; it will help you operate your machine with the right instructions, so you must take care of it by keeping it inside the Nespresso folder.

5. Warranty Card

You will get a Warranty card with your machine; it must be present in the box, as it will give you a guarantee of two years from the date of purchase. With this warranty card, you can repair or exchange any part of your Nespresso Lattissima Plus. The picture attached below is not the original warranty card of the Nespresso Lattissima Plus; it is just for an idea.

Points To Consider:

  • If you find water inside your recently purchased machine, don’t be panicked; the factory tested the machine before packing it.
  • Keep in mind that your home’s electricity should have the same voltage power as mentioned on your Lattissima Plus to avoid damaging it.

Note: keep the packaging content as you can use it while transporting your Nespresso Lattissima Plus. 

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Specifications Of Nespresso Lattissima Plus

Nespresso Lattissima Plus comes with excellent and user-friendly features. One of the best features of Lattissima Plus, which saves time, is its dual thermoblock heating system which takes only 40 seconds to heat up and start preparing your coffee. Let’s dig deep into the other specifications of your newly bought coffee maker. 

Pressure (bar)Max 19 bares
Power (W)1200 watt
Weight (kg/lbs)4.5kg / 9.8 lbs
Water Tank Capacity ( l/oz)0.91 l / 30.4 oz
Milk Container( l/oz)0.35 l / 11.8 oz
Dimension(W×D×H- cm/inch)16.7 cm × 25.3 cm × 31.9 cm
6.55 inch × 9.96 inch × 12.5 inch

Types Of Nespresso Lattissima Plus

One of the best things about Nespresso Lattissima Plus is that it comes with a variety, as you can see below.

A. Machine Without Rapid Cappuccino System.

B. Machine With The Rapid Cappuccino System (for cappuccino).

C. Machine With The Rapid Cappuccino System (for latte macchiato).

Parts Of Nespresso Lattissima Plus

Before we head into the details of how the Nespresso Lattissima Plus works and get a delicious cup of cappuccino from it, it is essential to know a little bit about its parts because once you get familiar with its parts, it will be easier for you to have a good hand experience with your Lattissima Plus.

It’s time to have a look at the parts of your machine.

1. Lever

The lever is the handle that encloses the capsule compartment. To insert a capsule, you need to open the capsule compartment by lifting the lever where the capsule goes. Also, to remove a used capsule, lift the lever, and the capsule will automatically drop into the used capsule container, then close the lever.

2. Coffee Outlet

The front part of the machine has a narrow opening from where the coffee flows out into the cup. When you press the button to brew coffee, coffee comes out through the coffee outlet. Also, when you perform the rinsing step while cleaning the machine, dirty water comes out of the coffee outlet.

3. Water Tank

A removable water tank at the back of your machine can hold 30.4 oz of water. It is the most essential part of the machine as it will provide you water to brew coffee, clean, and descale your machine. You can open the water tank with its lid.

4. Used Capsule Container

A used capsule container is situated below the capsule compartment. It is to store the used capsules. You can take the container out to discard the used capsules, then place it back in the machine.

5. Drip Tray

A simple metal drip tray is beneath the used capsule container to store the overflowing liquid and prevent spills. It can also be used as a place where you can put your cup. You can slide it into the machine to place a large cup for Cappuccino, or you can slide it out to place a small espresso cup.

6. Left Grid

The Left grid is below the coffee outlet where your place your mug or cup while brewing coffee or when you descale your machine. The coffee flow comes out through the coffee outlet and pours into the cup you have placed on the left grid.

7. Right Grid.

The right grid is where the Rapid Cappuccino system can be placed and attached to the steam connector. The right grid is also used as a place where you put a container while descaling your machine.

8. Descaling Pipe Storage Door

It is a small tray on the front of the machine to store the descaling pipe inside. So, when you want to descale your machine, open the small storage door to take out the descaling pipe.

9. Descaling Pipe

Descaling pipe is a nozzle from where the water comes out as it is used for the descaling of your machine. When you want to descale, open the descaling pipe storage door and plug in the descaling pipe into the steam connector of the machine.

10. Steam Connector Door

Steam connector door is a small window on the front of the machine. Move the steam connector door to the left to connect the Rapid Cappuccino System with the machine.

11. Steam Connector

Steam connector is inside the steam connector door at the front of the machine, To connect the Rapid Cappuccino System with your machine, join the rapid cappuccino system connector to the steam connector of the machine.

12. On / Off button

On / Off button is the power button which is used to turn on and turn off the machine. It is a basic part of your machine also power button lights up when the heating is in progress.

13. Milk Container

Milk container is a part of the Rapid Cappuccino System, it contain milk for preparation of Cappuccino or Latte macchiato. It can hold 11.8 oz of milk. Fill the milk container to the desired quantity, do not use raw or frozen milk. We recommend you to use skimmed milk at refrigerator temperature.

14. Milk Container Lid

Milk container lid is to cover the milk container, which is a part of Rapid Cappuccino System. There is a milk froth regulator knob and clean button at the top of milk container lid, milk spout on its left and steam connector at the back of the lid which helps the Rapid Cappuccino System in attachment with the machine.

15. Lid Detach Button

Lid detach button is at the front of milk container lid, to detach the milk container lid press the lid the detach button.

16. Rinsing Button

There is a rinsing button named ‘’CLEAN’’ on the milk container lid to rinse the system. It is very important to rinse the system after each milk preparation. Press and hold the rinsing button to start the rinsing cycle.

17. Milk Froth Regulator Knob

Milk froth regulator knob is used to adjust the consistency of  warm milk froth. You can adjust texture of milk froth by turning the  regulator knob to the right or left. For less creamy Cappuccino, turn the knob to the minimum froth and for rich creamy Latte macchiato, turn the knob the maximum froth symbol.

18. Min Froth

You can see the minimum froth symbol around the milk froth regulator knob on the milk container lid. If you want less froth in your Cappuccino or Latte macchiato, adjust the froth to the minimum froth symbol.

19. Max Froth

There is a maximum froth symbol around  the milk froth regulator knob. If you want a rich, creamy texture in your Latte macchiato, adjust the milk froth regulator knob to max froth and enjoy your rich, creamy Latte macchiato.

20. Rapid Cappuccino System Connector

The Rapid Cappuccino system connector is at the back of the milk container lid, used for the attachment of Rapithe d Cappuccino System to the machine.

21. Milk Spout

The milk spout is a short elongated tube from where the frothed milk comes out. It is part of the Rapid Cappuccino system, attached on the left side of the milk container lid, and open towards the coffee outlet. While preparing a milk recipe such as Cappuccino or Latte macchiato, adjust the milk spout to the correct cup height by raising it to the right level.

22. Milk Aspiration Tube

The milk aspiration tube is a transparent elongated tube attached to the milk container lid, and it connects directly to the milk spout to release the frothed milk from the milk container into the cup.

Backlight Buttons:

You will find different types of buttons on your  Nespresso Lattissima Plus. Let’s discover the work of these buttons.  

1. Cappuccino.

2. Latte Macchiato.

3. Espresso.

4. Lungo.

Backlight Button Indication:

Do you need clarification about the illumination of lights in different buttons? Don’t worry! Here we will get detailed knowledge of the intent behind each blink and illumination of lights in buttons. Let’s start it without any delay. 

Energy Saving Settings:

When the machine is switched on, the button blinks for 2 seconds.

  • Lungo = power off after 9 minutes.
  • Espresso = power of after 30 minutes.
  • Both lungo + espresso = power off after 8 hours.

Water Hardness Settings

When the machine is switched on, buttons light for 2sec:

  • Latte Macchiato = Soft water hardness
  • Cappuccino = Medium water hardness
  • Latte Macchiato+Cappuccino= Hard water hardness
  • Illumination of light in the buttons showing in the image indicates that brewing coffee mode is ready now, Bingo!
  • Here you go. Your coffee and milk recipe modes are ready.
  • The light illumination in this button (shown in the image) indicates that it’s time to descale your Nespresso Lattissima Plus.

Initial Use Or After A Prolonged Period Of Inactivity

If you own the Nespresso Lattissima Plus and want to operate it correctly, even though you have the user manual, but you prefer to begin with the easy user guide. Then I will take you through the basics of using your Nespresso Lattissima Plus to make your journey easier.

No matter whether you are using your Nespresso Lattissima Plus for the first time or want to restart it after a long idle time. This guide will answer all your questions.  

Caution: Make sure you have read all the safety precautions before operating the Nespresso Lattissima Plus to avoid any possibility of damage.

1. Unpacking

As you will have your first cup of coffee in your Lattissima Plus, you must remove the plastic film from the right and left grid and the machine panel to protect your machine surface from any damage.

2. Cable Adjustment

Now remove the container, water reservoir, and drip tray. Adjust the cable length and tuck any extra on the inside of the machine’s cable guide.

3. Positioning Of Lattissima Plus

Place the machine upright and connect it to the power source.

4. Hold The Tank With Cover

A water tank can easily be carried by its cover.

5. Cleaning Before Filling

Always clean the water tank before filling it with fresh water.

6. Switch On Your Nespresso Lattissima Plus

Just a bit more patience, and you are about to brew your first coffee with this newly bought machine. Let’s switch on your coffee maker. When you switch on the machine, the buttons will start blinking. A blinking light specifies that your machine has started heating up for 40 seconds to reach the desired temperature; once the light stops blinking, it means your machine is ready to make coffee for you.

7. Rinsing

It’s time to rinse your Nespresso Lattissima Plus. Firstly, fill the water tank up to the maximum point engraved on the tank. Now, place a large container beneath the coffee outlet and push the lungo button three times. Internal rinsing of your coffee maker has been started. Just wait for a little!

8. Wash The Rapid Cappuccino System

Try to clean the Rapid Cappuccino System after each use by following the section ‘’Care for Rapid Cappuccino System.’’

It’s Time To Brew Your Coffee

Finally! The time has arrived. Your Nespresso Lattissima Plus is ready to brew a delicious cup of coffee for you.  Bingo! Let’s start making a cup with your newly bought coffee maker without wasting time.

1. Capsule Insertion

Firstly, you have to insert the Nespresso capsule in the capsule comparmtnet by lifting the lever, then close it. Then set a cup next to the coffee outlet.

2. Push The Drip Tray

To make a glass of classic latte macchiato, push the drip tray inside the machine.

3. Press Your Desired Button

If you want to make a shorter cup of coffee, you have to select the espresso (40ml / 1.35oz) button, and if you wish to 2 shots of espresso, go for the lungo ( 110 ml / 3.7 oz) button. Your machine will stop the coffee preparation automatically.

Note: To stop the coffee flow or top up your coffee, press again.

4. Used Capsule Removal

Take your cup, close the lever, and take the capsule out into the used container.

How To Assort / Reassort Your Rapid Cappuccino System?

1. Disconnect The Aspiration Tube

Simply take off the lid from the milk container and disconnect the milk aspiration tube.

2. Froth Regulation

Turn on the milk froth regulator knob and pull it up to remove it.

3. Unlock The Rapid Cappuccino System.

Unlock the rapid cappuccino system and remove it by pulling it off.

4. Remove The Milk Spout

Pull off the milk spout to remove it.

Making Of Cappuccino And Latte Macchiato

Are you the one who wants to stay awake late or feels sleepy during the day, and you have a lot of things to complete but can’t focus on them? Stay calm because A sip of coffee is the ultimate solution for people who feel sleepy during the day or intend to stay awake late at night. I am sure a cup of coffee is a delightful solution to all your problems. So, let’s start making Cappuccino or Latte Macchiato with your Nespresso Lattissima Plus.

1. Fill The Milk Container

  • First, you have to fill the milk container with the desired amount of milk.
  • Before adding more milk, stop, and don’t forget to rinse the container.

2. Connect The Rapid Cappuccino System

Close the milk container and slide the steam connecting door to the right to open it. 

You have to connect the rapid cappuccino system to the machine. The blinking buttons of the milk recipe indicate a cappuccino is heating up quickly. 

It’s ready when the light is steady.

3. Insert The Capsule

Now you have to insert the Nespresso capsule in the capsule compartment by lifting the lever completely.

4. Position The Cup 

Close the lever as you have inserted the Nespresso capsule. Now, put your coffee cup or latte macchiato glass beneath the coffee outlet and adjust the position of the milk spout.

5. Adjust The Knob

Here, you need to adjust the milk froth regulator knob to get the desired foam.

6. Press The Desired Button

Depending on your appetites, press the Cappuccino or Latte Macchiato button. The preparation will begin in a few seconds (milk and then coffee )  and stop automatically.

7. Remove The Used Capsule

Once you’ve finished making your coffee, lift the lever to remove the used capsule into the container and make sure you close the lever.

8. Clean The Machine  

After each use, rinse your Lattissima Plus to have a good experience every time. For proper cleaning, follow the section ‘’Rinsing after each milk recipe preparation.’’

Setting The Water Volume

Here, you can understand how to set the water volume according to your needs. So that each time you press the button, you will get the same amount of water.

1. Filling Of The Water Tank

Fill the water tank and turn on the machine. Insert the Nespresso capsule and put your cup under the coffee outlet.

2. Choose The Desired Button

Press the button for which you want to set the water volume and hold it, either the espresso or lungo button. Brewing will start. The button starts blinking rapidly, which means it is developing to programming mode now.

3. Hold The Button 

To reach the desired volume, hold the button. After that, release the button.

4. Water Volume Is Programmed:

  • The water volume is fixed for the subsequent coffee preparation.
  • When the button blinks three times, it confirms the setting for the new water volume.

Setting The Volume For Cappuccino And Latte Macchiato

You can program the volume for your Cappuccino or Latte Macchiato to get the same amount of your coffee every time, but first, follow the steps 1-5 from the section ‘’Making of cappuccino and latte macchiato.’’

1. Programming

Press and hold the cappuccino or latte macchiato button. Milk in the machine will start frothing. The button blinks quickly, showing the programming mode.

2. Release The Button

When your desired level of milk foam is produced, release the button.

3. The Recipe Volume Is Programmed:

  • Press and hold the same button. Brewing starts. 
  • When the volume of coffee you want is there, release the button.
  • The volume recipe is saved for later preparation, confirmed by three consecutive button blinks. 

Caution: Remember to take out the used capsule and clean it by pressing the clean button.

Rinse After Each Milk Recipe Preparation

Ensure to rinse your machine after making each cup of coffee to maintain the quality performance of your coffee maker. Don’t bother; it is effortless to clean your machine. Let’s do it!

1. Positioning

Place the container under the milk spout.

2. Cleaning

  • To clean your Nespresso Lattissima Plus, you have to push the ”CLEAN” button and keep it until the pumping machine stops.
  • The milk recipe button starts blinking. 
  • This rinsing step takes roughly 10 seconds.
  • When the rinsing process is complete, light becomes stable.

3. Detachment of Rapid Cappuccino System

In this step, you have to detach the rapid cappuccino system from the machine and place it in the refrigerator. Close the machine steam connector door.

4. Washing Of Containers

All the milk containers are dishwashing friendly, and you can wash them two times a week.

Further, follow the section ‘’ care for rapid cappuccino system twice a week.‘’

Daily Care Of Nespresso Lattissima Plus

It would be best if you did not use any potent cleaning agent for your Nespresso Lattissima plus. 

Instead of a cleaning agent, use a moist cloth to clean the surface of your machine.

Avoid washing your machine through a dishwasher.

Cleaning Of Rapid Cappuccino System Twice A Week

To clean the rapid cappuccino system, you have to disassemble it. 

Read the section ‘’Assembling/ Disassembling of Rapid Cappuccino System.’’

Clean the Rapid cappuccino system parts in a dishwasher at least twice a week.

Cleaning Of The System Before Storage/Repair: 

Follow the steps mentioned below in case you want to store your machine for a while or send it for repair. 

1. Power Up

Switch on the machine.

2. Container Placement

Take the water tank out and close the lever ( make sure there is no capsule inside ).

Place a container under the coffee outlet.

3. Press And Hold Together

Press and hold the espresso and cappuccino buttons together simultaneously for 5 seconds. When the buttons start blinking, it means the clearing mode is in progress.

4. Clearing Completed

Once the cleaning process is completed, your machine will switch off automatically.

Energy Conserving Concept 

To increase efficiency and reduce power consumption Nespresso Lattissima plus has an outstanding feature for energy consumption and an automatic power-off function. 

After each use, the machine turns off within 9 minutes automatically.

1. Power off 

Switch off the machine.

A.  Activation Power Mode After 9 Minutes

Press and hold the Lungo button and switch on the machine; your machine will be set to an energy-saving mode for 9 minutes.

B. Activation Of Power Off After 30 Minutes

Push the espresso button and hold it while switching the machine on. Your machine will be set to an energy-saving mode for 30 minutes.

C. Activation Of Power Off After 9 Hours

Push the lungo and espresso button together and hold them while switching on the machine. Your machine will be set to an energy-saving mode for 9 hours.

Time to Descale Your Nespresso Lattissima Plus

Descaling is the most important thing you have to learn for your Lattissima Plus. Descaling ensures your Lattissima plus works perfectly for the rest of its life, and every cup of your coffee tastes amazing, just like the first.

What do you do to descale your machine? Don’t worry about it. I will demonstrate each step of how to descale your machine with a descaling solution. 

So, let’s start descaling with me!

1. Descaling Alert

When you see the cappuccino button blinking orange, the machine tells you it’s time to descale your Lattissima plus.

2. Add The Descaling Solution

Before starting, remove any used capsules, and empty the drip tray and the water tank. Now, pour the descaling agent into the water tank 100 ml along with 500 ml water.

3. Plug In The Descaling Pipe

Open the descaling pipe storage door and plug in the descaling pipe with its into the steam connector.

4. Descaling Mode Activation

The cappuccino button will flash in orange to indicate the descaling mode is active.

5. Container Placement

Put a container holding up to 1L underneath the coffee outlet of your Nespresso Lattissima Plus and the descaling pipe nozzle.

6. Start Descaling

Push the cappuccino button to start. The descaling solution will flow alternately from the coffee outlet, descaling pipe, and drip tray.

The cappuccino and macchiato button blink; alternatively, wait till only the cappuccino button is blinking.

7. Cappuccino Blinks Only

When the descaling process is finished, the cappuccino button blinks only.

8. Rinse The Water Tank And Refill It

Unload the drip tray and remove the used capsule container, thoroughly rinse the water tank with fresh water and fill it to the maximum level. Repeat step 5.

9. Repeat The Cycle

Repeat the process by pressing the cappuccino button again. The rinsing cycle goes from the coffee outlet to the descaling pipe and drip tray until the water tank is empty.

10. Once the rinsing cycle is finished, the machine will stop.

11. Detach The Descaling Pipe

Detach the descaling pipe, and empty the drip tray. Fill up the water tank with fresh potable water.

12. Descaling Is Finished

Wipe down the machine with a moist cloth. The descaling process ends here.

Your Lattissima plus is now ready.

Once the descaling process ends, you can start making delicious coffee again.

Water Hardness Settings

It is essential to set your water softness setting, so your Lattissima Plus will tell you when it’s time to descale it.

Follow the steps below to set the water softness level in your Lattissima Plus.

Turn off the machine.

You have to press and hold the button indicated in the picture and turn on the machine.

Soft water hardnessB. Medium water hardnessC. Hard water hardness
<10 dH10 dH-20 dH< 20 dH
< 18 fH18 fH – 36 fH< 36 dH
< 180 mg/l CaCO3180 – 360 mg/l CaCO3360 mg/l CaCO3

Restore Default Factory Settings

Let’s say you’re unhappy with the current setting and want to return to the factory default. Following the steps below, your Lattissima plus will restore everything.

Power Up

Turn on your machine.

All you have to do is press and hold all four buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds at least. All the Buttons will blink three times until the volumes are reset.

 Lungo*: 110 ml (3.7oz)

Milk*: 150ml (5 oz)/Coffee: 40 ml (1.35 oz)

Espresso*:40 ml (1.35 oz)

Milk: 50 ml (1.7 oz)/Coffee: 40 ml (1.35 oz)


No indicator light.Check the mains plug, voltage, and fuse. In case of a problem, call Nespresso.
No coffee, No waterThe water tank is empty. Fill the water tank→ Descale if necessary. See the descaling section.
Coffee comes out very slowly.Flow speed depends on the coffee variety→Descale if necessary; see descaling section.
Coffee is not hot enough.Preheat cup → Descale if necessary; see descaling section.
The Capsule area is leaking.Position the capsule correctly. If leakage occurs, call the Nespresso club.
Irregular blinking.Send your appliance for repair or contact the Nespresso club.
No coffee, just water runs out.Call the Nespresso club.
The lever cannot be closed completely.Empty capsule container. Make sure there is no capsule blocked inside the capsule container.
The quality of the milk froth is not up to standard.Use skimmed or semi-skimmed milk at refrigerator temperature ( about 4) / Rinse after each milk preparation.
Cappuccino buttons shine orange.Descale the machine.
The Cappuccino button blinks orange.The machine is in descaling mode.
All buttons blink.The machine is in emptying mode.

Disposal And Environmental Concerns 

Every machine has valuable substances that can be reprocessed or reused.

If the residual material is separated into distinct categories, it makes the recycling process easy. You have to leave your machine at a collection point.


  • The Lattissima Plus comes with a solid two-year guarantee that covers all required maintenance and repairs.
  • You can repair your appliance for free. 
  • All of Nespresso’s machines include complete troubleshooting support, and the company is renowned for its attentive customer care.

Contact The Nespresso Club

If you need any information or are facing any problems while using your Nespresso Lattissima Plus, you can get assistance or help just by calling the Nespresso club. 

Contact details are in your machine’s “Welcome to Nespresso club” folder, or you can check at nespresso.com.


Cheers! Now, you can easily operate your Nespresso Lattissima Plus as you have learned everything about it in this user guide. Bingo! I’ll give myself a high five as well. Now you can easily get your flavorful cup of coffee by touching a single button whenever you need it.

I intended to point you in the right direction, and if you still need clarification, go back and reread the article. If you find it beneficial, share it with your friends who might need guidance regarding Nespresso Lattissima Plus.

Furthermore, if you want to learn about coffee beans or coffee makers, just scroll the pages of CoffeeAim. 

Have an amazing time with a delicious cup of coffee! 


Can you use the Nespresso capsule twice?

I will only encourage you to use the Nespresso capsule once. Also, it is not recommended by Nespresso itself to use the capsule twice. However, people can have more than one cup of coffee from a capsule if they want, but it will most likely affect the taste, quality, and strength of your coffee.

How to insert the Nespresso capsule?

It is a simple process. There is a capsule compartment on top of your machine. Open it by lifting the lever, insert the capsule, and close it gently, not with too much force.

What happens if you don’t descale Nespresso Lattissima Plus?

If you don’t descale your machine daily, it will affect your coffee. Mineral scales start to build up and can restrict the flow of water, and your machine will stop working if it is not cleaned properly. Descaling makes your machine work efficiently for a more extended period, so each cup of coffee you make tastes fantastic every time.

How frequently should I descale my Nespresso Lattissima Plus?

As advised by Nespresso, it would be best if you descaled your machine daily, after every three months, or every 300 capsules. Otherwise, as time passes, an internal mineral buildup of water can negatively impact your machine’s performance.

How to make a cappuccino in your Nespresso Lattissima Plus?

Before we start making cappuccino, ensure that there is milk in the container because we have to set the froth regulator to exactly how much froth we need in our cappuccino. Connect the Rapid Cappuccino System to your machine.

Now place your glass under the coffee outlet and pop in the Nespresso capsule in the capsule compartment. Here, we are ready to start brewing. Adjust the froth regulator accordingly and select the Cappuccino button; what’s going to happen first is the machine will start frothing the milk, and within a few seconds, it will brew your coffee and stop automatically. Once your coffee is ready, remove the used capsule from the capsule compartment into the used container, close the lever, and rinse the Nespresso Lattissima Plus.

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