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Coffee Aim’s Rating

Espresso Quality4.4 out of 5
Easy to brew4.5 out of 5
Flavor4.3 out of 5
Aroma 4.2 out of 5
Strength 4.1 out of 5
Body 4.2 out of 5
Acidity 4.0 out of 5
Bitterness 4.1 out of 5
Crema 4.0 out of 5
Intensity 4.2 out of 5
Value for money4.3 out of 5
Brand Reputation4.5 out of 5
Coffee Aim’s crux:
Nespresso Shanghai Lungo is a blend of Arabica beans from Kenya, China, and Indonesia. The light roasting of these beans adds low bitterness and sweet red fruit notes, charming modern coffee drinkers. The aromatic notes reminiscent of oranges, peaches, and berries amaze you, and the fine acidity gives you a pleasant mouthfeel. The delicate, smooth body, light intensity (5), and satisfying finish will make this blend a part of your daily routine. Enjoy it as a 3.7 oz lungo or with a splash of milk; the creamy texture will surprise you and give you a pleasant mouthfeel.     

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A cute yawn on your face and a perfect cup of coffee in your hands make your morning unforgettable. Although I tried each capsule of Nespresso, they undoubtedly always amazed me.

However, the Nespresso Original capsule, which surprised me with its distinct character and gentle profile, is the Shanghai Lungo. This popular pod is an excellent alternative to the intense lungo shot. Let’s scroll down and explore amazing facts about this impressive and light coffee pod.

Features Of Nespresso Shanghai Lungo Original Pod

  • Product Line: Original-Line
  • Intensity: 5
  • Roast Type: Light-roast
  • Caffeine: 77-85 mg
  • Coffee Type: Arabica beans
  • Volume: 3.7 oz lungo 
  • Aromatic Profile: Fruity and berry
  • Body: Balanced, smooth, and delicate
  • Flavor: Fruity and berry notes of oranges, peaches, and red fruits
  • Finish: Pleasant sour

Nespresso Original-Line Shanghai Lungo Pod Taste Test

My Shanghai capsule had a deep red color and a beautiful design. I brewed it with my Nespresso Essenza Plus machine. When I smelled it and got a fruity and tart berry scent, I tasted it, and my first impression was good. I felt a rich orange taste and a pleasant sour aftertaste. It took me back to childhood when I played and ate oranges in the sunlight. My drink had a heavy body and mild red berry notes. It was a good shot with robust flavors. 

Next, I added half oz cream to the Shanghai coffee. The cream added a creamy texture, keeping the flavor profile intact. It was a decent and balanced coffee cup. 

Nespresso Shanghai delivers light coffee cups so you can enjoy it at any time of the day. It offers a strong flavor profile so pair it with chocolate or pastries to counterbalance its notes. 

This Original capsule brews a 3.7 oz lungo shot and works well with only Nespresso OriginalLine machines.  

What We LikeWhat We Don’t Like
Pleasant fruity, and berry aromaNot best for dark-roast coffee lovers
Smooth texture and pleasant mouthfeel
Work well with milk, cream, and sweeteners.
Mild acidity, bitterness, and intensity
Balanced, delicate, and lingering coffee cup
Fruity and berry notes of oranges, peaches, and red fruits
Pleasant sour finish

Nespresso OriginalLine Shanghai Lungo Pod Features — An In-Depth Insight

I wrote about the significant features of Shanghai Lungo Nespresso capsules. These attributes will help you determine why this blend differs from all other Nespresso capsules. Keep scrolling down, stick to the end, and read each point to determine whether this pod suits you. 

Origin — Kenyan, Chinese, And Indonesia Arabicas

Nespresso Shanghai Lungo is crafted from Kenyan, Chinese, and Indonesian Arabicas. This light-roast blend surprises your palate with smoothness and subtle berry notes.

Roasting Level — 2 out of 5

In Nespresso Shanghai Lungo, the beans are roasted in two fast and light splits. It gives precise results from each origin, preserving the delicacy of this blend. The fine grinding and medium capsule loading prevent it from becoming too mild. 

Aroma — Fruity And Berry

When I brewed Shanghai Lungo pod, I got a fruity and tart berry aroma. The scent was strong and pleasant and reminded me of candy floss.

Acidity — 2 out of 5

As soon as I took a sip of my Shanghai Lungo coffee, the first thing that touched my tongue was its vibrant acidity. The pleasant sour taste spread in my mouth, causing a dry effect. 

Bitterness — 1 out of 5

My Shanghai Lungo coffee had a bit of bitterness. These notes came from fruits, not from the coffee itself. It made my drink enjoyable. 

Body — 2 out of 5

My Shanghai Lungo coffee was not water. It had a thick texture and smoothness. When I added cream or milk, its creamy texture made my day.

Flavor — Fruity And Berry Notes

Nespresso Shanghai Lungo delivered me a fruity and delicate coffee cup. The orange, peach, and red fruit notes hit my palate and surprised me. The fruity taste also added a pleasant sour taste to my cup. However, when I brewed it with a splash of cream, the cream added a creamy texture, keeping the fruity profile intact. It was not an intense cup, making it perfect for casual coffee drinkers. 

Finish — Pleasant Sour 

The pleasant sour aftertaste lingered in my mouth as I took a last sip of my Shanghai Lungo coffee. You can also feel a salty aftertaste. My coffee was well-balanced and lingering. This fruity, delicate lungo became a part of my after-dinner dessert, and its remarkable characteristics urged me to fall for it.

Nespresso Shanghai Lungo Intensity — 5 out of 13

Nespresso Shanghai Lungo does not deliver intense and dark coffee cups. The light intensity makes it perfect for light-roast coffee drinkers and milk beverages. It is a fruity blend with aromatic notes reminiscent of peach, oranges, and red fruit. Fine acidity and berry notes add to the smoothness of the blend.

Nespresso Shanghai Lungo Strength

Nespresso Shanghai Lungo delivers smooth and delicate beverages. It is a smooth, fruity blend of Arabicas from four distinct origins, representing the diverse and forward-facing taste of a modern city like Shanghai.

Nespresso Shanghai Lungo Caffeine Content — 77-85 mg

Nespresso Shanghai Lungo adds 77-85 mg of caffeine per cup. The high caffeine gives you a strong kick, while light roasting adds delicacy and smoothness to this blend. Adding a dash of milk or cream offers a deliciously creamy cup with plenty of fruitiness and citric notes.

Do Nespresso Shanghai Lungo Offer Smooth And Fruity Coffee?

World Explorations Shanghai Lungo is a fruity, smooth blend of Arabica beans from four distinct origins. It represents the diverse taste of a modern city like Shanghai. The coffee taste in this city is evolving, and you can find an intense blend and milder, smoother cups at the high-end coffee shops of this city. Nespresso experts blend the washed Arabica beans and capture the diversity of this city in the Shanghai Lungo pod. This fruity coffee with generous citric and berry notes will amaze you. 

Chinese Arabica adds a delicate, creamy body. The Kenyan coffee brings a sweet red fruit note and elegant citrus aromas. The Indonesian beans add a touch of wood spice to this blend. You can enjoy it as a black espresso and with a splash of cream; it will always amaze you.

Nespresso Capsules OriginalLine Shanghai Lungo Calories

Calories 2Percent value
Total fat (0.1 g)0%
Saturated fat (0g)0%
Trans fat (0g)0%
Cholesterol (0 mg)0%
Sodium (4.7 mg)0%
Potassium (0 mg)0%
Total carbohydrates (0g)0%
Dietary fiber (0g)0%
Sugars (0g)0%
Protein (0.3 g)1%
Vitamin A0%
Vitamin C0%
Calcium 0%
Iron 0%

Nespresso Original-Line Shanghai Lungo Capsules Nutrition Facts

Calories 2.4Percent value
Total fat (0.1 g)
Sodium (4.7 mg)1%
Potassium (116 mg)3%
Total carbohydrates (0g)
Dietary fiber (0g)
Sugars (0g)0%
Protein (0.3 g)
Vitamin D (0μg)0%
Calcium 4.7mg 1%
Iron (0 mg)1%

Is Nespresso OriginalLine Shanghai Lungo Best For You?

World Explorations Shanghai Lungo is meant for you if you are a casual coffee drinker rather than a fan of dark or intense coffee. It is a lightly roasted blend of Kenyan, Chinese, and Indonesian Arabica beans and offers smooth, delicate, and well-balanced coffee cups. The fruity and berry notes of orange, peach, and red fruit dance on your palate, and a pleasant sour aftertaste surprises you. The light body, hint of bitterness, vivacious acidity, and light intensity (5) will win your heart and make your day enjoyable. However, if you want to;

  • Taste a coffee that has 77-85 mg caffeine content and graces your palate with malted cereal notes; Nespresso Vienna Linizio Lungo will suit you. It is a blend of Brazilian and Colombian Arabicas, brews a size of 3.7 oz lungo, and has an intensity of 6. 
  • Taste a coffee blended with Colombian Arabica and Ugandan Robusta beans, has 77-85 mg caffeine content, a size of 3.7 oz lungo, an intensity of 4, and nutty cereal notes; Nespresso Buenos Aires Lungo is the best option.
  • If you are searching for a dark-roast blend and want to start your day with a strong and dark coffee cup; choose the desired blend from intense Nespresso capsules; Nespresso Envivo,_ Freddo Intenso,_Corto, etc.
  • If you are caffeine-sensitive and your doctor advises you to avoid caffeinated beverages; treat your taste buds with flavorful decaf pods; Decaffeinato Ristretto Italiano,_ Decaffeinato Firenze Arpeggio,_ Decaffeinato Vivalto Lungo,_ Decaffeinato Intenso, and Decaffeinato Volluto.
  • Taste a coffee that has 77-85 mg caffeine content and graces your palate with sweet cereal, malty toasted, and multi notes; Nespresso Stockholm Fortissio Lungo is the best choice. It is a blend of Indian and Colombian coffee beans, brews a size of 3.7 oz lungo, and has an intensity of 8.
  • Taste a coffee blended with Ethiopian and Mexican Arabica beans, has 77-85 mg caffeine content, a size of 3.7 oz lungo, an intensity of 6, and floral and fruity notes; search for Nespresso Tokyo Lungo coffee pods
  • Taste a coffee blended with Colombian and Brazilian Arabica beans, has 55-65 mg caffeine content, a size of 1.35 oz espresso, an intensity of 4, and sweet biscuity and fruity notes; Volluto Nespresso Aluminum capsules will suit you. 


Is Nespresso Discontinuing The Original-Line?

Nespresso discontinued only four OriginalLine pods from the single-origin range. All other Original capsules are available on many online shops such as Amazon, the Nespresso website, Bed Bath Beyond, and many others. You can buy from where you want to.

What Is The Difference Between Nespresso Espresso And Lungo?

The difference between espresso and lungo coffee is the amount of water passing through the coffee grounds. Lungo uses more water than an espresso shot, taking a long extraction time. An espresso shot is stronger than the lungo coffee, while lungo gives you a more extended drinking experience. 

What Is The Strongest Nespresso Original Pod?

Nespresso offers a wide range of strong Original capsules. They give you a kick for the day and add intense and powerful notes to your cup. Check out the link below and choose your favorite dark-roast capsule according to your desired need.

What Is The OriginalLine Of Nespresso?

Nespresso OriginalLine machines pass hot water from the Original and third-party capsules at 19-bar high and consistent pressure, resulting in a perfect shot. They do not work with VertuoLine or Keurig K-cup capsules.

Is Nespresso Vertuo Being Discontinued?

Nespresso has discontinued Vertuo espresso maker. However, this model and other Nespresso Vertuo machines are available on many online sites. You can purchase them from your preferred store. 

What Is The Lifespan Of A Nespresso Machine?

Nespresso machines have a lifespan of 5-10 years. This period works if you will do proper care, maintenance, cleaning, and descaling at its proper time. 

What Is The Difference Between Vertuo And Original Nespresso Capsules?

Nespresso Vertuo pods come in six-cup sizes such as 1.35 oz espresso, 2.7 oz double espresso, 5.07 oz gran lungo, 7.7 oz coffee, 14 oz alto, and 18 oz carafe. These models are compatible with only VertuoLine machines. On the other hand, Nespresso Original pods deliver 0.85 oz ristretto, 1.35 oz espresso, 3.7 oz lungo, and Americano beverages. They work with only OriginalLine machines.

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