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Being a coffee lover, you have recently bought your Mixpresso Espresso machine, and now it’s time to make a delicious cup of espresso for you. But wait for a second! A problem is here! Don’t you know the exact operating process of this machine? Shit! 

Not this?? Is your problem different? In fact, you have been using your Mixpresso for a long time but now met a problem at one point, and the worst is you also have lost the user manual. 

No problem! It’s time to relax your nerves. In this guide, we will cover the entire operating process of the Mixpresso Espresso machine. This guide will be the solution to all your machine operating problems, no matter what it is. Let’s do it. 

Machine-Using Precautions: 

Do you want to read the precautions first? Ahh! It’s hectic, man. Yes, I am also the person who always wants to skip to the good part. But then a thought articulated in my mind. What if I met with an accident or received a severe injury? What if a fire erupted in the machine?

Undoubtedly, taking precautionary measures is always better than facing severe damage or harm. Therefore, it is necessary for everyone to carefully read the precautions before starting to operate the Mixpresso Espresso machine. 

Specifications Of Mixpresso Espresso Machine:

Are you listening to the people saying that you have wasted your money by purchasing a Mixpresso Espresso machine? It’s not unusual. We often used to listen to such things when spending money on new appliances. Don’t worry!  Just answer them by showing these amazing specifications and features your Mixpresso Espresso machine has.  

Sr no.Specifications Details
1. Rated voltage220-240 AC
2.Rated Frequency50 Hz
3.N.W / G.W3.1/3.5 kg approx 
4.Rated Power1260 W
5.Pump PressureMax. 19 Bars
6.Water tank capacity 0.8 L
7.Size 118mm(W)* 365mm(L) * 250mm(H)
8.Protection classA

What Will You Find In The Box? 

When you order a Mixpresso appliance from Amazon or any online store, it comes with four important items. Thus, check for these parts while unboxing your Mixpresso Espresso machine. The following are the items; 

1. Warranty card

2. Coffee machine

3. Usage manual

4. Water tank

Note: Keep the packaging content after unboxing your espresso machine. You can use these packaging contents if you plan to transport your machine in the future. 

Points to Consider:

  • Don’t worry if you find water in your newly bought machine because the factory tests the machine working before parceling it. 
  • Before running your espresso machine, make sure your home electricity has the same supply voltage as mentioned on the machine. 

Alarming: You must destroy all the plastics that have been used in packaging to protect your children from any harm. 

Parts Of Mixpresso Espresso Machine:

To be an expert user, you must be aware of all parts of your Mixpresso Espresso machine. Let’s have an overview of all parts and controls of the machine. 

1. Handle:

2. Buttons

3. Dispenser

4. Drip tray set

5. Wall 

6. Water tank covers

7. Water tank removable

8. Power cord 

9. Main switch

10. Used capsule container

11. Drip tray covers

12. Drip tray removable

Time To Start Your Mixpresso

Have you unboxed your Mixpresso Espresso appliance? Now, it’s time to start your coffee maker. But before starting up your new Mixpresso machine, you must consider the following points for the sake of safe usage. 

Remember that electrical equipment can be dangerous if not carried or operated carefully. Therefore, carefully read the precaution mentioned in the manual before using your Mixpresso Espresso machine for the first time. 

Some significant precautions are mentioned in the following;

  • Don’t use too hot water as it may cause scalding.
  • Always carefully fill the water tank up to the required limit. Operating a machine with water less than the minimum level in the tank may cause harm. Don’t use your machine with an empty water tank.  
  • Don’t open the lid of your machine when the coffee brewing is in process.  
  • Always clean the machine after use. Make sure to remove the switch before cleaning. 
  • Wash the water tank with cold water before using it for the first time. 
  • Don’t wash the capsule container with water; clean it with a damp cloth.

Which Capsule Should I Use?

Are you confused about capsules? Don’t know which capsule will go best with your Mixpresso Espresso machine? No problem! The solution is here! You can use different types of compatible capsules in your Mixpresso Espresso machine, such as

  • Nespresso OriginalLine branded capsule.
  • Nespresso OriginalLine Third-party capsule.

However, this capsule machine doesn’t go with every type of coffee pod or capsule, including;

  • Nespresso VertuoLine Capsule
  • Keurig K-cup pods:  non-usable

How To Use A Mixpresso Espresso Machine?

Can’t wait to make a delicious cup of coffee? I know it’s tough to wait for your favorite cup of coffee. Ok! Let’s start it and not test your patience. 

  1. Fill Out The Water Tank:

First of all, fill out the water tank of your coffee maker with potable water. There are two ways of filling a water tank,

  • Use a jug to pour water into the water tank without detaching it from the machine.
  • Remove the water tank and directly pour water from the tap.
  • Filling Without Removing Tank: 

Remove the water tank lid and pour fresh cold water with the help of the jug up to the mentioned Maximum point, i.e., 0.8 L or minimum threshold. 

  • Detach The Water Tank & Fill:

The second method is to fill the water after detaching the tank from the machine. To fill the water tank of a Mixpresso Espresso machine, follow these steps:

  1. Locate the water tank present on the back or side of the machine.
  2. Remove the tank from the machine by lifting it and pulling it out in direction 1.
  3. Fill the tank with cold, fresh water up to 0.8 L. Do not use hot water, as this can damage the machine.
  4. Lock the lid by applying pressure in the direction 2. Ensure the tank is correctly seated in the machine before turning it on.

2.  Do Internal Flushing Of The Machine

Now it’s time to do internal flushing of your Mixpresso Espresso Machine to check whether it is working correctly.   

  1. Fill the water tank up to the maximum point, i.e., 0.8L.
  2. Plug in the machine and turn the switch on, and the lights on the control buttons will start blinking.  
  3. After 1 minute, the blue light in the used container will turn off.  
  4. Once the machine is heated up, the lights on the other two buttons (lungo and espresso) will get static. 

Note: The approximate time for heating up is 45 seconds. 

  • Keep in mind the points before pressing the lungo button:
  • Handle is closed
  • The capsule container is empty
  • Water has presented up to the maximum in the water tank
  • Whether the Water-tank is fixed appropriately or not, it may lead to water leakage 
  • The drip tray with the used capsule container is firmly set in place (Don’t start the machine without setting the drip tray set correctly). 
  • A bowl of large size is placed under the dispenser.

5. Now, press the lungo button to start the flushing out process.

6. Open the lid after completion of the process (The flushing out process will stop     automatically)

7. Discard water from the cup.

8. The machine flush process has been completed now.

Note: You can check whether the used container is full or not when the blue light on the control button is on.

3. Time To Brew Coffee

No matter the circumstances, a cup of coffee is the only nerve relaxant for coffee lovers. Undoubtedly, coffee is a sign of peace and tranquility, and a sip of sweet, bitter, frothy coffee is enough to make you as light as a feather. 

Let’s brew a perfect and delicious cup of coffee!

  1. Place your cup under the dispenser.
  2. If your cup is small, then low down the nozzle of the dispenser.
  3. Open the handle and take it to the backside completely.
  4. Place the capsule correctly into the compartment, as shown in the image.
  5. Lock the handle properly to press and load the capsule.
  6. Press the desired coffee type button only once. 
  7. The button will blink when you press it.
  8. Your Mixpresso Espresso machine will start brewing coffee once you press the button.
  9. Dispensing of brewed coffee will stop automatically once it reaches the default brewing time. 

Note: The default coffee brewing time is 40 seconds for lungo and 20 seconds for espresso.

Note: For changing the default settings, read the instructions on “how to program volume.” 

  1. The capsule will automatically be released into the container when you open the handle.

Note: When using the machine in the morning or after a long idle time, first brew the water to remove leftovers or the taste of the previously brewed coffee.  

4. Water Shortage While Brewing

Did the water run short while you were brewing the coffee? No problem! If the water runs short while brewing the coffee, you can quickly stop the coffee maker by following these steps: 

  1. Stop the machine by pressing the blinking button.
  2. Let the machine for 2-3 minutes to cool it down.
  3. Open the handle to remove the capsule.
  4. Flush out the machine by following the procedure mentioned in ”Internal flushing of the machine.”
  5. Now, start your coffee brewing process again and enjoy!

Note: Opening the handle may take more pressure than usual. Furthermore, be careful while opening the handle as it may lead to steaming and cause scalding. 

5. Coffee Volume Setting

Every coffee lover has his own taste, and only the specific taste of coffee can satisfy his coffee-loving soul. For this, every coffee-lover does experiments with coffee volume. Yes, you are also one of them. Let’s balance the coffee volume in your Mixpresso espresso appliance according to your desire. 

Note: Carefully check the water volume in the water tank before setting the coffee volume. 

  1. Open the handle and take it to the backside in direction 1. 
  2. Place the capsule correctly in direction 2 into the compartment, as shown in the image.

3. Lock the handle properly in direction 3 to press and load the capsule.

4. Press and hold the desired coffee type button until it reaches the desired volume.

5. The coffee volume setting will automatically store in the machine memory for subsequent use.

6. Next time, you just have to press the button only once, and your Mixpresso will make the coffee exactly according to your choice. 

7. The coffee volume range is controlled by brewing time.

8. Brewing time range: 13s to 90s (volume range: 25ml to 125ml respectively, based on Nespresso: Ristrello, and lungo capsules)

9. The default settings of coffee brewing time:

  •  25 sec for a small cup
  •  40 sec for a large cup 

Note: After programming, leave your Mixpresso machine for a while to cool it down. Otherwise, it may lead to steaming and cause scalding.

Tip: One blink of the light equals 1 sec of the brewing process; thus, you can count time through the light blinking in the button. 

6. Energy-Saving Mode

  1. Your Mixpresso Espresso machine will automatically switch to energy-saving mode when you don’t use it for 15 minutes. 
  2. Both espresso and lungo buttons will flash in energy-saving mode.
  3. To switch from energy-saving mode to active mode, press any of the 2 buttons, and If the buttons start blinking, the machine starts warming up.
  4. When the light becomes static, it means your Mixpresso Espresso machine is ready to brew coffee.

7. Want To Clean Your Mixpresso Espresso Machine? 

Being a coffee lover, I know you are mad at cleaning and maintaining your Mixpresso machine. Let’s make cleaning easy for you. The most critical steps of machine cleaning are making the capsule container and drip tray empty.

Note: There is a capacity of 10 used capsules in the container. However, emptying the capsule container and drip tray daily is the best. You can check whether the container is full or empty by blue light blinking (blue light on) present on the container. 

  • Cleaning Steps:
  1. Open the handle.
  2. Ensure that there should be no capsules in the brewing container.  
  3. Lift the dispenser nozzle if it is in the down position.
  4. Remove the drip tray by lifting gently. 
  5. Empty the capsule container. 
  6. You can detach the capsule container from the lower drip tray (snaplock)
  7. Wash the drip tray and water tank using fresh water. 
  8. Remove water from the drip tray.
  9. Reassemble all the parts in the same order as detached.

Note: the plastic parts of the Mixpresso Espresso machine are not dishwasher or detergent friendly. The use of a dishwasher may harm the plastic.

Cleaning of Main Coffee Machine:

  • Plug out the switch before cleaning.
  • Use a damp cloth to clean the machine.
  • Instead of abrasive agents, use kitchen paper or dry rags for cleaning.

Note: Don’t wash your coffee machine under running water. Always avoid using abrasive agents or materials for cleaning. 

8.  How To Decalcify Your Mixpresso?

It’s time to decalcify your Mixpresso Espresso machine. Is it looking difficult for you? No worries! Let’s make it easier and straightforward for you. Firstly, we should learn about calcification. Calcification occurs in your espresso machine when using lime or hard water. The lime particles get stuck in the machine and lead to blockage/calcification. 

Let’s decalcify your Mixpresso Espresso!

Note: To prevent calcification, clean your machine after every 2 to 3 months.

  1. Purchase a commercially available decalcifier from the market and use its solution according to the instructions mentioned in its user manual.
  2. Ensure the capsule compartment is empty.
  3. Pour the decalcifier solution into the water tank, which already has water. 
  4. Make sure that the decalcifier solution is appropriately dissolved in water. 
  5. Place a large bowl under the dispenser.
  6. Press the lungo button to start flushing.
  7. Repeat this procedure twice. 
  8. After that, flush out the internal piping by filling the water tank with freshwater (no decalcifier). 


  • Never use vinegar for decalcification; it may alter the taste of your coffee. 
  • Damage to the machine during the decalcification process will not be covered by warranty. 
  • Avoid using too hot water.

9. Reset To Default Setting

Have you messed up with the setting of the machine? Now, you can’t understand how to restore to default settings. No problem! Relax! Follow the steps mentioned below, and you will get back to the machine’s default settings. 

  1. Switch off your Mixpresso Espresso machine.
  2. Press the lungo button for longer and switch on your machine. 
  3. Release the lungo button after 3 seconds or when you see the button flash. 
  4. The button will flash twice or more if the machine starts heating up after restarting.
  5. Now, your machine has reset to default settings.
  6. The machine will start working again when the button light becomes static 
  7. Parameters that have reset are Coffee brewing time;
  • 25s (50ml)
  •  40s (90ml).

Note: The best time to perform a factory reset is when the machine has been warmed up so you can easily see the button’s flash signals.  

10. Steam Out Your Mixpresso Espresso

For better functioning of your Mixpresso Espresso machine, it is necessary to do steaming after a long time of disuse. Furthermore, if you want to transport or store your machine at a temperature below 5 degrees C, then steaming is essential.  

Steaming is necessary as it will prevent your machine from being damaged by internal frosting during storage or transport.


  1. Turn on your machine
  2. Remove water from the water tank and place it in its position
  3. Place a cup under dispensing nozzle
  4. Press the lungo button and start brewing 

5. It will start steaming in your machine

6. The process will automatically be turned off. Now your Mixpresso Espresso  machine has been steamed out. 

7. Now, turn the switch off and unplug the machine. 

Important: be careful during this process and protect yourself from hot steams and scalding. 


Are you struggling with a different problem not mentioned above? Don’t be intolerant! We are about to discuss problems that often occur while using the Mixpresso Espresso machine. It’s time to solve your problem. Let’s go!

Troubleshoot ReasonSolution
No brewing of coffeeThe water tank may be emptyStop the machine and fill the water tank
Brewed coffee is cold or not hot enough– Your mug/cup may be cold- Formation of scale in the machine– Descale the machine- Use a warm cup/mug- To warm up the machine, brew a simple cup of water first
Capsules don’t dropdown– Used-capsule container is full- Capsule has deformed– Remove it using a finger- Empty the capsule container 
Water splashes on the table– Leakage in the water tank- The drip tray is full of water- drip tray is not set while you remove the brewing chamber after coffee brewing– Check whether the valve on the water tank is stuck- make your drip tray empty- check whether the drip tray is fixed accurately
Steaming when opening the  handleYou may be opening the handle too quickly just after brewingOpen the handle after a few minutes to let the machine cool down
Capsule drop-down directly in the waste capsule containerCapsule has deformed– Place the capsule again with a slightly different angle- Try a new capsule
Occasional dripping of water from dispensing headThe heater is keeping warmIt is not a defect
– Brewed coffee ooze out in drops- handle is not opening smoothlyCoffee powder in the capsule is too fine that water can’t pass through it– Stop the machine and wait for 3 minutes- use another capsule- try to Nespresso capsule

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Make It Delicious!

Coffee is the first and only love without any argument! No cup of coffee means no morning. Right!! If you are also under the same umbrella, then I am sure you must be urged to taste every coffee type present on this planet. It’s just love!!

No need to go outside. Let’s make a delicious cup of coffee with your Mixpresso espresso machine following the recipes below;

cappuccino2/3 cup of coffee espresso with1/3 frothed milk foam.
Latte1/3 cup of coffee espressowith 2/3 warmed milk.
Macchiato1/3 warmed milk with 1/3 coffee espressoand 1/3 frothed milk foam.
MochaHalf espresso with half chocolate.
Iced Cappuccino2/3 cup of coffee espresso with1/3 cold-frothed milk foam


A warranty is a promise made by a manufacturer or seller to repair or replace a product if it fails to meet specific standards within a certain time frame. Warranty periods can vary, with some lasting just a few months and others lasting several years. 

Note: It’s essential to read the terms of a warranty carefully, as they will outline what is covered and what is not. 

  • Your Mixpresso Espresso machine will come up with 12 months of warranty starting from the day of purchase.
  • The warranty includes a return or repair policy.
  • This warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship, but they do not cover damage caused by misuse or neglect.
  • It also comes with additional benefits, such as free repairs or replacements for a certain period (12 months).
  •  It’s a good idea to keep a copy of the warranty safe, as it can be helpful to have it on hand if you need to make a claim.


It’s time to have a sip of coffee you have made in your imagination. Is it yummy?? LOL! Let’s make it a reality. We have discussed the whole machine operating process of your Mixpresso Espresso machine in detail. Now, for you, operating your Mixpresso Espresso machine is just a straightforward process that requires a few simple steps. It’s as easy as you have made it in your imagination while reading the article. Bingo! 

However, if you are still confused, take another tour of this article. Furthermore, if you want to know more about coffee beans and coffee makers, just scroll down the pages of Coffee Aim. This place can definitely satisfy the intense feelings of your love for coffee. 

Now, it’s time to treat yourself by taking little sips of delicious and frothy coffee you will make in your Mixpresso Espresso machine! Just make it and have fun! 


How Can I Use a Mixpresso Espresso Machine? 

Using the Mixpresso Espresso machine is a straightforward process. 

  • Preheat the espresso maker
  • If your cup is small, then low down the nozzle of the dispenser.
  • Open the handle and take it to the backside completely.
  • Place the capsule correctly into the compartment, as shown in the image.
  • Lock the handle properly to press and load the capsule.
  • Press the desired coffee type button only once. 
  • The button will blink when you press it.
  • Your Mixpresso Espresso machine will start brewing coffee once you press the button.
  • Dispensing of brewed coffee will stop automatically once it reaches the default brewing time. 

Can I Use Nespresso Pods In The Mixpresso Espresso Machine?

Yes, you can use certain compatible Nespresso capsules in Mixpresso Machine such as Nespresso OriginalLine branded capsule and Nespresso OriginalLine Third-party capsule.

Who Is Mixpresso?

Mixpresso is one of the biggest brands in coffee machines & coffee accessories! This espresso/coffee machine is one of our best sellers in coffee makers, espresso makers for home. You can enjoy all types of your favorite coffee pod and brew it with this fantastic single-brew coffee maker.

Why Is There No Crema On My Coffee? 

One of the primary reasons is using the wrong size of coffee grounds. Regular espresso machines require much finer grind size. It should be finer enough, like table salt.  

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