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Cold brew coffee has the same numerous health benefits as all types of coffee in the world. In addition, despite the lack of medical research, there are some benefits of Cold Brew that are so obvious that their effectiveness cannot be denied.

Here are the extraordinary health benefits of Cold Brew Coffee, which we have explained below

  1. Cold-brew is an excellent start to your busy morning. 
  2. People who find it challenging to get up early in the morning to make coffee. Cold-brew is perfect for these people because they don’t have to get up early every morning.
  3. Cold-brew coffee refreshes your mood. [1]
  4. Don’t go to the coffee shop; you can easily make Cold Brew coffee at home. 
  5. The Cold Brewing method is not too expensive.
  6. Incredibly fresh, slightly sweet, and full of smooth taste. 
  7. It is easy to get hot, but it depends on your mood.
  8. You only have to prepare the cold brew concentrate once a week, then daily remove the cold brew ice cubes from the fridge and use them in water, cream, or milk—no need to boil water, not enough coffee machine.
  9. Cold-brewed coffee can protect your brain from age-related diseases (2).
  10. It lowers your risk of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease (3, 4, 5). 
  11. It also reduces your risk of type 2 diabetes (6). 
  12. It reduces the risk of heart disease (7, 8, 9).
  13. Caffeine found in Cold brew coffee can boost your metabolism, which can improve your digestion. (10, 11)
  14. Cold brew coffee is less acidic than its rival cousin, hot coffee. If drinking drip coffee or Espresso causes your stomach upset, cold brew is the only solution to this problem. 
  15. Being cold, it is better for your kidneys than hot brewed coffee.
  16. Being less acidic, it is easier on your stomach than hot brewed coffee.
  17. It better in old age and help you live longer.
  18. It satisfies your caffeine desire similar to hot coffee but in an easy way.

Cold Brew Coffee Is A Driving Force For Us

For us, Cold Brew Coffee is a driving force that gives us the strength to get up in the morning and act as productive people. It can turn a grumpy shut-in who doesn’t take care even to look at his or her to-do list into a social butterfly who tackles their daily tasks with energy to spare

By God, if you’re one of those who drink this dark brown liquid, you’ll be happier with what you can make at home in your coffee machine

You Can Brew Coffee Cold Without A Coffee Maker

Cold brew coffee is coffee that is made without a coffee maker. And that’s why I’ve become a self-made fan of cold brew coffee. So make your cold brew yourself and enjoy your cold brew coffee.

Cold Brew Coffee Is Very Easy To Make

You can make your cold brew coffee at home easily.

If you have a coffee cherry tree in your home garden, then roast and grind your coffee beans by yourself – and if you haven’t! No problem! Readout!

How to Choose Coffee Beans For Cold Brew Coffee?

Although choosing the best coffee beans for your cold brew is a difficult task, but if you might follow my advice, it may become easy for you:

  • You can purchase your coffee beans locally or online.
  • Suppose you don’t know the difference between different coffee beans such as Arabica, Robusta, Liberica, and Excelsa, no problem. I’ll help you with purchasing coffee beans that have less or more caffeine content.
  • Purchase Arabica or Kona coffee beans if you like less caffeine in your cold brew.
  • Purchase Robusta coffee beans if you like more caffeine in your cold brew beverage.
  • Purchase single-origin coffee beans for your cold brew if you expect more tasty notes in your cold brew cup.
  • Suppose you don’t know the difference between dark roast, medium, and light roast, no problem! I’ll tell you the real difference between dark roast vs. light and medium roast.
  • If you like more caffeine in your cup, purchase the dark roast, but if you like less caffeine in your cold brew, prefer the medium roast.
  • Always avoid using light roast coffee beans for your cold brew; instead, you’ll result in a weak beverage.
  • Avoid pre-ground coffee beans; they often may result in a less fresh beverage.

Precautions Before Cold Brewing

Please Keep in Mind My Advice Before Brewing Your Cold Brew Coffee.

  • Grind your whole coffee beans with a burr grinder in your home.
  • Grind your coffee beans coarsely to avoid fine-size, extra-fine, or extra coarse grounds.
  • Collect your tools for your cold brew.
  • A big jar with a lid that may have the capacity to contain ingredients for your cold brew recipe.
  • A cup for measurement of water and coffee beans. You can also use a kitchen scale, but your coffee cup is more accessible to measure than a kitchen scale.
  • Filtered water. Always avoid tap water when making a cold brew recipe. Tap water may result in a bitter or stale taste in your cold brew cup.
  • Set the water and coffee ground ratio.
  • You can select one out of the following ratios:
    • 1:2
    • 1:3
    • 1:4
    • 1:5
    • 1:6
    • 1:7
    • 1:8
  • The three highlighted ratios, such as 1:2, 1:5, and 1:8, are the main ratios for your cold brew; rest ratios have similar results like main ratios with a bit of difference.
  • The ratio of 1:2 will result in high caffeinated coffee concentrate for your cold brew.
  • The ratio of 1:5 will result in a coffee concentrate that has medium caffeine content.
  • The ratio of 1:8 will give you a lightly caffeinated coffee concentrate for your cold brew.

Cold Brewing Recipe Instructions:

  • Now you have selected a ratio. I suppose your ratio is 1:5.
  • Now measure your coffee grounds and water. You have taken one cup of coffee grounds and five cups of water. You can change this ratio of water and coffee grounds according to your taste preferences afterward.
  • Combine your coffee grounds and filtered water in a jar. 
  • Cover the jar with a lid and place it in your room in a safe place. Some experts recommend a fridge to place the jar, but I don’t recommend it. A fridge can add a foul odor to your cold brew, or otherwise, low temperature may not complete the steeping process perfectly. So I recommend placing the jar at room temperature for 12 to 24 hours. 
  • But if you have a mason jar, you can place your jar in the fridge after covering it with a lid tightly.
  • If you like less caffeine in your cup, you can reduce the steeping time to less than 12 hours. 
  • On the other hand, if you are a more caffeine consumer like me, you can increase the steeping time to more than 24 to 36 hours. 
  • For medium caffeine consumers, 18 hours is the best steeping time.
  • Once you have finished your steeping hours, strain the water with a metal sieve, paper filter, or cheesecloth. Make sure there are not any coffee ground sediments in your strained water. 
  • Now, this strained water is your coffee concentrate for your cold brew. 
  • Make ice cubes of this concentrate and put them separately in your fridge. 
  • You can use this coffee concentrate for up to two weeks.
  • Please don’t use this concentrate without diluting it with water or milk. You can enhance the taste and flavor of your cold brew by adding cream, chocolate, cocoa, sugar, almonds, and other ingredients to it.

What is Cold Brew Coffee?

In Cold-Brewed coffee, avoid coffee beverages from heat. Coffee beans are steeped at room temperature for 12 to 24 hours with suitable water and coffee bean ratio. They are then filtered and mixed with milk, cream, or plain ice.]

What’s Nitro Coffee?

Nitro Coffee “is also a type of cold brew coffee that is infused with nitrogen gas. The coffee is filled in a beer keg and then served by the faucet.

Nitro coffee tastes great. It has a bubble-like texture, like foam, which feels great when it hits the inside of the mouth. Its flavor is creamy and sweet.

What is Iced Coffee?

In “iced coffee,” “coffee” is brewed hot then served by pouring over ice. It depends on your taste, whether you serve iced coffee with ice, cream, milk, or plain coffee in ice.

What Is The Difference Between Iced Coffee And Cold Brew?

Don’t think of cold brew as Iced Coffee; there is a big difference between the two. Keep the “coffee” in the cold brew away from the heat, either fire or electricity.

Cold Brew VS Hot Coffee

The main difference between Cold Brew Coffee and Hot Brew Coffee is the brewing method. One is cold brew, and the other is hot brew. In the same way, their breeding temperature makes a difference in some of their health and other benefits. And according to my point of view, the cold brew goes beyond the hot brew. And maybe from your point of view.

Is Hot Brew More Beneficial Than Cold Brew?

If you look at the usefulness of the leading hot brew, its benefit is the antioxidant content of the hot brew. When coffee is prepared using the hot brewing method, its bioactive antioxidants and chlorogenic acid are released in large quantities, which increases its importance.

Furthermore, to date, most research has been done on hot brews rather than cold brews, so the world is more aware of the health benefits of hot brews. As more research is done on Cold Brew, the world will become more aware of the benefits of Cold Brew.

Cold Brew May Be Easier On Your Stomach Than Hot Brewed Coffee

Maybe you have acid reflux disease, or you at risk. And you avoid cold brew or hot brew coffee, accusing it of being an acidic drink that will increase your acid reflux. Or you may be avoiding hot brew or cold brew coffee, accusing it of causing indigestion or heartburn.

The pH scale of coffee is 5–6, which you can also increase through different brewing methods.

The neutral pH scale is seven which is water. The pH scale of milk is 6.3.

One difference between the pH scale of cold brew coffee and hot brew coffee is that the pH level of cold brew coffee is higher than hot brew coffee anyway. It means that cold brew coffee has less acidity than hot brew.

And the other difference is that once the hot brew coffee is ready, you can’t change its pH scale by diluting it with water because hot brew coffee is not considered to be mixed with water once it is ready.

On the other hand, in cold brew coffee, you can increase the pH level by mixing water whenever you want. But if you bring your cold brew around pH level 7, you have no risk of acid reflux from cold brew coffee.

Cold-brewed coffee contains more crude polysaccharides than hot brewed coffee’s Crude polysaccharides; whether you call them carbohydrates or sugar molecule chains, increase your digestive immunity and reduces the side effects of gut irritation and acidity on your stomach.

The greatest health benefit to cold brew is that it is easier on the stomach. The cold brew process makes the coffee less acidic which means it’s a better option for those with sensitive stomachs.

Alvin Cureton owner of https://www.apricitascoffee.com/

Cold Brew Has More Caffeine Content Than Hot Brew Coffee

Most of the benefits of drinking coffee are due to its caffeine content. When we make cold brew coffee concentrate, we use three times more beans than hot brewing coffee.

Do the math!

The more the coffee beans, the more the caffeine.

Although we can increase or decrease caffeine content in cold brew coffee by using different techniques in its brewing method; as a result, cold brew coffee has higher caffeine content than hot brew.

How to Cut Down on Caffeine and Still Enjoy Your Coffee

If you want to reduce your daily caffeine intake, let me tell you how to reduce your daily caffeine intake without resorting to any drastic measures.

You can easily reduce caffeine quantity in your cold brew by switching between the crushed coffee beans and the water ratio and increasing or decreasing the steeping time of the coffee beans.

The bottom line

Cold brew coffee is a pleasant alternative to hot brew coffee.

Cold brew coffee is a combination of health benefits. It can speed up your metabolism, increase neuron function, and improve your mood. It also has the same health benefits as hot brewed coffee, but cold brew is easier to digest than hot brew coffee. What’s more, Cold Brew has less acidity and less bitterness than hot brew.

So if you are sensitive, i.e., you have problems with hot brew due to indigestion, acidity, or bitterness, then try Cold Brew coffee. You don’t even have to go to a coffee shop because you can easily make a cold brew at home. So if you want to catch the wave with the in-crowd, cold brew is the way to go.

Stay Caffeinated!


How Much Cold Brew Coffee Should I Drink? What’s The Point Of Cold Brew Coffee?

You and I all drink coffee to meet our caffeine needs. Because if our caffeine needs are not met, we will not do our daily work properly. So you should drink any coffee, whether it is cold brew or hot brew, only to meet your caffeine needs.

However, one to four cups of cold-brewed coffee daily will be suitable for you. Because a cold brew contains 95 mg of caffeine and it is better not to drink more than 400 mg of caffeine. You can also increase or decrease the amount of caffeine in your cold brew to improve your health.

Why does cold brew coffee boost your mood?

Whether it’s a cold brew or a hot brew, coffee contains caffeine, which boosts your mood. When you drink your daily cold brew or hot brew coffee, you wander around like a social butterfly and run your daily routine. On the other hand, when you don’t get enough of your daily routine, you turn into a grumpy shut-in who doesn’t even look at one’s daily to-do list.

Why does cold brew coffee boost your mood more than hot brew?

The simple answer is caffeine. Since cold brew coffee often may have more caffeine than hot brew, it lifts your mood more than hot brew. The more caffeine you have, the better your mood will be.

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