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SAFETY PRECAUTIONS: Safety Precautions are vital for your safety. You must go through the precautions before tackling the machine.

WARNING: When a warning sign appears, immediately seek safety precautions to minimize the possible harm.

INFORMATION: The information sign informs you to go through the user manual to learn the correct way of operating the machine.

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You wake up, and the first thing you do for yourself is brew a nice cup of coffee, but an unfortunate mishap occurs due to your slight negligence, which can lead to a minor to a life-threatening situation. And we definitely don’t want that, So here I’m presenting a coffee machine, Nespresso Inissia Safety Precautions which you must follow before using the coffee machine.

Nespresso Inissia Cautions

Vigilant senses are required when you are using an electric appliance of any sort. For instance, we have Nespresso Inissia, which no doubt lifts up your mood with its excellent coffee quality and aroma, but you never know at what point it can be a source of your despair. Here are the precautions related to your safety while handling the brewer.

  1. While the brewer is on, do not touch the hot surfaces, or it will cause scalding.
  2. You should not use forbidden or sharp tools for cleaning the brewer.
  3. You should not place the brewer around water or humidity, as water and electricity are enemies.
  4. You should not use accessories that the manufacturer doesn’t recommend.
  5. You should not use this machine for other purposes besides brewing beverages.
  6. You should never insert your finger in the capsule placing.
  7. Before using Nespresso Inissia, you must go through the instructions given by the manufacturer to avoid any forbidden work.
  8. You can use Nespresso Inissia in your households, kitchen, offices, staff kitchens, farmhouses, apartments, etc.
  9. If you see the brewer cord damage, prevent using the machine and don’t let anyone use it.
  10. Nespresso Inissia is not built for outdoor use, so you should avoid using it outside, especially when the environment is harsh.
  11. When you are connecting the brewer, first attach the plug to the brewer and then the cord to the power source.
  12. You should not touch the machine with wet hands.
  13. You should protect the machine from prolonged sun exposure.
  14. Let the machine cool down if you want to remove parts of the brewer.
  15. When you open the machine packaging, you will see a User Manual in which, besides instructions, safety precautions are also there, so go read them too to let yourself know what the manufacturer is saying.

Safety Precaution around Children

Almost every house has the blessing of children, and you should take respective measures in order for their well-being. Here are the following precautions you must take to keep your blessings safe and sound

  1. Firstly don’t let children play around the brewer; if they do, keep an eye on them and not get close to the brewer, especially when the brewer is in a working state.
  2. If you have a child or sibling of age 8 and more than 8 yrs, they can brew on their own if they want to; however, you must supervise them from start to end.
  3. If you are not using your brewer, then turn it off.
  4. You must not let the children play with the brewer as it is not some toy.
  5. You should be the one to descale and clean the brewer, not the child.

Electric & Fire Shock Avoidance

Faulty outlets and any kinks or arcing in the wire can lead to fire or electric shock. The damage in the cord cause increase in the resistance of current flow, which will heat the wire and eventually leads to fire. So it is good to keep the cord in check and follow the precautions below.

  1. You should never forget to turn off the brewer before cleaning it. 
  2. You should not place your brewer beside hot places like a stove or oven, as the heat will melt the brewer’s body and affect its internal parts.
  3. You should not open the brewer when it is in working condition.
  4. If you see any electric spark in the outlet, wire, or machine, rapidly unplug the cord from the power source to spot further risks.
  5. Any sudden increase or decrease in voltage can be dreadful for the machine and cause a severe spark, so voltage must be steady on the socket.
  6. You must not put any unusual and forbidden things in the brewer.
  7. You should only plug the brewer’s cord into steady current sockets.
  8. You must place your brewer on smooth and even surfaces.
  9. You should never put any brewer’s part in the dishwasher unless the manufacturer recommended some parts as dishwasher safe.

Safety Precautions While Operating the Nespresso Inissia

It would be a good thing to keep safety precautions in your mind while operating with the brewer. The following things should follow while brewing.

  1. You should carefully close the lever to avoid any scalding.
  2. You should always use fresh and luke water for refilling the reservoir.
  3. You must remember to place a mug or cup on the drip tray before brewing.
  4. If you are not using your brewer for a while, then before setting it aside, clean & dry it thoroughly first.
  5. If your brewer is producing strange noise and smoke is emerging while brewing, immediately turns off the brewer and let it be checked by contacting Nespresso Club.
  6. You should avoid using steam or pressure cleaners to clean your brewer.
  7. You should not use strong cleaning agents and use only mild or less acidic cleaning agents.
  8. You must not put your finger under the coffee outlet or capsule compartment.
  9. You should often change the water in the reservoir when you last used the brewer a while ago.

Cord related Precautions

The cord is the primary connection between the brewer and the power source. So its care is a must. Any damage can deteriorate the brewer’s functionality. So here are the following cord-related precautions.

  1. Keep your cord from hanging over sharp edges. 
  2. If you are disconnecting the brewer, then do so by holding and pulling the cord adapter.
  3. If you see any damage on the cord, avoid using it.
  4. You should not let heat and humidity near the cord.
  5. If your hands are wet, then do not touch the cord.

Extension-Cord Precautions

An extension cord is a great way to extend the short brewer cord. However, there are some things you should note while buying an extension cord for Nespresso Inissia.

  1. You should first attach the cord to the appliance, then plug in the power socket.
  2. You should use an earthed extension cord.
  3. The conductor cord cross-sectional area must be 1.5 mm2 or matching power input.
  4. When you want to disconnect, turn off the power source and remove the plugs.

Descaling Precautions

Descaling is a significant factor in your machine’s good quality. The adults must do it, and following precautions you must take to ensure your and your brewer’s safety.

  • You should use the Nespresso descaling Kit for descaling your Nespresso Inissia.
  • You should follow the procedure and guidelines given by the manufacturer for descaling your brewer.
  • Following the procedure, you should carry out line-wise during the descaling
  1. Prepare your brewer by reading the instructions about descaling.
  2. Go through the complete descaling process according to the guidelines.
  3. Cleans out the brewer by brewing a clean water cycle and rinsing the reservoir.
  4. Waste the leftovers properly in the waste bin to avoid pollution.


How Do You Take Care Of Your Nespresso Inissia Machine?

It is crucial to take care of your brewer to get a nice cup of coffee every time. Here are the following things through which you can take care of your brewer nicely;

  • Timely descale your brewer.
  • Avoid physical harm like falling off a machine or striking with hard material.
  • Clean your brewer after every 3 months or after 600 uses.
  • Follow safety precautions.
  • Follow instructions or guidance provided by the manufacturer.
  • Use mild acidic cleaning agent for outside cleaning
  • Keep your brewer dry.
  • Do not use forbidden cleaning tools that may harm your brewer.
  • Avoid heat and harsh temperature conditions on your brewer.

Does Nespresso Coffee Have Toxins?

No, Nespresso coffee Capsules are wholly harmless and contain no toxins in them, which can toxify your coffee. However, if you do not rinse your brewer with a clean water cycle after descaling with the descaling solution, it can leave and cause a bitter and unusual coffee taste.

Why does my Nespresso not taste good anymore?

It is because regular, continuous usage without descaling can cause mineral coffee grinds deposits which on new capsule brewing leaves their bitter and sour taste and eventually deteriorates coffee quality. That’s why your Nespresso coffee is not tasting good anymore. It is better to clean and descale it right away to reincarnate the taste.

Do Nespresso Pods Contain Bpa?

No, there are no Bpa or Bisphenol A in the Nespresso coffee capsule, and they are harmless for your health.

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