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Everything has Changed: The texture, the taste, the flavor, the mouthfeel, the aroma, and a lot more; It is coffee but similar to beer; It is cold brew but beyond cold brew, right! It’s my beloved nitro!

What Is Nitro Cold Brew Coffee? 

Nitro coffee is a cold brew coffee brewed cold and then infused with Nitrogen gas through a pressurized valve.

Since the introduction of nitro coffee, the demand for it has been increasing day by day. And now it has become the second most popular order after the Caffe Latte. Whether it’sit’s coffee shops or grocery stores, hotels, or restaurants, Nitro Coffee is everywhere in almost all US cafes.

What Is The Difference Between Nitro Coffee And Cold Brew?

Nitro coffee is a type of cold-brewed coffee. The only difference is that nitrogen is infused with it after cold brewing. Nitrogen infusion improves both its taste and texture. Unlike hot coffee, it is served directly from the faucet and is used cold instead of hot.

How to Make Nitro Cold Brew Coffee?

Want to know how to make nitro cold brew coffee!

Brewing Nitro Cold Brew Coffee is not so easy.

Nitro coffee requires assembling a complex series of faucets, tubes, hoses, gas tanks, and keg connectors, so neither is it easy to make nor cheap.

Why is Nitro Coffee So Popular?

To understand the reason for the popularity of nitro coffee, you first need to understand the science of nitro coffee. The first step in making nitro coffee is to cold brew the coffee beans.

Nitro Coffee Brewing Method

In the cold brewing step, steep the coffee beans at room temperature with suitable water to the coffee ratio for 12 to 24 hours. The next step is to convert the cold brew concentrate into the world’s most expensive and high-value Nitro coffee.

Infusion Of Nitrogen Gas Changes Nitro Coffee Texture

 In this step, the Nitrogen gas inside the cold brew is infused through a pressure valve. It is the step that gives Nitro coffee the most unique velvety and soft texture coffee in the world. Tiny bubbles of nitrogen gas give nitro coffee a large soft thickness.

The cold brewing method reduces the bitterness and acidity of coffee beans while nitrogen gas fills the sweetness inside the coffee concentrate. And its texture is as soft as silk and as smooth as milk, giving it a uniform texture from top to bottom.

What Is the Similarity Of Nitro Coffee to “Guinness” And “Stouts”?

According to coffee geeks, the popular name of Nitro coffee is “gradation-in-motion” or a “cascade.” And some lovers of Nitro compare it to “Guinness.” And maybe they are accurate in their comparison. Because if you pay your attention from a distance to a glass of Nitro coffee, it might look the same as a glass of freshly poured stout. Another reason for their similarity is: like stouts, Nitro is also kept in kegs.

Why Is Nitro Coffee So Expensive?

The Simple answer is Nitro coffee’s taste, texture, and expensive brewing method.

What is the result? A cold-brewed drink with a soft, smooth, and thick, velvety texture with slight sweetness, without any cream, milk, and sugar–pure coffee. These are the qualities of Nitro coffee that convince coffee consumers to pay a handsome price for a cup.

How To Make Nitro Coffee At Home?

If you’re finding the answer of your question, “How to make Nitro Cold Brew Coffee at home?” You’re at the right place!

Making nitro coffee at home is no more complicated than ordinary coffee: just making it a little more isolated and a bit more expensive than regular coffee.

Chose a Right Machine

 If you are trying to make a nitro cold brew coffee at home, you will find two types of machines to choose from– a keg style and a whipper style. You have to buy one of these two:

Hatfields NitroPress Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker

GrowlerWerks uKeg Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Making Nitro cold brew coffee at home is not as difficult as it seems. Less complicated than that. There are two stages. In the first stage, you have to make cold brew coffee, and in the second stage, you have to infuse nitrogen into it. We will explain these steps in more detail below.

Our Nitro Cold Brew Recipe

Step 1: Making cold brew coffee

First, choose the right way to make cold brew coffee. To produce a mixture ratio of 1: 5, we combine one cup of coarsely ground coffee grounds and 5 cups of filtered water. We let it steep at room temperature for 24 hours before filtering it out. Now we strain it two times: once with a metal sieve and twice with a paper filter.

Step 2: Infuse the cold mixture with nitrogen

it’sit’s a straightforward process. Pour your coffee into your keg style or whipper style flask. Close the flask. Charge it with nitrogen and shake it a few times. Your nitro cold brew coffee is ready. Enjoy it!

Is Nitro Coffee Superior To Hot Coffee?

Simply yes! Nitro is superior to ordinary coffee in both its texture and taste. In addition, Nitro coffee offers a thick and creamy texture that distinguishes it from ordinary coffee.

And its health benefits are far more than just ordinary coffee.

What Is The Difference And Similarity Between Nitro And Soda Water?

Like ordinary soda water, nitro coffee is also infused with tiny gas bubbles that change the way our mouths feel.

The only difference is that ordinary soda water is filled with carbon dioxide while Nitro coffee is filled with Nitrogen gas.

What is The Similarity Of Nitro Coffee To Beer?

Only the texture and mouthfeel of Nitro are similar to beer.

When nitrogen is infused with Nitro coffee, its texture becomes foam, and the mouth feels very soft and supple. That is, Nitro feels like beer.

Can I Add Milk, Cream, Or Sugar To Nitro Coffee?

No! not! Because Nitro coffee is so soft and gentle in the mouth that it does not require the addition of milk or cream like ordinary coffee.

Can I Add Sugar To My Nitro Coffee?

The answer is no! Because Nitrogen gas not only changes Nitro coffee’s texture and the feeling in the mouth, but it also adds a little sweetness to Nitro coffee. So you don’t need to add sugar to your Nitro coffee.

I’m A Patient Of Diabetes; which Coffee Is Better For Me?

Since nitro coffee does not require extra sugar, If you are a patient of diabetes or at risk, Nitro coffee is better for you.

I’m At the risk of Gaining Weight; which Coffee Is Better For Me?

Nitro coffee is a better choice for you if you are at risk of gaining weight. It is because Nitro coffee does not require adding sugar. So by not adding more sugar, you are not at risk of gaining calories or gaining weight again.

I like Sweet Coffee Without Sugar; which Coffee is Better For Me?

If you also want to drink sweet coffee and don’t want to add sugar, then Nitro coffee is the best choice because it is sweet.

What Is The Acidic Difference Between Nitro And Hot Coffee?

One of the significant differences between nitro coffee and hot coffee is the acidity level of both. Most of the acids found in hot coffee are acidic compounds that appear when hot coffee is heated to a high temperature.

Why Is the Acidity Level Of Nitro Coffee Much Lover?

The reason is the brewing method. Because making nitro coffee is cold brewed, its acidity level is much lower than that of hot brew.

I Have An Acidity Problem; which Coffee Is Better For Me?

Nitro coffee is an excellent choice for you if you have an acidity problem. The reason is the cold brewing method of nitro coffee.

Nitro coffee is the better choice for people who have weak stomachs.

Does Hot Brewed Coffee have More Acidity Than Nitro Coffee?

 Yes! Hot brew coffee has higher acidity, and that is its acidic compounds, such as chlorogenic acid. Chlorogenic acid is an antioxidant that is what most regular acids provide. The chlorogenic acid has anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic, and anti-cancer properties that help prevent chronic diseases..

Why Nitro Coffee Has More Caffeine Content Than Hot Coffee?

Because the ratio between the nitro coffee beans and the water content they choose when making coffee is much higher than hot coffee, therefore, high fiber increases the amount of caffeine in it.

What Health Benefits Of Nitro Coffee Are Due To Caffeine Content?

Caffeine is associated with many health benefits of Nitro coffee, such as increasing metabolism, increasing your agility in daily activities, making you leaner, and reducing your risk of type 2 diabetes.

Can Everyone Benefit From Having More Caffeine In Nitro Coffee?

The simple answer is no! Because everyone can’t benefit from having more caffeine in Nitro coffee. Although where there are many benefits of caffeine, it also has many side effects. Caffeine overdose can lead to: 

  • Anxiety
  • Irregular Heartbeat
  • Headaches
  • High Blood Pressure

Also, if you are more sensitive, your caffeine side effects may increase.

Which Has More Health Benefits: Nitro Or Hot Coffee?

Looking at the health benefits of both Nitro coffee and hot coffee, most of both are the same. Both contain caffeine, antioxidants. In addition, the same micronutrients like riboflavin and pantothenic acid are also present in both. And all these things are essential for our health.

Similarly, Both hot coffee and Nitro have many more benefits, such as: 

  • Drinking coffee lowers your risk of depression.
  • Coffee prolongs your life.
  • Coffee lowers your risk of diabetes. Drinking coffee reduces the risk of diseases such as:
    • dementia.
    • Alzheimer’sAlzheimer’s disease.
    • Parkinson’sParkinson’s disease.

Most of the health benefits I have mentioned above are from hot coffee, but since nitro coffee compounds are the same as hot brew coffee, all of these health benefits are also found in Nitro coffee.

How Nitro Coffee Makes You More Active?

When drinking Nitro coffee increases your metabolism, you become active, your metabolism increases; thus, you burn more fat, and you become thinner.

Bottom line

Cold-brewed Nitro coffee tastes a bit sweeter and has a more profound and smoother texture than regular coffee.

Nitro coffee is high in caffeine and low in acid compared to regular coffee.

However, when we compare the nutritional value and health benefits of “normal coffee” and “nitro coffee,” such as weight loss and longevity, both usual coffee and nitro coffee are almost equal. But in some respects, Nitro goes far enough. And those things are the taste, texture, and flavor of nitro coffee and its sensations in the mouth.

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