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Coffee Aim’s Rating

Espresso Quality4.3 out of 5
Easy to brew4.5 out of 5
Flavor4.5 out of 5
Aroma 4.2 out of 5
Strength 4.2 out of 5
Body 4.2 out of 5
Acidity 4.0 out of 5
Bitterness 4.1 out of 5
Crema 4.1 out of 5
Intensity 4.1 out of 5
Value for money4.1 out of 5
Brand Reputation4.5 out of 5
Coffee Aim’s Crux:
Nespresso Vivida Vertuo pod is a blend of medium-roasted Latin American Arabicas, offering you a creamy and smooth coffee cup. Vivida is rich in vitamin B12, and it complements your lifestyle. It invites you to the coffee ceremony in which a sweet aroma calms your mind while cereal, biscuit, and honey notes amaze you. The mild acidity, bitterness, and intensity allow you to enjoy a balanced and elegant profile in full joy. Vivida is a great way to integrate wellness into your morning routine. So grab a cup and brew your cup of joe in a new delicious way. 


“Water is essential for life as it is needed to make a perfect cup of coffee.”

Are you on the hunt for a coffee that packs a mild profile and sweet notes? Look no further than the Nespresso Vivida Vertuo Pod! This mellow coffee is perfect for those who love light flavors and a high-quality taste experience. The Nespresso Vivida Vertuo Pod features a blend of high-quality Arabica beans carefully selected for their distinct characteristics. Plus, the Vertuo Pod system ensures a perfectly brewed cup every time, with unique technology that delivers rich, crema-topped coffee with every pour. 

So, get ready to savor the lively and luxurious flavor of the Nespresso Vivida Vertuo Pod.

Features of Nespresso VertuoLine Vivida Pod

  • Product Line: Vertuo-Line
  • Intensity: Not Available
  • Roast Type: Medium-roast
  • Caffeine: 170-200 mg
  • Coffee Type: Arabica beans
  • Volume: 7.7 oz (230 ml) coffee cup
  • Aromatic Profile: Sweet
  • Body: Smooth and creamy
  • Flavor: Cereal, biscuit, and honey
  • Finish: Mild sweet

Nespresso VertuoLine Vivida Capsule Taste Test

My Vivida capsule had a pleasant rose color. I brewed it with my Nespresso VertuoPlus machine. I smelled it and got a pleasing sweet and honey scent. I took a sip and found it mild. The delectable sweet notes hit my palate, and hints of biscuit and cereal offered me a great mouthfeel. 

Then, I added milk to this mellow blend and tasted it. The delicious honey notes amazed me while its creamy texture left thickness in my mouth. I also tried it with cream, honey syrup, and other seasonings; it always impressed me with its hidden strength. 

Nespresso Vivida capsule offers 7.7 oz mellow coffee cups, making it perfect for light-roast coffee lovers. It is compatible with only VertuoLine machines. Brew it any time of the day, pair it with croissants, berries, etc. and cherish your day. 

What We LikeWhat We Don’t Like
Pleasant sweet aromaNot best for dark-roast coffee lovers
Smooth, creamy texture and great mouthfeel
Dense crema
Work well with milk, ice, cream, sweeteners, etc.
Cereal, biscuit, and honey notes
Satisfying sweet finish

Nespresso VertuoLine Vivida Capsule Features — An In-Depth Insight

Features of the Nespresso Vivida Vertuo Pod showcased in the image for the article 'Nespresso Vivida Vertuo Pod Review'

Let’s talk about the notable features of the Nespresso Vivida Vertuo pod. These characteristics will help you to know whether this blend will satisfy your taste buds, whether it is worth the purchase, and much more. So, keep scrolling!

Origin — Latin American Arabica Beans

This image represents the Origin of Nespresso Vivida vertuo pod for the article "Nespresso Vivida vertuo pod review"

Nespresso Vivida Vertuo pod is a blend of Latin American Arabicas. When you brew this blend, you do not just drink the drink but also experience the specificities of Latin America in full joy. 

Roasting Level — 3 Out Of 5

Image depicting the Roasting Level of Nespresso Vivida Vertuo Pod for the article 'Nespresso Vivida Vertuo Pod Review'

In this Nespresso coffee blend, the beans undergo a medium roast. The beans are roasted carefully to develop their profound notes and aromas, delivering a rich coffee with a nice texture. 

Aroma — Sweet

This image represents the aroma of Nespresso Vivida vertuo pod for the article "Nespresso Vivida vertuo pod review"

When you brew this sumptuous pod, you will get a sensory treat. The pleasant sweet scent calms your nerves, making your morning enjoyable. So, take a moment to savor its aroma before taking your first sip. 

Acidity — 1 Out Of 5

Visual depiction of the acidity profile in Nespresso Vivida Vertuo pod, featured in the article 'Nespresso Vivida Vertuo Pod Review.'

Nespresso Vivida Vertuo pod delivers you a coffee cup with mild acidity. It will result in smoothness and less acidic bite, making it a perfect option for mellow coffee lovers. So, sit on your sofa and delight your palate with its rich flavors. 

Bitterness — 2 Out Of 5

This image illustrates the Bitterness of the Nespresso Vivida Vertuo pod, as discussed in the article 'Nespresso Vivida Vertuo Pod Review'

So you take sip after sip of Vivida coffee, and the subtle bitterness will hit the tip of your tongue, offering you an indulgent coffee experience. It does not offer overpowering bitter notes, allowing other notes to express themselves fully. 

Body — 3 Out Of 5

This image represents the Body of Nespresso Vivida vertuo pod for the article "Nespresso Vivida vertuo pod review"

The Nespresso Vivida Vertuo pod covers your tongue with a creamy texture. The smoothness and light notes will win your heart, giving you a pleasant mouthfeel. Moreover, the notes of honey and cereal make it a great choice for those looking for an indulgent iced coffee experience.

Flavor — Cereal, Biscuity, And Sweet

Flavor profile of Nespresso Vivida Vertuo pod for the 'Nespresso Vivida Vertuo Pod Review'

What Does Vivida Nespresso Taste Like? Upon taking a sip of Vivida coffee, the notable notes of cereal and biscuit cover your palate. The mild acidity, bitterness, and smooth texture leave a long-lasting impression on your tongue. As you add milk to this blend, the sweet notes of honey unfold on your palate. The subtle hints of cereal offer you a satisfying coffee experience. No doubt, it is worth trying Vertuo pod. 

Finish — Mild Sweet

This image depicts the Nespresso Vivida Vertuo pod, signaling the conclusion of the review on the 'Nespresso Vivida Vertuo Pod'

Nespresso Vivida Vertuo pod offers you a subtle sweet aftertaste. It offers a satisfying finish that lingers on your palate and enhances your coffee experience. This Vertuo blend is rich in Vitamin B12 and complements your lifestyle as the vitamin supports the normal functioning of your immune system. Its one cup gives you 20% of your recommended daily value. So, take a moment and enjoy it as part of a varied and balanced diet.

Nespresso Vivida Intensity — Not Available

Nespresso Vivida Vertuo pod embodies an elegant profile with classic cereal notes outlined by honeyed sweetness. Enjoy this coffee ritual as a classic black or Americano; it will amaze you with full-bodied texture. It adds balanced intensity to your cup, making it perfect for milk and iced beverages. 

Nespresso Vivida Caffeine Content — 170-200 mg

Visual representation of the Caffeine content in a Nespresso Vivida Vertuo pod, featured in the article 'Nespresso Vivida Vertuo Pod Review.

Nespresso Vivida Vertuo pod invites you to a coffee ceremony in which the smooth taste of fine Latin American Arabicas meets the benefits of vitamin B12. It is a coffee pod and adds 170-200 mg caffeine content per cup, giving you a strong kick for the day. 

Nespresso Vivida Calories 

Nespresso Vivida Vertuo contains low calories, so it can be a part of your healthy diet. So, you can enjoy its rich taste and aroma without worrying about excess calories. Its complete calorie chart includes the following;

Calories 2Percent value
Total fat (0.1 g)0%
Saturated fat (0g)0%
Trans fat (0g)0%
Cholesterol (0 mg)0%
Sodium (4.7 mg)0%
Potassium (0 mg)0%
Total carbohydrates (0g)0%
Dietary fiber (0g)0%
Sugars (0g)0%
Protein (0.3 g)1%
Vitamin A0%
Vitamin C0%
Calcium 0%
Iron 0%

Nespresso Vivida Nutrition Facts

Nespresso Vivida does not contain excessive carbs, fats, or protein, allowing you to enjoy high-quality coffee without any worry. For more detail, check out the below table.  

Calories 2.4Percent value
Total fat (0.1 g)
Sodium (4.7 mg)1%
Potassium (116 mg)3%
Total carbohydrates (0g)
Dietary fiber (0g)
Sugars (0g)0%
Protein (0.3 g)
Vitamin D (0μg)0%
Calcium 4.7mg 1%
Iron (0 mg)1%

Customization and Personalization

If you like to customize your coffee experience, the Nespresso Vivida Vertuo Pod offers many options. You can enjoy it on its own or add milk or sugar to suit your taste. Its mild profile make it a great match with various foods, such as chocolate desserts, buttery croissants, or even savory breakfast sandwiches.

So go ahead and personalize your coffee experience with Nespresso Vivida Vertuo Pod, and explore different ways to enjoy your cup of joe! However, it’s essential to remember that adding milk, cream, sugar, or other seasonings to your coffee can increase your beverage’s calorie content.

Is Nespresso VertuoLine Vivida Best for You?

If you want a light and well-balanced cup of joe in the morning, Nespresso Vivida is meant for you. It is a medium-roasted blend of Latin American Arabicas, offering you a creamy coffee cup. It calms your nerves with a sweet aroma and graces your palate with cereal, biscuits, and honey notes. The lower acidity allows its flavors to shine fully while subtle bitterness and satisfying finish give you an enjoyable coffee experience. Moreover, with the addition of the luxurious sweet grain note of the blend’s bourbon variety beans, VIVIDA is your treat for a great day. It is a fantastic source of vitamin B12; each serving gives you 25% of the recommended daily value. However, if you want to;

  • Taste a coffee blended with Brazilian and Central American Arabicas; try the Nespresso Melozio capsule. This blend hits your palate with cereal, biscuit, and smooth notes, offering 7.7 oz coffee cups with an intensity of 6 and 170-200 mg of caffeine. 
  • Nespresso Vivida offers high caffeine content. If you are caffeine-sensitive or want a high-quality coffee cup without caffeine, check out decaf blends such as; Melozio Decaffeinato,_ Fortado Decaffeinato,_ Decaffeinato Intenso etc.
  • Moreover, Vivida is a medium-roast blend and provides mellow coffee cups. So, if you want a bold and intense coffee cup in the morning that wakes you up, choose dark-roasted capsules. These blends include; Paris Black,_Mexico,_ Kazaar, etc.


Are the Nespresso Vertuo Pods Any Good?

Nespresso offers various VertuoLine pods, each delivering high-quality coffee cups. Each capsule’s size, flavor, strength, intensity, aroma, and caffeine content varies. Whether you love bold or mild coffee, you can select the desired pod according to your personal preferences. 

What is the Meaning of Vivida?

What Is Vivida Coffee? Nespresso Vivida is a medium-roast blend of Latin American Arabicas. It offers lively coffee cups with mild notes, a robust aroma, and a satisfying finish. It leaves a long-lasting impression on your tongue and also fulfills your vitamin B12 needs. 

What Does Voltesso Nespresso Taste Like?

Voltesso brews light, sweet, and balanced coffee cups due to the medium roasting of Brazilian and Colombian Arabicas. The winey and nutty notes hit your palate while its creamy and smooth texture balances its acidity and compels you to demand sip after sip.

What is the Sweetest Nespresso Flavor?

Which Nespresso Pods Are Least Bitter? Many Nespresso capsules deliver sweet and mild coffee cups. Each offers different strength, caffeine, and intensity level, so choose the desired blend according to your desired taste. 

What Do the Nespresso Flavors Taste Like?

Nespresso pods offer distinct notes of wine, fruits, floral, cereal, cocoa, caramel, etc. Whether you prefer a bold, intense taste or mild flavor, you can select your favorite blend according to your personal preferences. 

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