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Product NameCaffè Quarta Aroma Intenso Coffee pods N. 6 Packets, 18 pods Each. Original Italian Coffee Made in Salento Apulia
BrandQuarta Caffè
Product OriginItaly
FormatESE Pods
Item weight0.5 Kilograms
Units6 Packets, 18 pods Each.
Coffee BeansArabica and Robusta
Roast LevelMedium Dark Roast
Flavour NameOriginal
Caffeine ContentCaffeinated
Customer Reviews122
Customer Rating94.71/100
Service Rating10/10
Easy to Use Rating10/10
Freshness Rating9.3/10
Aroma Rating9.4/10
Flavour & Taste Rating9.2/10
Strength Rating9.3/10
Value for Money Rating9.1/10
PriceClick for price on Amazon
Caffè Quarta Aroma Intenso Coffee pods N. 6 Packets, 18 pods Each. Original Italian Coffee Made in Salento Apulia

Caffè Quarta Aroma Intenso Coffee pods N. 6 Packets, 18 pods Each. Original Italian Coffee Made in Salento Apulia.

When I wrote the post “Best ESE Pods and Which Machine to Use Them With,” I mentioned Caffè Quarta Aroma Intenso Coffee pods but didn’t go into detail. When my readers read the post of Best ESE Pods, they emailed me that they also want to read at Caffè Quarta, so I wrote this post for the convenience of my readers.

My Real Experience with These Pods

I bought these pods for the first time because I had no experience with them before. I needed more than fifty brands of ESE pods to write a post on Best ESE Pods, so I could test them and choose ten, so I worked hard to find fifty ESE coffee pods, one of which was Quarta Caffe. 

But I was afraid that my review might not be based on prejudice because I like Illy, I would not mistreat Quarta Coffee. So I looked at it very carefully and tried many times to put its rivals together. It’s now on my list of permanent podcasts. And when I buy ESE pods every six months, it includes Quatra Caffe pods.

When I first used ESE pods, I had a DeLonghi machine, afterwards I have used Swan Retro, Cuisinart, Gaggia, etc. I like to change coffee machines, so I buy a new coffee machine every month and sell the old one.

I have never preferred to make espresso from ESE pods because I have an excellent bean-to-cup coffee machine for making espresso. A stock of coffee beans is always in my kitchen cabinet, and from this machine, I love making espresso. But sometimes I can’t afford to buy coffee beans because of the cheapness. In this situation, I have to resort to ESE pods, Nespresso, Dolce Gusto, Tassimo coffee pods, or Keurig K-Cups.

When I’m traveling, I don’t even have access to these coffee pods, and I have to make up for my caffeine deficiency with instant coffee or coffee bags.

Here is a summary of the way I found Quarta Caffé.

First of all, we will look at quality. Suppose you compare Quarta Caffé’s ESE pods with fresh coffee beans. In that case, Quarta Coffee will lag far behind in this competition because no coffee pod can compete with the espresso made on a bean-to-cup coffee machine by grinding whole coffee beans at home, whether it’s Quarta’s ESE pods, Nespresso, Dolce Gusto, Tassimo’s capsules or Keurig’s K-cups.

Let’s compare Quarta Caffe’s ESE pods with Nespresso, Dolce Gusto, Tassimo capsules, or Keurig’s K-Cups. Quarta Caffe’s ESE pods are far behind these coffee pods in this race, too, because these coffee pods make very high-quality espresso.

Now, if we compare the ESE pods of Quarta Caffe with Illy, Lavaza, Caffe Bourbon, PureGusto, or Black Donkey’s ESE pods, Quarta Cafe does not lag in this competition and provides a good taste.

Availability and Value

The wave of K-Cups is significant in the US but not in the rest of the world. It makes it difficult to get these beans in supermarkets or hypermarkets like Target etc. But unlike the K-Cup, Quarta Caffe’s ESE pods are readily available online and in supermarkets or hypermarkets around the world. In the absence of completion from Amazon, their delivery is typical of standard and postal services.

Environmentally Friendly

Unfortunately, these pods are packaged separately to keep them fresh for longer.

Fortunately, foil packaging can be recycled. The pods are wrapped in paper and burst quickly after use. Anyone can then grind them and use them for gardening purposes.


If you, like me, have a friend who just bought an espresso machine that is ESE pods compatible, you can give him a Quarta coffee pod as a gift. Because these pods come in excellent and beautiful packaging, this blend is truly a value pack of traditional Italian pods that can’t go wrong. Most people accept medium roast, and a deep roast can be easily manipulated with their machines if one finds it very strong.

Verdict : Quatra Caffé ESE Pods

However, as far as taste is concerned, everyone has their preferences in taste. Maybe I like Ily, and you like Caffe Bourbon, and your wife prefers Quarta Caffe ESE pods. So my advice is to try it once in a lifetime.

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