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Bottomless Portafilter Faema E61

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Product Dimensions

3.5 x 1.6 x 9 inches

Item Weight

15.2 ounces



The Bottomless Portafilter is a crucial tool for diagnosing espresso extraction issues and has become an essential addition to any quality-orientated espresso shop’s barista tools. It allows baristas to watch the entire process from start to finish with an exposed basket that can be lowered down into place or raised out of sight when not in use – The Bottomless Portafilter is sometimes referred to as a Naked Portafilter! 

To optimize your espresso extraction, you must first understand that channeling and spurting can be rough. It is not a fault with the portafilter itself, but rather it’s telling us there needs improvement in the preparation process (grind size/ tamp level)

This bottomless portafilter is perfect for the espresso lover who wants to pull some shots without having their cup running dry. This 3 shot 21g filter basket can hold 58mm of grounds, and it comes with a tamper included as well, so you won’t even need an extra tool!

There is nothing better than a bottomless portafilter to transform your espresso game. The Faema E61 fits into any machine with its 58mm tamper size, and it comes equipped with 3 shot 21g filters that will keep you caffeinated all day long! This one isn’t compatible with Rocket Espresso machines, though; make sure before purchase, so no need for regrets later on down the road.

Bottomless (Naked) Portafilters are an excellent way to make sure your espresso shots taste perfect! These machines have no filter, so you know they’ll be pure. This bottomless portafilter or naked one fits onto any device with a 58mm tamper size – which means it will work with all major brands of high-end commercial coffee makers too!.

Key Features and Specifications of FAEMA E61 bottomless portafilter

  • FAEMA E61 bottomless portafilter for an espresso machine
  • Naked portafilter for best Crema results
  • naked portafilter for best-controlled espresso shots
  • espresso coffee machine
  • Joefrex concept-art espresso tools

Which Machines is E61 Faema Bottomless Portafilter Compatible with?

E61 Faema bottomless portafilter is Compatible with the following coffee machines:


  • Duetto Evo
  • Duetto IV
  • Vivi PID


  • Anita
  • Andreja Premium
  • Alexia
  • Carola
  • QM67
  • Vetrano 2B

If Isomac, Expobar, and ECM coffee machines have an E61 group? They will also be compatible with the Faema bottomless portafilter.


Will it fit ECM Giotto? 


Yes! ECM Giotto espresso machine belongs to the E61 group so that the E61 Faema bottomless portafilter will fit better in the ECM Giotto espresso machine.

Will E61 Faema bottomless portafilter fit on a Lelit Mara espresso machine?

Yes! The Lelit Mara espresso machine belongs to the E61 group so that the E61 Faema bottomless portafilter will fit better in the Lelit Mara espresso machine.

Will E61 Faema bottomless portafilter fit the Expobar Lever Office?

Yes! Expobar Lever Office espresso machine belongs to the E61 group so that the E61 Faema bottomless portafilter will fit better in the Expobar Lever Office espresso machine.

Can I use E61 Faema bottomless portafilter on a Rocket Rea machine?

Yes, you can use it. We love so many things about the Rocket Rea Espresso machine, and it belongs to the E61 group.

Does E61 Faema bottomless portafilter fit the Bezzera Unica?

The Bezzera Unica is a commercial-style espresso maker with a commercial grade E61 brew group in chromed brass. The Unica’s group head is a standard E61. So that you can use E61 Faema bottomless portafilter with this machine.

Will this fit a Breville Dual Boiler?

Yes, it should fit. Breville Dual Boiler offers better espresso shots from the bottomless portafilter.

Is the handle of the E61 Faema bottomless portafilter removable? I want to put the Vintage Faema handle on it.

Sorry, all the bottomless portafilters are glued; you can’t take the handle off.


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