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Before writing this review, I have written an article on Best ESE Pods and Which is the Best Espresso Machine to Use Them with. But my readers repeatedly emailed me asking me to write a review of Cialdissima ESE coffee pods, so I needed to write this review.

One of the great benefits of ESE coffee pods is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money on them at a time. Different pods have different prices. But more expensive pods do not offer an excellent value for money in terms of significantly better taste to justify higher prices.

That’s why we recommend Cialdissima ESE pods because they combine both quality and price.

Cialdissima pods have been available on the online market for several years and have engaged many users.

With this particular pack, you get 120 ESE pods with three different blends, so 40 of each.

Columbia Blend

These are flavored pods. It is a mixture of 3 types of coffee. Coffee from different regions is mixed in them. 70% of these blends contain Arabica coffee, and the most significant portion of this Arabica is Colombian coffee. That is why this blend has been named Columbia blend.

Parini Blend

Parini is a blend full of character. It is a blend of 4 types of coffee, of which 60% is Robusta coffee. Due to the high content of Robusta coffee beans, the surface of the espresso made from it is foamier and has a more robust flavor. The package of 150 capsules of this mixture is evenly divided into three parts (50 + 50 + 50).

Santos Blend

Santos is a flavorful blend with 80% robusta and 20% Arabica beans. This blend is for those who like to wake up with a good coffee taste. It is a potent and determined blend.

The good news is that they are all made with Arabica and Robusta beans. Arabica beans are generally accepted to be of better quality, and Robusta beans are famous for their strong taste.

The thing about coffee is that it is entirely down to individual taste. And it works for some people but does not suit the palate of others, so the only way you will know if they suit you is to give them a go.

I’ve tasted this pod many times and find its taste to be an excellent and perfect espresso. A strong flavor with a thick crema on the top. There are no bitter aftertaste notes.

Last week was my wife’s birthday. We had run out of coffee beans, so for the convenience of our guests, we ordered Cialdissima ESE pods online. We received delivery very quickly. When the packet was opened, each pod was wrapped in a separate wrapper. As soon as I opened the packet, the enchanting aroma of coffee hit my nose, which I enjoyed for a long time.

No particular barista was arranged to make the espresso, but the people of the house made the espresso themselves from the De’Longhi coffee machine.

The espresso was prepared very quickly; there was no hassle and no mess.

All guests enjoyed the espresso made from Cialdissma. After tasting the espresso, the guests gave great reviews about the Cialdissma ESE pods, some of which are at your service.

One guest commented, “These are the best coffee and good quality beans. Very strong espresso with thick, rich crema. It tastes good or bad, but that’s what I like.”

The other guest gave his review like this: “It smells great and its aroma is like fresh coffee. The taste is very balanced, not bitter and nor acidic.”

Another guest who tasted all the three blends commented: “The taste is strong but smooth, there is no bitterness, and there is a decent crema on it. I will try again at my house. I am in the middle of the mix.” I didn’t find much difference and probably couldn’t tell each other but enjoyed them all. “

Cialdissima ESE Pods VS Other ESE Pod Brands

I have selected fifty-plus famous ESE coffee pod brands to compare with Cialdissima ESE coffee pods. I’ve divided these ESE coffee pod brands into five groups.

1st group

  1. MariaSole Caffè
  2. MilleSoli Caffè
  3. Mokaflor – Dolce Arabica
  4. Palombini: “Caffè Forte”
  5. Ammore ESE Espresso Coffee Pods
  6. Caffè Corsini Compagnia
  7. Caffè Tostini – Pads
  8. Caffe Moreno
  9. Caffe New York Espresso Pods
  10. Caffè Quarta
  11. Caffe Roma

For the first group, I have chosen eleven brands of ESE coffee pod brands. These brands have good taste, aroma, and flavor, but they have no status compared to Cialdissima ESE coffee pods.

2nd group

  1. Il Piacere (Espresso) E.S.E. Pods
  2. Dualit Lungo ESE Coffee Pods
  3. Filicori Zecchini
  4. Barbera Cialda Superior
  5. ESE Java Mocha Coffee Pods
  6. Single Origin Ese Coffee Pods
  7. Baronet Coffee
  8. Danesi Easy E.S.E. pods
  9. Zicaffe’ ESE Espresso Paper Pods
  10. Nannini Espresso

The second group is more popular than the first group. Their taste, aroma, flavor, and crema are also more than the previous group’s brands. Readers of my articles have also emailed me their reviews on these ESE pods. But when competing with Cialdissima ESE coffee pods, these 2nd group ESE pods lose the competition.

3rd group

  1. Hausbrandt Espresso Coffee
  2. Bristot Single-Serve Coffee Pods
  3. Musetti Coffee – Cremissimo – ESE pod
  4. Compagnia Dell’arabica Selection
  5. Almanegra Espresso ESE Pods
  6. Caffe D’arte Decaf Italian Espresso Blend
  7. Espressione 100% Arabica Pods
  8. Gran Caffè Garibaldi
  9. Molinari BIO
  10. Miscela d’Oro Single Shot Espresso Cremoso Pods

The brands of ESE pods in this group have better taste, flavor, crema, and after-test notes than the ESE pods of the first two groups. My readers’ reviews have emailed me using these ESE pods is also higher than the first two groups. I have received an average of fifty emails on each of the ESE pods in this group, proving that the ESE pods in this group taste good. But when we compare them with Cialdissima ESE coffee pods, the Cialdissima ESE coffee pods are a thousand times better than them. That’s why when buying pods, we should give preference to Cialdissima ESE coffee pods over the 3rd group’s pods.

4th group

  1. Aroma Premium ESE Coffee Pods (Reviews:98)
  2. ESE Coffee Pods – We – Real Italian Espresso (Reviews: 99)
  3. Caffe Gioia ESE Pods (Reviews: 103)
  4. Kimbo Coffee ESE Espresso Pods (Reviews: 103)
  5. Montedoro Caffè` Prezioso (Reviews: 107)
  6. Lucaffe’ Mamma Lucia ESE Espresso pods (Reviews: 108)
  7. Caffe Lollo ESE Espresso Pods (Reviews: 112)
  8. Izzo Arabica (Reviews: 127)
  9. Lucaffe’ Lucaffeina Pulcinella ESE Espresso Pods (Reviews: 130)
  10. Cuba Mia Single Espresso ESE Coffee Pods (Reviews: 132)

The ESE pods of this group are better than the first three groups in terms of flavor and aftertaste. Crema also looks better on espresso made from these ESE pods. But when we compare these ESE pods with Cialdissima ESE coffee pods, Cialdissima ESE coffee pods seem to outperform them in taste, flavor, crema, and aftertaste.

5th group

  1. Barista Italiano 100 ESE Coffee Paper Pods (Reviews: 363)
  2. Caffè Carbonelli Strong – Real Neapolitan Espresso (Reviews:377)
  3. Pellini Top 100% Arabica Coffee Pods – Medium Roast Italian Coffee Pods – (Reviews: 517)
  4. PureGusto ESE Coffee Pods (Reviews: 699)
  5. Note d’Espresso- Colombia Coffee Paper Pods-(Reviews: 700)
  6. Black Donkey Coffee Roasters – (Reviews: 972)
  7. Cialdissima ESE Coffee Pods (Reviews: 1100)
  8. Lavazza Espresso ESE Coffee Pods – (Reviews: 1829)
  9. Illy Classico ESE Pods (Reviews: 2489)
  10. Caffè Borbone Coffee Compostable Pods (Reviews: 12394)

If you take a closer look at the world of ESE coffee pods, this is the highest level group. I have included ten famous high-level brands in this group. And since these are the most high-end ESE pods, I’ve included Cialdissima ESE coffee pods. If the Cialdissima ESE Coffee pod brand is removed from this group, 9 ESE pods are left behind. I want to compare these 9 ESE pods separately with Cialdissima ESE Coffee Pods.

Cialdissima ESE Coffee Pods VS Barista Italiano

Suppose we compare the review of the two brands. Barista Italiano has received 450 global reviews, of which 67% are five stars, 20% are four stars, 7% are three stars, 3% are two stars, and 4% are one star. In comparison, if we look at Cialdissima Pods, it has got 1100 global reviews out of which 70% are five stars, 17% are four stars, 7% are three stars, 3% are two stars, and 4% are 1 star. That is, if we talk about taste, flavor, crema, and aftertaste, Cialdissima ESE Coffee Pods are many steps ahead of Barista Italiano’s ESE pods.

Cialdissima ESE Coffee Pods VS Caffè Carbonelli

If we compare Cialdissima ESE Coffee Pods with Caffe Carbonile’s ESE pods, Cialdissima has received 1100 global reviews۔ In contrast, Caffe Carbonelli received 450 shallow reviews. But if we put aside the number of reviews and look only at the percentage of good and bad reviews, then Cialdissima’s five-star reviews are 70%. By comparison, Caffe Carbonelli’s five-star reviews are 61% lower than Caffè Borbone’s 9%. Similarly, let’s look at the negative reviews. The negative reviews of Cialdissima are 4% compared to the negative reviews of Caffe Carbonelli, which is 6% double from Cialdissima.

It turns out that Cialdissima’s ESE pods are far ahead of Caffe Carbonelli’s ESE pods in terms of flavor and all other features.

Cialdissima ESE Pods VS Pellini ESE Pods

Compared to Cialdissima’s 1100 reviews, Pellini’s ESE pods received only 650 reviews, which is very low. If we compare the positive reviews of these two brands, Cialdissima has got 70% positive reviews compared to Pellini has got 53% positive reviews. If we compare the unfavorable reviews of the two brands, Cialdissima has got 4% negative reviews while Pellini has got 8% negative reviews. This comparison shows that Cialdissima’s ESE pods are much more popular than Pellini’s. However, if you look at the user’s dislike, the percentage of those who dislike Pellini is much higher than those who dislike Cialdissima. As a result, Cialdissima is superior to Pellini’s ESE pods in taste, flavor, and other espresso properties.

Cialdissima ESE Pods VS PureGusto ESE Coffee Pods

Both are good brands if you compare Cialdissima with PureGusto. Our readers have a reasonable opinion of both brands regarding taste, flavor, crema, and aftertaste. But if you look at the number of reviews, the 600 reviews for PureGusto are much less than the 1100 reviews for Cialdissima. Similarly, if you look at the ratio of positivity and negativity in the reviews, the positivity in the reviews of PureGusto is 67%, which is 3 points less than Cialdissima, and this is a big difference. It means that Cialdissima’s ESE pods users appreciated it more than those of PureGusto ESE pods users.

Similarly, let’s look at the negativity in the reviews. The negativity in the reviews of PureGusto is 7%, which is 3 points more than the negativity in the reviews of Cialdissima. In other words, those who use PureGusto pods are more critical than those who use Cialdissima pods. So this comparison shows that Cialdissima’s ESE pods are often superior in taste, flavor, and other properties to PureGusto’s ESE pods.

Cialdissima VS Note d’Espresso- Colombia Coffee Paper Pods

We’ve tasted the Note d’Espresso- Colombia Coffee Paper Pods.

And after a careful review of its taste, flavor, crema, and aftertaste, we have concluded that the brand is still far behind Cialdissima’s ESE pods. Note d’Espresso- Colombia Coffee Paper Pods received 700 reviews, 400 less than Cialdissima’s reviews. Of the reviews received by Note d’Espresso, the positivity is 63%, 7% less than Cialdissima. Similarly, if you look at the critical reviews, Note d’Espresso has received 6% critical reviews, which is 2% more than the critical reviews of Cialdissima. The survey found that more users than the Note d’Espresso preferred Cialdissima. And users of the Note d’Espresso are more dissatisfied with the Note d’Espresso ESE pods than with Cialdissima’s ESE pods.

Cialdissima VS Black Donkey Coffee Roasters

Cialdissima and Black Donkey Roasters both produce high-quality ESE pods. There is no doubt about the taste, flavor quality, and crema of espresso made from ESE pods of both brands. Our readers have also greatly appreciated the espresso made from the pods of these two brands. And we’ve mentioned in many places the high quality of espresso made from their ESE pods.

But if you look at the number of reviews, Black Donkey Roasters and Cialdissima are the same brands. The number of reviews of Black Donkey and Cialdissima is equal, which is 1100.

But if we compare positivity and negativity between the two brands in the reviews, Black Donkey Cafe is far behind Cialdissima.

Black Donkey Roasters’ reviews have a positivity of 57%, 13% less than Cialdissima’s reviews. Similarly, if we compare the negativity in the reviews of the two brands, the negativity in the reviews of Blackdanky Roasters is 8%, which is 4% more than the reviews in Cialdissima. It means that users of Cialdissima’s ESE pods have praised it more and reduced the criticism. In contrast, users of Black Donkey Roaster’s ESE pods have been less appreciative and more critical. Cialdissima’s ESE Pods proved to be superior to Black Donkey Roaster’s ESE Pods in every way.

Cialdissima VS Lavazza Espresso ESE Coffee Pod

The taste of Cialdissima ESE pods is excellent, and the aroma of espresso made from them also gives pleasure to the brain. And the crema that is born on top of it is also beautiful. But when compared to Lavazza ESE pods, Lavazza is many steps ahead. Cialdissima’s ESE pods received 1,100 reviews, while Lavazza received 2,000 reviews, almost twice more than Cialdissima’s reviews. Reviews of Cialdissima have a positivity of 70%, while reviews of Lavazza have a positivity of 72%. If we look at the negativity in the reviews, the negativity in the reviews of Cialdissima is 4% compared to the negativity in the reviews of Lavazza is 6%.

Negativity in the reviews is one of the points in which you can say that more users than Cialdissima dislike Lavazza. In all other respects, Lavazza’s ESE pods are superior to Cialdissima’s ESE pods.

Cialdissima VS Illy Classico E.S.E. Pods

Illy is the founder of ESE pods and is the oldest in the ESE pods market. Also, if we compare both brands to each other, Illy ESE pods are superior to Cialdissima.

Illy has received 3,000 reviews, which are far more than Cialdissima’s 1100 reviews. Illy’s reviews have a positivity of 72%, which is 2% more than Cialdissima’s reviews. Only one thing, the negativity in both Illy’s and Cialdissima’s reviews is equal, and that is 4%.

However, Illy’s ESE pods are far more superior to Cialdissima’s pods in all characteristics.


Although our analyzes prove that the ESE pods of Lavazza, Illy, and Caffè Borbone are superior to the ESE pods of Cialdissma, the ESE pods of Cialdissma are still superior in quality and characteristics to many of the pods on the market.

So these coffee pods are good value for money, with three different varieties to sample. All of the different varieties are available on their own, so if you find a favorite, then you can order those on their own.

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