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Before this post, I have written in great detail on Best ESE Coffee Pods And Which Coffee Machines Require To Use These ESE Pods, but my readers have repeatedly emailed me to write a separate review on each ESE Pods product, so I chose the Pellini ESE Pods to write the review.

If you want to make every moment of your break unique and indescribable, then Pellini Espresso ESE Pods are for you. Pellini has used all his experience, history, tradition, and expertise in making these high-quality ESE pods.

 Espresso has become a ritual in our lives, and Pellini is practicing it with sincerity and passion. Pellini’s unique blends are due to her experts, and when you make espresso from these blends, that espresso fills your life with enthusiasm and passion.

If you’re a true “coffee” fan, just one glance is enough to understand espresso. The color of the espresso, the texture of the crema on its surface, and its persistence have revealed more things to you that you can’t even imagine.

To fill the coffee grounds in its espresso pods, Pelini Brand selects coffee beans from around the world that are known for producing high-quality Arabica coffee, such as Brazil, Vietnam, Colombia, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Honduras, India, Peru, Guatemala, Uganda, Mexico, Laos and Hawaii in the US. Although the state of Hawaii in the USA has a small share in the world’s coffee production, the Kona Arabica coffee here is famous worldwide for its quality.

The Pelini brand buys Arabica coffee beans from these famous regions of the world and collects them in its roastery inside Italy, and then they are roasted perfectly. Not so dark that the espresso tasted burning, not so light that the espresso became too weak.

After roasting, the Arabica beans are cooled in the air, and as soon as they cool, they are ground to a size suitable for espresso. Immediately after grinding the beans, they are packed in ESE pods. Coffee pods are filled with nitrogen instead of oxygen so that the beans do not spoil for long.

With their historical passion, the Pelini family makes ESE pods from which you can make high-quality Italian espresso. Pellini’s high-end coffee has a fragrance and flavor that is designed for fast-growing and international consumers. It is a brand that is synonymous with superiority and distinction in the world of coffee. A company whose quality guarantees its growth, satisfying the unique aroma of espresso to millions of consumers interested in its coffee. Pelini is the best brand that Italian cafes and families have praised its espresso. A coffee that turns your dream of drinking high espresso into a moment’s experience.

The difference between Robusta and Arabica coffee is that Robusta’s “stronger” blend allows the coffee to make more foam. Still, the disadvantage is that it dramatically reduces the quality of the coffee. The espresso flavor produced by Pellini’s ESE pods is delicate because it is a pure blend of Arabica coffee. Not as strong and aggressive as Robusta coffee flavors.

So if you love high foam, you’ll have to resort to the full Arabica blend of Pellini ESE pods, as it produces a thin crema on the espresso. But if you sacrifice high foam, in return, you get a delicate coffee made from Pellini’s ESE pods, excellent taste, flavor, and of course, high quality.

The espresso results made from Pellini’s ESE pods also depend on the coffee machine you are using to make espresso from these pods.

I use the coffee machine compatible with ESE pods to make espresso from Pellini’s ESE pods.

I have also used coffee machines for ESE pods that make espresso from coffee grounds and have special portafilters for ESE pods. Still, the result is comparable to that of the machine specially built for ESE pods, so be careful when buying coffee machines.

You can make an excellent quality espresso from a good coffee machine only if you roast high-quality coffee beans, grind them correctly, and use the right amount of these beans. Your coffee machine will extract the beans properly through high pressure. Still, only if the beans are not well grown or have not been roasted or ground correctly at the right time, and if the grinding size is not correct. They are not packed into pods at the right time, and you can never make an excellent high-quality espresso no matter how good the coffee machine you want it to be.

Pellini ESE Pods VS Other ESE Pod Brands

Pellini’s 1st Competition

The other day was my son’s birthday. My wife and I thought of arranging ESE pods to serve espresso to guests, so we arranged for Pellini’s ESE pods. I was thrilled to write a review on Pellini’s pods, but I added that I had ordered eleven more ESE pods with Pellini’s brand to make it easier for us to compare. The podcasts of the eleven brands I ordered are as follows:

  1. MariaSole Caffè 
  2. MilleSoli Caffè
  3. Mokaflor – Dolce Arabica 
  4. Palombini: “Caffè Forte” 
  5. Amore ESE Espresso Coffee Pods 
  6. Caffè Corsini Compagnia 
  7. Caffè Tostini – Pads 
  8. Caffe Moreno 
  9. Caffe New York Espresso Pods 
  10. Caffè Quarta 
  11. Caffe Roma 
  12. Pellini Top 100% Arabica Coffee Pods – Medium Roast Italian Coffee Pods – (Reviews: 517)

The birthday function was excellent. Espresso made from ESE pods of all brands was appreciated, but the compliments and reviews that came on the part of Pellini could not get other brands. I installed coffee makers all over the hall, and with each espresso machine, I placed bulk ESE pods of the Pellini brand and eleven other brands. Each guest was allowed to use ESE pods of their brand to make espresso, and he can use as many pods as he like. Pellini’s pods ran out quickly. I went to each guest separately and asked for their opinion on whether they liked Pellini’s pods more or other brands. Everyone named Pellini. My wife and I made separate espresso from each brand of ESE pod and compared them to Pellini. Believe it or not, the flavor in Pellini’s espresso was unmatched by any other brand of espresso, so Pellini’s ESE pods won this flavor contest.

Pellini’s 2nd Competition

On my second son’s birthday, I had a similar competition of Pellini brand ESE pods with ten other brands of ESE pods. This time, Pellini was the same as before, but the brands that were competing were changed. Here are the names of the brands we bought to compete with this time around.

  1. Il Piacere (Espresso) E.S.E. Pods 
  2. Dualit Lungo ESE Coffee Pods
  3. Filicori Zecchini
  4. Barbera Cialda Superior 
  5. ESE Java Mocha Coffee Pods
  6. Single Origin Ese Coffee Pods 
  7. Baronet Coffee 
  8. Danesi Easy E.S.E. pods 
  9. Zicaffe’ ESE Espresso Paper Pods 
  10. Nannini Espresso
  11. Pellini Top 100% Arabica Coffee Pods – Medium Roast Italian Coffee Pods – (Reviews: 517)

As in the previous Competition, all the arrangements were made in the same way. Each guest had complete freedom to use the brand of their choice. Like the first contest, this contest was won by Pellini. All the guests appreciated Pellini, and it got excellent reviews. My wife and I also tasted ten brands of espresso separately, but the flavor in Pellini’s pods was not in any espresso brand.

Pellini’s 3rd Competition

I also had Pellini’s ESE pods compete with ten other brands of ESE pods on my eldest daughter’s birthday. Here are the names of the ESE Pods brands I chose this time

  1. Hausbrandt Espresso Coffee
  2. Bristol Single-Serve Coffee Pods 
  3. Musetti Coffee – Cremissimo – ESE pod
  4. Compagnia Dell’arabica Selection 
  5. Almanegra Espresso ESE Pods
  6. Caffe D’arte Decaf Italian Espresso Blend
  7. Espressione 100% Arabica Pods 
  8. Gran Caffè Garibaldi 
  9. Molinari BIO 
  10. Miscela d’Oro Single Shot Espresso Cremoso Pods
  11. Pellini Top 100% Arabica Coffee Pods – Medium Roast Italian Coffee Pods – (Reviews: 517)

This time around, the brands were stronger than Pellini. Crema was also thick on the espresso made from them, and the after test was also good. But when they competed against Pellini, the espresso made from Pellini’s ESE pods beat all these brands. Pellini’s taste was highly praised and received rave reviews.

Pellini’s 4th Competition

I did the fourth Competition of Pellini’s ESE pods on my second daughter’s birthday. Here are the names of the brands selected for the Competition this time.

  1. Aroma Premium ESE Coffee Pods (Reviews:98)
  2. ESE Coffee Pods – We – Real Italian Espresso (Reviews: 99)
  3. Caffe Gioia ESE Pods (Reviews: 103)
  4. Kimbo Coffee ESE Espresso Pods (Reviews: 103)
  5. Montedoro Caffè` Prezioso (Reviews: 107)
  6. Lucaffe’ Mamma Lucia ESE Espresso pods (Reviews: 108)
  7. Caffe Lollo ESE Espresso Pods (Reviews: 112)
  8. Izzo Arabica (Reviews: 127)
  9. Lucaffe’ Lucaffeina Pulcinella ESE Espresso Pods (Reviews: 130)
  10. Cuba Mia Single Espresso ESE Coffee Pods (Reviews: 132)
  11. Pellini Top 100% Arabica Coffee Pods – Medium Roast Italian Coffee Pods – (Reviews: 517)

This time, too, we had selected strong candidates for the Pellini contest. Our idea was that now, of course, a pod would surely overtake the Pallini and win the contest. But when the espresso made from Pellini’s ESE pods hit the guests’ palate, they praised Pallini. No other brand has received so much praise except for Pellini, nor has any brand received better reviews than Pellini.

Pellini’s 5th Competition

  1. Barista Italiano 100 ESE Coffee Paper Pods (Reviews: 363)
  2. Caffè Carbonelli Strong – Real Neapolitan Espresso (Reviews:377)
  3. Pellini Top 100% Arabica Coffee Pods – Medium Roast Italian Coffee Pods – (Reviews: 517)
  4. PureGusto ESE Coffee Pods (Reviews: 699)
  5. Note d’Espresso– Colombia Coffee Paper Pods-(Reviews: 700)

This time there were fewer candidates against Pellini, but the Competition was fierce. Because all these brands are the world-famous brands of SE Pods, which were competing with Pellini this time, first, all the guests were served espresso from Pellini’s pods, and then all the guests were treated to espresso from the pods of the other four brands. When it came to reviews, Pellini defeated Barista Italiano and Caffè Carbonelli as in previous contests. But when Pellini competed with PureGusto and Note d’Espresso, the two brands outperformed Pellini ESE pods in praise and reviews.

Pellini’s 6th Competition

It was my youngest daughter’s birthday, and she is very fond of coffee and ESE pods. My daughter suggested competing with Pellini’s ESE pods. These are the brands we have chosen to compete with Pellini this time.

  1. Black Donkey Coffee Roasters – (Reviews: 972)
  2. Cialdissima ESE Coffee Pods (Reviews: 1100)
  3. Lavazza Espresso ESE Coffee Pods – (Reviews: 1829)
  4. Illy Classico ESE Pods (Reviews: 2489)
  5. Caffè Borbone Coffee Compostable Pods (Reviews: 12394)
  6. Pellini Top 100% Arabica Coffee Pods – Medium Roast Italian Coffee Pods – (Reviews: 517)

These are the most popular brands of ESE pods in the world, competing with the Pellini brand. All arrangements were as before. Each guest was allowed to taste espresso made from all brands. But when it came to compliments and reviews, there was no compliment on Pellini’s part, and Pellini could not get a good review compared to these famous brands.

Final Verdict

Pellini is a well-known brand of ESE pods in the world, with more likes and fewer dislikes. I did many flavor competitions in which Pellini beat its rival brands in the field of flavor. Although I have had a few competitions in which Pellini’s pods were defeated, the pods were much better than Pellini’s. I conclude that if you haven’t tasted espresso from Pellini’s ESE pods before, give it a try. And introduce your palate to the pleasant flavors of Pellini.

Pellini Top 100% Arabica Coffee Pods - Medium Roast Italian Coffee Pods - Standard ESE Paper Espresso Compatible, 108 Pods

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