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Caffè Borbone Coffee Compostable Pods, Recyclable Wrapping, Black Blend - 150 Pods - ESE System

Before writing this review, I have written an article on Best ESE Pods and ESE Pods Espresso Machines. But my readers repeatedly emailed me asking me to write a review of Cafe Borbone, so I needed to write this review.

I am very fond of coffee, so I do not limit my knowledge about coffee to myself, but also I spread it to others. As far as taste is concerned, I prefer to roast my green coffee beans with my small home roastery machine. I grind these beans with a grinder and put them in my Delonghi bean-to-cup coffee machine to make espresso. By the way, my previous Delonghi Magnifica had an integrated grinder, so I didn’t have to grind beans separately. But I don’t keep my bean-to-cup coffee machine for more than a week or two. Before Delonghi Magnifica, I had Delonghi Elita. I used to change the coffee machine after a week or two after writing a review for it.

I love it when I dry the freshly ripened coffee cherry beans from the coffee cherry tree I grow in my home garden and take out the green coffee beans from them. Then I make espresso with my bean-to-cup coffee machine by roasting and grinding these beans freshly, and I don’t find an espresso, like this in Starbucks, Dublin, or Tim Hortons coffee houses in the US. But it only happens once a year because I have an Arabica Kona coffee tree in my house garden, and it bears fruit only once a year. The rest of the year, I have to buy coffee beans online.

But whenever I move from the US to the UK, things change here. My life here in London is hectic. Grinding coffee beans here and using the bean-to-cup coffee machine is limited to Saturdays and Sundays, and the rest of the week is spent on ESE pods.

I like the coffee chains in the UK. I visited Starbucks, Cafe Nero, and Costa Coffee shops at Great Titchfield St, Queen Victoria St, Leather LANE London. Their espresso is delicious, but I can’t drink it consistently. One reason is that I have to drink five to ten cups of coffee throughout the day (not recommended for you), so I can’t leave home for Starbucks or Cafe Nero five to ten times a day. And secondly, the coffee in these coffee shops in London is costly, and I can’t afford it. So I have to settle for ESE pods.

The review I am giving of Caffe Bourbon’s ESE pods is not baseless because I have been using this brand for many years.

I am in the habit of not using one brand of ESE pods at a time, but multiple ESE pods and capsules lying in my closet all the time. I put them in coffee pod holders or Nespresso pod holders and store these Nespresso pod holders in a closet. In my bedroom, since the air conditioner is on all the time, coffee pods are stored in a cool and dry place. When I make espresso from them, it gives a fresh taste because I stored my coffee pods in a cool and dry place.

How I Get Awareness for an ESE Pod Before Writing A Review?

The fact of the matter is that I invite my friends to my house a lot and arrange many coffee drinks for them. So what do I do? I bring ESE pods of different brands, make espresso from them, and present it to my friends and drink it myself. I also get the opinion of my friends on these pods, and this opinion gives me awareness about the brand of these pods. I have confidence in my review, and my review readers benefit from it.

The last time it was my daughter’s birthday, ten couples were guests. My wife and I have made a plan to present each couple an espresso made from different brands of ESE pods. Each couple will enjoy an espresso of a different brand, and later we will take their reviews. So we selected ten ESE brands such as PureGusto, Black Donkey, Illy, Lavazza, Caffè Borbone, Kimbo Coffee, Caffe Lollo, Note d’Espresso- Colombia, Pellini and We – Real Italian Espresso.

The anniversary was converted into an ESE Pods espresso taste competition. We offered each couple that they can order more espresso made from another brand for better judgment. Our guests greatly benefited from our offer. Someone tasted espresso from four brands. But we got great reviews later. However, Illy’s ESE pods received the most votes in this competition; therefore, Illy won the match.

When I am in the UK, I hold such competitions two or three times a week during my stay in London. And these competitions are not limited to just different brands of ESE pods, it sometimes extends to bean-to-cup coffee machines vs. ESE pods, and sometimes we compete between espressos made from Nespresso, Tassimo, Dolce Gusto and Keurig coffee capsules.

I have done a lot of preparation and research for the review of Caffè Borbone ESE Espresso Coffee Pods that I am writing today. On the one hand, I have invited my friends to my house for this review and have done a competition to check the taste difference between the espressos of Caffè Borbone ESE pods and other brands. Secondly, I have read all the reviews about Caffè Borbone available on the internet.

I’ve researched what people have to say about Caffè Borbone’s ESE pods and how people appreciate or criticize them. In my reviews, I have also considered my readers’ opinions, who give me their opinion via email instead of giving their opinion on the internet.

Like the health benefits of coffee, ESE pods have some additional benefits. Let’s see how many of these benefits are found in Caffè Borbone’s ESE pods and what Characteristics these pods have?

Qualities And Characteristics of Caffè Borbone (Cialde Caffe Borbone Prezzi)

Italian Coffee 10/10

If you are looking for Italian espresso, Caffè Borbone’s ESE pods are what you are looking for. A product that reflects the Neapolitan taste, with a few extra notes of sweetness. I suggest everyone give it a try. It’s my favorite strong Italian (Neapolitan) coffee. If you’re a Neapolitan, you do know how an authentic Neapolitan espresso should be.   

Reasonable Price 10/10

Borbone provides the best espresso pods at an excellent price and reasonable delivery charges. I noticed Red Blend is slightly cheaper than Blue, and Golden is comparatively expensive, but it is worth it.

Quick Delivery 10/10

You should adjust to the fact that the quality and taste of any ESE pod may vary depending on the delivery. So if we compare Caffè Borbone with other ESE pods, Borbone has very nice pod delivery on time.

Packaging 10/10

You’ll receive each pod of Caffè Borbone individually wrapped. Some of my readers review that it does feel a little wasteful, but I’m sure this is great for keeping the grounds fresh.

Fragrance When Unpacking 10/10

When you open the foil, you’ll be greeted with a fresh and robust espresso coffee scent. This is an excellent start to your communication with Caffè Borbone’s ESE pods.

Pod Size 9.9/10

Some of my readers complained that they received Borbone’s pods which are slightly oversized for their machines. I didn’t face such a problem at all, but sometimes if you do, you can quickly solve this problem by trimming a little bit of the pod off with any old pair of scissors.

Thickness 9.7/10

Possibly you may find Caffè Borbone pods a little thicker than Illy ESE pods. But if the thickness bugs you, I suppose you could tamp them down a bit before placement. But my experience is they seemed to help seal a bit better on my espresso machine.

Easy to Use 10/10

Many of the other ESE pods you’ll find are packed way too tightly with the coffee, so your machine has to struggle to push the water through them. As far as Caffè Borbone’s ESE pods, your machine will not need to struggle much; they’re easy to use.

You can watch in the video below how it is easy to use an ESE pod.

No Mess 10/10

These Caffè Borbone’s ESE pods will give you an equally good cup of coffee with no mess, which is what using ESE coffee pods is all about.

Easy Clean up 10/10

There is no breakage when you remove used pods of Caffè Borbone, which I’ve found with other average ESE pods.

Crema 9.7/10

By far the best espresso of Caffè Borbone’s ESE pods compared with other average ESE pods. I have found most of the average ESE pods really poor, very watery, and flat-tasting. These Borbone are great tasting and have a lovely rather dark crema on the top. The foam keeps its color consistent even if you let it cool. All this tasty espresso at a very fair price, you couldn’t ask for more.

Aroma 10/10

The aroma of Borbone’s espresso is not as deep, rich, and complicated as an espresso prepared with ground beans. But it is far more excellent than any of the other average ESE pods.

On the other hand, you may find hints of a burnt, foul, or chemical odor in some lousy quality espressos. If it’s so, you may avoid it. Some so-called brands fill their ESE pods with low quality, cheap Robusta beans, so the resulting espresso smells like burnt rubber; if you face such a situation, never use ESE pods of that brand again.

Taste 9.6/10

The espresso taste of Borbone’s Black Blend is classic Neapolitan. Still, the espresso made by Blue Blend of Caffè Borbone is somewhat different from the classic “Neapolitan” blend, lighter and tasty. I recommend it to be tried without sugar. The level of acidity is well balanced and smooth, the flavor you have on the palate is delightful without more bitterness. You’ll be satisfied with all products of the brand. Moreover, the taste is worth the value for your money.

Strength 10/10

I have compared several average ESE pods with Caffè Borbone’s pods, but they were too weak and tasteless. These pods are far more robust and have a lovely rich taste. When you taste it, you can easily guess the difference between an average and a quality blend. It wakes you up in the morning.

Flavour 9.6/10

The flavor of Borbone ESE pods is excellent and very bold, and you might require milk and sugar if you don’t like a very sharp taste.

Bitterness 9.6/10

Anyway, to the Caffè Borbone pods, some of my readers found them too bitter, but I think this may be the batch as most of my readers praise them. I found them just the right amount of bitterness.

Different Blends of Caffè Borbone (Cialde Caffe Borbone Prezzi)

If you are using a specific blend of Caffè Borbone and you are satisfied, you can stick with your favorite, but you would love to try the other color and flavors if you’re not satisfied.

Black Blend ESE Pods of Caffè Borbone 10/10

It’s a robust coffee with no bitter aftertaste. You can see the values of intensity, body, and persistence. The result is a great espresso that you can use as a good base for Americano or Latte. But if you don’t like such a toughest and strongest blend, you can exclude it.

However, the taste choice depends on your preference. One of my readers emailed me that his usual pods were unavailable, and he took a chance on Caffè Borbone’s Black Blend. So he is glad what he did; Black Blend is now his coffee of choice.

Caffè Borbone Coffee Compostable Pods, Recyclable Wrapping, Black Blend - 150 Pods - ESE System

Blue Blend ESE Pods of Caffè Borbone 10/10

I’ve bought and tested this blend. This one is the ‘balanced’ waffle out of all Borbone’s blends, persistence, body, and intensity values are lowered. I chose the Blue Blend for my wife because, for example, she doesn’t like coffee too strongly. If your taste preferences are similar to my wife’s, you also enjoy a peaceful coffee that doesn’t taste strong, then take these!

Blue Blend ESE Pods of Caffè Borbone Coffee Compostable Pods, Recyclable Wrapping – 150 Pods – ESE System

Gold Blend ESE Pods of Caffè Borbone 10/10

The Gold Blend of Caffè Borbone is delicious, intense, and creamy with undertones of vanilla.

One of my readers emailed me that he has always used the red blend. One time he tried the gold, and he fell in love. He thinks he will never switch back to the red.

But there is a problem. Though it’s the best quality among all waffles of Caffè Borbone, the price per single waffle is also higher. So if the price doesn’t matter to you, consider buying it.

Caffè Borbone Coffee Compostable Pods, Recyclable Wrapping, Gold Blend - 150 Pods - ESE System

Red Blend ESE Pods of Caffè Borbone 10/10

Caffè Borbone’s Red Blend is also solid and full-bodied but less than Black Blend. It’s strong but not exaggerated. If you don’t like the intensity, strength, and persistence of Black Blend, give a try to the Red Blend.

Caffè Borbone Coffee Compostable Pods, Recyclable Wrapping, Red Blend - 150 Pods - ESE System

Decaffeinated Blend ESE Pods of Caffè Borbone 10/10

Caffè Borbone’s Green Blend is decaffeinated. Decaffeinated is unique, so there’s little to say here. If you have some caffeine precautions, decaffeinated Green Blend should be your only choice.

Caffè Borbone - Coffee Compostable Pods, Decaffeinated Blend - 150 Pods - ESE System

Caffè Borbone ESE Coffee Pods, Miscela Rossa 10/10

The first thing you’ll notice of Caffè Borbone’s Miscela Rossa is the aroma that gives off when you open the packaging. The coffee grounds inside the pods are also fantastic, and you can evaluate by the body of the extracted coffee, not too long, not too narrow. If you have ever tried Moreno, Illy, Lavazza, or Palombini, compare these ESE pods with Caffè Borbone’s Miscela Rossa, you’ll prefer the last one.

Caffe Borbone Bolsitas de café ESE, miscela Rossa (50 bolsitas)

Caffè Borbone ESE Coffee Pods, Miscela Nera 10/10

I have tried both Miscela Nera and Miscela Rossa ESE pods, but I have to say that they’re equally as good; they make excellent espresso with a thick crema on top. Perfect flavor and aroma, just as you would get in Italy! Can’t beat Caffè Borbone!

Caffe Borbone Saquitos de café expreso *paquete de 150* el mejor expreso. Saquitos de café expreso # 1 de Italia, compatibles con Lavazza e Illy.

Caffè Borbone Miscela Blue 10/10

Caffè Borbone Miscela is a good coffee with an intense taste. The flavored scent of this product puts you in a good mood and distracts you momentarily from all obligations and duties.

Caffè Borbone ESE Pods VS Other ESE Pod Brands

I have selected fifty-plus famous ESE pod brands to compare with Caffè Borbone. I’ve divided these ESE coffee pods into five groups.

1st group

  1. MariaSole Caffè 
  2. MilleSoli Caffè
  3. Mokaflor – Dolce Arabica 
  4. Palombini: “Caffè Forte” 
  5. Ammore ESE Espresso Coffee Pods 
  6. Caffè Corsini Compagnia 
  7. Caffè Tostini – Pads 
  8. Caffe Moreno 
  9. Caffe New York Espresso Pods 
  10. Caffè Quarta 
  11. Caffe Roma 

For the first group, I have chosen eleven brands of ESE coffee pods. These brands have good taste, aroma, and flavor, but they have no status compared to Caffè Borbone.

2nd group

  1. Il Piacere (Espresso) E.S.E. Pods 
  2. Dualit Lungo ESE Coffee Pods
  3. Filicori Zecchini
  4. Barbera Cialda Superior 
  5. ESE Java Mocha Coffee Pods
  6. Single Origin Ese Coffee Pods 
  7. Baronet Coffee 
  8. Danesi Easy E.S.E. pods 
  9. Zicaffe’ ESE Espresso Paper Pods 
  10. Nannini Espresso

The second group is more popular than the first group. Their taste, aroma, flavor, and crema are also more than the previous group’s ESE pods. Readers of my articles have also emailed me their reviews on these ESE pods. But when it comes to competing with Caffè Borbone, these 2nd group ESE pods lose the competition.

3rd group

  1. Hausbrandt Espresso Coffee
  2. Bristot Single-Serve Coffee Pods 
  3. Musetti Coffee – Cremissimo – ESE pod
  4. Compagnia Dell’arabica Selection 
  5. Almanegra Espresso ESE Pods
  6. Caffe D’arte Decaf Italian Espresso Blend
  7. Espressione 100% Arabica Pods 
  8. Gran Caffè Garibaldi 
  9. Molinari BIO 
  10. Miscela d’Oro Single Shot Espresso Cremoso Pods

The brands of ESE pods in this group have better taste, flavor, crema, and after-test notes than the ESE pods of the first two groups. My readers’ reviews have emailed me using these ESE pods is also higher than the first two groups. I have received an average of fifty emails on each of the ESE pods in this group, proving that the ESE pods in this group taste good. But when we compare them with Caffè Borbone’s, the Caffè Borbone’s pods are a thousand times better than them. That’s why when buying pods, we should give preference to Caffè Borbone’s ESE pods over the 3rd group’s pods.

4th group

  1. Aroma Premium ESE Coffee Pods (Reviews:98)
  2. ESE Coffee Pods – We – Real Italian Espresso (Reviews: 99)
  3. Caffe Gioia ESE Pods (Reviews: 103)
  4. Kimbo Coffee ESE Espresso Pods (Reviews: 103)
  5. Montedoro Caffè` Prezioso (Reviews: 107)
  6. Lucaffe’ Mamma Lucia ESE Espresso pods (Reviews: 108)
  7. Caffe Lollo ESE Espresso Pods (Reviews: 112)
  8. Izzo Arabica (Reviews: 127)
  9. Lucaffe’ Lucaffeina Pulcinella ESE Espresso Pods (Reviews: 130)
  10. Cuba Mia Single Espresso ESE Coffee Pods (Reviews: 132)

The ESE pods of this group are better than the first three groups in terms of flavor and aftertaste. Crema also looks better on espresso made from these ESE pods. But when we compare these ESE pods with Caffè Borbone’s ESE pods, Caffè Borbone’s pods seem to outperform them in terms of taste, flavor, crema, and aftertaste.

5th group

  1. Barista Italiano 100 ESE Coffee Paper Pods (Reviews: 363)
  2. Caffè Carbonelli Strong – Real Neapolitan Espresso (Reviews:377)
  3. Pellini Top 100% Arabica Coffee Pods – Medium Roast Italian Coffee Pods – (Reviews: 517)
  4. PureGusto ESE Coffee Pods (Reviews: 699)
  5. Note Espresso- Colombia Coffee Paper Pods-(Reviews: 700)
  6. Black Donkey Coffee Roasters – (Reviews: 972)
  7. Cialdissima ESE Coffee Pods (Reviews: 994)
  8. Lavazza Espresso ESE Coffee Pods – (Reviews: 1829)
  9. Illy Classico ESE Pods (Reviews: 2489)
  10. Caffè Borbone Coffee Compostable Pods (Reviews: 12394)

If you take a closer look at the world of ESE coffee pods, this is the highest level, group. I have included ten famous high-level brands in this group. And since these are the most high-end ESE pods, I’ve included Cafe Bourbon. If Caffè Borbone is removed from this group, then 9 ESE pods are left behind. I want to compare these 9 ESE pods separately with Caffè Borbone’s ESE pods.

Caffè Borbone VS Barista Italiano

Suppose we compare the review of the two brands. Barista Italiano has received 450 global reviews, of which 67% are five stars, 20% are four stars, 7% are three stars, 3% are two stars, and 4% are one star. In comparison, if we look at Caffè Borbone, it has got 12500 global reviews out of which 79% are five stars, 13% are four stars, 4% are three stars, 1% are two stars, and 3% are 1 star. That is, if we talk about taste, flavor, crema, and aftertaste, Caffè Borbone ESE pods are many steps ahead of Barista Italiano’s ESE pods.

Caffè Borbone VS Caffè Carbonelli

If we compare Caffè Borbone’s ESE pods with Caffe Carbonile’s ESE pods, Caffè Borbone has received 12,500 global reviews۔ In contrast, Caffe Carbonelli received 450 shallow reviews. But if we put aside the number of reviews and look only at the percentage of good and bad reviews, then Caffè Borbone’s five-star reviews are 79%. By comparison, Caffe Carbonelli’s five-star reviews are 61% lower than Caffè Borbone’s 18%. Similarly, let’s look at the negative reviews. The negative reviews of Cafe Bourbon are 3% compared to the negative reviews of Caffe Carbonelli, which is 6% double from Caffè Borbone.

It turns out that Caffè Borbone’s ESE pods are far ahead of Caffe Carbonelli’s ESE pods in terms of flavor and all other features.

Caffè Borbone VS Pellini

Compared to Caffè Borbone’s 12,500 reviews, Pellini’s ESE pods received only 650 reviews, which is very low. If we compare the positive reviews of these two brands, Caffè Borbone has got 79% positive reviews compared to Pellini has got 53% positive reviews. If we compare the unfavorable reviews of the two brands, Caffè Borbone has got 3% negative reviews while Pellini has got 8% negative reviews. This comparison shows that Caffè Borbone ESE pods are much more popular than Pellini’s. However, if you look at the user’s dislike, the percentage of those who dislike Pellini is much higher than those who dislike Caffè Borbone. As a result, Caffè Borbone is superior to Pellini’s ESE pods in flavor, flavor, and other espresso properties.

Caffè Borbone VS PureGusto ESE Coffee Pods

Both are good brands if you compare Caffè Borbone with PureGusto. Our readers have a reasonable opinion of both brands regarding taste, flavor, crema, and aftertaste. But if you look at the number of reviews, the 600 reviews for PureGusto are much less than the 12,500 reviews for Caffè Borbone. Similarly, if you look at the ratio of positivity and negativity in the reviews, the positivity in the reviews of PureGusto is 67%, which is 12 points less than Caffè Borbone, and this is a big difference. It means that Caffè Borbone’s ESE pods users appreciated it more than those of PureGusto ESE pods users.

Similarly, let’s look at the negativity in the reviews. The negativity in the reviews of PureGusto is 7%, which is 4 points more than the negativity in the reviews of Caffè Borbone. In other words, those who use PureGusto pods are more critical than those who use Caffè Borbone pods. So this comparison shows that Caffè Borbone’s ESE pods are often superior in taste, flavor, and other properties to PureGusto’s ESE pods.

Caffè Borbone VS Note d’Espresso- Colombia Coffee Paper Pods

We’ve tasted the Note d’Espresso- Colombia Coffee Paper Pods.

 And after a careful review of its taste, flavor, crema, and aftertaste, we have concluded that the brand is still far behind Caffè Borbone’s ESE pods. Note d’Espresso- Colombia Coffee Paper Pods received 700 reviews, 11700 less than Caffè Borbone’s reviews. Of the reviews received by Note d’Espresso, the positivity is 63%, 16% less than Caffè Borbone. Similarly, if you look at the critical reviews, Note d’Espresso has received 6% critical reviews, which is 3% more than the critical reviews of Caffè Borbone. The survey found that more users than the Note d’Espresso preferred Caffè Borbone. And users of the Note d’Espresso are more dissatisfied with the Note d’Espresso’s ESE pods than Caffè Borbone’s ESE pods.

Caffè Borbone VS Black Donkey Coffee Roasters

Caffè Borbone and Black Donkey Roasters both produce high-quality ESE pods. There is no doubt about the taste, flavor quality, and crema of espresso made from ESE pods of both brands. Our readers have also greatly appreciated the espresso made from the pods of these two brands. And we’ve mentioned in many places the high quality of espresso made from their ESE pods.

But if you look at the number of reviews, Black Donkey Roasters is far behind Bourbon. The number of reviews of Black Donkey is 1100, which is 11400 points less than the reviews of Cafe Bourbon, which is a big difference. If we compare positivity and negativity between the two brands in the reviews, Black Donkey Cafe is far behind Caffè Borbone.

Black Donkey Roasters’ reviews have a positivity of 57%, 22% less than Caffè Borbone’s reviews. Similarly, if we compare the negativity in the reviews of the two brands, the negativity in the reviews of Blackdanky Roasters is 8%, which is 5% more than the reviews in Caffè Borbone. It means that users of Caffè Borbone’s ESE pods have praised it more and reduced the criticism. In contrast, users of Black Donkey Roaster’s ESE pods have been less appreciative and more critical. Caffè Borbone’s ESE Pods proved to be superior to Black Donkey Roaster’s ESE Pods in every way.

Caffè Borbone VS Cialdissima ESE Pods

The taste of Cialdissima ESE pods is excellent, and the aroma of espresso made from them also gives pleasure to the brain. And the crema that is born on top of it is also beautiful. But when compared to Caffè Borbone’s ESE pods, Caffè Borbone is many steps ahead. Cialdissima’s ESE pods received 1,100 reviews, while Cafe Bourbon received 12,500 reviews, almost ten times more than Cialdissima’s reviews. Reviews of Cialdissima have a positivity of 70%, while reviews of Caffè Borbone have a positivity of 79%. If we look at the negativity in the reviews, the negativity in the reviews of Cialdissima is 4% compared to the negativity in the reviews of Caffè Borbone is 3%. All of these comparisons show that more people than Cialdissima prefer Caffè Borbone.

Caffè Borbone VS Lavazza Espresso ESE Coffee Pod

Caffè Borbone’s competition with Lavazza ESE pods is fierce. Both are Italian brands, and both brands have a historic place in the world of coffee. Both of these brands have been making ESE pods for some time since ESE pods were invented. We’ve shared ESE pods of both brands with our friends and family over and over again. If we honestly compare the flavors and other characteristics of the two brands, we find Caffè Borbone’s ESE pods better than Lavazza’s ESE pods.

It is not only our decision, but if we look at the reviews of the users of these brands, they also prove the same thing.

Lavazza has received only 2,000 reviews, compared to Caffè Borbone’s 12,500. Lavazza’s reviews have a positivity of 72%, 7% less than Caffè Borbone. Lavazza’s reviews have negativity of 6%, which is 3% higher than Caffè Borbone’s. It turned out that Caffè Borbone’s ESE pods are superior to Lavazza’s ESE pods and are liked by more people.

Caffè Borbone VS Illy Classico E.S.E. Pods

Illy is the founder of ESE pods and is the oldest in the ESE pods market. But Caffè Borbone’s pods are superior to Illy’s.

Illy has received 3,000 reviews, which is far less than Caffè Borbone’s 12,500 reviews. Illy’s reviews have a positivity of 72%, which is 7% less than Caffè Borbone’s reviews. Thus, the negativity in Illy’s reviews is 4%, which is 1% more than the negativity in Caffè Borbone’s reviews. Comparing the reviews of the two brands in this way also proves that the ESE pods of Caffè Borbone are superior to the ESE pods of Illy.

Caffe’ Borbone USA


Cafe ‘Bourbon USA Cafe’ is a subsidiary of Bourbon, Italy, founded in 1997. The company is headquartered in Naples, Italy. American Caffè Bourbon prides itself on providing excellent quality with acidity, fragrance, and constant body balance. Coffee lovers use several words to describe the taste of coffee: chocolate, earth, fruit, bright or delicate. Caffè Bourbon has only one word, and that is the best.


Caffè Bourbon USA is also owned by the same family that owns Caffè Bourbon Italy. And that family is running the company with three generations of substantial roasting experience. For the past 17 years, the family has dedicated the company to making espresso coffee pods, espresso capsules, and King cups. The company is a leader in producing single-serve parts and is committed to providing customers with an unparalleled experience.

The Taste

Caffè Bourbon Italy and Caffè Bourbon USA create various flavors by selecting exquisite beans from Colombia, Saint Domingo, Brazil, Africa, and India. The company has a full range of flavors ranging from hazelnuts to a defined mixture that pleases the whole palate.

Which Device Do You Need For Brewing ESE Pods?

These Caffè Borbone pods are, in fact, Easy Serving Espresso (ESE) pods. They’ll only correctly work with any ESE Espresso coffee machine, including Black & Decker Pod Coffee Maker, Aeropress coffee pod machines, SunCana Pod Coffee Brewer, Hamilton Beach Coffee Pod Machine, Bloomfield Coffee Pod Brewer, Bunn Coffee Pod Maker, and Senseo Coffee Pods Makers!

These Caffè Borbone ESE pods will not work with Black & Decker Home Cafe, Melitta pod machines, and Philips Senseo.

When you buy an ESE pod compatible machine, check the manufacturer’s instructions. If there is written ESE pod compatible, then buy the machine; otherwise, not!

Last but not least, keep in mind that when you are determined to buy Cafe Borbone’s ESE Pods, you will need to recognize them. Caffè Borbone should be distinguished from their coffee products such as ESE pods, coffee beans, and coffee capsules. Similarly, you should know the difference between ESE pods and other brands of capsules. And you have to differentiate between different brands of capsules like Nespresso, Dolce Gusto, Tassimo, and Keurig if you are interested in buying them.

Because many of my readers have written to me in their emails that they wanted to buy ESE pods online, but they were misled, and because they did not have the correct identity, they bought coffee capsules and lost their money. I have attached pictures of Caffè Borbone’s products with links that are not ESE pods to protect you from such misconceptions. I am sure that after seeing the pictures of the products and visiting the link given below the pictures, you will not make any mistake in buying the ESE pods of Cafe Borbone.

Don’t Buy Following Products in The Guise of ESE Pods. 

Caffè Borbone Respresso Espresso Capsules

The following product is not an ESE pod, and these are coffee capsules instead. Caffè Borbone has made REspresso Capsules specifically to be compatible with Nespresso original lines coffee machines such as Citiz, Essenza, Inissia, Pixie, and U. So if you don’t have Nespresso original line coffee machines، never buy these capsules in the guise of ESE pods or you will lose money. You can check the description by clicking on the following link.

Caffè Borbone Respresso Espresso Cápsulas 100 Cápsulas - Miscela Blu

Caffè Borbone Nescafe Dolce Gusto Compatible Coffee Capsules

The following product is not an ESE pod, and these are coffee capsules instead. You could be misled by the Caffè Borbone trademark on the product. Caffè Borbone has created these capsules for coffee machines compatible with Nescafé Dolce Gusto, such as Piccolo, Movenza, Circolo, Genio, Oblio, Jovia, Lumio, Mini ME, Fontana, Creativa, Melody, Stelia, Drop, made by Krups or DeLonghi. If you have a coffee machine that is only compatible with ESE pods, don’t buy this product in the guise of an ESE pod; otherwise, you’ll lose your money. If you have a doubt, click the following link and check the description.

Meseta Italian Intenso Nescafe Dolce Gusto cápsulas de café compatibles – para uso en máquinas Nescafe Dolce Gusto – 96 unidades

Caffè Borbone Capsules – Compatible with Lavazza Espresso Point Machines

These are coffee capsules, not ESE pods.

Caffè Borbone has made these capsules for Lavazza Espresso Point coffee machines such as Lavazza ECL 101, EP Mini, Ep 2100, EL 3100, EL 3200, and many others. So if you’re an ESE buyer instead of coffee capsules, don’t buy the following product. Otherwise, you can check the details by clicking the following link.

Caffè Borbone Coffee Red Blend - 100 Capsules - Compatible with Lavazza®* Espresso Point®* Machines

Caffè Borbone Capsules Compatible With- Lavazza A Modo Mio 50 

These are coffee capsules instead of ESE coffee pods. These Caffe Borbone coffee capsules are compatible with Magia, Favola, Minu, Esprit, and many other machines, but not for ESE compatible coffee machines. So don’t be misled by the brand name or picture, and avoid buying them. You can check the details by clicking the following link if you have a doubt.

50 RED Blend Capsules Borbone Compatible Lavazza A Modo Mio*

Caffe Borbone Espresso Whole Coffee Beans

You could be misled by the brand name or the picture on the product. So to inform you, this product of Caffe Bourbon is not an ESE pods product; these are coffee beans instead. If you don’t have a bean-to-cup coffee machine, avoid buying this product.

Caffè Borbone Respresso Espresso Cápsulas 100 Cápsulas - Miscela Blu

Caffe Borbone Ground Coffee 

These are coffee grounds, not ESE pods. Since the brand name and picture on this product and Caffe Borbone ESE pods are the same, there could be a chance of your misleading. So if you don’t have a bean-to-cup coffee machine, avoid buying this product.

Café Borbone Roasted italiana – Café Expreso de café molido

Value For Your Money

Coffee is always down to the individual’s taste preferences. I have tried Caffe Borbone’s Black Blend, Blue Blend, Gold Blend, Red Blend, Decaffeinated, Miscela Rossa, and Miscela Nera for different times and occasions, along with my friends and family. Moreover, I’ve received a lot of appreciative reviews by emails from my readers. 

The final words are; Caffe Borbone ESE pods have a great flavor and the best value for your money that I’ve seen around. You can also try all these Blends of Caffe Borbone, depending on your mood and preference. All these blends have a unique taste and flavor, though I highly recommend the Black Blend out of all.

Caffè Borbone Coffee Compostable Pods, Recyclable Wrapping, Black Blend - 150 Pods - ESE System

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