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So, are you planning to buy Drew Barrymore Coffee Maker for you? But a bit hesitant about whether it will be a good choice or not. Don’t worry! Relax your nerves! Here we have compiled all the features sling with the pros and cons to make purchase decision easy for you. So, let’s get started! 

Drew Barrymore 14-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker With Touch Display

CoffeeAim’s Ratings

Design and Appearance4.8
Ease of Clean 4.4
Ease of Use4.6
Brand Reputation4.5
Coffeeaim’s Crux:
Drew Barrymore Beautiful coffee maker with signature gold accents, delivers 14 cups of flavorful coffee in under 14 minutes. Program the coffee maker 24 hours in advance for maximum peace of mind and convenience. 


If you are a fan of Drew Barrymore, you must know that she owns a brand called Beautiful Kitchenware that produces a variety of small kitchen appliances. Being a coffee lover, she also introduced a coffee maker in her kitchenware line. She made it possible to enjoy her show while sipping the best-tasting coffee.  

Drew Barrymore’s Beautiful 14-cup Programmable coffee maker brews 14 cups in under 14 minutes. This coffee maker has a touch display that makes it much easier to make the settings for the brew. It is a 24-hour programmable coffee maker that allows you to fully enjoy your morning by saving time.

You can brew a full carafe to serve the whole family or 1-4 cups for the small batch brew. The additional features are Keep Warm Mode, auto-off, pause and serve function, and cleaning cycle, making it a very convenient machine. 

No doubt, this coffee maker looks very beautiful with some cool color options but is this worth spending money on? Is this more than looks and design? Or is it’s a worth-having quality product?

You will find answers to all these questions in this review. Let’s start and discuss each aspect, from the design to the performance of this coffee maker, in detail. 


To make a purchase decision, you must get to know all the features of the Drew Barrymore coffee maker first. So, let’s get straight into it!

Strong CoffeeYes
1-4 Cup Brew OptionYes
Fits Travel MugYes*
Capacity14 Cups
Hot WaterYes*
Burr GrinderNo
Milk FrotherNo
Keep Warm ModeYes
Compatibility with Coffee PodsNo*
Available ColorsBlack Sesame, Oyster Grey, Sage Green, White Icing, and Cornflower Blue 
Product Dimensions8.54″ x 7.28″ x 14.76″
MaterialAlloy Steel
Storage UnitNo
Power Cord StorageNo
Soft Glow Display ScreenYes
Water Supply LineNo
Brews EspressoNo
Connectable to SmartphoneNo
Works with AlexaNo
Includes Water FilterYes
Includes Travel MugNo
Includes Reusable Filter BasketYes
Includes Measuring ScoopYes
Carafe TypeGlass Carafe

What We Like:

  • Sleek Design and 5 Color Options: You would definitely love to place this thoughtfully designed coffee maker with contemporary colors on your kitchen counter. It has five color options: Oyster Grey, Sage Green, White Icing, Black Sesame, and Cornflower Blue.
  • 24-Hour Programmability: Have a peaceful morning by preparing the brewer for an automatic brew. It’s programmable up to 24 hours so that you can save your time in busy schedules.
  • Touch-Activated Display: The signature touch-activated display makes it easy to program the brewer and make different settings. 
  • Keep Warm Mode: The warm mode heats coffee for up to 4 hours to enjoy hot coffee without compromising flavor for longer.
  • Automatic Shut-off: No worries if you always forget to turn off the brewer. This brewer turns off automatically as per pre-set time. Set it to turn off automatically after 30 to 4 hours of inactivity. 
  • 1-4 Cup Brew Feature: Select the 1-4 cup brew feature for smaller batches to avoid brewing more than you need. 
  • Customizable Brew: You can customize the flavor the way you like by selecting one of the options, i.e., Regular, Gourmet, and Bold brew. 
  • Pause and Serve Feature: The no-wait pause and serve feature enables pouring during the mid-brew to grab a cup quickly.

What We Don’t Like: 

  • No Pre-Set Recipes: This Beautiful 14 Cup Programmable coffee maker with a touch-activated display offers no pre-set set recipes that you can make with just a single touch. 
  • Expensive Than Competitors: Drew Barrymore coffee maker is more costly than other brands that offer the same product at a lower price. 

Design And Appearance

The sleek and elegant design combined with a soft matte premium finish gives Drew Barrymore coffee maker a perfect look. The 5 available colors are Oyster Grey, Sage Green, White Icing, Black Sesame, and Cornflower Blue. Among these colors, Sage Green made it to the top of the list with its cool vibe. 

The upper front of the coffee machine contains a touch display; it has no buttons or dials. The glass carafe with an ergonomic handle and no-drip spout is easy to handle and ensures a tidy counter. The plastic body of the Drew Barrymore coffee maker can be less pleasing for a person using a metal-body coffee maker. 

This coffee maker comes with a measuring scoop, charcoal water filter, and permanent gold tone filter basket. You can replace the water filter when needed to have pure water without any impurities.  


Drew Barrymore 14 Cup Programmable Touchscreen coffee maker takes 14 minutes to brew 14 cups of delicious coffee. You can brew regular or bold taste coffee as per your taste by quickly selecting the brew strength using a touch display. The powerful 1200-watt system delivers extra hot coffee at the ideal brew temperature without sacrificing flavor. The warming plate helps to keep the brewed coffee hotter in a glass carafe at the optimal brew temperature for up to 4 hours. So you can enjoy fresh coffee for a long time after brewing. 

Ease Of Use

Drew Barrymore Beautiful 14-cup coffee maker with sleek touch activation is pretty easy to use. The touch display allows you to choose the brew strength and size. You can also set the timer to turn on and off the machine automatically by using the easy menu. The reusable permanent gold tone filter is easily removable for washing purposes. 

Ease Of Cleaning

Drew Barrymore coffee maker offers you easy cleaning and maintenance. This machine has a special cleaning cycle alert that illuminates when the brewer needs it. The coffee filter is removable, so you can wash it by taking it to the sink. The dishwasher-safe glass carafe is a much-needed feature, as washing it by hand takes a long time. 

Price And Availability

Drew Barrymore kitchenware line is available at Walmart, including the coffee maker. You can also shop Drew Barrymore coffee maker in other online stores at reasonable prices. The table below shows the price of this coffee maker in different online stores.



The beautiful Drew Barrymore coffee maker introduced by a Hollywood icon Drew Barrymore is no less in its looks and style. The elegant and chic design perfectly justifies its name, i.e., Beautiful. The only setback we see is its external plastic body, which some people prefer to avoid. 

Brewing a full carafe of 14 cups is a matter of a few minutes by this coffee maker. You can serve your whole family hot and flavorful coffee in just 14 minutes. Its programmable feature guarantees you a morning without any rush and hustle. Enjoy a hot cup of coffee with complete peace by waking up to freshly brewed coffee. This 14-Cup Programmable Touchscreen coffee maker works like all other premium coffee makers.

After going through this review, you must have decided whether this coffee maker suits your preferences. But if you have a large family, this coffee maker is your need.

To learn more about coffee machines and coffee beans, visit our website Coffeeaim.com for valuable content.


Does Drew Barrymore Make A Coffee Maker?

Yes, Drew Barrymore’s kitchenware line manufactures a 14-cup programmable touchscreen coffee maker. This coffee maker serves you a full carafe of coffee in only 14 minutes. You can program it for an automatic brew and also for automatic shut-off.

Does The Drew Barrymore Coffee Maker Have A Filter?

Yes, the Drew Barrymore coffee maker comes with a charcoal water filter. This water filter is removable and needs to be removed every time before adding vinegar or descaling solution to the water tank.

Who Makes Drew Barrymore Appliances?

Drew Barrymore appliances are made by a brand called Beautiful Kitchenware, owned by one of the Hollywood icon Drew Barrymore. This brand produces a variety of high-performance appliances, including blenders, toasters, air fryers, kettles, microwave ovens, hand mixers, juicers, and coffee makers. 

Who Makes The Drew Barrymore Air Fryer?

Beautiful Kitchenware manufactures Drew the Barrymore air fryer. This brand is owned by the legendary actor, producer, director, author, and host Drew Barrymore. 

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