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Deciding to buy a new coffee maker? But confused about which one will be best for you? Say bye to confusion as we are here with a fantastic review on the Makita rechargeable coffee maker for you. This coffee maker will make your life easy as you can get your caffeine dose whenever you want. Its cordless system makes its user’s life easy as you can put it anywhere you want. It’s compact design and ease of use will make you fond of it.   

Makita Cordless Coffee Maker—DCM501Z 18V LXT 12V Max CXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Coffee Maker

Makita Coffee Maker Review
Design and Appearance 4.1
Easy to Clean4.5
Easy to Use4.9
Brand Reputation4.4
Coffee Aim’s Crux:
Makita Single-Serve 18V LXT 12V max CXT Lithium-Ion Cordless coffee maker serves a 5-oz cup of coffee in 5 minutes. This cordless coffee maker needs to recharge before use. Brew delicious coffee using the permanent filter; save money by not purchasing paper filters.  

Makita Coffee Maker Overview

If you are a coffee lover who works outdoors, you must need a solution for your coffee cravings at the job site. Otherwise, how would you get through the whole day without a hot cup of fresh brewed coffee?

Well, Makita has got you covered! Makita cordless and portable coffee maker can serve you coffee the best possible way anywhere. This cordless coffee maker works with the rechargeable battery Lithium-ion 18V LXT. You can brew three cups of coffee with an 18V battery. Its compatibility with pods and ground coffee, compact design, and 3-1/2″ cup clearance make it the best battery-powered coffee pot.

Makita DCM501 12V Max CXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Coffee Maker serves you a flavorful cup of coffee in 5 minutes; it takes longer than other coffee makers like Keurig, Nespresso, etc. It allows you to use ground coffee with reusable coffee filters or coffee pods (60mm); hence no paper filters are needed.

Spinn Coffee Maker Features

Let’s have a look on the details of features that your Matika coffee maker will come. It has amazing features that every coffee lover will be fond of. Without any doubt, its the best for your kitchentop!

Fits Travel MugNo
Water Reservoir Capacity8-oz
Hot Water FunctionYes
Burr GrinderNo
Milk FrotherNo
Compatibility with Coffee PodsYes
Available ColorsTeal, Camo Green
Product Dimensions7.8″D x 11.18″W x 10.32″H
Reusable Filter Yes
Storage UnitNo
Display ScreenNo
Brews EspressoNo
Serves Hot WaterYes
Includes Coffee CupYes
Includes BatteryNo
Includes Measuring SpoonYes
Removable Water ReservoirYes
Boil Dry ProtectionYes

What We Like:

  • Cordless: This cordless Makita coffee maker works with an 18V Lithium Ion battery, so you don’t need to plug in it. 
  • Compact Design: The small size helps to move the brewer easily.
  • Portable: The compact size of the Makita DCM501 coffee maker allows you to move quickly. You can take it with you to enjoy freshly brewed coffee outdoors. 
  • Compatibility with Pods and Ground Coffee: This cordless coffee maker is compatible with coffee grounds and coffee pods to brew coffee. 
  • Removable Water Tank: The removable water reservoir offers convenience by making refilling and cleaning much easier. 
  • Boil Dry Protection Function: The boil dry protection function cuts off power automatically when the water level goes down. It helps to save the machine from burning out. 

What We Don’t Like:

  • Brew Time: Makita coffee maker delivers a cup of coffee in five minutes; it takes longer than other coffee makers that serve a single in just a minute. 
  • Consumes Too Much Power: An 18V battery serves you only three cups of coffee. 

Design And Appearance

As said earlier, you can take this coffee maker outside, such as camping or on a construction site. So, this point is taken into consideration while manufacturing its outer look. Makita coffee maker is made of sturdy and strong plastic to avoid any breakage. This cordless coffee maker tool is not a delicate, stylish-looking brewer that is made to make your counter look classy. 

The easy-grip handle helps you to move the machine conveniently. This coffee maker comes with a stainless steel coffee mug with a lid that fits perfectly inside the machine. Removable water reservoir and coffee filter help to maintain hygienic coffee through easy and effective washing. The cover of the charging port prevents any dust and dirt from entering the port that can affect its functioning. 

Makita has no menu consisting of many buttons; just one brew button for providing ease to the users. 


Makita cordless coffee machine takes 5 minutes to brew a single cup of coffee; it does not have a fast brew. The coffee coming out of the spout is boiling hot, but it cools down a bit after 5 minutes when the brewing cycle completes. 

Makita 12V max CXT Lithium-Ion coffee machine takes two batteries; 12V and 18V LXT Lithium Ion. The 12V battery size brews a very small amount of coffee, so an 18V battery would be best for brewing more coffee.

Makita single-serve coffee maker brews a good cup of coffee with perfect flavor and taste. It does not brew exceptional flavor coffee but is much better than many drip coffee makers. 

It allows you to brew your favorite ground coffee or use single-serve packs; the way you prefer—no paper filters required with a permanent drip filter that saves you money.

Ease Of Use

Makita battery-operated coffee maker has an easy and simple brewing process. Firstly, you need to recharge the battery to operate the brewer. Fill the removable water tank, put in coffee grounds or a single-serve pack, and press the brew button. The machine takes 5 minutes to brew a cup of coffee. 

This battery-powered coffee maker has no programmable features and a complicated menu, just a single button. A few simple steps and your coffee is on the way. 

Ease Of Cleaning

Maintenance of this single-serve coffee maker is something to be fine with. To descale the machine, fill the water tank and run a brew cycle without coffee pods or grounds. You can also add a descaling agent in the water reservoir to clear the residue. Run the cycle twice, and you are done. 

You can clean the external body of the machine by using a clean and soft cloth damped in the water. Remove the water tank and coffee filter and rinse with fresh or soapy water. Put all the removable parts of the brewer back to place, and your brewer is all set to serve you a fresh cup of coffee. 

Price And Availability

Makita coffee maker is much more affordable than other portable coffee makers. You can check its price on Makita’s official website and on many other online stores like Amazon, Walmart, or eBay. However, to avail of the discount offers, visit the Amazon store and save money. 

The price of the Makita coffee maker in different online stores is given in the table below:

Makita Store$ 154.00

Is the Makita Coffee Maker For You?

Makita coffee maker is a to-the-point brewer with no additional coffee customization features. But this cordless single-serve coffee maker is a handy machine for those who work outside without electricity access.

This machine can be your perfect companion if you work outdoors or go camping. Take this portable coffee maker to the job site and enjoy a perfect cup of coffee during the work breaks instead of tasteless instant coffee. This lightweight and compact-sized coffee maker is ideal for job sites or any other place with no access to electricity. 


Can You Use Coffee Pods In A Makita Coffee Machine?

Yes, Makita cordless coffee maker allows you to use 60 mm single-serve coffee packs. But you may use ground coffee to brew your favorite cup of coffee.

How Many Cups Of Coffee Does A Makita Coffee Maker Make?

Makita coffee maker is a single-serve brewer that brews only one cup of coffee at a time. You can brew 3 cups of coffee with an 18V LXT battery on a single charge. 

What Coffee Pods Does Makita Coffee Maker Use?

Makita coffee maker uses a flat coffee pack with a size of 60 mm. The coffee pods compatible with Makita coffee makers are like tea bags, unlike K-Cup pods or Nespresso capsules. 

Does The Makita Coffee Machine Come With A Battery?

No, Makita cordless coffee maker doesn’t come with a battery. Batteries that are compatible with the Makita coffee maker are sold separately. 

Who Owns Makita Power Tools?

Makita Corporation, Japan, owns Makita Power Tools. Makita produces drills, drilling hammers, gardening equipment, cutting grinders, lawnmowers, blowers, and many other battery-powered tools. The cordless tools by Makita are powered by Makita batteries with good battery life.

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