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CAUTION: The Caution sign refers to acquiring safety precautions and avoiding harsh damage.

INFORMATION: The Information sign wants you to know about your brewer’s safe usage. 

WARNING: The Warning sign alerts you to take immediate actions to save yourself from unfortunate events. 

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Here you will see convenient and easy-to-get Safety precautions regarding your Nespresso Essenza Plus brewer.

After going through all of Nespresso machines’ manuals and studying them in detail, I am here to provide you with the filtered gold. You will be able to know what you want to know when it comes to brewer safety precautions. Keep reading and discover what you want to know in a few moments.

We care, but we neglect the care too. Often negligence can lead to fortune and often to misfortune. You all somewhere desire never to cross the path with misfortune. For this, you must have a knowledge of safety precautions. And don’t worry; I’m here to let you know all the necessary precautions you need to use Nespresso Essenza Plus.

Nespresso Essenza Plus Cautions

Nespresso Essenza Plus is an excellent morning brewer. Not only for mornings, but you can also make beverages anytime you want. But you must be careful with it each time. So without further ado, dig into the cautions.

  • You should not use Nespresso Essenza Plus brewer for other purposes rather than brewing beverages.
  • You should avoid giving the machine a long sunbath because if you do, machines can get heat up to dangerous levels.
  • You must go through the instructions given by Nespresso to avoid any calamity.
  • Right away, remove the plug from the source if any warning sign shows up.
  • You should not use Nespresso Essenza outside as it is not built for outdoor use.
  • Let the brewer cool down first before removing or working with the internal parts of the brewer.
  • You should not use the brewer or let anyone use it if you see the brewer cord is damaged.
  • When you receive your brewer, there will be a guidebook with safety precautions, so read them carefully as well.
  • When you want to connect your brewer, connect the plug to the brewer and then the cord to the power source.
  • You should not use sharp tools while cleaning the brewer.
  • You should not place the brewer around water or humidity.
  • You can use Nespresso Essenza in your households, kitchen, offices, staff kitchens, farmhouses, apartments, etc.
  • You should never put your finger in the capsule compartment because if you do, severe injury can occur.
  • You should not touch the hot surfaces of the brewer when the brewer is in working condition.
  • You should never process the brewer with wet hands.
  • You should not use the manufacturer’s forbidden accessories in the brewer.

Safety Precaution around Children

Children are a blessing to your household, and you don’t want to hurt them. You tend to spare extra attention to the children when they are around electronic devices like Nespresso Essenza Plus brewer. For this, here are the following precautions you must take to save your blessings

  • If you have children of 8 or 8+ years of age in your homes, they can brew using a Nespresso brewer, but you must be there to keep an eye on them for their safety.
  • Brewers are not toys; you should not let the children play with them.
  • You should be the one to descale and clean your brewer on the children.
  • You should turn off the brewer when not in use or when children are playing around it.

Electric & Fire Shock Avoidance

You never know what the future will present you, but the maximum precautions can be done to avoid fatality. To avoid tragic happenings, you should follow the following precautions.

  • You should not open up the brewer when the brewing process is happening.
  • You should always put your brewer on bump-free and smooth surfaces.
  • You must never place your brewer beside hot places like an oven.
  • The socket you plug in your cord adapter must have a steady voltage. Uneven voltage can cause a spark.
  • If you see any spark, immediately remove the cord to avoid fire.
  • You should not place the brewer’s part in the dishwasher unless they are dishwasher safe.
  • You should use steady current sockets for the brewer.
  • You should turn off the brewer from the main power source when cleaning the brewer.
  • You should not put anything inside the brewer opening besides water in the reservoir and capsule in the capsule compartment.

Safety Precautions While Operating the Nespresso Essenza Plus

When the brewer is in working condition, you should always be careful around it. Here are the precautions you should follow.

  • You should change the water in the reservoir if you have not used the brewer for quite some time.
  • You should use fresh water for reservoir filling.
  • If you hear any unusual voice or smell from the brewer, immediately turn off the brewer.
  • In case you want to have your brewer checked by an experienced person, Contact Nespresso Club.
  • You should not insert your finger in a coffee outlet or capsule compartment.
  • To avoid scalding, you must be careful around the brewer.
  • If you are setting aside your brewer, then let the reservoir clean and dry before doing that to prevent molding.
  • You should avoid using steam or pressure cleaners to clean your brewer.
  • You should always remember to put a mug on the drip tray before brewing.
  • You should not use strong cleaning agents. Go for mild or less acidic cleaning agents.

Cord related Precautions

The cord is the bridge between the power source and the brewer. Without it, you will not be able to run the brewer. So its protection is important. From its protection, your safety comes; any damage can be fatal for you. Here are the following precautions.

  • You should not use the damaged cord.
  • You should always disconnect the brewer holding the cord adapter on the cord itself.
  • You should not let your cord hang over sharp edges.
  • You should not touch the cord with wet hands.
  • You should not keep heat or water near the cord.

Extension-Cord Precautions

An extension cord comes in handy when your power supply is far and the built-in cord is not reaching there. But there are certain things you should care about while purchasing an extension cord to prevent sparks.

  • When you are disconnecting your brewer, turn off the power source first, then remove the plugs.
  • The cross-sectional area of the extensional cord must be 14 AWG in size with matching power input.
  • You should first attach the cord to the appliance, then plug in the power socket.
  • You should only use an earthed extension cord.
  • If you are using a Long detachable or extension cord, then you must keep in mind the following things
  1. The extension cord will be grounding type 3-wire if the brewer has a grounded type cord.
  2. The extension cord should have a greater electrical rating than the brewer’s cord.
  3. You should not let the extension cord hang over sharper edges.


Descaling no doubt keeps your brewer well-maintained and clean, but there are certain things you should be protective of.

  • You should follow the procedure and guidelines regarding descaling.
  • You should use the Nespresso descaling Kit for descaling Nespresso machines, including Nespresso Essenza Plus.
  • Following the procedure, you should carry out line-wise during the descaling
  1. Read the descaling instruction first.
  2. Descale according to the guidelines.
  3. Cleans out the brewer by brewing a clean water cycle and rinsing the reservoir.
  4. Leftovers should be wasted properly to avoid pollution.


How Do You Clean The Inside Of the Nespresso Essenza Plus Machine?

Cleaning is an important part of brewing, and it is good for both the quality and quantity of your brew. Following are the steps to clean the inside of the Nespresso Essenza Plus brewer. 

  • Descaling cleans the internal water pipes and water streaming channels, which would not be easy to clean manually through tools.
  • For reservoir cleaning, remove it from the machine, rinse it with dish soap, and clean it with clear water.
  • Remove the capsule and wash the capsule container with dish soap and water for capsule cleaning.

Which Nespresso Machine Is Discontinued?

Nespresso provides coffee lovers with many excellent working brewers, but some of them are discontinued now. Those discontinued ones include; the Nespresso VertuoLine Coffee maker & Espresso Maker (Milk Frother).

How Do You Take Care Of A Nespresso Essenza Plus?

Taking care of your Nespresso brewer is crucial for its excellent work; here are the following things through which you can take care of your brewer nicely;

  • Timely descale your brewer.
  • Avoid physical harm like falling off a machine or striking with hard material.
  • Clean your brewer after every 3 months or after 600 uses.
  • Follow safety precautions.
  • Follow instructions or guidance provided by the manufacturer.
  • Use mild acidic cleaning agent for outside cleaning
  • Keep your brewer dry.
  • Do not use forbidden cleaning tools that may harm your brewer.
  • Avoid heat and harsh temperature conditions on your brewer.

How long do Nespresso machines last?

The ideal age for Nespresso Machines, including Nespresso Essenza Plus, is 5-10 years. Changes can be possible depending on how you take care of your brewing machines. The more you take care of it, the more time it will spend with you.

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