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Here is our honest review of Peru Organic Nespresso Vertuo. We brewed drinks with this great pod and decided to share its notable attributes. 

The Bottom Line

Peru Organic Nespresso is the first organic coffee blended with elegant organic Arabica beans from Peru’s remote Andes mountains. The organic processes and fertilizers beautifully balanced its acidity and glowed your cup with herbal, fruity, and smooth toasted cereal notes. 

What is the Taste of Nespresso Peru Organic: Peru Organic Nespresso Taste Test video

I unboxed my Peru Organic Nespresso Vertuo pods. Recycle me is written on the back of the capsule, and apparently, it had dark green or fluorescent green color; I liked its color. Well, I brewed this pod with Nespresso VertuoLine machines. While the drink was brewing, I got a barbeque scent. Once done, I smelled it and got cereal notes in it. Its dark color indicated it has intensity 6. When I took a sip, the fruity notes touched my palate, and I also got a hint of biscuity notes. When I took another sip, I got some earthy notes, which was astonishing to me. I felt a bit tart on the tip of my tongue. The drink had a nice body and high acidity; however, the shot had a good sweet taste with a hint of bitterness. I liked its smooth texture and drank the whole cup in no time.

I added ice to the glass, brewed Peru Organic pod over it, frothed the milk, and added it to the prepared drink. The drink looked fantastic when I took my first sip; my first expression was Wow. It had an enjoyable, sweet, and smooth taste. The acidity had gone, and there were a bit of fruity notes. 

Overall, the Peru Organic Nespresso Vertuo pod delivers you a pleasant drink and makes your morning perfect.

Significant Features Of Peru Organic Nespresso Vertuo Pod

I have mentioned some essential features of the Peru Organic Nespresso pod. These striking attributes help us to identify how organic Arabica beans originated–Peru Organic Nespresso pods are different from all other Nespresso VertuoLine pods. Besides this, we brewed Peru Organic many times a day and in all seasons, and it will never disappoint us. Let’s dive into these notable features. 

Origin — Organic Arabica Beans from Peru’s remote Andes Mountains

Nespresso Peru Organic is a blend of elegant organic Arabica beans from Peru’s remote Andes mountains. These beans deliver smooth and fruity drinks accented by sweet cereal notes. The organic processes and fertilizers beautifully balanced its acidity and glowed your cup with herbal and fruity notes. 

Roasting Level — 3 out of 5

In Nespresso Peru Organic, the organic Arabica beans are light-roasted, highlighting the blend’s smooth and bright character and revealing the exotic fruity notes. The roasting level directly affects the drink’s acidity; light roasting gives a fruity flavor, while dark roasting gives an intense flavor. When I brewed Nespresso Peru Organic, the shot was smooth and had a sweet toasted cereal flavor. 

Aroma — Distinct Green Vegetable Notes

The herbal and floral aroma spread when I brewed the Nespresso Peru Organic Vertuo pod. Its scent soothed my mind. I smelled it again and again. The robust herbal aroma hinted at organic Arabica beans, and I felt that I was wandering in the green fields. The contrasting toasted cereal aroma beautifully balanced its acidity.

Acidity — 4 out of 5

Some drinks offer mild acidity, while some have lemon-like acrid acidity. Peru Organic is a single-origin coffee that brings nuanced complexity to the final cup. When I tasted Nespresso Peru Organic coffee, I was surprised. Its acidity is magnificently balanced with sweet toasted cereal notes. I enjoyed the drink and drank the whole cup in no time. 

Bitterness — 3 out of 5

The light-roasted blend of organic Arabica beans does not add too much bitterness to Nespresso Peru Organic coffee. The light-roasted blend enhances the bright character and reveals the exotic fruity notes. I took sip after sip and did not feel any harshness in the drink. 

Body — 3 out of 5 (Bright and smooth character)

The Nespresso Peru Organic delivers elegant and balanced espresso shots. When I took a sip, the smooth texture soothed my throat. The complex fruity notes graced my palate, and the green vegetable or herbal aroma relieved my mind. I drank the whole cup and did not feel it heavy at all.

Intensity — 6 out of 14

The coffee’s acidity and bitterness determine the intensity level. The Nespresso Peru Organic adds balanced acidity and low bitterness to your drink. The lightly-roasting Arabica beans glow in your cup with a sweet toasted aroma and complex fruity notes. Besides this, I liked the bold, intense, and dense shots of Nespresso Double Espresso Chiaro and Scuro.

Flavor — Complex Fruity And Herbal Notes

After brewing, the complex fruity notes hit my palate when I took my first sip. The sweet toasted cereal aroma soothed my mind, and I felt relieved for a few moments. When I took my second sip, the herbal and floral aroma graced my palate. I took sip after sip and experienced a new flavor in each sip. I felt that my single cup was a bouquet of various coffees. In the same way, I also liked the complex winey, and biscuity flavor of Nespresso Diavolitto and Voltesso

Finish — Sweet Fruity Notes

When I finished my Nespresso Peru Organic shot, I felt slight bitterness, but the sweet fruity notes soon balanced their bitterness. My mind still preserved its smooth texture, green vegetable aroma, and floral and herbal notes. I brewed this elegant Peru Organic pod many times a day, and each time it delivered me a complex shot and never disappointed me. 

Peru Organic Nespresso Strength

The roasting level and caffeine content determine the coffee’s strength. In Nespresso Peru Organic, the organic Arabica beans are light roasted and have less caffeine, so the delivered shot has balanced acidity and low intensity. The drink was smooth and elegant and possessed sweet cereal, fruity, and herbal notes. I did not find it intense and bitter. 

Nespresso Peru Organic Caffeine Content — 50-60 mg

Nespresso pods contain 80 mg of caffeine, enough to fulfill your caffeine needs. The same caffeine content is present in a standard coffee cup. However, Nespresso Peru Organic has low caffeine content and delivers smooth and balanced espresso beverages. When we measured it in our lab, we found 50-60 mg caffeine content in this great Nespresso pod.

What Nespresso Machines Are Compatible With Peru Organic Nespresso Pod?

Nespresso offers two types of machines; OriginalLine and VertuoLine

OriginalLine machines: These Nespresso machines deliver bold and full-bodied drinks. They use powerful 19 bars pressure and extract the perfect flavor from OriginalLine Nespresso Pods. These machines work well with Nespresso OriginalLine pods and third-party Nespresso pods and are best for those who drink coffee regularly. 

VertuoLine machines use the Centrifusion technique and pull the desired shot. These machines scan the pod barcode, spin the pods at 7000 RPM, work well with VertuoLine and  Starbucks by Nespresso Vertuoline pods, and are best for those who drink coffee now and then. 

Nespresso Peru Organic is a VertuoLine pod, and you can brew it with any of the Nespresso VertuoLine machines such as Vertuo,—- VertuoPlus,—- VertuoPlus Deluxe,—- Vertuo Next, and Evoluo

Nespresso Sustainable Program

In 2003, Nespresso collaborated with NGO Rainforest Alliance and launched AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program. Due to this program, Nespresso invests in insurance and pensions like social programs, ensures profitable coffee farming, and pays for coffee more than the market prices. Organic farming and practices are also a part of the Nespresso AAA Sustainable Program, extending over 110,000 farmers across 14 countries. Today 80% of Nespresso coffee comes from AAA-certified farms, and 40% comes from Rainforest Alliance-certified farms.

Peru Organic Nespresso Vertuo Brew Size

Nespresso Peru Organic delivers a 1.3 oz balanced and smooth espresso beverage. It is a Vertuo pod and is only brewed with Nespresso VertuoLine machines. Vertuo machines offer six brew sizes.

  • Espresso — 1.35 oz
  • Double espresso — 2.7 oz
  • Gran Lungo — 5.7 oz
  • Coffee — 7.8 oz
  • Alto — 14 oz
  • Carafe — 18 oz 

We also brew other cup sizes, such as coffee, alto, gran lungo, etc., but we got only watery, sour, acrid drinks. So, it is better to brew only espresso shots with Peru Organic.

Peru Organic Nespresso Vertuo Price

It is tiresome and expensive if you don’t have a Nespresso capsule machine and you fulfill your caffeine needs from a local coffee shop. However, if you buy a Keurig or Nespresso machine or capsules, you can easily brew your favorite coffee recipes at home, and you don’t have to rush to the coffee shop regularly. So, how much money you can save by staying and brewing at home is shown in the table below.  

Capsule or pod Cost, 1 ServingCost, 365 ServingsSavings Over Coffee Shop
Keurig K-Cup$0.35-$0.65$219$1,241
Nespresso Vertuo$0.90-$1.25$402$1,058
Nespresso Original$0.70-$0.85$292$1,168
Coffee Shop$3.50-$4.50$1,460$0

According to the above calculations, if you brew your desired milk and coffee recipes with Nespresso Peru Organic at home, you can save up to 80% of your money. Not only with Nespresso Peru Organic, but you can save the same amount with any of the OriginalLine or VertuoLine pods.

Peru Organic Nespresso Recipe

We have brewed many incredible recipes with Nespresso Peru Organic, such as Due Bianco, chocolatey cafe mocha, Iced-Frappe, etc. Click the link below to find out the easy methods for these recipes. 

Which are the Best Nespresso Organic Coffee Pods?

Nespresso Peru Organic is the best Nespresso organic pod. Peru Organic is a fruity coffee with distinct green vegetable notes. The coffee’s fine acidity is beautifully balanced by its contrasting aromas of toasted sweet cereals. It is a blend of elegant organic Arabica beans from Peru’s remote Andes mountains. The organic processes and fertilizers used in its preparation glow your cup with fruity notes. 

Is Peru Organic Nespresso for You?

If you want to brew fresh, smooth, and balanced espresso shots, Nespresso Peru Organic is meant for you. It is a blend of light-roasted organic Arabica beans and makes your morning better with balanced acidity, 50-60 mg caffeine content, and fruity and malty notes. However, if you want to; 

  • Taste a coffee that is a blend of Costa Rica Arabica beans with 120-200 mg caffeine content, a size of 5.7 oz gran lungo, an intensity of 7, and sweet cereal and nutty notes; Nespresso Costa Rica is the best option.
  • Taste a coffee blend of Mexican Arabica and Robusta beans with 170-200 mg of caffeine content, a size of 7.8 oz coffee, intensity 7, and intense and spicy notes; Nespresso Mexico will suit you. 
  • Taste a coffee blend of East African Ethiopia beans with 120-200 mg caffeine content, a size of 5.7 oz gran lungo, intensity 4, and raspberry fruit jam & orange blossom notes; Nespresso Ethiopia is the best option.
  • Taste a coffee that is a blend of Colombian Arabica beans has 170-200 mg of caffeine content, a size of 7.8 oz coffee, intensity 6, and winey and red fruity notes; Nespresso Colombia will suit you. 

Peru Organic Nespresso Alternative: Nespresso Organic Decaf

Nespresso Peru Organic delivers you a fresh fruity cup to jumpstart your day, but many people avoid it due to caffeine issues. No doubt, caffeine increases heart rate, causes a headache, and develops the feeling of restlessness; there is an alternative for those people, i.e., Decaffeinato Melozio. The less than 12 mg caffeine content and sweet honey notes make it best for caffeine-sensitive people.

Important FAQs

Does Nespresso Sell Organic Pods?

Yes, Nespresso sells many organic pods. One of the best and USDA-certified Nespresso organic pods is Peru Organic. It is a blend of light-roasted organic Arabica beans and delivers a smooth and balanced espresso cup. It glowed your cup with floral and sweet fruity notes. 

Is Peru Organic Espresso Or Coffee?

Peru Organic delivers smooth and balanced 1.35 oz espresso shots. If you brew other cup sizes with it, you will get only watery drinks. So, it is better to brew only indulgent espresso shots with Peru Organic.

Is There Organic Nespresso?

Nespresso launched its first organic capsule that is Peru Organic. This pod is prepared with elegant organic Arabica beans from Peru’s remote Andes mountains. It delivers fresh and smooth drinks with sweet fruity, malty, and herbal notes.

Is Nespresso Coffee Sprayed With Pesticides?

Nespresso coffee is processed in a contamination-free environment and from harmful pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides. It is beneficial for our health and sustainable for our environment.

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