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Coffee Aim’s Rating

Espresso Quality4.4 out of 5
Easy to brew4.5 out of 5
Flavor4.3 out of 5
Aroma 4.1 out of 5
Strength 4.2 out of 5
Body 4.1 out of 5
Acidity 4.1 out of 5
Bitterness 4.3 out of 5
Crema 4.1 out of 5
Intensity 4.2 out of 5
Value for money4.3 out of 5
Brand Reputation4.5 out of 5
Coffee Aim’s crux:
Nespresso Paris Praline is a medium-roasted blend of Central and South American Arabica beans. It offers well-balanced coffee cups with dense crema and smooth texture. The nutty and roasted aroma hits your nose, while pleasant acidity, strong bitterness, and sweet finish bring a fantastic mouthfeel. It dances on your palate with rich roasted hazelnut and sweet caramel notes, reminding you of a praline dessert. These pods are perfect for Christmas; brew them with ice, milk, gingerbread, coconut, syrups, etc., and enjoy your day.      

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“The aroma of freshly brewed coffee is one of the greatest inventions for me.”

I have been using Nespresso capsules for the last two years and always get the best results. I also tried other brands, but they can not give me the consistent results I got from the Nespresso brand. I brewed endless coffee, and milk recipes with these pods and the flavor, texture, and strength of the coffee were beyond anything. 

Searching for a flavored blend? Wait! Nespresso Paris Praliné will satisfy you. It offers a harmonious hazelnut-flavored coffee reminiscent of a Praliné dessert. I hope you will love this item. Let’s indulge in this capsule and learn more.

Features of Nespresso Paris Praline Original-Line Pod

  • Product Line: Original-Line
  • Intensity: 6
  • Roast Type: Medium-roast
  • Caffeine: 55-65 mg
  • Coffee Type: Arabica beans
  • Volume: 1.35 oz/40 ml espresso
  • Aromatic Profile: Nutty
  • Body: Smooth and well-balanced
  • Flavor: Rich roasted, hazelnut, and sweet caramel notes
  • Finish: Subtle sweet

Nespresso Original-Line Paris Praline Capsules Taste Test

As Nespresso released this blend, I bought it immediately. My Paris Praline capsule had white and pink colors and looked nice. It was an OriginalLine capsule, so I brewed it with my Nespresso Creatista Pro machine. My Praline espresso shot had a pleasant nutty aroma and light crema. Its color indicated an intensity level of 6. When I tasted it, the sweet caramel notes enveloped my palate and gave me a pleasant mouthfeel. I felt subtle acidic notes and a drying effect in my mouth. 

Although I felt mild bitter notes, they gave me a strong punch. As I took sip after sip, the hazelnut and almond notes hit my palate. Its unique flavor profile amazed me and gave me an enjoyable coffee experience. I found my shot smooth and well-balanced, leaving thickness at the end. The subtle sweet finish made it one of my daily capsules. 

Nespresso variations Paris Praliné belong to the same flavored blends category, including Vanilio,_ Ciocattino,_ Caramelito,_ Livanto, etc. You can enjoy this blend any time of the day or on Christmas. It goes well with dark chocolate, pineapple cherry cake, coconut cookie, and praline. 

This OriginalLine capsule offers a serving of 1.35 oz espresso shot and works with only Nespresso OriginalLine machines

What We LikeWhat We Don’t Like
Pleasant nutty aromatic profileNot best for dark-roast coffee lovers
Well-balanced, rich character, and smooth texture
Work well with milk, ice, cream, sweeteners, etc.
Enjoyable acidity and bitterness 
Rich roasted, hazelnut, and sweet caramel notes
Satisfying sweet finish

Nespresso Original-Line Paris Praliné Capsule Features — An In-Depth Insight

"Paris Praliné pod: Rich chocolate and hazelnut blend, OriginalLine compatibility, indulgent French flavor for a luxurious coffee experience."

I mentioned major attributes of Nespresso variations Paris Praline. These characteristics separate this blend from other Nespresso capsules and help you to decide when this kind of coffee will suit you or whether you should buy it. Let’s scroll and find out more details. 

Origin — Central And South America

The image depicts the origin of the Paris Praliné Nespresso OriginalLine Pod, enhancing our "Paris Praliné Nespresso OriginalLine Pod Review."

Nespresso variations Paris Praline blend Central and South American Arabica beans. It is based on Livanto’s blend and is the perfect choice for Christmas occasions. 

Roasting Level — 3 out of 5

This image illustrates the roasting level of the Paris Praliné Nespresso OriginalLine Pod for the "Paris Praliné Pod Review."

In this Nespresso coffee blend, the beans are medium-roasted. This roasting reveals a pleasant aroma and smooth texture, adding some intensity to the coffee.

Aroma — Nutty

The image captures the rich aroma of the Paris Praliné Nespresso OriginalLine Pod, enhancing the sensory experience.

When I brewed variations Paris Praline pod, I got a pleasant nutty aroma. The refreshing scent reminded me of a classic dessert and macadamia nut. 

Acidity — 3 out of 5

The Paris Praliné Nespresso OriginalLine Pod offers a delightful balance of acidity, enhancing its rich and nuanced flavors.

My Paris Praline coffee touched my tongue with subtle acidity. It balanced the profile and did not add a sour taste. However, I felt a tart taste at the back of my tongue. 

Bitterness — 3 out of 5

The image captures the "Bitterness" of the Paris Praliné Nespresso OriginalLine Pod, enhancing the review's sensory experience.

Although variations Paris Praline are medium-roasted, it offered me rich bitter notes. The bitterness was pleasant and did not make my drink harsh. 

Body — 3 out of 5

this image describes the 'Body' of Paris Praliné Nespresso OriginalLine Pod for the article "Paris Praliné Nespresso OriginalLine Pod Review".

My variations Paris Praline coffee were well-balanced and had dense crema. The thick texture gave me a pleasant mouthfeel, while smoothness let me swag the cup quickly.

Flavor — Hazelnut And Caramel

The image captures the essence of Nespresso Paris Espresso OriginalLine Pod, enhancing the "Flavor" discussed in the review article.

Nespresso variations Paris Praliné offered me a flavorful coffee. The sweet caramel notes and hazelnut flavor covered my palate and amazed me. The hints of almond taste made my cup more enjoyable. It reminded me of praline dessert and made me happy. Of course, it became a part of my after-dinner routine. 

Finish — Subtle Sweet

The image depicts the conclusion of the Nespresso Paris Espresso OriginalLine Pod review.

As soon as I finished my Paris Praline coffee, I got a slightly sweet aftertaste. There were also hints of nutty flavor. The finish was exciting and surprised me. Nespresso Paris Praliné offered me a great coffee cup; each sip amazed me and urged me to demand another. 

If you love this blend, you may fall for the vanilla blossom variations pod: Vanilio,_ Vanilla Eclair.

Nespresso Variations Paris Praliné Intensity — 6 out of 13

Image depicts Nespresso Paris Espresso Pod's intensity for the "Nespresso Paris OriginalLine Pod Review." Summarize in 20 words.

Nespresso Paris Praliné delivers flavorful beverages with moderate intensity. It makes it perfect for light-roast coffee drinkers. It is a harmonious hazelnut-flavored blend reminding you of a Praliné dessert. This capsule does not contain pieces of depicted food. 

Nespresso Variations Paris Praliné Caffeine Content — 55-65 mg

Image depicts Nespresso Paris OriginalLine Espresso Pod's caffeine content. For "Nespresso Paris Espresso Pod Review" article.

Nespresso Paris Praliné adds 55-65 mg of caffeine per espresso shot, offering you a strong kick. It pairs the roundness of Livanto’s base with a delicate roasted hazelnut flavor. Its character is enhanced by a touch of caramel sweetness, making your day memorable. 

Nespresso Limited Edition Paris Praliné Capsule Calories

Calories 2Percent value
Total fat (0.1 g)0%
Saturated fat (0g)0%
Trans fat (0g)0%
Cholesterol (0 mg)0%
Sodium (4.7 mg)0%
Potassium (0 mg)0%
Total carbohydrates (0g)0%
Dietary fiber (0g)0%
Sugars (0g)0%
Protein (0.3 g)1%
Vitamin A0%
Vitamin C0%
Calcium 0%
Iron 0%

Nespresso Limited Edition Paris Praliné Capsules Nutrition Facts

Calories 2.4Percent value
Total fat (0.1 g)
Sodium (4.7 mg)1%
Potassium (116 mg)3%
Total carbohydrates (0g)
Dietary fiber (0g)
Sugars (0g)0%
Protein (0.3 g)
Vitamin D (0μg)0%
Calcium 4.7mg 1%
Iron (0 mg)1%

Is Nespresso Original-Line Paris Praliné Best For You?

If you want a mellow coffee cup with robust and flavorful notes, Nespresso Variations Paris Praliné will suit you. It is a medium-roasted blend of Central and South American Arabica beans and offers you smooth and well-balanced coffee. It glows in your cup with a nutty aromatic profile and rich roasted hazelnut and sweet caramel notes. The smooth texture and rich, acidic, and bitter notes make your cup more enjoyable. The subtly sweet finish, moderate intensity (6), and high caffeine (55-65 mg) make your morning worth living. However, if you want to; 

  • Taste a coffee blended with Arabica and Robusta beans; search for the price of the Nespresso Paris Black OriginalLine pod. It glows in your cup with 55-65 mg caffeine, an intensity of 9, and rich roasted, cereal, woody, and spicy notes offering you 1.35 oz espresso shots.
  • Enjoy a coffee blended with Kona coffee beans; check out the Nespresso Hawaii Kona OriginalLine pod. It glows in your cup with 55-65 mg caffeine, an intensity of 5, and nutty and exotic fruity notes, offering you 1.35 oz espresso shots.
  • Start a day with an intense roasted blend having a robust flavor profile; check out dark roasted capsules, including; Kazaar,_ Arpeggio,_ Roma, etc.
  • Taste a perfect coffee cup with a balanced body and robust flavor profile; check out decaf capsules such as; Decaffeinato Ristretto,_ Decaffeinato Arpeggio,_ Decaffeinato Intenso, etc.


Is Nespresso Discontinuing The Original Line?

Nespresso discontinued only four OriginalLine capsules from single-origins; other capsules are widely available. You can order them from your preferred online store, such as Amazon, the Nespresso brand, etc. 

Do Nespresso Pods Fit All Models?

Nespresso VertuoLine capsules are compatible with only VertuoLine machines, while OriginalLinen pods work well with only Nespresso OriginalLine machines. There is no alternative model that works with both capsules. 

What Machines Are Compatible With Nespresso Original Pods?

Do Original Line Nespresso Pods Work In Vertuo? Nespresso OriginalLine pods work well with only Nespresso OriginalLine machines. They are incompatible with VertuoLine and Keurig machines.

Which Pods Can I Use In Nespresso Vertuo?

Which Coffee Pods Are Compatible With Vertuo? Nespresso VertuoLine capsules are compatible with only VertuoLine machines. Vertuo models do not work with Original-Line or K-cup pods.

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