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I am a sophisticated coffee lover, and my morning is incomplete without a perfect coffee cup. I have been using the Breville Barista Express for a long time and grind my whole beans on my own with its integrated grinder. After some time, I replaced it with a premium model, i.e., Breville Oracle Touch. Its advanced features and one-touch operation enhanced my experience and delivered me a wide variety of drinks effortlessly. When it started to cause problems, I replaced it with a Keurig coffee maker. I brewed long coffees with K-cup pods, which was quite an interesting experience. But after some time, it also became out of order; at that time, I got fed up with buying or replacing the coffee makers. So, I did not buy a new coffee maker and started to fulfill my caffeine needs at the Starbucks coffee shop. 

I went to the coffee shop regularly and drank my coffee along with pastries and cheesecake. At first, I did not feel it, but gradually I realized that it had destroyed my morning routine. Also, it was an expensive experience, so I searched for budget-friendly alternatives. One of my friends suggested French Press, — AeroPress, — Moka Pot, and Percolators, but they did not brew authentic espresso. 

Anyhow, I searched the machine on my own. I saw two types of Nespresso machines; OriginalLine and VertuoLine. As I had an amazing experience with a Keurig coffee maker, I want something similar to it. I searched for VertuoLine coffee makers as they brew coffee in different sizes. I chose a single-serve Nespresso VertuoPlus machine; its features impressed me greatly and urged me to write a review about it. The taste and quality were beyond anything when I bought this machine and brewed coffee. As I’m not particularly eager to brew latte, cappuccino, etc., the absence of a milk frother did not bother me. 

Now, my habit of going to coffee shops has gone away. The VertuoPlus machine is a gadget that I need. 

Here is a complete description of my experience with this machine and details of its features, pros, cons, and settings. 

Bottom line

VertuoPlus is one of the luxury models that allows you to brew great-tasting coffee from 0.3 to 17 oz in the comfort of your home. Its sleek design, rotating water tank, auto-off feature, fast heat-up system, and four adjustable positions of drip tray make this model suitable for everyone.

Features And Specifications Of VertuoPlus

Features Detail 
Product LineVertuoLine
Dimensions8.7″W x 12.7″D x 12.8″H
Brew SizesEspresso (1.35 oz), double espresso (2.7 oz), gran lungo (5 oz), coffee (7.8 oz), and alto (14 oz) capsules programmable from 0.3-17 oz
Weight10.1 lbs
External MaterialABS plastic
Water Reservoir40 oz
Rotating water tankYes 
Milk ContainerNone
FrotherSold separately
PressureNo pump; extraction via centrifusion
Spent Capsules10 capsules
Wireless ConnectivityNo
US/CA PartnersBreville, DeLonghi
UK PartnersKrups, Magimix
Other FeaturesAuto-Off after 9 minutes, 20-second ready to brew time, removable drip tray with 4 position settings (plus removed) for various cup sizes, programmable water hardness

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Pros And Cons Of Vertuoplus

Pros Cons 
Brews a wide range of high-quality beverages up to 17 ozThe crema is more airy than the OriginalLine machine
Sturdy internal construction prevents it from breakageCoffee is not too hot
Large removable water tank (40 oz) and spent capsule capacity (10 used capsules)Use only expensive Vertuo pods
Easy to use—-
Fast 20 seconds heat-up time—-
Brew high-quality coffee and espresso drink time after time—-
The precision brewing system automatically adjusts the brewing settings to each capsule for a consistent in-cup result—-
Offers automatic capsule ejection and cleaning cycle—-
Automatic capsule ejection holds 10 used capsules—-
Energy-saving automatic shutoff after 9 minutes of inactivity—-
Its average rating value is 4.6 out of 5 stars—-

Espresso Machine Vs. Coffee Machine

Espresso machines pass hot water through uniform coffee grounds. They use powerful pressure pumps (15-19 bar), standard temperature, and high speed to extract balanced espresso shots within 25-30 seconds. They use evenly ground dark, light, or medium roasted beans and make 2-ounce shots with a strong taste and color. Espresso machines can be of two types:

Coffee machines pass hot water through coffee grounds (either fine or coarse) and filters. They make acidic and bright coffee beverages in 5 oz cups to 60 oz carafes. The brewing process takes 2-30 minutes. Coffee machines can be of two types;

What Is The Difference Between Espresso And Coffee?

The main difference between coffee and espresso is the brewing method.

Coffee:  In coffee preparation, coffee grounds (coarse or fine) are evenly spread in the filter, and the machine brews them. The machine passes hot water through filters and grounds.

Espresso: In preparation, the brewer passes hot water through fine coffee grounds and delivers a concentrated shot.

The other notable differences between coffee and espresso are as follows;

  • Coffee has 80 to 185 mg caffeine content in 8 oz cups, while espresso has 40-75 mg caffeine in 1 oz shot.
  • Coffee types include; drip coffee and filter coffee, while espresso can be without milk or milk-based (latte, macchiato, cappuccino, etc.) or water-based (Americano, etc.).
  • Coffee serving is 5 oz cups to 60 oz carafe, while espresso serving is 1-2 oz.
  • Coffee brewing time is 6-12 minutes, while espresso takes only 20-30 seconds. 

Nespresso VertuoPlus Overview

Nespresso offers two lines of machines; OriginalLine and VertuoLine.

OriginalLine Machines: These machines extract perfect flavor and premium aroma from coffee capsules via a powerful 19-bar pressure pump.

VertuoLine machines use the Centrifusion technique, scan the capsule’s barcode, and vigorously run the capsule at 7000 RPM to extract the authentic flavor. It also brews coffee up to 18 oz. 

OriginalLine machines are better than VertuoLine machines because;

  • They use inexpensive 3rd party capsules, while VertuoLine machines use expensive Vertuo Pods.
  • Deliver hotter coffee than VertuoLine machines.
  • Brew authentic espresso cups with dense crema while VertuoLine machines deliver espresso with airy crema.

Besides these, VertuoLine coffee makers are worthy dual brewers; they brew Espresso, Double Espresso, gran lungo, coffee, or other beverages in different sizes. One of the luxury VertuoLine machines, the VertuoPlus has a streamlined design and offers high-quality beverages in different sizes. Unfortunately, it lacks a milk frother, so if you want to enjoy a latte, cappuccino, macchiato, etc., pair it with a one-touch Aeroccino frother.

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Design — Aesthetic design

When I unboxed my VertuoPlus white smart coffee maker, its fancy and simple design impressed me greatly. It is available in white, red, silver, and black color, and all of these colors can decorate your kitchen very well. I faced a little problem when I tried to adjust it on my kitchen countertop. It was a heavy machine with dimensions WxDxH 8.7 x 12.7 x 12.8 inches. It occupied a lot of space, but with its small footprint and adjustable water tank, I managed to place it in the desired place or optimize kitchen countertop space. It has only one button for the entire operation. Its lid offers automatic opening and closing.

I faced a problem accessing the capsule container; I had to remove the water tank if I wanted to empty it. 

 Water Tank— Large And Rotating

VertuoPlus espresso machine has a 40 oz water reservoir. The water reservoir is rotating, and the adjustable water tank position to optimize kitchen counter space is the most appealing feature. The water reservoir is transparent, so I did not face problems accessing the water level. 

Performance & Coffee Quality — Thanks To Centrifusion Technology

The machine scans the capsule barcode, reads instructions, spins the capsules at 7000 RPM, and extracts the desired drink. When you insert the pod and press the start button, the machine makes holes in the pod and passes water through these holes. The machine automatically adjusts the brewing settings or parameters for each capsule, such as; water volume, flow rate, rotational speed (7000 RPM), temperature, and water contact time. It extracts the perfect flavor and premium aroma from the capsules and delivers the drink according to the preferred size, intensity, and flavor. Due to Centrifusion technology, the VertuoPlus espresso machine delivers strong, high-quality coffees (5oz, 8oz), alto (14-17 oz), splendid espresso (1.35 oz), double espresso shots (2.7 oz), and gran lungo (5 oz) with a rich crema. 

How To Use — Intuitive Brewing Process

VertuoPlus has a single button for the entire operation. I followed the manual’s instructions when I brewed espresso for the first time. According to it, I filled the reservoir with fresh water, pressed the start button, and the machine started to heat up. After 25 seconds, I tapped the bar; the lid automatically opened; I inserted the Vertuo pod, tapped it again, and it automatically closed, thanks to the automatic machine opening system. The machine scanned the capsule’s barcode and delivered me a well-balanced espresso shot in just two minutes. The machine has an automatic capsule ejection feature and ejects the capsule after brewing on its own. Its cup support offers 4 different adjustable positions, allowing you to brew in small cups or large coffee mugs. Each capsule has its specific barcode and offers different brew sizes, such as;

  • Espresso — 1.35 oz
  • Double espresso — 2.7 oz
  • Gran lungo — 5 oz
  • Coffee — 7.8 oz
  • Alto — 14 oz 
  • Carafe — 18 oz

Nespresso Vertuo Plus Bundle With Aeroccino

The VertuoPlus does not come with a milk frother and does not have any milk system. If you want to brew latte, cappuccino, macchiato, etc., buy a standalone one-touch Aeroccino3 or 4 milk frother. The aeroccino frother will give you hot and cold foam for your beverages with one touch only. The incredible thing is that if you have an Aeroccino frother that comes with any OriginalLine machine, you can use it with VertuoPlus too. 

Nespresso Vertuoplus Pods — Nespresso Vertuo Capsules

Vertuo pods are designed for Nespresso Vertuo-Line machines, so these machines use only Nespresso Vertuo capsules and do not work with third-party capsules. Similarly, the VertuoPlus Nespresso machine is only compatible with Vertuo pods; each comes with a specific barcode and brew sizes. However, after the Nespresso and Starbucks partnership, it also worked well with Starbucks by Nespresso Vertuo pods. If you want to brew a drink with your desired pre-ground coffee, you can also use reusable stainless steel Nespresso pods.

Can VertuoPlus Make Double Espresso?

VertuoPlus can make double Espresso with its double espresso Vertuo pod. Each Vertuo pod offers specific brew sizes such as; 

  • Espresso — 1.35 oz
  • Double espresso — 2.7 oz
  • Gran lungo — 5 oz
  • Coffee — 7.8 oz
  • Alto — 14 oz 
  • Carafe — 18 oz

Insert the double espresso pod into the machine and press the start button; the machine will read the capsule’s barcode and deliver your desired drink within two minutes. 

Cleaning — Quick And Easy

The VertuoPlus offers quick and easy cleaning cycles. Following the manual’s instructions, I emptied the capsule container and cleaned it with a damp cloth. I also washed the water tank and drip tray and cleaned the machine’s exterior with a damp cloth. The machine offers an automated cleaning cycle; press the button, and the machine will do the cleaning independently. It also has a descaling alert; the machine is descaled with a Nespresso descaling solution every 6 months or after 600 used capsules. Press the button three times to activate the descaling mode, and the brewer will run the three cleaning cycles independently. For more detail, watch the below video. 

Warranty — Two-Year

The VertuoPlus comes with a warranty of two years. During that period, Nespresso offers necessary repairs and replacements free of cost. It also gives you full troubleshooting support and ships you a loaner device while your machine is being repaired. 

Most coffee lovers try to recover small flaws on their own, but this act can affect your machine’s working. I recommend you call Nespresso customer service to keep your machine in a good working position.

Extra Features

  • It has an auto-off feature that automatically turns off the machine after 9 minutes of inactivity and saves energy. 
  • Its drip tray is removable and also offers four different positions so you can accommodate small or large cups according to your need. 
  • An automatic machine opening system makes for easy insertion and ejection of capsules.
  • It comes with a complimentary starter set of capsule assortment, including a wide range of Nespresso Vertuo pods with unique aromatic characteristics.
  • It features dual capsules for brewing either espresso or coffee with Centrifusion technology.

Comparison Among Vertuoline Nespresso Machines

We compared the 5 vertuo machines, and the results are as follows;

Product VertuoPlusVertuo Next

VertuoPlus DeluxeVertuoEvoluo
Get itShop it on AmazonShop it on AmazonShop it on AmazonShop it on AmazonShop it on Amazon
Large coffee cup Sizes0.3-17 oz0.3-17 oz0.3-17 oz0.3-17 oz0.3-17 oz
Water tank capacity40 oz37 oz60 oz40 oz54 oz
Spent capsule capacity10 used capsules10 used capsules10 used capsules12 used capsules17 used capsules
Heat-up time20 seconds25 seconds20 seconds15 seconds15 seconds
Dimension in inches9.8W x 13.3D x 12.7H5.5W x 16.9D x 12.4H16.88W x 5.59D x 12.79H9W x 12.3D x 12.2H9W x 12.3D x 12.2H
Weight 10.1 pounds8.8 pounds10.1 pounds10.9 pounds11 pounds
Power consumption1300 W1350 W1300 W1350 W1350 W
Auto-off featureYes Yes Yes Yes Yes 
Extra featureAdjustable water tankWireless connectivity, made of recycled materialAdjustable drip tray, an extra large water reservoirOne-touch operationMovable cup support
Price View its priceView its priceView its priceView its priceView its price

VertuoPlus Vs Nespresso Vertuoplus Deluxe

Both models have many similarities, but when we compare them, we also see some differences, including; 

  • Vertuo Plus has a small 40 oz water reservoir, while VertuoPlus Deluxe models feature chrome accents and have a larger water tank, 60oz capacity.
  • VertuoPlus Deluxe has a chrome finish around the lever and buttons, while VertuoPlus does not have a chrome finish. For more detail, read the above table content.

Is The VertuoPlus Nespresso Machine For You?

The VertuoPlus is best for you if you want to brew a wide variety of drinks effortlessly and in different sizes. The sleek design, automatic cleaning cycle, and drink quality make this model suitable for everyone. However, it is a heavy model, occupies a large space, and lacks a milk frother otherwise:

  • If you want an affordable VertuoLine machine, check out Vertuo machine. The barcode scanning, 40 oz water reservoir, 15 seconds fast heat-up time, auto-off feature, and ability to brew both espresso and coffee make it one of the perfect single-serve coffee machines. 
  • If you want a more compact and slim machine, then one of the new VertuoLine machines, Vertuo Next, will suit you. It is a feature-rich model, has a 5.5″ width, and delivers drinks with a touch of a button. 
  • If you want a machine with a large water reservoir, check out VertuoPlus Deluxe, which has a 60 oz water reservoir, or Evoluo, which has a 57 oz water tank capacity. 
  • If you want to brew espresso and long coffees in a better way or with better quality and taste, search out the Keurig K-classic coffee maker. It allows you to brew high-quality drip coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and long coffee without setting foot in a coffee shop. 
  • On the other hand, if you are not fond of long coffee and consume less coffee, then the Nespresso CitiZ espresso machine will suit you. It brews Ristretto, Espresso, and lungo and is also compatible with inexpensive third-party Nespresso capsules. However, it lacks a milk frother, so if you want to make lattes, cappuccinos, macchiato, etc., you must buy a standalone milk frother
  • If you want to grind your whole fresh beans on your own and brew great-tasting coffee and Espresso, then Breville Barista Express with an integrated grinder and frother is meant for you. 
  • If you like to brew coffee with Nespresso pods and Keurig K-cup pods, then search for Instant Pod that allows you to brew coffee with Nespresso pods and Keurig K-cup pods. 
  • If you want to manually control your drink or frothing process, then one of the Creatista machines is the best option. 
  • If you want a machine with an integrated frother and a wide variety of preset beverages, check out one of the Lattissima series.

Alternatives for the VertuoPlus Machine

Nespresso Pixie 

With a 24oz water reservoir and 30 seconds brew time, Nespresso Pixie allows you to brew 1.35 oz espresso and 3.7 oz lungo. It has a sleek design, high durability, and occupies less counter space. Unfortunately, it lacks a milk frother and wireless connectivity feature. 

View it on Amazon

Nespresso CitiZ & Milk

With a sleek design and 33.8 oz water reservoir, the CitiZ & Milk coffee machine delivers perfect ristretto, lungo, and espresso shots. It is paired with an Aeroccino milk frother and delivers splendid froth for your drinks. It also has 25 seconds fast heat-up time, 9-minutes auto-shutoff time, 8.9 lbs weight, and 8.6″ width. 

View it on Amazon

Keurig K-Cafe

With a 48 oz water reservoir and a fast 15 seconds heat up time, Keurig K-Cafe delivers fantastic espresso shots and long coffees. It works well with ground coffee and K-cup pods( regular or reusable). It brews 4-12 oz hot or cold drinks and allows you to decorate your kitchen with one of its two bold colors. 

View it on Amazon


What Is The Difference Between Nespresso Vertuo And Vertuoplus?

  • Vertuo has a 40 oz water reservoir, while Vertuo Plus has a 37 oz water reservoir.
  • Vertuo has a large capsule container that can accommodate 12 used capsules, while Vertuo Plus has 10 used capsule capacity.
  • Vertuo has a fast 15 seconds heat-up time, while Vertuo Next takes 25 seconds for heat-up.f
  • VertuoPlus has an adjustable water tank, while Vertuo lacks this feature. 

What Does The Nespresso Vertuo Plus Do?

VertuoPlus has a fancy design and brews a wide range of drinks effortlessly. It offers a precise brew system, auto-off feature, and automatic cleaning cycle. It delivers the best home-brewed coffee, the perfect combination of style and texture, ranging from 0.3 to 17 oz without stepping into a coffee shop. 

Can You Use Other Pods In Nespresso VertuoPlus?

VertuoLine machines are only compatible with Vertuo pods. VertuoPlus only uses Nespresso Vertuo pods. After the Nespresso and Starbucks partnership, VertuoPlus works well with Starbucks by Nespresso Vertuo pods. You can also use reusable stainless steel Nespresso pods if you want to brew a drink with your desired pre-ground coffee.

Is The Nespresso Vertuo Better Than The Original?

Both OriginalLine and VertuoLine models brew high-quality drinks. They are similar in many aspects, but many factors differentiate them, such as; 

  • OriginalLine Machines extract perfect flavor and premium aroma from coffee capsules via a powerful 19-bar pressure pump. VertuoLine machines scan the capsule’s barcode and vigorously run the capsule at 7000 RPM to extract the authentic flavor. 
  • OriginalLine machines can use inexpensive 3rd party capsules, while VertuoLine espresso machines use only expensive Vertuo Pods.
  • OriginalLine machines deliver hotter coffee than VertuoLine machines.
  • OriginalLine machines brew authentic espresso cups with a dense crema, while Vertuo-Line coffee machines deliver espresso with airy crema.

What Pods Can I Use In My Nespresso Vertuo Plus?

VertuoLine machines are only compatible with Vertuo pods. VertuoPlus only uses Nespresso Vertuo pods. After the Nespresso and Starbucks partnership, VertuoPlus works well with Starbucks by Nespresso Vertuo pods

What Is Nespresso Vertuoplus White?

Nespresso Vertuoplus white allows you to brew single and double espresso, gran lungo, coffee, and alto without stepping into a coffee shop. It is easy to use and clean and has a rotating water tank (40 oz), but it produces a mess and occupies a large counter space. Also, it lacks a milk frother; pair it with an aeroccino frother if you want to enjoy milk-based beverages. 

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