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Coffee Aim’s Rating

Espresso Quality4.7 out of 5
Easy to brew4.5 out of 5
Flavor4.6 out of 5
Aroma 4.3 out of 5
Strength 4.4 out of 5
Body 4.3 out of 5
Acidity 4.3 out of 5
Bitterness 4.2 out of 5
Crema 4.1 out of 5
Intensity 4.5 out of 5
Value for money4.3 out of 5
Brand Reputation4.5 out of 5
Coffee Aim’s crux:
Nespresso Original-Line Istanbul Espresso is a thick, velvety blend of Ethiopian Arabica and Indian Robusta beans. The medium roasting of these beans adds a robust nutty aroma and pleasant acidity and bitterness to your cup. It graces your palate with roasty, nutty, fruity, and spice notes. The delicate hint of almonds takes you to the original Istanbul coffeehouse. The bold character, smooth texture, satisfying roasty aftertaste, and moderate intensity (8) will win your heart.     

Welcome back to my website! I am glad that you chose me. I hope you will find my services satisfactory. 

In the morning, a perfect coffee cup is the only thing that gives you a perfect start, so make sure it is carefully prepared. 

Nespresso is the leading brand for coffee machines and capsules. It makes everyone’s life easy by allowing them to brew their favorite coffee at home, office, during traveling, etc. Its wide range of coffee products and capsules surprise your taste buds and allows you to experiment with new tastes each time. 

I went through each capsule, Aeroccino frother, and machine through an unbiased tasting process and reviews, including my opinion, rating, recipe options, food pairing, unboxing, etc. Today, I outlined the unique facts of the Nespresso Istanbul Espresso capsule. 

This blend is a part of the World Exploration series and represents Istanbul city. It adds notes of fruits, almonds, and spices to your cup and allows you to brew endless recipes with frothed milk, honey, caramel, or other sauces, syrups, etc., at home. Let’s indulge in this OriginalLine capsule.  

Features of Nespresso Istanbul Espresso Original-Line Pod

  • Product Line: Original-Line
  • Intensity: 8
  • Roast Type: Medium-roast
  • Caffeine: 55-65 mg
  • Coffee Type: Arabica and Robusta beans
  • Volume: 0.85 oz ristretto or 1.35 oz espresso
  • Aromatic Profile: Pleasant, nutty
  • Body: Well-balanced, full-bodied, and smooth
  • Flavor: Roasty, nutty, fruity, almond, and spicy notes
  • Finish: Pleasant roasty

Nespresso Istanbul Espresso Capsules Taste Test

I purchased, unboxed the sleeve/box of my Istanbul pod, and saw that it had a yellow color and a fancy design on top. I brewed it as an espresso shot with my Nespresso Lattissima One coffee maker. My shot was dark and thick, having dense crema. I felt a nutty aroma; however, when I tasted it, I found it bold. The rich nutty, subtly fruity, roasted, and almond notes graced my palate and gave me a pleasant mouthfeel. It was a strong and intense shot. 

Next, I brewed iced coffee with it. I drizzled chocolate hazelnut sauce in the glass and added ice cubes, almond milk, and two shots of Istanbul Espresso. The drink was delicious. The strong intensity of the Istanbul pod paired beautifully with chocolate sauce, giving me a unique drink.

This Nespresso coffee blend is perfect for morning or breakfast. Pair your Istanbul Espresso with a biscotti and enjoy your day. 

These OriginalLine espresso capsules are best served as 1.35 oz espresso. However, you can enjoy them as a ristretto, latte, or cappuccino. You can add caramel, honey, other sauces, syrups, etc. These coffee pods work well with only Nespresso OriginalLine machines.

What We LikeWhat We Don’t Like
Strong nutty aromaNot best for light-roast coffee lovers
Bold character, thick texture, and pleasant mouthfeel
Work well with milk, cream, and sweeteners.
Pleasant acidity, bitterness, and intensity
Roasty, nutty, fruity, almond, and spicy notes
Satisfying roasty finish

Nespresso OriginalLine Istanbul Capsule Features — An In-Depth Insight

The Nespresso Istanbul Espresso Pod offers a blend of rich flavors, capturing the essence of Turkish coffee culture.

I have listed the significant features of the Istanbul Espresso capsule. These characteristics will help you to know why this blend is unique from all other Nespresso capsules, when to extract this pod, whether it will suit you, and much more. Let’s jump into these attributes. 

Origin — Ethiopian Arabica and Indian Robusta

The Nespresso Istanbul Espresso Pod's origin exudes a rich blend of Turkish coffee culture, creating a unique and enticing experience.

Nespresso Original-Line Istanbul Espresso capsule is a cosmopolitan blend of Ethiopian Arabica and Indian Robusta beans. These coffees remind you of Istanbul at the crossroads of the ancient coffee trade routes. This blend is thick and velvety in homage to Turkish coffee.

Roasting Level — 3 out of 5

The image depicts the roasting level of the Nespresso Istanbul Espresso OriginalLine Pod, conveying its unique flavor profile.

In this Nespresso coffee blend, the Arabica and Robusta beans are split-roasted in different batches for a precise roast. Each batch has its own roasting time and average intensity. 

Aroma — Pleasant, Nutty

The aroma of the Nespresso Istanbul Espresso OriginalLine Pod captures rich, exotic notes, creating an indulgent and captivating experience.

When I brewed an Istanbul Espresso capsule, the pleasant and strong nutty aroma hit my nostrils. You can also pick up the almond or subtle spice scent. However, this roasty or nutty scent calmed my nerves and excited me to taste this blend.

Acidity — 4 out of 5

My Istanbul freshly brewed coffee had a tad of acidic notes. I was expecting rich acidity, but the split roasting of Arabica and Robusta beans beautifully balanced its acidity and made my cup enjoyable. 

Bitterness — 3 out of 5

The image portrays the pronounced bitterness of the Nespresso Istanbul Espresso OriginalLine Pod, enhancing its bold and robust flavor profile.

My Istanbul shot was predominantly bitter but was not overpowering. The bitterness did not add harsh notes and allowed me to travel the world through this coffee and discover unique and typical tastes.

Body — 3 out of 5

Crafted for delight, the Istanbul Espresso OriginalLine Pod boasts rich flavors and a velvety body, delivering an authentic coffee experience.

My Istanbul coffee was full-bodied, having thick, persistent crema and a velvety texture. The thickness was eyeballing. Despite having strong and intense notes, its smoothness allowed me to slurp the shot quickly. 

Flavor — Roasted With A Fruity Note And A Hint Of Almond

The Nespresso Istanbul Espresso pod offers a rich and aromatic blend with hints of exotic spices and a velvety finish.

The Nespresso Istanbul Espresso capsule offered me a mysterious shot, having a complex flavor profile. As soon as I took my first sip, the bold character amazed me, and the nutty, fruity, and roasty notes danced on my palate. Soon, the hints of almond and spicy notes spread in my mouth and gave me a pleasant mouthfeel. It is a perfect blend for my morning and those who love intense and strong espresso shots. 

Finish — Pleasant Roasty

The Nespresso Istanbul Espresso Pod boasts a captivating finish that encapsulates rich, aromatic notes, evoking the essence of Turkish coffee culture.

At the end of the Istanbul shot, the pleasant roasty finish surprised me. My coffee was smooth, bold, and lingering. It offered me enjoyable tastes with pleasant aromas and bitterness, making the day marvelous. 

Nespresso Istanbul Intensity — 8 out of 13

"The Nespresso Istanbul Espresso boasts a captivating intensity, delivering a bold and rich coffee experience in every sip."

Although Nespresso Istanbul has moderate intensity, it adds bold character and intense notes to your cup. The thick and velvety blend of Ethiopian Arabica and Indian Robusta brings wild fruit and spice notes, with a hint of almond and a pleasant roasty aftertaste.

Istanbul Nespresso Capsules Caffeine Content — 55-65 mg

The image illustrates caffeine content for the Nespresso Istanbul Espresso OriginalLine Pod, enhancing the "Nespresso Istanbul Espresso OriginalLine Pod Review."

Nespresso Istanbul Espresso fulfills your caffeine in the comfort of your home and gives you a strong kick with 55-65 mg caffeine. The cosmopolitan blend of Arabica and Robusta beans brings wild fruit and spice notes. The delicate hint of almond runs through its velvety body. It is a smooth, fragrant, and easy drink pod.

What Makes Istanbul Espresso So Special?

Nespresso Istanbul is a complex espresso, having wild aromatics and balanced roasted and fruity notes. The touch of acidity and an almond finish hint at sweetness. Its thick, velvety character pays tribute to the ancient Turkish brewing method of long-handled brass or copper coffee pot, going by the names of cezve and ibrik. 

The Ethiopian Arabica beans celebrate the taste of this old coffee brewing. At the same time, the Indian Robusta brings wild fruit and spice notes and elaborates the story of how coffee first escaped and journeyed out of Africa. These coffees bring a wonderfully complex profile: bitterness, acidity, wild fruitiness, and roasted notes. ​

Nespresso Istanbul coffee pods are eclectic and harmonious due to the bustle of activity in the world’s earliest coffeehouses in the city of the ancient Ottoman Empire. It is as dynamic as the story of coffee at the crossroads of the ancient trade routes. ​

This intense cup leaves you with one desired, i.e., pairing with the thickly sweet taste of a Turkish Delight. It takes you back to the original coffeehouses, bursting with boldness, velvety body, wild ripe fruits, and a delicate almond running through it. It is as cosmopolitan as the crowd gathered in an Istanbul coffeehouse.

Nespresso Pods OriginalLine Istanbul Calories

Calories 2Percent value
Total fat (0.1 g)0%
Saturated fat (0g)0%
Trans fat (0g)0%
Cholesterol (0 mg)0%
Sodium (4.7 mg)0%
Potassium (0 mg)0%
Total carbohydrates (0g)0%
Dietary fiber (0g)0%
Sugars (0g)0%
Protein (0.3 g)1%
Vitamin A0%
Vitamin C0%
Calcium 0%
Iron 0%

Nespresso Original-Line Istanbul Coffee Pods Nutrition

Calories 2.4Percent value
Total fat (0.1 g)
Sodium (4.7 mg)1%
Potassium (116 mg)3%
Total carbohydrates (0g)
Dietary fiber (0g)
Sugars (0g)0%
Protein (0.3 g)
Vitamin D (0μg)0%
Calcium 4.7mg 1%
Iron (0 mg)1%

Is Nespresso OriginalLine Istanbul Espresso Best For You?

If you want to jump-start your day with an intense and strong cup, having a unique flavor profile, Nespresso OriginalLine Istanbul Espresso will satisfy you. It is a medium roasted blend of Ethiopian Arabica and Indian Robusta beans and pampers your taste buds with a thick, velvety texture. The peculiar nutty aroma soothes your mind while roasty, fruity, and spice notes dance on your palate. The hints of almonds, pleasant acidity, bitterness, and an enjoyable aftertaste make your cup unforgettable. However, if you want to;

  • Taste a coffee blended with African and Brazilian beans, has 55-65 mg caffeine content, the 1.35 oz espresso size, and lime and mint flavors; search for Nespresso Liminha Over Ice OriginalLine pod. 
  • Enjoy a coffee blended with Brazilian Arabica beans with 55-65 mg caffeine content, 1.35 oz espresso size, an intensity of 9, sandalwood, walnut, and herbal notes of thyme and rosemary; Nespresso Rio De Janeiro Espresso OriginalLine is the best option.
  • Taste a coffee blended with Latin American and Caribbean coffees, has 55-65 mg caffeine content, the size of 1.35 oz espresso, an intensity of 9, and roasted and peppery notes; Miami Espresso Nespresso OriginalLine is the best choice. 
  • Enjoy a coffee blended with Indonesian Arabica beans, has 77-85 mg caffeine content, the size of espresso/lungo, an intensity of 8, and bitter tobacco and smoky notes; Indonesia Nespresso OriginalLine will suit you. 
  • If you love light roasts and want to start your day with mild coffee having subtle notes, check out light-roasted Nespresso capsules such as; Volluto,_ Livanto,_ Cosi, etc.
  • If you are caffeine sensitive but want to enjoy a perfect cup like the regular blend, check out decaf Nespresso capsules, including; Decaffeinato Ristretto,_ Decaffeinato Intenso,_ Decaffeinato Volluto, etc.


Are Nespresso Original Pods Discontinued?

Nespresso said it would discontinue only four OriginalLine capsules from the single-origin range when the stock ends. Other OriginalLine coffee pods are available online; you can order them from your preferred site according to the desired shipping, returns shipping, and price range. 

Do Nespresso Pods Fit All Models?

Which Nespresso Machine Is Compatible With All Pods? Nespresso OriginalLine pods work with only OriginalLine machines, while Nespresso VertuoLine capsules are compatible with only Vertuo machines. There is no alternative machine that works with all types of capsules. 

Which Nespresso Machine Is Discontinued?

Nespresso discontinued many Vertuo or Original models. However, if you want to buy any discontinued models for temporary use, you can shop from your preferred site. 

Can Nespresso Original Use Vertuo Pods?

Nespresso OriginalLine machines are compatible with only OriginalLine pods. They do not work with VertuoLine capsules or Keurig K-cup pods. 

Why Can You Only Buy Vertuo Pods From Nespresso?

Nespresso offers a wide range of Vertuo and OriginalLine capsules; each adds a unique aromatic and flavor profile. You can buy your desired Vertuo or OriginalLine capsule except for Starbucks capsules from the Nespresso brand. 

Is Vertuo Better Than Original?

Nespresso Vertuo models use the Centrifusion technique, while OriginalLine models use 19-bar consistent pressure pumps. Both Nespresso machines provide great coffee cups and work with compatible espresso capsules.

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