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I have always loved espresso machines, so I had a simple espresso maker with a separate grinder. I grind coffee beans on my own and extract a splendid shot from my Solis Barista Perfetta. After some time, I replaced my Solis Barista Perfetta with a Breville Barista Touch that comes with an integrated grinder and frother. It has fulfilled my espresso craving, but last week it disappointed me. I had to go camping, and I could not carry it as it is a heavy machine and unsuitable for travel. At that time, I needed a compact machine. One friend suggested I use instant coffee packets; another advised me to use coffee bags similar to tea bags. But these suggestions did not satisfy me. I also thought about Keurig K-cups coffee makers, — drip coffee makers, — French Press, — AeroPress, — Moka pot, and Percolators, but each machine doesn’t brew authentic espresso. 

In the situation of conflict, I met with my close friend. She brewed two cups of espresso shots, and when she served me, I was surprised. The shot was topped with a thick foamy crema, and the taste was beyond anything: very strong, with a complex, smoky, and nutty aroma, resembling rich caramel, with a naturally sweet finish. 

I thought she might have an expensive espresso machine like the Breville Oracle Touch, but when I entered the kitchen, I saw a smaller and more compact espresso machine. When asked, she said it was Nespresso Inissia. After seeing this machine, my first thought was that this was the machine I needed for camping. I bought a Nespresso Inissia, used it while camping, and it made my camping trip wonderful. My experience with this machine was great; here is my personalized content and description of my experience with Inissia.

It is my personalized content and is not influenced by any ads, other web content, reviews, ϙ search topics. Scroll down to know its highlights and determine if it is the best for you.

The Bottom Line

With 4.7″ width, 24 oz water tank & 10 used pods capacity, and sleek design, Inissia is one of the most selling Nespresso machines. It is affordable, compact, lightweight, and equipped with an ergonomic handle, has two programmable brew sizes, 19 bar pressure, and brews long and short espresso shots. These features, settings, and options make Iinissia a worth noticing espresso machine.

Features of the Nespresso Inissia 

Features Details 
Product Line:OriginalLine
Dimensions:4.7″W x 9.0″D x 12.6″H
Weight:5.3 lbs
External Material: ABS plastic
Adjustable Cup Size:1.35 oz espresso, 3.70 oz lungo
Water Reservoir capacity: 24 oz
Removable  Water ReservoirYes 
The water tank has a filterNo
Folding Drip trayYes 
Milk Container:No
manufacturer Partners:Breville & DeLonghi (US partners), Krups & Magimix (UK partners)
Pressure: Attains 19 bars of pressure
Frother:Sold separately
Spent Capsules: 10 capsules
Wireless Connectivity: No
overall score4.5 out of 5 stars 
Other Features:Auto-Off after 9 minutes

Nespresso Inissia: Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
It is light, has a fast heat-up time, and occupies less counter spaceSmall water reservoir
Auto-off featureSlightly noisy
Easy to useLacks milk frother
Affordable ABS plastic can scuff
One touch system delivers coffee in just 1 minute
Customizable cup sizes
Can work with third-party capsules
Has patented extraction system which delivers 19 bar pressure
Does not prone to breakage as it has sturdy internal construction

Espresso Machine Vs. Coffee Machine

Espresso machines force hot water through fine or uniform coffee grounds. — Espresso machines use powerful pressure pumps and high speed to extract authentic espresso shots within 30 seconds. Espresso machines make 2-ounce shots with dark roasted beans, which have a strong color and taste. Espresso machines can be of two types:

Coffee machines are designed in such a way that they pass hot water through coffee grounds (either fine or coarse) and filters. They make bright and acidic coffee beverages in 5 oz cups with medium roasted beans. The brewing process takes a few minutes.

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Nespresso Machines Overview

Nespresso offers two lines of espresso machines; OriginalLine and VertuoLine.

OriginalLine Machines: These machines extract perfect flavor and aroma from coffee capsules with their powerful 19-bar pressure pump.

VertuoLine machines: They scan the capsule’s barcode and vigorously spin the capsule to extract flavor via Centrifusion. 

So, OriginalLine machines are better than VertuoLine machines as they use inexpensive 3rd party capsules and deliver hot coffee and authentic espresso shots without scanning or a Centrifusion system. 

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Nespresso Inissia Espresso Machine Overview

One of the most selling Nespresso OriginalLine espresso machines, i.e., Nespresso Inissia, has masked the single-serve Essenza Mini and made your life easier with its following innovative features;

  • Compact design
  • One-touch operation
  • 24 oz large water reservoir while Mini has 20oz capacity
  • 10 spent capsule capacity while Mini offers only 6 used capsules.

Brewing process:

It brews 1.35 oz to 3.7 oz espresso shots, but these brew sizes are programmable, and you can customize them according to your taste. For this;

  • Insert the Nespresso capsules (filled with ground coffee) into the capsule compartment.
  • Press and hold the (either one or both) buttons until you achieve your desired volume.
  • After this release, the brew button.
  • The machine will save this shot’s volume for future use. When you rest the machine to factory setting, it will return to its standard brew sizes. 

The Inissia, a single-serve coffee maker, also lacks a preset Americano (espresso + hot water) feature as present in Essenza Plus. Still, you can customize the Americano (much like regular coffee). For this;

  • Use one button to set your desired shot size
  • Use the second button to adjust the desired volume of hot water.
  • In between these steps, eject the coffee capsule. 

Its average rating value is 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon. It lacks a milk frother, so if you want to brew latte or cappuccino drinks, you have to either replace the Inissia with a bundle or pair it with a standalone milk frother, Aeroccino3 or Aeroccino4

Nespresso Inissia Review: Features and Specs 

Coffee Quality

Inissia, with a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, is a single-serve espresso maker that attains 19-bars of pressure and ideal temperature and extracts perfect flavor from coffee pods. The delivered espresso shot is complex, aromatic, well rounded, topped with rich crema, and has the same fantastic flavor as provided by a coffee shop. It lacks a milk frother, so if you want to enjoy milk-based beverages, buy a standalone frother. The Inissia will deliver the perfect cup of latte or cappuccino (topped with frothed milk ). 

Size and Design

The Inissia is a small, compact, and single-serve espresso maker with two programmable buttons, a lever, a 24oz removable water tank capacity, 10 used capsule container capacity, and a removable drip tray. It is designed to make your life easier and fit perfectly into any interior as it has a 4.7 “W x 9.0” D x 12.6 “H dimension. Moreover, it has a sturdy construction, rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, sleek design, fast heat-up time, and is easy to use. 

Water Reservoir

It has a removable water tank with 24 oz capacity and is easy to clean or descale. The water tank has a solid construction, so it is durable and not prone to breakage or leakage. However, the water tank of Inissia lacks a filter, so you have to fill it with filtered water. 

Folding Drip Tray

Nespresso Inissia coffee maker, with a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, has a foldable drip tray made of firm plastic and allows you to accommodate small cups or tall mugs. 


Nespresso Inissia espresso machine is an affordable and single-serve espresso maker; if you are running out of budget, Inissia is a great option. Although it does not offer recipes for different coffees & lacks advanced features, it is a user-friendly machine, delivers impeccable barista-style coffee, has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon, and fulfills your espresso cravings.


Inissia, with a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, has a fast heat-up time of 25 seconds and two programmable brew buttons; one to pull 5 oz lungo shots and the second to brew 1.35 oz espresso shots. You can pause, stop or customize the brewing process or water volume according to your need or taste. There are few ways to control the drink as it has few programmable features and indicators. 

Energy Saving Mode

It has an automatic power-off feature which means the Nespresso Inissia will turn off after 9 minutes of inactivity and prevents the machine from using extra electricity. The 9-minute timeframe is the same in all machines. However, it is programmable, and you can adjust it between 9-30 minutes according to your preference. 

Environmental Impact

Most people who use Nespresso machines do not want to throw the pods after one use as they think it is a wasteful act. Throwing a lot of pods after one use can also damage the environment. But Nespresso has solved this problem as it offers a capsule recycling program. Nespresso pods are made of Aluminum which is recyclable material it can be melted & reused multiple times. Nestle invested over $1.2 million and upgraded the recycling facilities of New York City and enabled them to handle the capsules. If you are in New York City, then you can freely dispense your Nespresso Pods into your recycling bin and recycle them. If you are somewhere else, you have to order a recycling bag; the bag is free and has a capacity of 200 pods, fill the bag with used capsules and store it in the freezer to prevent it from smelling. Environmental Impact


Nespresso Inissia comes with a warranty of 2 years; in that period, they repair or replace your Nespresso machine free of cost. Nespresso provides full support during troubleshooting and ships you a loaner machine while yours is being repaired. 

Extra Features

  • It does not eject capsules automatically, so you have to raise & lower the lever after each brewing process.
  • It contains a large capsule container with a capacity of 10 spent capsules. 
  • Nespresso offers to recycle Aluminum pods, fill the recycling bag with used capsules, and ship it back to the Nespresso Club via UPS.
  • Has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars
  • 9-30 minutes Programmable auto-off feature

Cleaning and Descaling

Clean your machine after every 1000-4000 espresso shots to increase its lifespan to 10 years. For this;

  • Clean the machine’s exterior and capsule container with a damp cloth
  • Wash the drip tray and water tank with hot soapy water.

Nespresso Inissia does not have cleaning or descaling alerts, so you should be careful regarding its maintenance. It offers an automated 15 minutes descaling cycle. For more details, watch the below videos. 

Can You Make Double Espresso With Nespresso Inissia Coffee Machine?

Double Espresso with Nespresso Inissia espresso machine sounds good but is quite confusing because Inissia is an OriginalLine machine. You cannot make double Espresso with an OriginalLine machine but can only brew two separate espresso shots, each with 1.35 oz espresso pods.

Compare Nespresso Inissia With Its Competitor Nespresso Machines

We have five Nespresso machines that we have compared in the below table:

Product Pic
Product NameNespresso InissiaNespresso Essenza MiniNespresso PixieNespresso Essenza PlusNespresso Citiz
Coffee Aim’s Rating90 out of 10094 out of 10092 out of 10092 out of 10094 out of 100
Product LineOriginalLineOriginalLineOriginalLineOriginalLineOriginalLine
Dimension4.7″D x 12.6″W x 9″H3.2″W x 12.8″D x 8.1″H6.8″D x 13.1″W x 10.5″H19.2″H x 12.75″D x 7.7″W11.3″D x 14.6″W x 12.44″H
Weight5.3 lbs5.1 lbs6.6 lbs9.58 lbs8.71 lbs
Brew SizeEspresso 1.35 oz, lungo 3.7 ozEspresso 1.35 oz, lungo 3.7 ozEspresso 1.35 oz, lungo 3.7 oz1.35 oz espresso, 3.70 oz lungo, 5.05 oz Americano, 6.75 oz Americano XLEspresso 1.35 oz, lungo 3.7 oz
Water Reservoir Capacity24 oz.20 oz24 oz.34 oz34 oz
Removable Water TankYesYesYesYesYes
Milk FrotherSeparately soldSeparately soldSeparately soldSeparately soldSeparately sold
Spent Capsules10610610
Milk ContainerNoNoNoNoNo
Pressure Pump19 bars19 bars19 bars19 bars19 bars
MaterialABS  PlasticABS  PlasticABS  PlasticABS  PlasticABS  Plastic
Manufacturer PartnersDeLonghi and Breville for the United States and Magimix and Krups for the UKDeLonghi and Breville for the United States and Magimix and Krups for the UKDeLonghi and Breville for the United States and Magimix and Krups for the UKDeLonghi and Breville for the United States and Magimix and Krups for the UKDeLonghi and Breville for the United States and Magimix and Krups for the UK
Wireless ConnectionNoNoNoYesNo
Watts1260W1310 W1160W1270W1720W
Warranty1 year1 year1 year1 year1 year
Auto Shut-OffAuto-off after 9 minutesAuto-off after 9 minutesAuto-off after 9 minutesAuto-off after 9 minutesAuto-off after 9 minutes
Auto OnNoNoNoNoNo
Empty water tank detectionNoNoNoNoNo
Heat-up Time25-30 seconds25-30 seconds25-30 seconds25-30 seconds25-30 seconds
Programmable, one-touch buttonsYesYesYesYesYes
Movable drip tray for large cupsFoldable drip trayNoFoldable drip trayFoldable drip trayFoldable drip tray
Energy consumption classA-40%A-40%A-40%A-40%A-40%
Get ItBuy it on AmazonBuy it on AmazonBuy it on AmazonBuy it on AmazonBuy it on Amazon

Should You Buy Nespresso’s Inissia Espresso Machine?

If you want a lightweight and affordable coffee maker that decor your kitchen, then Nespresso Inissia without a milk system is meant for you. It occupies less counter space, has a sleek design, and allows you to brew short and long espresso shots with customizable features & Nespresso capsule system. If you want a more slim or compact machine, search for a single-serve Nespresso Essenza Mini. Its width is 4.3 inches, while Inissiia’s width is 4.7 inches. However, it is affordable and has a fancy design, but its water reservoir is small as it has a capacity of only 20 oz. 

If you are a coffee lover and want to brew your coffee, then a machine with innovative and advanced features, a large water reservoir, i.e., 34oz, and wireless connectivity, i.e., Essenza Plus, will suit you. It offers preset Americano features and has the same design as the single-serve Essenza Mini. Inissia and Mini do not brew long coffees, i.e., 14 or 17 oz, so if you are addicted to long coffees, then Evoluo, — VertuoPlus, orVertuoPlus Deluxe will suit you. If you are fond of milk-based beverages, buy a machine with a milk frother such as Lattissima Plus, — Creatista Pro, — or Creatista Plus.

Alternatives for the Nespresso Inissia

Nespresso Essenza Plus 

Essenza Plus brews coffee in 4 different sizes and offers Americano, hot water, espresso, and lungo options. The descaling alerts, 5.2″ width, 7.3 lbs weight, and 33.8oz water reservoir make it a quite noticeable espresso machine.

Nespresso CitiZ & Milk

It has a sleek design and automatically gives perfect froth for your drinks as it is paired with an Aeroccino milk frother. Its other expertise includes; 25 seconds fast heat up time, 8.6″ width, 8.9 lbs weight, 9-minutes auto-shutoff time, and 33.8oz water reservoir capacity.

Nespresso Pixie

Nespresso Pixie is a single-serve machine with various innovative features such as; 25 seconds fast heat-up time, 24 oz water reservoir, 4.4″ width, 6.6 lb weight, auto-brewing & flow stop technology. However, it is expensive and lacks a milk frother.


Does Inissia make regular coffee?

It does not brew 8-14 oz coffee cups but can make short espresso and Lungo shots as it has only 2 buttons for operation. However, it allows you to make Americano (espresso+hot water). Only Nespresso vertuoLine machines make regular coffee; original line coffee makers are not designed to do that. 

What coffee capsules can you use In Nespresso Inissia?

Inissia is compatible with all OriginalLine Nespresso brand capsules and Starbucks by Nespresso Vertuo pods that may be;

  • Medium pike place roast pods; one box contains 8 pods.
  • Dark espresso roast; one box contains 10 pods.

Can the Nespresso Inissia make lattes?

Inissia does not come with a milk frother, so you cannot brew a latte or cappuccino with it. It only offers two beverages which are 1.35 oz espresso and 5 oz lungo. You can pause, stop, or program this process or water volume according to your need. 

Is Inissia discontinued?

Inissia is an entry-level espresso machine with a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, allowing its customers to brew as much espresso as they want. However, it has been discontinued and replaced with the Essenza Mini, still widely available with a 1-year warranty. 

Is Nespresso Inissia only for espresso?

Inissia is designed to brew short espresso and long Lungo shots only. It cannot brew 8-14 oz coffee cups as VertuoLine machines do, but you can Americano with it (espresso hot water).

How long does The Nespresso Inissia coffee maker last?

Nespresso machines, including Nespresso Inissia (with a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars), are made of quality parts and have sturdy construction, making them durable and preventing breakage. Regular cleaning and proper care & maintenance increase its lifespan up to 10 years.  

How many bars is Nespresso Inissia?

This espresso machine has a tiny footprint and contains 19 high-pressure pump bars, enough to extract strong flavor and aroma from pods. It quickly heats up, brews your perfect cup of coffee without the fuss, and has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. 

How do you clean Inissia?

Clean your machine regularly with a damp cloth and wash its parts with hot soapy water. For descaling, Press and hold both buttons for 3 seconds and the lungo button to start the descaling process. For more detail, visit the link below.


Can Nespresso Inissia make a full cup of coffee?

It only brews short espresso shots and long Lungo shots and also allows you to make Americano (espresso hot water). These brew sizes are programmable, so you can brew espresso shots in coffee cups and adjust the water volume according to your need. It is not designed to brew 8-14 oz drinks, so if you want that drink size, look for VertuoPlus or Evoluo. 

What are brew sizes available In Inissia?

The Nespresso Inissia, with a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, automatically brews a 1.35 oz espresso and a 5 oz lungo shot. These brew sizes are programmable; you can pause, stop, or customize them according to your taste or desired water level. 

Who makes Inissia?

Inissia is designed by Breville or deLonghi. Both models deliver quick and fantastic espresso shots and have the same interior design, but their colors, brew head, and exterior designs make them different.  

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