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Coffee Aim’s Rating

Coffee Quality4.7 out of 5
Easy to brew4.6 out of 5
Flavor4.6 out of 5
Aroma 4.7 out of 5
Strength 4.2 out of 5
Body 4.5 out of 5
Acidity 4.2 out of 5
Bitterness 4.0 out of 5
Crema 4.6 out of 5
Intensity 4.2 out of 5
Value for money4.7 out of 5
Brand Reputation4.2 out of 5
The Bottom Line:
Nespresso Decaffeinato Vertuo pods blend dark and long roasted superior Colombian and Costa Rican Arabica beans. These dark and long roasted beans deliver deliciously rounded and smooth decaf coffee. This Vertuo decaf coffee graces your palate with rich flavors, generous malted and cereal notes, and hints of acidity and bitterness. Adding milk will open up new flavors and glow your cup with fresh nutty notes.

Coffee is part of the complete breakfast. There is no better way to start your day than with a cup of coffee. A cup of freshly brewed coffee will make me increasingly alert while feeling that my entire body and mind are working in sync. Nespresso completes your breakfast with its coffee pods. These pods allow you to enjoy your morning without stepping into the coffee shop or breaking the grounds. Starbucks Nespresso coffee pods also deliver good coffee cups but do not provide good crema, and their taste is bitter. So, I love to start my day with Nespresso pods. 

One of the far-fetched Nespresso coffee pods, i.e. Nespresso Decaffeinato, delivers a perfect coffee cup to start the day. I tested and brewed many coffee recipes with this pod and decided to share my personal experience. Let’s study this pod in detail.

Features of Nespresso Decaffeinato

  • Product Line: VertuoLine
  • Intensity: 6
  • Roast Type: Dark Roast
  • Caffeine: 12 mg
  • Coffee Type: Arabica
  • Volume: 230 ml
  • Aromatic Profile: Smooth Cereal
  • Flavor: Round and malty
  • Finish: Smooth and acidic

Nespresso Decaffeinato Taste Test

My Nespresso Decaffeinato coffee pods had dark cherry color and looked interesting. They are Vertuo pods and only compatible with Nespresso VertuoLine machines, so I brewed my Decaffeinato pod with the Nespresso Evoluo machine. My Decaffeinato had a lot of crema on the top, and it smelled like a good coffee cup. I judged from its color that it had an intensity of 4-6. When I tasted it, I realized it was a good coffee cup. Its first impression was pretty good, and I felt rich cereal notes on my palate. The cereal notes hinted at Costa Rican beans. My drink had a heavy, syrupy texture and a bit of Barley notes. It was not a dark coffee cup. I also felt a bit of acidity and bitter notes. My decaf coffee was round, smooth, and had an acidic aftertaste. I don’t like acidic coffee, so Nespresso Decaffeinato is just a moderate drink.

I tried it with milk; I frothed the 2 oz milk and added it to the Decaffeinato coffee. The blonde color of the drink was interesting. I took a sip and found that the malty taste had faded, and the woody and earthy flavor had become dominant. However, the drink was good and had decent flavors.

Nespresso Decaffeinato Vertuo coffee pods deliver smooth and well-balanced decaf coffee cups. Brew it with a VertuoLine machine, enjoy it hot or cold, and pair it with dark chocolate or fruit scones; it will never disappoint you. 

Nespresso Decaffeinato Features — An In-Depth Insight

Below are the main features of Decaffeinato Vertuo Nespresso pods. These attributes will help you to find out whether this decaf coffee pod is best for your breakfast or not. These features also make you understand how this pod differs from other Nespresso Vertuo pods. Let’s study its features in detail.

Origin — Costa Rica Arabicas

Nespresso Decaffeinato is a blend of superior Colombian and Costa Rican Arabica beans. These beans balance the flavor, guarantee coffee freshness, and deliver you smooth, round, and malted decaf coffee like regular caffeinated coffee.

Roasting Level — 4 out of 5

In Decaffeinato Nespresso pods, the beans are split roasted. The split roasting adds origin-specific characteristics to your decaf coffee cup. The Costa Rican Arabica beans are dark roasted to balance the drink and bring distinct malty notes to your cup. The Colombian Arabica beans undergo long roasting and deliver you a fantastic cup with a rounded body. 

Aroma — Smooth Cereal Notes

Nespresso Decaffeinato has a unique extraction process. The low temperature and medium flow round out your decaf coffee and deliver you a sweet, smooth coffee cup. When I brewed the Decaffeinato Vertuo pod, the sweet cereal notes filled the room. Its lively aroma urged me to fall for the Decaffeinato Vertuo pod.

Acidity — 2 out of 5

When I tasted my Decaffeinato coffee, I felt a bit of an acidic bite across the middle of my tongue. If you like acidic coffee, Decaffeinato is perfect for your morning. The dark roasting of Colombian and Costa Rican Arabicas adds ashy and carbony tastes to your decaf coffee cup and gives you a perfect morning start. 

Bitterness — 2 out of 5

My Decaf coffee has a hint of bitter notes. This light, bitter coffee cup is best for you if you are feeling heavy and want something light for breakfast. This enjoyable bitterness allows you to drink the whole cup of your decaf coffee in no time.

Body — 3 out of 5

When I brewed Decaffeinato coffee with my Vertuo machine, it had dense crema on the top. The smooth texture sat luxuriously on my tongue when I started to taste it. The drink was round and full-bodied. The dark roasted blend of Colombian and Costa Rican Arabicas adds rich flavors to your coffee cup. If you brew a Decaffeinato Vertuo capsule with milk, your decaf coffee will become more smooth and allow you to experience a new balance of flavors. 

Coffee Flavor — Round and Malty

Nespresso Decaffeinato (compatible with only Nespresso VertuoLine machines) delivered me a complex coffee cup with rich flavors. On my first sip, I felt rich malted and cereal notes. In another sip, I felt earthy and woody notes. When I added milk to my decaf coffee, the cereal notes fainted, and the fresh nutty notes took their place. Start your day with Nespresso Decaf pods if you are caffeine sensitive but want to enjoy a perfect coffee cup with new flavors. You may also like the berry and intensely roasted aromatic notes of Italian Ristretto Decaffeinato.

Intensity — 6 out of 13

Nespresso Decaffeinato coffee capsules (compatible with only Nespresso VertuoLine machines) add medium intensity to your decaf coffee cup. The dark roasted blend of Colombian and Costa Rican Arabicas adds rich flavors and medium intensity. When you brew your decaf coffee, you can easily estimate its intensity with its color. When you take a sip of this decaf coffee, it tastes great. You will also experience a rich flavor and medium intensity.

Finish — Smooth and Acidic

When I finished my Decaf coffee, I felt an acidic aftertaste. Although this was an odd aftertaste, I enjoyed it. If you like acidic coffee, this aftertaste will amaze you. When I added milk, I got a nutty aftertaste. In short, Nespresso Decaffeinato (compatible with only Nespresso VertuoLine machines) delivers an implausible coffee cup and makes your day incredible with a smooth texture, balanced character, and malty, nutty notes.

Nespresso Decaffeinato Caffeine Content

Nespresso offers a wide range of espresso and coffee pods. These coffee pods contain about 80 mg of caffeine content and fulfill your caffeine craving in the comfort of your home. Nespresso Decaffeinato is a Vertuo coffee pod (compatible with only Nespresso VertuoLine machines); it is decaffeinated and contains 12 mg of caffeine. Although decaf, it still delivers a perfect round coffee cup with rich flavors and balanced character.

Price and Availability

I am a fan of Nespresso brand coffee capsules. Nespresso pods deliver me a fantastic coffee cup in the comfort of my home and do not allow me to rush to the coffee shop in the morning. Nespresso Decaffeinato capsules are available in stock or on many online sites (grocery stores) such as the Nespresso website, Amazon, Bed Bath Beyond store, etc. I love to buy Nespresso pods from Amazon as it is a reliable online store, offers reasonable shipping and return policy and delivers a pack (sleeve) of 10 capsules at an affordable price.

Is Nespresso Decaffeinato Medium Roast Espresso for You?

If you avoid caffeinated drinks but want to start your day with a perfect coffee cup, Nespresso Decaffeinato will fulfill your need. It contains 12 mg caffeine content but still delivers an ideal coffee cup with generous malted and cereal notes, a round body, and a lively aroma. Brew it with a Vertuo machine, and the blend of dark-roasted Colombian and Costa Rican Arabica beans will make your morning unforgettable. However, if you want to;

  • Taste a coffee blended with Central and South America beans, has less than 3 mg caffeine content, a size of 3.7 oz lungo, and floral, woody, and cereal notes; search for or purchase Vivalto Nespresso Decaffeinato Lungo capsules.
  • Taste a coffee blended with South American Arabicas with a touch of Robusta beans, has less than 12 mg caffeine content, a size of 1.35 oz espresso, and cocoa and toasted cereal notes; search for or pick up Nespresso Decaffeinato Intenso coffee capsules.
  • Taste a coffee blended with Brazilian, Central American, and Latin American Arabicas, has less than 12 mg caffeine content, a size of 7.7 oz coffee cup, and cereal and honey notes; search for or pick up Melozio Decaffeinato coffee capsules.
  • The Nespresso Decaffeinato range of coffee capsules will let you indulge in coffee without too much caffeine. Some other Nespresso decaffeinated pods with new flavors include; Altissio Decaffeinato,_ Fortado Decaffeinato,_ Italian Ristretto Decaffeinato, and Half Caffeinato coffee capsules.
  • If you want an extra boost for the day and an intense, strong, and dark coffee cup, brew your coffee with Nespresso Boost coffee capsules containing 20% excess caffeine, such as Melozio Boost with honeyed sweetness and Stormio Boost with woody and cereal notes.

Important FAQs

What Happened To Nespresso Decaffeinato?

Is Nespresso Decaffeinato Discontinued? Nespresso Decaffeinato is available in stock or on many online stores such as Amazon, Nespresso, Bed Bath Beyond store, etc. You can purchase these coffee capsules from any online store according to your preferences. However, I love to buy pods from Amazon as it is a trustworthy online store, offers reasonable shipping and return policy, and delivers a pack of 10 Decaffeinato capsules at a low cost.

What Does Nespresso Decaffeinato Mean?

Decaffeinato means the absence of caffeine content. In Nespresso, decaffeinated means Nespresso capsules lack caffeine content. These coffee capsules create balanced drinks, guarantee coffee freshness, and are best for those who avoid caffeinated coffee or the doctor who advised them to drink decaffeinated beverages.

Is Nespresso Decaffeinato Decaf, or is it caffeinated coffee?

Nespresso Decaffeinato is not entirely decaffeinated. During processing, some traces of caffeine were left in the beans. The aromatic profile of these coffees is carefully preserved during the decaffeination process, which maintains the coffee bean’s true nature, strength, and richness. That’s why Nespresso Decaffeinato has 12 mg of caffeine and is not 100% caffeine free.

Is There Any Caffeine In Nespresso Decaffeinato?

The decaffeination process is carried out carefully to preserve the aromatic profile, bean’s nature, and richness. Nespresso Decaffeinato is a Vertuo coffee pod (compatible with only Nespresso VertuoLine machines); it is decaffeinated and contains 12 mg of caffeine. Although decaffeinated, it still delivers you a perfect round coffee cup with rich flavors and balanced character.

Why are Nespresso capsules made from Aluminum?

Aluminium acts as a barrier to oxygen, light, and humidity. In this way, it preserves the freshness and aroma of our coffee. It is one of the most recyclable materials in the world; that’s why Nespresso capsules are made of Aluminum (compared to K-cup plastic capsules), and in this way, Nespresso recycled its capsules efficiently. 

How many capsules of coffee should I expect to receive if I order one pack of Decaffeinato Nespresso capsules on Amazon?

I prefer to visit the Nespresso website if I want any information regarding Nespresso capsules. But I prefer to search or buy items from Amazon. Amazon is a reliable online store. It offers reasonable shipping and return policy and delivers a pack of 10 Decaffeinato capsules.

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