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The Nespresso Creatista machine by Breville, with its high-resolution display, provides an intuitive user interface that guides you through all aspects of coffee and espresso preparation, configuration, and maintenance. This espresso maker offers a hassle-free automatic cleaning system. It automatically cleans the steam rod after each use, which further improves its efficiency. Its high-end, robust design complements the eyes of both coffee drinkers and design lovers with a finish of clean brushed stainless steel. The design with the machine includes a stainless steel milk jug so you can get cafe-quality micro-foam, especially late art.

Customers Reviews and Ratings for Breville Nespresso Creatista 

  • Global Ratings: 2,300
  • Overall Rating: 96.11 out of 100
  • Temperature Control: 10/10
  • Coffee Quality: 9.7/10
  • Flavor: 9.8/10
  • Blending power: 9.8/10
  • Design & Features: 9.7/10
  • Durability: 9.2/10
  • Ease of Use: 9.6/10
  • Easy to Clean: 9.7/10
  • Brand Reputation: 9.0/10

Key Features and Specifications of the Nespresso Creatista 

  • Product Line: OriginalLine
  • US/CA Partners: Breville, DeLonghi
  • UK Partners: Krups, Magimix
  • Brand: Nestle Nespresso
  • Steampipe for milk frothing
  • Style: Machine Only
  • External Material: Stainless steel front panel and ABS plastic housing
  • Removable water tank: 50 oz
  • Milk Froth: Swivel frothing arm included with one-touch settings for foam
  • Milk Container: Comes with milk frothing pitcher
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 16.1 x 6.7 x 12.2 inch. 
  • Heat-up time: Fast heat up in 3 seconds
  • High pressure pump up to/max 19 bar
  • Spent Capsules: 10 capsules
  • Weight: 11.4 Pounds
  • Descaling alarm
  • Warranty: 2 Year
  • Used capsule container capacity: 12
  • Cable Length: 47 Inches
  • Descaling alert
  • Electronic setting of milk foam
  • Option to program cup sizes
  • Power rating (in watts): 1600 Watt
  • Sliding drip tray allowing any size of cup including mugs
  •  Brew Sizes: 0.85 oz ristretto, 1.35 oz espresso, 3.70 oz lungo
  • Wireless Connectivity: No
  • Other Features: Auto frothing, 3 texture levels and 3 milk temps, programmable water hardness and auto-Off after 9 minutes

Pros of Nespresso Creatista Espresso Machine

  • Easy insertion
  • Easy to clean
  • Frothing pitcher gives you more control
  • Fully stainless steel exterior
  • No plastic waste
  • You can use recycling bags.
  • Excellent value for money
  • Large water tank 
  • Can use 3rd-party capsules
  • Programmable auto-off feature
  • High pressure and fast heat-up time
  • Folding cup tray for taller glass recipes
  • The high-performance pump extracts each coffee capsule’s flavors and aromas and offers high-quality coffee every time perfectly
  • Actual pump pressure is better than VertuoLine Centrifusion.
  • One-touch sizing system lets you adjust brew size by pressing and holding brew buttons.
  • Solid internal construction means it won’t break down quickly.
  • Produces authentic espresso with incomparably dense crema speedily and conveniently

Cons of Creatista Espresso Machine

  • Pricey
  • The stated 19 bars are inconsistent.
  • No cold frothing option
  • Fewer features and options than the top-of-the-line Creatista Pro

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Things to Consider Before Buying a Nespresso Portioned Coffee Machine

Before you decide which is the best Nespresso machine, you need to know a few things: Which brand and line to choose. Some people prefer milk-based coffee recipes, and some prefer real espresso. Take a look at which group you belong to, then select your espresso machine. Before buying a machine, study Nespresso vs Keurig and VertuoLine Machines Vs. OriginalLine machines so you can choose the right brand for you. You have to see more: What is Nespresso Creatista? Would you please read all about the key features of the Nespresso Creatista espresso machine and compare it to another machine of the Creatista series like Creatista Uno,  Creatista Plus, and Creatista Pro? You can also compare it to the more budget-friendly and inexpensive models like CitiZ, Essenza Mini, Pixie, and Vertuo models of Nespresso like Evoluo, VertuoPlus, and VertuoPlus Delux.

What is Creatista design like? You would have a visit to a coffee shop to decide how your Creatista looks on your kitchen counter. Some people are coffee drinkers as well as compact design lovers. Maybe someone likes a stunning design, such as a robust brushed-steel design, while some prefer a simple one. Some like black sesame, while others prefer royal champagne. It is up to you to decide whether you like simple colors, fast, elegant design, or compact. Should you know its qualities and functionalities and its pros and cons? And what about the reviews given by people who have used this great machine before? We have included many details of these things in this article, so you need to read this article before buying a Nespresso coffee maker.

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Which Nespresso Line is Better for You: OriginalLine or VertuoLine?

Nespresso makes two types of coffee capsules: OriginalLine capsules and VertuoLine capsules. The brand makes two types of machines: the OriginalLine machines compatible with OriginalLine capsules and the VertuoLine machines compatible with VertuoLine pods.

What are OriginalLine line machines?

  • They make quick and decent espresso with unctuous crema
  • They have 19 high-pressure bar extraction
  • More than two dozen different Nespresso capsules are available
  • You can use third-party capsules 
  • These machines can brew three sizes (Ristretto, Espresso, Lungo)
  • You can also use fresh ground coffee by refilling reusable capsules

What are VertuoLine machines?

  • These machines make fast, tasty, and good espresso as well as delicious coffee drinks
  • They extract coffee ground capsules by centrifugation
  • You can use more than two dozen capsules in these machines
  • These machines can brew five different cup sizes (Espresso, Double Espresso, Gran Lungo, Coffee, Alto)
  • The unique bar code on the Nespresso Vertuo capsules allows one-touch operation 
  • They brew standard coffee up to 17 oz

For your money, I recommend OriginalLine machines; they are better than VertuoLine machines. Firstly, their pump produces more authentic espresso. Secondly, the coffee tends to be hotter. Thirdly, there’s no barcode scanning system meaning you can find less-expensive third-party capsules. Fourthly, you can use freshly ground coffee beans to make a barista-style coffee every time.

What Makes the Nespresso Creatista Prominent from Other Nespresso Machines?

The Creatista is Nespresso’s best OriginalLine machine concerning quality and functionality. I mean, it is better than any of the machines of the Nespresso CitiZ Series Pixie and Essenza Mini in quality and functionality. Here are the qualities which make Nespresso Creatista stand out.

Brands Collaboration

The collaboration between the two famous brands has resulted in Nespresso® by Breville® Creatista Espresso maker in which both brands combine their expertise. Nespresso impresses coffee lovers with its coffee skills and quality, unparalleled system, convenience, and simplicity. In contrast, Breville impresses design lovers with its exquisite design of kitchen appliances and its unique automatic steam wand technology. 


I was most impressed by its stunning high-quality aesthetics, color display menu, and design. Its brushed stainless steel finish and its beautiful lustre mesmerized me a lot. Due to its ideal size, it fits easily on my kitchen counter without much setting. What an incredible design? Steam rod front right side, espresso/coffee dispenser front left side, drip tray, and pop out drip tray bottom for small-sized drinks. I love it all. The machine’s back is a removable water tank that can be easily carried without the whole unit.

Above the machine is a lever I use to insert a Nespresso capsule; it opens and closes. Next to the lever is the display menu – the display menu has two buttons at the bottom of the screen for easy navigation. What an excellent adjustment.

The setup process

It took me 20 to 30 minutes to prime the machine and get to know all the parts. It is not unusual for an espresso machine. The user manual sent me to the display menu. There I followed the on-screen prompts and performed the priming process. It was exciting because I could only follow the prompts on the screen at my speed. I poured water through the machine several times to clean its internal system. I also washed all the removable parts with warm, soapy water. Once the espresso machine was prime, I found the menu easy to use.

Authentic Top-Quality Latte Art Coffee at Home

Latte Art Coffee at Home

Thanks to Nespresso, the barista-style espresso and latte art experience is now even more achievable at home, which launches the Creatista. You do not need to foam your milk through a separate milk frother! Creatista has an integrated milk frother that has the full potential to foam your milk for you. All you have to do is to drop the milk frothing pitcher on the temperature sensor below the frothing wand, and the rest of the work is done by the machine. What a perfect latte art experience!

I used the machine for espresso or ristretto (milk-free beverages), lifted the lever, inserted a capsule, and closed the lever. Next, I selected the desired drink on the screen using the dial to sort through the various options. I pressed the start button on the left side of the dial and let the machine do the rest.

I repeat this process quite a bit about the lungos, lattes, cappuccinos, and other beverages that require foamed milk, as described above, except for stainless steel jugs with milk. I filled it and placed it under the steam rod before starting. The machine moves to the left to draw an espresso shot into a cup. After that, it steams and foams the milk in the pitcher on the right side. I immediately add milk to the espresso shot to enjoy the ultimate milk-based espresso drink.


Nespresso Creatista

Creatista Nespresso is ideal because I like quick and easy espresso drinks like lattes and cappuccino. It works well and produces a consistent result every time. What I like most about this espresso machine because it heats up in three seconds, which is an important feature compared to other espresso machines. It uses less energy so that when it is not in use, it will reduce the power to a minimum and turn off automatically after nine minutes.

Another great feature of this espresso machine is that it can make a beautiful microfoam. I was impressed that this incredible machine could automatically manipulate the milk to create a nice foamy texture, and I didn’t need to do anything but touch the button. Additional adjustable settings allow the user to change the milk temperature setting (11 settings) and texture (8 settings).

There are a total of eight beverage choices in this machine. You can choose from one of the Ristretto, Espresso, Lungo, Flat White, Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato, Cafe Latte, and Milk Foam. I can adjust the volume of coffee per capsule, which is a bonus. I use this machine to make espresso shots, lungo, flat white, cappuccino, and lattes. I found that overall, all the drinks I made were of high quality. Each one tasted incredibly full of dark espresso.

Although the drinks in this espresso machine are my favorites, they are not equal to the espresso that a bean-to-cup espresso machine can offer. The variety of capsules that came with this machine from the Nespresso I tasted was extreme. 

Easy to clean 

The Creatista machine needs cleaning after daily use, so I clean my Creatista daily because it is straightforward; its intuitive user interface and high-resolution display guide me on all preparation, setting, and maintenance aspects.

 I dispose of the used capsule container inside the machine daily. I then wash and dry the drip tray, water tank, and lid. If I use a jug of milk, I put it in the dish and wash it.

I like the Creatsita Plus Nespresso steam wand. The good news is that it automatically cleans itself after use. However, I have to wipe the outside of the stick with a damp cloth to clean the dry and sticky milk. I fill the milk jug with water to make the machine more sophisticated and select the milk function on display to further clean the wand. Then I waste the water. I clean the espresso machine in a very standard way because overall, it probably takes me 10 to 15 minutes to clean every day.


Expensive but fair because its price is suitable for its capabilities and facilities.

Creatista Plus Vs Lattissima Series

The most significant difference between the Creatista and the Lattissima is the Creatista’s rotating foam arm, which gives its users complete control over their milk foam – a feature not found in the Lattissima series. Instead, Lattissima machines have a one-touch convenience feature. This facility is attractive for those who want hand-off cappuccinos and lattes.

Can You Make Double Espresso With Nespresso Creatista Coffee Machine?

Double Espresso with Nespresso Creatista espresso machine sounds good but is quite confusing because Creatista is an OriginalLine machine. You cannot make Double Espresso with an OriginalLine machine but can only brew two separate espresso shots, each with 1.35 oz espresso pods.

Should You Buy Nespresso Creatista?

Nespresso started by releasing the Creatista with no other models in the series but later discontinued it and expanded the series. Following are the 4 Creatista models:

  • Creatista (the first model in the Creatista series)
  • Creatista Uno (base model)
  • Creatista Plus (mid-range model)
  • Creatista Pro (best model)

Let’s take a look at the 4 Creatista models from Nespresso:

FeatureCreatistaCreatista UnoCreatista PlusCreatista Pro
StatusDiscontinuedIn productionIn productionIn production
ExteriorStainless steel front with ABS plastic housingABS plasticFully stainless steelFully stainless steel
Water Tank50 oz50 oz50 oz67 oz
DisplayDigital displayButton displayDigital LCD display with knobsDigital LCD touchscreen display
Bev TypesEspresso, ristretto, lungoEspresso, ristretto, lungoEspresso, ristretto, lungoEspresso, ristretto, lungo
Espresso Sizes0.85-2.0 oz1.0-1.3 oz0.85-2.0 oz0.85-2.0 oz
Ristretto Sizes0.85-2.0 oz0.5-1.0 oz0.85-2.0 oz0.85-2.0 oz
Lungo Sizes1.3-4.4 oz2.37-5.0 oz2.37-5.0 oz
Brew/Steam, Same TimeNoNoNoYes
Frother Settings3 temps, 3 textures3 temps, 3 textures3 temps, 3 textures11 temps, 8 textures
Programmable Drink SettingsNoNoYesYes
Hot Water DispenserNoNoNoYes
Power Draw1500W1500W1500W1500W

The above table shows that Creatista, Creatista Uno, and Creatista Plus are very similar. The primary difference is in their color and external body. The original Creatista has a stainless steel front panel and ABS plastic housing, and the Creatista Uno is made entirely of ABS plastic housing. 

 Delicious Nespresso Creatista ready

The Creatista Pro is the most supermodel of the Nespresso Creatista series, an entirely stainless steel housing. In addition, it offers Nespresso’s hands-down best brewing experience.

Now the question is, which one is the best Creatista machine suitable for you?

  • Suppose you want a budget-friendly, the cheapest, and most straightforward Nespresso machine with the swivel action dry steam wand for café quality texturized microfoam. You are OK with the ABS plastic polymer body. In that case, Creatista Uno is for you.

But what about Creatista Pro and Creatista Plus? Which is better for you?

Creatista Pro Vs. Creatista Plus

We will now compare the size, usage, and features of the Crestita Pro and Crestita Plus to suggest which machines are best for you.

  • According to our review, if you have less space to install the machine, you should choose Crestita Plus because Crestita Plus is significantly smaller than Crestita Pro.
  • Suppose you love latte art and cappuccino with espresso and want to save your time with barista-style coffee. In that case, Creatista Pro is for you because it has a ‘double thermoset’ that allows you to make coffee and froth milk simultaneously.
  • If you are tired of using knobs or buttons and want something new, then Crestita Pro is for you because it has a friendly and straightforward user interface, large, bright, and touch-sensitive LCD screen. You don’t have to use knobs or buttons like the Creatista Plus.
Delicious Coffee ready

Last but not least, one thing is confirmed, all Creatista models are robust, beautiful, and offer a barista-style coffee every time, so whichever Creatista model you purchase, you won’t regret it.

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