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Electronic devices have made your lives super easy. Your everyday tasks require a click, and boom, you are done! But before using any device, you need to know all the instructions correctly to make yourself safe from any disaster. So if you are looking for instructions to use Keurig K-Supreme Plus, you have landed on the right page. It will be a very helpful guide for you so keep reading.

Before getting started, let’s have a look that what you will get in your delivery of Keurig K-Supreme Plus:

  1.   Actual machine.
  2.   Removable water reservoir that can store 78 ounces of water.
  3.   A carbon filter and a filter stand.
  4.   K-Cup universal reusable coffee pod for your own coffee grounds.
  5.   A guide about how to use the unit.

Now having all these accessories let’s get it started step by step:

1-     Set and Plug

Set your machine near an electric board. Remove the packing tape from the brewer if you haven’t yet. Place a mug (maximum 6.2 inches tall with drip tray and almost 7.2 inches without drip tray) on the drip tray. Plug into the electric board.

2-     Wash and Fill the Water Reservoir

Lift the reservoir straight up to remove it from the unit and remove the lid. Rinse the reservoir and install the carbon filter.

Fill the reservoir to the max-fill line. Replace the reservoir properly in the base and replace the lid.

Note: You can fill the reservoir without removing it.

3-     Install the Filter

To install the filter:

  1. Open the filter holder from the bottom by pressing it inwards towards the lower part and slide the base out.
  2. Fit the filter cartridge into the holder’s base and clip the top part of the holder into the base.
  3. Insert the filter into the water reservoir by pressing down firmly.

4-     Power On

Just lift and lower the handle, which will automatically power on the brewer. Hold on! Do not insert a K-Cup pod.

5-     Brew to Clean Up

After the power button is turned on, the 5 buttons for cup sizes will start blinking. Press the 8oz button and then press the center brew button, which will be blinking now. The brewer will start pouring hot water into the cup. Pour this hot water into the sink. You are done with your cleansing brew!

Note: Do not remove the water reservoir once you have pressed the brew button until the brew has been completed.

6-     Place Your Mug and Pod

Place your mug on the drip tray. Lift the handle and place a K-Cup pod in the pod holder. Lower the handle and close the lid properly.

Note: Do not remove the foil covering on the K-Cup holder.

7-     All Set to Brew

The 5 buttons for cup size will start blinking. Select a size as per your choice and press the blinking brew button. When the buttons are no longer illuminating, this shows brewing has been completed.

8-     Dispose of the Used Pod and Enjoy!

You are almost done. Lift the handle, remove the used pod from the holder and dispose of it. Now hold your coffee mug and enjoy it while reading your favorite book. 


Keurig K-Supreme Plus allows you to save your favorite coffee settings by using favorite buttons. Once you have done your favorite setting, then you don’t need to set all the instructions all over again every time. Let’s see how it works. 


Using these memory buttons, you can personalize your coffee in Keurig K-Supreme Plus. This model contains three memory buttons right below the display screen. So you can have three personalized coffee settings. Now to set these buttons, you need to follow the following instructions:

  1.     Power on your machine.
  2.    Select the strength according to your taste
  3.    Select the temperature as per your preference.
  4.    Select the coffee size as per your need.
  5.    Hold the first memory\favorite button until the screen displays “Saved”.

You can repeat this process for the second and third favorite buttons. So next time, whenever you want to make your favorite\personalized coffee, all you need to do is power on the machine. Place the K-Cup pod and press one of the favorite buttons. It will automatically select the options that you have saved previously. Now press the center K-button, and it will start brewing.  


Keurig K-Supreme Plus makes it super convenient to make iced coffee as it has a specifically dedicated button for making iced coffee which is the Over Ice button. let’s know this step by step:

  1.      Power on the machine.
  2.   Take a coffee mug (a glass cup is not recommended), half fill it with ice cubes and place it on the drip tray.
  3.   Take any standard K-Cup pod or reusable K-Cup and place it into the pod holder.
  4.      Press the over ice button and then the K-button.
  5.      It will start brewing.

By pressing the over ice button, all the options for choosing strength, temperature and size will be disabled. It will brew according to the default set options. You will end up with 6 oz. of nice cool coffee in less than a minute.


The above-given instruction would have surely helped you, and now it’s pretty simple to use it for your everyday coffee. The Keurig K-Supreme Plus is a single-serve coffee maker. If you are a student who needs to stay up all night for studies or you are an office-going person who needs fuel to freshen up his\her mood, then without wasting any time, grab this amazing coffee maker. You definitely don’t want to miss out on this luxury because the kind of convenience this Keurig K-Supreme Plus gives you is outclassing.

Imported FAQs

How do you use the Keurig Supreme Plus?

Power on the machine. Place the cup on the drip tray, press the 8-ounce button, then the blinking brew button. For the first time, brew without K-Cup for cleansing. Dispose of the hot water into the sink. Then place the K-Cup pod into the pod holder. Select the temperature, strength and size as per your choice. Press the center K-button. The brewing starts, and almost in a minute or less, your coffee is ready.

Below is the complete video demo showing all the instructions https://youtu.be/9o9cSZk38lM

How do I descale my Keurig Supreme Plus with vinegar?

Empty your water reservoir. Then add 14 ounces of white vinegar and 14 ounces of fresh water into the water reservoir. Fit the water reservoir into its place. Place a container on the drip tray. Plug in the unit and power off it. Now hold the 8-ounce and 12-ounce buttons together for three seconds. It will turn on the descale mode by lighting the descale option. Press the K-button. The machine will start pouring the solution of vinegar and water, which is present in the water reservoir, into the container placed on the drip tray. After 14 ounces are poured into the container, the machine will stop. Empty the container and place it again on the drip tray. Now again, hit the K-button. It will again start descaling. Do this process once with fresh water without vinegar. Check out the link given below for a complete understanding;

How do I clean the needles on my Keurig Supreme Plus?

Power off your machine and unplug it. Lift the handle and take out the needle basket. Open the lower needle basket from the bottom. Take a standard metal paper clip and clean all the openings with the metal paper clip. Wash the needle basket with water and put it back. For upper needles, clean the needles with metal paper clips. You can check the link given below;

Why won’t my descale light goes off on my Keurig supreme?

If the descale light is on, it indicates that the water stream is blocked by something. You need to do the cleaning.

How do I get the descale light to turn off?

It would be helpful if you descale your machine every 3-6 months or after 600 coffees. Even if the descale light does not turn on after 3-6 months, you must descale it as it’s recommended.

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