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My love for Keurig brewer is never-ending. And why can anyone hate these brewers that provide you the elite-class coffee taste without the hassle of going to the barista. Each version came with more technology only for the users to have much ease in brewing, plus quality would be of their taste. To give something to Keurig on my behalf, I am writing this guide on how to use Keurig k-duo plus. Although it’s a simple process with easy steps yet, telling people about its features and specifications while using it is absolutely what a Keurig brewer deserves. 

How To Use Keurig K-Duo Plus — The Bottom Line

Keurig k-duo plus working is straightforward processing. Its sleek design and footprint, with advanced features and display, has undoubtedly made its place in Keurig’s top brewers and its user’s heart. From turning on the machine to picking the freshly served cup, it only takes around 2-3 steps. Pretty neat, though.

How To Use Keurig K-Duo Plus — An In-Depth Guide

If you are new to Keurig k-duo plus or just got your hands on the machine, begin with the installation process first.

Installing Process of the Keurig K-Duo Plus

Keurig k-duo plus is in front of you. You would see a water reservoir, so let’s start with its installation first. 

  1. Cleaning the water reservoir

The water reservoir is a transparent long plastic container that can fit 60 oz of water. It has a handle for better grip and is detachable from the reservoir stand for easy refilling. Detached the reservoir from the brewer and cleaned it thoroughly; after that, its time to install a charcoal filter.

  1. Charcoal filter installment

Keurig k-duo plus comes with a charcoal filter and a charcoal filter holder, which is then attached to the reservoir. To install the filter:

  1. Rinse and soak it in water for about 5-10 minutes.
  2. Please insert it into the plastic long tube shape filter holder.
  3. Insert the holder-filter combo into the reservoir by clipping them together.
  4. Fill the reservoir with water up to max level.

Note: When you attach the filled reservoir with water, brew 2-3 times only the water to internally clean the brewer, especially if your brewer is new.

  1. Arranging the water reservoir

One of the noticeable features of Keurig k-duo plus is its 3-position availability of reservoir adjustment. You can attach the reservoir on the left or right side or at the back. To do this, turn the machine upside down; you will see two clips besides the present reservoir position. Unclip where you want your reservoir to attach. Gently turn the reservoir toward the destined position. And clip it there. Now correct the machine position. And fill and attach the reservoir to it.

K-cup installment in the Keurig K-Duo Plus

Keurig k-duo plus have two compartments. One is for a k-cup pod or my k-cup universal reusable filter, and the other is for coffee grounds. First, let’s see how to install and use the k-cup pod.

K-Cup pods installment

Keurig provides its users multiple k-cup pods for selection. You can also use different brand pods; once you have your pod, it’s time to put it in the brewer. At the top of the machine, you will see a fancy lid. By pulling it a bit, it will open. Here is the k-cup pod holder present. Just insert your pod into it. The lower part of the holder and lid inner layer has a sharp needle for puncturing. Once you close the lid, needles will puncture the pod. This is how you can insert a k-cup pod. Keurig k-duo plus version also provides an option of using Keurig my k-cup universal reusable filter holder onto which you can insert your coffee grounds and brew single-serve coffee from it. 

Keurig my k-cup universal reusable filter installment in Keurig k-duo plus

This filter is for you if you want to brew coffee grounds in a single-serve brew. Keurig, my k-cup universal reusable filter allows its user to put whatever coffee grounds are into the machine. Tilt the filter lid, which will open, insert your coffee grounds and close it. The next step is to insert it into the brewer. 

For this, you have to do a little work. At the machine in front facing you, there is a handle-like holder. When you pull it, the mesh filter will be seen. Pull it more with a little force, and the whole mesh-filter compartment will come right off. Now put your finger in the compartment and push the k-cup pod holder upward while holding the holder from the top. Remove the holder, place your reusable filter, and close the lid.

  1. Gold-Tune mesh filter for brewing coffee grounds

At the brewer front facing you, you will see a holder. Slide it towards you, and you will see a gold-tune mesh filter. That is where coffee grounds go for carafe brewing. Just insert your coffee grounds and close it.

Optional: you can also use your paper filter to place in the mesh filter for extra reassurance of avoiding small particles in your coffee. 

  1. Keurig k-duo plus Carafe

Besides the single-serve brewing, there is also a carafe brewing. The carafe is made of stainless steel. Its thermal ability warms up the coffee for more than 2 hours and is an effective replacement for warming plates. You can brew up to 12 oz carafe with your coffee grounds.

The single-serve brewing and carafe nozzle are different, but the cup and carafe placement region are the same.

Preparing Keurig k-duo plus for brewing

Your machine is now set and ready for brewing. Let’s start with your first serving procedure.

Setting adjustment

In Keurig k-duo plus, there is a strong brewing button, a display, 6, 8, 10, and 12 oz brewing sizes buttons for both single-serve cup and carafe, and a timer adjustment button named H and M. lets brew, and you will see how to step by step select the buttons.

Brew a Carafe and single-serve coffee by using Keurig K-Duo Plus

Let’s start with single-serve coffee brewing. Either use my k-cup universal reusable filter or k-pod holder for the pod; you have to insert these in the upper top compartment. After closing the lid, needles will puncture the pod to let the warm water seep through the coffee grounds. Turn on the machine through the ON button. 

Select the cup button, and then select brew size from 6, 8, 10, or 12 oz. An additional step is there if you want a stronger brew. Select a strong button to receive a stronger brew. Lastly, press the K button to start the brewing process. Water will warm up quickly, and coffee will pour into your cup in a few minutes. Don’t forget to put the cup on the drip plate.

For carafe brewing, put your coffee grounds in the mesh filter. Select the carafe button and then the brew size. Press the strong button for a stronger brew, and your carafe will be served after some time.

The carafe brewing has a pause and pours feature for 20 sec during the brewing interval. You can pour your coffee from the carafe into the cup and let the remaining brew process continue. It is hard to tell when the brewing process is finished in the carafe. For this, there is a light blinking on the K button. When the blinking stops, the brewing process is finished.

How to Set Keurig Duo to Auto Brew

Keurig k-duo plus provides the auto-brew feature to users. It allows you to set the timer for brewing whenever you want. But before setting the timer, we have to put the present time. Hold the hour button (H), and the numbers on display will start flashing. Now you can change it according to the present time. After that, press the power button, and the number will stop flashing. This will tell you and the machine that the time has been memorized. Now we will see how to adjust the auto brew time. 

There is an AUTO button on the machine. Press it, and you will see the number on display will again start flashing, and there is a clock symbol on it. Adjust the time whenever you want the machine to brew your coffee. 

After adjusting the auto time, select the brew size. the auto brew is only available for carafe brewing. Lastly, press the K button, and the timer will be set. 

Note: the display time will show PM, but when there is no PM around the clock time means it’s AM.


Keurig k-duo plus simple, straightforward setting procedure, convenient features, eye-pleasing design, slim look, and serene quality has attracted many users. After following these guides, you will be able to brew yourself a rich-flavor cup of coffee by using Keurig k-duo plus on the first try. 

Happy Caffeinated!

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