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         Overall Rating

Overall Rating84
Flavour & Aroma 85
Freshness 83
Balance & Acidity 85
Body & Mouthfeel83
Roaster Reputation83
Value for money75
Convenience  100
Flavor 75

Customer reviews and Rating 

Gained Stars4 out of 5
Global ratings482 
5 stars56%
4 stars15%
3 stars11%
2 stars7%
1 star10%


Jones Brothers Coffee offers ground, whole bean, and capsulized coffee for Nespresso OriginalLine coffee machines based in Amsterdam. They’re midway of the road in terms of cost and quality, making them a solidified bargain brand.

Jones Brothers Coffee - Espresso Capsules (VARIETY PACK) Compatible with Nespresso OriginalLine for Single Cup Coffee Pods (50 Count)

The Coffee Aim’s editors independently select and review products. After studying many such products, I planned to write the best review on Jones Brothers coffee. Coffee Aim may receive a commission if you purchase through one of our links at no additional cost to you.

The Jones Seasonal Blend – Specialty coffee beans

The spicy addition from Sumatra with a beautiful 4 origin blend of Central and South American coffees. With sweet hints of caramel and marzipan, low to medium acidity, and dark chocolate overtones. The origin of Jones Brothers Coffee is Brazil, Peru, and Guatemala.

Key Features of Jones Brothers Coffee

  • These recyclable capsules use Stay-Fresh Technology to keep our coffee as natural as it gets.
  • These compostable capsules are well-suited with the original line Nespresso Machines.
  • These compostable capsules are available in 4 rich blends plus decaf.
  • These compostable capsules packaging uses 70% fewer materials.
  •  These compostable capsules are 100% plant-based.
  • These compostable capsules contain 0% aluminum and 0% plastic (from fossil fuels).
  • These compostable capsules are virtuous for the green bin.
  • These compostable capsules are filled with 100% supportable Fairtrade and Organic Certified coffee.
Jones Brothers Coffee - Espresso Capsules (VARIETY PACK) Compatible with Nespresso OriginalLine for Single Cup Coffee Pods (50 Count)

Jones Brothers Coffee Overview

Our unique Jones Brothers Capsule: Chelsea Light Roast (Intensity: 4/10) is a high-altitude roast from Guatemala citrus, blackberry, and cinnamon. HiLine coffee is the best Nespresso-compatible roaster because of its dedication to freshness, and I can’t recommend them ample. Each of the coffee has been chosen for its minimal defects, excellence, and perhaps most virtually of all, for the most intensive flavor. Be get ready for a super-smooth, richly intense coffee moment from either your filter coffee machine or French Press! They like coffee beans from all parts of the world – but they especially like beans from Rwanda and Ethiopia, Guatemala and Honduras, Brazil and Colombia. Jones Brothers darker roasted ground coffees come from different origins, and they blend and roast them to create different flavors – all beautifully tasty coffees! Perfect for that morning energy boost or an afternoon coffee break at work.

Based in Amsterdam, Jones Brothers does a good job combining quality and cost.

They don’t make the best coffee.

They don’t make affordable coffee.

But usually, you’ll be delighted with it for the cost.

Price Per Pod: About $0.45

                        Jones Brothers  products comparison

Jones Brothers  productsIntensityOriginsCuppingCertified
GIGOLO12Brazil, Peru, MexicoRistretto (25ml)Rainforest Alliance/UTZ
Noir10Honduras, Guatemala, Peru, BrazilEspresso (40ml)Rainforest Alliance/UTZ
Enigma8BrazilEspresso (40ml)Rainforest Alliance/UTZ
Revive9Mexico, Peru, Brazil, EthiopiaLungo (70ml)Rainforest Alliance/UTZ
Elevate6Mexico, HondurasLungo (70ml)Rainforest Alliance/UTZ
Honduras Limited Edition10HondurasEspresso (40ml)Certified Organic
Jones Brothers Coffee - Espresso Capsules (VARIETY PACK) Compatible with Nespresso OriginalLine for Single Cup Coffee Pods (50 Count)

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