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For months, I had been using the K-cafe Keurig coffee maker (K cup trademark or trademark of Keurig Green Mountain) as I have been fond of drip coffee makers because they produce long coffees; also, it was best for my dorm room. Then I decided to shift my schedule from long coffee to short espresso shots, and I replaced my Keurig coffee maker with Nespresso Essenza Mini. I also bought a standalone milk frother to enjoy cappuccino, latte, macchiato, etc. But after some time, I started missing my slow brew K-cafe Keurig coffee maker, and I began to search for alternatives and wanted to replace my Nespresso coffee maker with it. I tested Aeropress, — French Press, and Percolator coffee makers, but their taste is not as good as the delivered Keurig coffee maker. Well! I visit my close friend for some personal reasons. She surprised me as she brewed two coffee cups, one was Keurig drip coffee, and the other was Nespresso pod coffee. Then I thought maybe she had two separate coffee makers, but when I went to her kitchen, I saw only one coffee machine on the countertop. Upon investigation, she told me that this is a 2-in-1 Instant Pod coffee maker that can brew K-cups and Nespresso pods (espresso pod) coffee within a minute. I am not a coffee snob, but coffee is an integral part of my life, so an Instant Pod is the one machine that I need

Instant Pot has become the center of conversion in every home. Their multifunctional pressure cookers and multiple functional blenders have changed the way of cooking; also, their products are durable and reliable. Its first product, Instant Pod, is a remarkable addition to the coffee market. Instant Pod is a  single-serve coffee maker that can brew coffee with K-cups and original Nespresso style capsules with a button and within a minute. This reliable and unique Instant Brand product has masked all other coffee makers and has become an essential tool for my dorm room. Here is a detailed analysis of the Instant Pod coffee maker, its pros, cons, settings, controls, features, and bold function. 

Instant Pod 2 In-1 Coffee Maker

Instant Pod is a dual-pod plus single-serve coffee maker that makes your morning refreshing and delightful. It is a fantastic machine that delivers you an excellent espresso or coffee in less than a minute. It is called 2 in 1 coffee maker because it is compatible with Keurig pods (K-cups pods) and Nespresso pods, which can be either new or reusable. Handy reusable K-cup pods or stainless steel refillable Nespresso pods allow you to brew a perfect cup of coffee with your coffee grounds and enjoy your desired taste or flavor. Instant Pod coffee maker (4.3 out of 5 stars) is easy to use and maintain, automatically selecting optimum brew temperature and pressure feature, low water and cleaning indicators, a 68oz large water reservoir, and adjustable strength feature. These settings, options, or features give you unlimited choices and make your morning fabulous by delivering fresh-brewed coffee and espresso.

The Bottom Line

Instant Pod is a dual pod plus machine compatible with single-serve k-cups, reusable K-cup pods, and all the stainless steel and plastic Nespresso OriginalLine pods (maybe regular or reusable). It can brew coffee, single and long espresso shots, 2 to 6 oz drinks with Nespresso capsules, and 8 to 12 oz with k-cups pods in small or travel mugs, i.e., 7″ tall. It uses the Italian feature, i.e., 19 bar pressure, to deliver perfect espresso extract and a tasty cup of coffee. It has a large removable water reservoir with a capacity of 68oz and has a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Overview of Instant Pod Coffee Machine, Compatible with K-Cup Pods & Ground Coffee

Instant Pod coffee and espresso maker is a 2-in-1 single-serve coffee maker that brews coffee with K-cups or Nespresso capsules. It gives you complete control over your drink as it offers 6 different brew sizes, adjustable strength feature, a bold setting, and many options. It is easy to use as you select your k-cup or espresso pod, select the desired brew size, and your drink will be ready in a few seconds. It offers quick and easy cleaning as; the exterior body is clean with a damp cloth and removable water tank, the used capsules drop container, and a removable drip tray to help quick rinsing. It has a water reservoir with a capacity of 68 oz and also has a space-saving design that easily fits on any counter space. Instant Pod also saves energy as it automatically shut-off after 30 minutes of inactivity. It has a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon; you can also visit other sites and compare it with other brands.


Features Detail 
Dimension 16.2” L x 7.2” W x 13” H (Inch)
Weight 12.07lb
Watts 1500W
Voltage 120V
Energy saving modeAuto-shutoff after 30 minutes
Brew sizes6
Water tank68oz
Compatible podsK-cup pods and Nespresso OriginalLine pods
Pod drawer capacity12 used espresso pods
Brewing temperature160 degrees Fahrenheit
Pressure 19 bar
Overall score4.3 out of 5 stars (don’t focus on months ago ratings)
Travel mug7 inch tall

What we like and what we don’t like in Instant pod

Things We LikeThings We Don’t Like
Instant Pot coffee maker has a large water reservoir of 68 oz, so you don’t have to fill it again and again.When you fill the ground coffee in reusable K-cups or Nespresso pods, the ground coffee may escape the Pod and clog the machine. 
It is compatible with K-cup and Nespresso capsules so that you can brew according to your desired taste.If you want to brew milk-based beverages like cappuccino latte, etc., then you have to buy a standalone milk frother, either Instant Pod milk frother for Nespresso milk frother. 
It gives you complete control over your drink as it offers six brew sizes, 2,4,6 oz for Nespresso and 8,10,12 oz for K-cup.This coffee maker is prone to leakage.
Reusable pods are filled with ground coffee, and this handy reusable pod lets you brew consistent coffee and espresso shots in less time without a mess.
It is easy to use and clean due to many removable parts, has an auto-off feature of 30 minutes, cleaning alerts, has a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon, and adjustable strength features. 

Other Benefits of Instant Pod Coffee and Espresso Maker

  1. Variety of Compatible Pods

Compatible with the dual pod system, Instant Pod (an instant pot coffee maker) is a single-serve coffee maker that works with both Keurig (regular or reusable K-cups) and Nespresso OriginalLine (standard or reusable) pods. For fitting Keurig K-cup and OriginalLine Nespresso capsules, Instant Pod has two separate openings. It delivers your favorite brew with desired taste in less than a minute. Remember that there are no Instant Pod-specific pods, and Instant Pod is not compatible with Starbucks by Nespresso Vertuo and other VertuoLine pods

  1. Different Brew Size Options

This coffee maker gives you complete control over your drink’s flavor and strength and ensures that you will receive your desired coffee cup in no time. It allows you to brew coffee in different customizable sizes, such as 2,4, or 6-ounce espresso and 8, 10, or 12-ounce K-cup coffee. Moreover, if you like strong and bold coffee cups, brew a small ounce of coffee with less milk or creamer. These different sizes and customizable settings are not in any other single-cup coffee makers

  1. Better Taste than Any other Machines

I had also brewed coffee with Nespresso Essenza Mini, Nespresso Essenza Plus, and Keurig K-cup coffee makers. Still, I had never gotten this kind of taste, flavor, strength, and texture as I got through Instant Pod (Some users say it Instant Pot coffee maker by mistake). It refreshes my mornings by delivering me a fantastic espresso shot, topped with a rich crema and robust flavor. 

Difference Between Drip Coffee And Espresso Drinks

In espresso, hot water is forced through coffee grounds within 25-30 seconds and at 19 bar pressure. The espresso shot is balanced, dark brown, rich in flavor, highly concentrated, and topped with a layer of perfect crema. Espresso drinks are versatile and include a free app that helps make various drinks such as latte, cappuccino, Americano, etc. While drip coffee, magnificent grounds are used, and water is slowly passed, so its brew time is 5 to 10 minutes, and pressure is not high. Drip coffee is less intense and has high caffeine than an espresso shot as water slowly passes, so its flavor is more highly developed than an espresso shot. 

Instant Pod Vs. Nespresso

The Instant Pod coffee maker made by the Instant Pot brand is a single-serve 2-in-1 machine that works well with both k-cup pods and Nespresso pods. It brews both single and long coffee, similar to coffee house flavors, has a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars, and works well with 7″ tall coffee mugs. The adjustable brew strength lets you brew a bolder cup of coffee and espresso and offers different brew sizes for Nespresso and K-cup. Nespresso Original machines, only brew single-cup coffee, have a small capacity, and deliver only accurate ristretto, espresso, and lungo shots. While most Nespresso Vertuo machines brew 5 cup sizes, espresso, double espresso, coffee, and Alto. Vertuo Next is Nespresso’s newest, slimmest, compact, and small VertuoLine machine that can brew 18 oz carafe, pour-over style long coffee. On the other hand, the taste and flavor produced by Instant Pod are more strapping than Nespresso coffee makers whether OriginalLine or VertuoLine.

Is Instant Dual Nespresso And Keurig Coffee Maker Better Than Keurig?

Instant Pod allows you to brew coffee with both K-cup pods and Nespresso OriginalLine pods (not compatible with VertuoLine pods). You can brew both types of drinks with that machine which has a purchase price of $119 on Walmart. It also offers adjustable brew strength and 6 different brew sizes ristretto, espresso, and lungo on the Nespresso side and 8,10,12 oz on the K-cup side. While in the case of a Keurig coffee maker, you can only brew k-cup pods-specific coffee, not espresso. So the Instant Pod coffee maker is the best in all aspects. It has a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon, don’t focus on months ago ratings. 

Can You Make Double Espresso With Instant Pod Coffee Machine?

Double Espresso with Instant Pod espresso machine sounds good but is quite confusing because Instant Pod is a Keurig and Nespresso compatible machine that works well with both Keurig K-Cups and OriginalLine Nespresso capsules. You cannot make Double Espresso with an Instant Pod machine but can only brew two separate espresso shots, each with 1.35 oz espresso pods.

Is Instant Pod for You?

If you are fond of both types of drinks (Nespresso and Keurig), then this 2-in-1 coffee maker is best for you as this coffee and espresso maker accepts both k-cup and Nespresso pods, and you don’t have to buy two separate machines. It takes less space and also costs less, and at that reasonable price, it offers different brew sizes, adjustable strength features, a large water reservoir capacity, can brew long coffee or single-cup coffee, delivers both coffee and espresso, has a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon, and is best for daily routine. The trade-offs are its buttons are finicky, prone to leakage and clogging, and you have to buy a separate milk frother. However, if you don’t drink coffee regularly and drink either espresso or not both, this gadget is not meant for you. 


Is The Instant Pod Worth It?

Instant Pod, rated 4.4 out of 5 stars, is better for daily use than any other Keurig K-cup coffee maker or Nespresso machine. It allows you to brew coffee with K-cup pods or Nespresso OriginalLine pods. It offers adjustable strength features and different brew size options and delivers scalding coffee. For more detail, visit the link below. 

What Pods Are Compatible With Instant Pod?

Instant Pod (overall score; 88 out of 100) is compatible with K-cup pods, reusable K-cup pods, stainless steel and plastic Nespresso OriginalLine pods, and third-party Nespresso OriginalLine pods. It can brew 8 to 12-ounce coffee cups and 2 to 6-ounce espresso shots. However, it is not compatible with VertuoLine pods

Does Instant Pod Make Iced Coffee?

Instant Pod can deliver you Iced coffee as it is one of the best coffee and espresso machines with a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars. The steps include are:

  • Press the power button of the machine.
  • Raise the top cover, insert espresso pods, and close the cover of this coffee maker.
  • In the mug, add sweet condensed milk, and place your mug on a removable drip tray under the brew spout.
  • From the espresso section, select the 2 oz setting.
  • After the water stops draining, add another pod and repeat the process.
  • Stir the mixture to dissolve the condensed milk properly, and taste the drink to determine whether you have to add more pods or not.
  • Add ice to the coffee and serve it immediately in the glass. 

How to Clean an Instant Pod?

Although Instant Pod delivers your drink within a minute due to the fast brew process, another reason that makes this gadget lovable is its quick and easy cleaning. It has a removable drip tray and a removable container in which used capsules are drained. These removable parts make the cleaning process easy and fast. For more information about Instant Pod cleaning, watch the below video. 

Does Instant Pod have an Auto-Shutoff Program?

The Instant Pod has an auto-off feature, which automatically turns off after 30 minutes of process completion. Due to this energy-saving mode, instant Pod has a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars. 

How To Descale Instant Pod

Descaling this coffee maker ( overall score; 4.3 out of 5 stars) is done after 300 uses, and when it descales, its buttons will start to flash. First, carefully read the care instructions and then use a descaling solution such as 3 parts of citric acid used in 100 parts of water to descale the machine. For descaling, press and hold the 10oz and 12oz buttons for 3 seconds. For more detail or understanding, visit the link below. 

Instant Pod Coffee and espresso Maker Problems

Many of our readers have Instant Pod Issues, and they ask us the same questions such as:

  • What are the buttons on my Instant Pod coffee and espresso maker?
  • How do I use my Instant Pod coffee and espresso maker?
  • How do I set up my Instant Pod espresso machine?
  • How do I calibrate my Instant Pod espresso machine?
  • How can I resolve my Instant Pod troubleshooting?
  • How to clean my Instant Pod (Instant Pot) coffee maker?
  • Where can I get Instant Pod replacement parts?
  • Where can I find Instant Pod customer service?
  • Why is my Instant Pod blinking?
  • Why is my Instant Pod coffee machine losing pressure?

I answer them with the below words:

Click here and learn about your Instant Pod coffee maker by Instant Pot brand, warranty, and support, customer service, replacement parts, how to guide, descaling instructions according to user manual recommendations, cleaning it, instruction manual / Mode & more. Also, you can explore how to repair your Instant Pod and other espresso machines!

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