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Whether you have been using a Keurig Supreme for a long time or just purchased it, you may face any problem using it. Therefore here is a complete guideline for all Keurig K-Supreme users. 

Preparing a fantastic cup of coffee is an art, and to make you a perfect artist, Keurig Supreme helps you a lot. This coffee maker is full of unique features and unmatchable qualities that can help you win the hearts of your loved ones by preparing an outclass coffee. Don’t you want this? If yes! Then, learn how to use Keurig K-Supreme to prepare your coffee. 

So let’s start having a look at the essential details of this coffee maker to make your journey of coffee preparation smooth, risk-free and safe, and sound.

So let’s begin!

Safety Precautions

Your safety is my priority. You must be secure and healthy while enjoying your hot cup of coffee. Therefore here is an excellent list of safety precautions to keep you safe while preparing your favorite coffee. 

So don’t forget to check these safety precautions and follow them accurately. If you follow them, you can make yourself and your dear ones safe and sound. 

To make friendly usage of Keurig K-Supreme, don’t forget to check the safety precautions.

Specifications Of Keurig K-Supreme

Specifications of a coffee maker let you know better about it. You can check whether those features match your choice or not. If you don’t like these specifications, you can return your coffee maker, as your Keurig K-Supreme comes with this facility. 

So let’s take each specification individually!

Specifications Details 
Product line/systemK-Supreme
Brew Sizes6oz, 8oz, 10oz, 12oz
Water reservoir66oz removable, dual position tank (back or side)
DisplayButton control panel with buttons for each brew size, Strong and Over Ice + LCD indicator lights for Add water and Descale
Temperature control No
Strength control Yes
Iced setting Yes
Dimensions Tank On Back6.4″ W15.1″ D12.2″ H
Tank On The Side7.9″ W12.0″ D12.2″ H
Other features Auto On (no auto-off), MultiStream Technology(complete extraction), High Altitude Setting, fits mug up to 7″ tall, back-to-back brewing with no wait time.

What Is Inside The Box?

As you open the seal pack of your Keurig K-Supreme, you find the following items in it. If anything is missing or damaged or the seal is not in perfect condition, return the package immediately. 

So let’s start!

Keurig K-Supreme Machine

This is the main item that you ordered to enjoy your lovely drink. Use it and prepare your favorite coffee. 

User Manual

Like all other appliances, it also contains a user manual that guides you properly about using your coffee maker.

Water Reservoir

Put fresh and potable water in the reservoir and enjoy a fresh cup of coffee!

Parts Of Keurig K-Supreme

Before using your Keurig K-Supreme, it is necessary to be fully aware of all its parts. Naming is the first step of learning. So let’s make you aware of all aspects of Keurig K-Supreme with pictures. You shall also learn about the usage and location of each piece.

Without any further delay, let’s begin:

1. Handle

As clear from the image, the handle is present at the top of the coffee maker. By pulling the handle, you can reach the K-cup pod holder, where you can insert the k-cup pod. Also, use this handle to pick up the coffee maker.

2. K Cup-Pod Holder 

The B point is a k-cup pod holder. As appears from the name, it holds the k-cup pod to prepare coffee. It combines with a funnel to make the k-cup pod holder assembly. It is also present at the top of the Keurig K-Supreme.

3. Funnel

The funnel is attached with a k-cup pod in the image. This funnel is used to pour water into the k-cup pod. The water-pouring process becomes easy and smooth with this funnel.

Note: B & C are collectively called K-Cup Pod Holder Assembly.

4. K-Cup Pod Holder Assembly Housing

It is the space where the k-cup pod holder assembly is adjusted/inserted. 

5. Drip Tray Plate

A drip tray plate is present above the drip tray. Place your coffee mug on it and get your coffee ready! Furthermore, it has small holes through which the coffee/water spills enter the drip tray.

6. Drip Tray 

Have a look at the drip tray. It is present at the bottom of the coffee maker. Its function is to support your coffee cup and hold the coffee/water spills. After a specific time, you have to empty the drip tray.

7. Drip Tray Base

As clear from the name, this is the base of the drip tray. If you use a travel mug, then remove the drip tray and place your coffee mug on the drip tray base. It is present at the bottom of your coffee maker.

8. Water Reservoir Lid

This Lid covers the water reservoir to keep the water clean. It also prevents water from spilling during machine work.

9. Water Reservoir

The water reservoir of your coffee maker has a dual position. Set it either on the back or side of the coffee maker. Fill it with fresh and potable water, which will then be used to prepare delicious coffee for yourself. 

Before You Brew

You don’t start brewing your coffee directly. Instead, it would help if you prepared your Keurig K-Supreme before starting brewing. Its preparation involves four simple and easy steps. So let’s begin!

1. Plug & Place

  • First of all, remove the packing tape from the brewer. 
  • Then plug it into a grounded outlet. 
  • Then place a large-sized mug on the drip tray (10 oz is the minimum size of cup). You are free to keep large-size mugs. 
  • If you want to change the position of the water tank, complete it before first brewing. 

2. Rinse & Fill

  • Remove the water reservoir lid first. Then pick the reservoir straight to remove it.
  • If you have a Keurig Water Filter, then install it now. 
  • For instructions, refer to the Water Filter Starter Kit. 
  • Now rinse the water reservoir with fresh water and fill it to the Max Fill Line. 
  • Replace the water reservoir.
  • Replace the water reservoir lid. 

An Important Note: Use fresh tap water instead of distilled water.

3. Lift & Lower

  • Now lift and lower the handle. 
  • Don’t insert a k-p pod holder brewer that will power on automatically. 

4. Cleansing Brew

  • Now the 4-cup sizes will blink. 
  • Press the 8 oz button.
  • Then press the blinking brew button to start a cleansing brew. 
  • Pour the hot water into the sink.
  • The one-time setup process is complete now, and you are ready to brew!

Brew Your First Cup

Your Keurig K-Supreme is now ready to brew your first cup of coffee. So let’s start the preparation of the lovely drink by following two simple steps. 

5. Place Mug & Pod

  • Place a mug on the drip tray. If you use a travel mug, remove the drip tray and put the coffee mug on the drip tray base. 
  • Now lift the handle and place a k-cup pod in the k-cup pod holder. 
  • Lower the handle to close the lid completely. 
  • Do not remove the foil lid on the k-cup pod.
  • If you want a strong cup of coffee, press the strong button followed by the brew button.
  • For iced beverages, fill a large plastic tumbler with ice. Insert any k-cup pod, press the Over Ice button, followed by the brew button. 
  • Choose a tumbler large enough to accommodate the ice and dispensed liquid to avoid overflow.

Multi-Position Water Reservoir 

Another charming feature of this coffee maker is its dual-positional water reservoir. You can position it along the left or back of the brewer to optimize counter space. 


This brewer is only compatible with the newly designed Keurig My K-Cup Universal Reusable Coffee Filter. Kindly do not attempt to use any other reusable filter or previous versions of My K-Cup Universal Reusable Coffee Filter, which may cause damage to the brewer. Keep yourself safe and sound using only My K-Cup Universal Reusable Coffee Filter. 

6. Brew and Enjoy!

  • The four brew-size buttons will blink. 
  • Then select your brew size and then press the blinking brew button.
  • For a strong cup of coffee, press the strong button before starting the brew. 
  • The brew button will remain illuminated while brewing. 
  • When buttons are no longer illuminated, then brewing is complete.
  • Lift the handle and dispose of the k-cup pod. 


While brewing, there is boiling water in the k-cup pod. Do not lift the handle during the brewing process to avoid any injury. 

Brewer Features

Keurig K-supreme is equipped with multiple unique and amazing features, which make it prominent among other coffee makers. Itspecialue features are the secret to better performance and longer duration of usage. 

So could you have a look at them?

Smart Start

In the intelligent start, you heat up and brew in one simple step—no need to wait for the brewer to heat up before selecting the brew size. 

  • Simply power on your brewer by lifting the handle. 
  • Add a k-cup pod.
  • Select your brew size.
  • Then press the brew button.
  •  The brewer will heat up and then automatically start brewing. 

Auto Off 

In auto-off, you automatically turn your Keurig K- Supreme off after five minutes of the last brew to save energy. 

High Altitude 

If you want your coffee maker to work correctly at high altitudes like 5000 feet, then enable the High Altitude settings by pressing and holding the High Altitude and 8 oz buttons for three seconds.

Strong Brew 

Press it for a strong, bold, and intense coffee. 

Over Ice 

Use it to get your favorite lovely beverages.

Water Tank Repositioning

The water tank of Keurig K- Supreme is available with a dual positioning option. You can put it on the side and the back of your coffee maker. After brewing your coffee, let’s learn how to reposition the water tank. 

The whole process comprises four simple steps. So let’s initiate: 

1. Remove the drip tray and water tank

  1. Remove the drip tray and water tank and keep them aside. 
  2. Now carefully turn the brewer over a flat surface so the base faces up. 
  3. Now two parts are visible. The locking tab is part A, and the water tank is part B.

2. Remove Part A

  1. Now slide part A( locking tab) out of the brewer.
  2. Release it freely with a bit of resistance. 

3. Lift, Pivot Part B

Next is the repositioning of part B.

  1. Gently pull outward to disconnect from the brewer.
  2. Rotate upward. Part B will remain connected with the brewer. 
  3. Part B should now pivot freely to the second position. 
  4. Don’t forget to remove the power cord so it may not get caught.

4. Insert B, Replace A

  1. Now replace part B in its second position. 
  2. Rotate downward so that part B is parallel to the base, then slide part B back into position. Remember to replace the power cord. 
  3. Slide part A back into the second position to lock B in place. 
  4. Flip the brewer back upright. 
  5. You are now ready to use your Keurig K- Supreme. 

Caring For Your Brewer

Like all other machines, your Keurig K-Supreme also demands proper care and maintenance. If you keep it neat and clean regularly, it can work smoothly, and its duration increases automatically. 

Don’t forget to turn off and unplug your Keurig K-Supreme before cleaning.

So let’s start caring for each part of your coffee maker individually. 

Brewer Exterior

The outer look is the first thing that you observe first of all. So it would help if you kept the exterior of your coffee maker fresh and fully maintained. Clean the surface of the brewer from time to time and give it the best look. 

  • Always clean with a damp, non-abrasive, lint-free, and soapy cloth. 
  • Never immerse the brewer in water or any other liquids. 

Drip Tray

The drip tray of Keurig K-Supreme can hold up to 8 ounces of overflow—no need to empty and clean it regularly. 

  1. Empty and clean it occasionally.
  2. Slide it towards you to remove it. 
  3. Maintain the level while sliding to avoid spilling.
  4. Then rinse and clean with a neat, damp, non-abrasive, and lint-free cloth. 

Water Reservoir:

  1. The water reservoir should be cleaned periodically by rinsing the inside of the pool and the underside of the lid. 
  2. Use a clean, damp, non-abrasive, and lint-free cloth. 
  3. Do not dry the inside of the reservoir with a cloth, as lint may remain.
  4. Allow the reservoir to dry by itself completely. 

Regular Maintenance

If you want to enjoy the great taste of coffee and want to keep the performance of the coffee maker at its peak, then follow the recommended Regular Maintenance Schedule 

Frequency Product Benefits 
Weekly Keurig Rinse PodsRinse away residue and oils for a great-tasting cup of coffee every time 
Every two monthsKeurig Water FiltersKeep your water used in the brewer fresh and clean to enhance the taste of your coffee
Every three months or when the descaling notification turns onKeurig Descale SolutionsEliminates mineral build-up to improve the taste of your coffee and preserve the long-term health of your coffee maker

K-Cup Pod Holder:

  1. To remove the k-cup pod holder from the brewer, lift the handle and grasp the top of the k-cup pod holder with one hand and push up on the bottom of the k-cup pod holder from underneath with another hand simultaneously to release it finally. 
  2. After cleaning the k-cup pod holder, align it with the opening using the two front ribs as a guide. 
  3. Then snap it into place from the top. 


Sharp needles can puncture the cup up pod above the cup pod holder and at the bottom of the cup pod holder. Do not put your fingers into the k-cup pod holders to avoid any possible injuries.


Do not forget to remove and dispose of the used k-cup pods after every brewing.


The washing of the funnel ensures an excellent beverage experience. 

  1. Wash the funnel daily. 
  2. Please remove it from the k-cup pod holder by pulling on it until it pops off.
  3. To replace it, orient the snaps to the indent and snap it back onto the k-cup pod holder. 

Exit Needle:

  1. Remove the k-cup pod holder assembly and detach the funnel.
  2. Locate the exit needle on the inside bottom of the k-cup pod holder.
  3. Insert a straightened paper clip into the exit needle to loosen the coffee grounds. 

Entrance Needles:

  1. First, lift the brew handle and then locate the entrance needles on the underside of the lid. 
  2. Hold the brewer handle upward to clean holes in the needles, and with your other hand, carefully insert the straightened paper into all holes simultaneously.
  3. Now move it around gently to loosen any coffee grounds. 
  4. Then lower the handle entirely and two times run a cleansing brew. 
  5. Kindly do not insert a k-cup pod. 

Descaling Your Brewer

Most people descale their coffee makers when a descaling notification appears. However, you need to descale your Keurig K-Supreme after every three months. Only then can you enjoy the fantastic taste of coffee and the long life of your coffee maker. Kindly follow the descaling procedure properly. 

Calcium deposits or scale may build up in your coffee maker depending on the mineral content of your water. Though the scale is not toxic, still, it can affect the performance of the coffee maker and can hinder good results if you leave it unattended. 

If you regularly descale your coffee maker after every three months, then this thing helps in maintaining the heating element and other internal parts that come in touch with water. 

Calcium deposits can build up faster. So there is a dire need to descaling your coffee maker more often.

Descaling Procedure

To start the descaling procedure, you must have access to:

  • Make sure that there are no beverage pods in the k-cup pod holder. 
  • The descaling procedure takes almost 15-20 minutes. 

Step 1: Prepare The Brewer 

  • Pour the entire bottle of Keurig descaling solution into the empty water reservoir.
  • Now fill that empty bottle with water and pour it into the reservoir. 
  • Kindly do not insert a k-cup pod. 
  • Then place a large mug on the drip tray.

Step 2:Descale The Brewer 

Now let’s activate descale mode:

  • Begin with the brewer plugged in and powered off, then press and hold the 8oz and 12oz buttons together for three seconds. 
  • When you see flashes, press the brew button, and the descaling process starts. 
  • Once the brew is complete, pour that hot water into the sink. 
  • Keep on repeating this step until you see Add Water light illuminating. 

Step 3:Fresh Water Rinse

  • Now empty and rinse the water reservoir with fresh water. 
  • Then fill the water reservoir with fresh water up to the Max Fill Line. 
  • When flashing, press the brew button to start the rinsing process. 
  • Once the brew is complete, pour that hot water into the sink. 
  • Keep on repeating this step until Descale notification turns off.
  • The brewer has exited the Descaling mode and is ready for the coffee making. 

Don’t worry if the cleaning action of the Keurig Descaling solution results in the form of “foam” dispensed from the coffee maker. It is very natural as the solution reacts with the inside scale. If too much scale is deposited, you can’t fill the coffee maker appropriately after adding a descaling solution. Then you may not see any output dispensed. You may hear the sound of blowing air. 

If it happens with your coffee maker, then follow these things:

  • Turn off and unplug your Keurig Supreme. 
  • If there is a Keurig Descaling Solution in the water reservoir, dispose of the material, rinse it thoroughly, and refill it with water. 
  • Now plug the coffee maker again in, power it on, and repeat step 3 of the FreshWater Rinse Cycle. 
  • Your coffee maker will generally start as all the descaling material has been removed. 
  • If there is still any problem, let your coffee maker stay unplugged for thirty minutes before rinsing again.


Do you want to enjoy your favorite drink smoothly and trouble-free? That’s good. However, there can be some issues while preparing your coffee. You do not want to waste time calling and waiting for an authorized person to come and repair your coffee maker. 

Then feel no worries. 

Please have a look at the possible unwanted situations and their resolutions!

So let’s begin discussing them one by one:

Grounds In Your Coffee

There are multiple widespread problems that coffee makers often face. You can get rid of these problems by following these tips. Coffee grounds can be entangled in the exit or entrance needles while making coffee. It would help to have a straightened paper clip or a tool to clean these needles. 

  • First of all, clean the exit needle of the k-cup pod holder. Exit needle care instructions have been described in detail (caring for your brewer section). 
  • Then clean the entrance needle of the coffee. The cleaning procedure has been mentioned in detail (caring for your brewer section).
  • Carafe Brewing: The maximum capacity for regular ground coffee is 15 and 12 tablespoons for decaf. If you exceed this limit, you may face overflow. 

Coffee Maker Will Not Brew

Sometimes, the coffee maker starts brewing the coffee improperly while working fantastically. If you are also facing the same trouble, then don’t worry, and let’s see the multiple possible situations and their possible resolutions:

  • After placing the K-Cup pod in the k-cup pod holder, ensure that the handle is pushed down properly and securely. 
  • If you see an add water light illuminated, then add water to the water reservoir. Don’t cross the Max fill line while filling the water reservoir. 
  • Ensure that the water reservoir is seated correctly in its base. 
  • Even after refilling, if the water light is still illuminated, contact Keurig Customer Care Service. 
  • Another problem is that you may see all the buttons blinking simultaneously. In that case, take help from Keurig Customer Care Services. 

Brewing a Partial Cup or Carafe

Here is another problem that you or any of your near ones may have faced or can meet in the future. Your coffee maker may start brewing a partial cup or carafe suddenly. So let’s learn how to deal with this trouble too: 

  • Always ensure the water amount in the reservoir to perform the selected brew size. 
  • The exit needle can also be blocked. Kindly refer to the exit needle care instruction. 
  • You may have removed the water reservoir mistakenly during the brewing. Then replace the water reservoir and perform a rinsing brew without a K-Cup pod.
  • You may need to descale the coffee maker. If you have already performed the descaling procedure on your coffee maker two times and still face partial coffee brewing issues, then you must contact Keurig Customer Care Services.
  • The drip stop can also be clogged. Remove the filter basket drawer and filter basket. Now rinse thoroughly to remove any grounds in the plunger. 
  • If your residence is high altitude and you face this problem, contact Keurig Customer Care Services. 

The coffee Maker Does Not Have Power or Shuts Off

Sometimes, you cannot turn on or turn off your coffee maker. This situation may irritate you as you want to enjoy your lovely drink immediately. So don’t worry, as here are the possible solutions.

So let’s start checking them out one by one:

  • Don’t forget to press the power button to turn on your coffee maker. 
  • Plug the coffee maker into its own grounded outlet. 
  • Your coffee maker may not work correctly if the electric circuit is overloaded with other appliances. 
  • Operate the coffee maker on its course away from other devices. 
  • To save energy, your coffee maker will auto-turn off after five minutes of the last brew. 
  • After trying all these tricks, if your coffee maker is still not operating, then contact Customer Care Services.

Helpful Hints

Here are a few helpful hints to help you improve the taste of your coffee and maintain your coffee maker for better performance and longer usage duration. So wait no more and get yourself aware of the hints:

  • Water quality matters a lot. If you find an undesired taste in your drinks, like chlorine or other mineral taste, use filtered or bottled water. 
  • Distilled water is not recommended.
  • Install Keurig Water Filter to avoid water impurities and improve the taste of your desired drinks.


You can perform the recommended cleaning and maintenance procedures by yourself. However, this coffee maker is not user serviceable. For better service solutions and suggestions, you can refer to the warranty section of this article. 


There are a few storage tips that can prove helpful in storing and improving the performance of your coffee maker. You can enjoy your energetic drinks for long periods by following these tips.

So please consider these tips to keep your coffee maker safe and sound!

Let’s begin:

  • Always empty the water reservoir before storing or transporting it. 
  • Always keep your coffee maker in a safe and frost-free environment.
  • Store your coffee maker in its upright position. Only then can you avoid water leakage from the inner tank.
  • If you store your coffee maker in a cold environment, then water residue can freeze inside the coffee maker and can cause damage. 
  • When you use your coffee maker after storage, rinse the water reservoir properly with fresh water. 
  • Run three rinsing brews without a K-Cup pod holder. 
  • I also run 12-cup brew rinsing without ground coffee. 
  • If you plan to move your coffee maker somewhere else, turn it off, unplug it, and empty the water reservoir. 
  • If you keep your coffee maker at a location below freezing, then make sure to set it at room temperature for at least two hours before using it. 
  • Don’t forget to turn off your coffee maker before storing it.
  • If you are storing your coffee maker for a more extended period, then conduct a proper descaling procedure before and after holding it. Only then can you use it in its best condition.

Click Or Call

Here is a fantastic feature of Keurig Coffee makers. If you have any issues regarding your Keurig coffee maker, please get in touch with their manufacturer. 

If you face any troubles, approach them at support.keurig.com for step-by-step videos on cleaning, descaling, and more. 

If something is still ambiguous, then call the toll-free number 1-866-901-BREW(2739)


Now let’s move toward the warranty terms and conditions of the Keurig coffee maker. Only then can you be fully aware of all the terms and conditions of your coffee maker. r. So let’s start:

Limited One-Year Warranty

  • Keurig Green Mountain Inc (Keurig) warrants that your Keurig coffee maker is free of defects in materials and artistry for one year under regular home usage from the date of purchase. 
  • You need to register your Keurig coffee maker at keurig.com welcome so that they may register your date of purchase in their system. 
  • They will repair your coffee maker free of cost on receipt proof of the date of purchase. 
  • They are bound to replace your coffee maker with the new one or recondition it if necessary. 
  • If you replace your coffee maker, then a new one-year limited warranty shall apply to the replaced coffee maker.
  • This warranty only applies to coffee makers in the United States and Canada. 
  • This warranty gives you specific legal rights. 
  • These legal rights vary from state to state. 
  • In the case of Canada, these legal rights vary from province to province. 
  • If you use only Keurig K-cup brand pods, only then can you avail the proper functioning and lifetime of your Keurig coffee maker. 
  • If you use any non-Keurig k-cup pods and other accessories, then any malfunctioning or damage is not covered by this warranty card. You shall have to pay charges for the repair. 

What Is Not Covered By The Limited Warranty? 

Here are a few things to remember that are not covered by this limited warranty. Check them out to enhance your awareness about Keurig K-Supreme.

So let’s start:

  • Any consequential or incidental damages, such as property loss, are not covered. 
  • Incidental costs and expenses resulting from any breach of this warranty, even if foreseeable, are not covered.
  • Some States or provinces don’t allow the exclusion or limitations of incidental or consequential damages, so the above exclusion or limitation doesn’t apply to the specific states or provinces. 
  • It depends upon the state or province from where you purchased your coffee maker. 
  • This warranty does not cover costs if you use non-Keurig k-pods or other accessories. 
  • If you call anyone other than a Keurig-authorized person, you are responsible for yourself.
  • The warrant doesn’t cover using parts other than the original Keurig parts. 
  • Other external damages like abuse, misuse, inappropriate poet supply, or acts of God are not covered by the warranty. 

Other Limitations

Here are a few more limitations to remember while using your Keurig coffee maker smoothly and tension free. 

So let’s dive into details to be aware of:

  • This exclusive warranty does not include any other express written or oral warranty.
  • Keurig disclaims all other warranties concerning your Keurig K- Supreme, including any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose. 
  • Some States or provinces don’t allow disclaimers of such implied warranties. So it all depends upon the state or area where you buy your coffee maker. 

How Do You Obtain Warranty Service? 

Do you want to get warranty services for Keurig coffee makers? Don’t know how to get it?  Then there are details for your convenience. So let’s begin one by one:

  • Keurig coffee makers are top-quality appliances. If you care for them properly, you can use them for many years with excellent performance. 
  • However, there is a need to raise awareness among people. You can call Keurig Customer Services at the toll-free number 1-866-901-BREW(2739)
  • Don’t return your coffee maker for servicing without first speaking to Keurig Customer Service to obtain a Return of the Materials Authorization (RMA) number.
  • Keurig coffee makers returned without an RMA number will be returned to the sender without servicing. 


Let’s sum up all the lengthy discussions in a few words. I have discussed using the procedure of Keurig K-Supreme in detail. After reading this article, you can definitely handle your brewer like a pro. However, if you are still confused, then re-read the article. Furthermore, if you want to learn about coffee beans or makers, scroll the pages at CoffeeAim

I am waiting for your worthy thoughts!

Have a nice fresh cup of coffee!


How Do You Use The Keurig K-Supreme?

You use Keurig K-Supreme efficiently by following these four simple and easy steps:

1. Keep a mug on the drip tray. 

2. Then lift the handle and place the K-Cup pod in the k-cup pod holder. 

3. After closing the lid properly, press the Power button. 

4. Select Carafe, brew, and then strong if you want a strong cup of coffee. 

How Do You Use Keurig K-Supreme For The First Time?

Use Keurig K-Supreme for the first time as:

  • Remove the packaging tape from the Keurig K-Supreme. 
  • Plug it into the grounded outlet. 
  • Keep a mug on the drip tray. 
  • Then lift the handle and place the K-Cup pod in the k-cup pod holder. 
  • After closing the lid properly, press the Power button. 
  • Then select Carafe, brew, and then strong if you want a strong cup of coffee. 

Can You Use Any K-Cup In The Keurig K-Supreme?

You can use any regular K-Cups in your Keurig Supreme without trouble. The significant change from the older version is the temperature and brew settings. The remaining features and usage of k-cups are the same as before. 

Can You Use Your Coffee In Keurig K-Supreme?

Yes, you can use it. However, instead of using stale and old coffee pods, grind your fresh coffee grounds with Keurig K-Supreme and make a new brew of coffee. Enjoy a fresh cup of coffee!

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