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I have been using the Keurig coffee machine for some time and have tried other brands too, but Keurig is what suits me the most. I recently replaced it with its updated Keurig K-Elite version, and I felt many people were struggling to understand this machine’s working capability fully. Here I am, writing this to guide them about its specifications and functions. 

Let’s start with the installation process:

Installing Process of the Keurig K-Elite

Once you acquire your Keurig K-Elite, it’s time to remove it from the package and place it wherever you desire it to be (mostly advised to place it near an electrical source and on the countertop).

Cleaning the water reservoir

If you look at the machine, you will notice a plastic container attached to the side of it; this is the Water Reservoir. Lift the reservoir with little upward force; it will eventually separate from the machine. Thoroughly rinse it with clean water.

Installing charcoal filter

You will also get a charcoal filter with the packaging, soak it for a few minutes in clean water, then rinse it a little. With the provided filter holder, adjust and place the charcoal filter. Install this combo in the water reservoir with the help of locks made on both the Keurig K-Elite water reservoir and the filter holder. Fill it to the given mark and attach it back to the machine. Now power it up by pressing the power button on the top front and selecting the “Hot Water” button.

Optional: When using the machine for the first time, it’s always preferred to let the warm water flow to clean the machine internally. After this, waste the warm water.

Installing K-cup in the Keurig K-Elite 

Now it’s time to brew coffee in it. Lift the handle, and you will see a space (K-Cup pod holder) where you can place your K-cup pod. Remember! If you are at a high Altitude, push your pod so that the lower needle in the pod holder would puncture it. The reason for puncturing it is that at high altitudes, the pressure inside the K-cup pod is more than the outer atmospheric pressure. Puncturing releases the pod pressure and prevents it from bulging out. No need if you are not at a higher Altitude.

How to Use Reusable K-Cups in Keurig K-Elite? 

Reusable K-Cup comes in handy when making coffee out of whole coffee beans. Whole coffee beans are considered one of the best forms to extract a perfect coffee and are preferred worldwide. Reusable K-Cup provides the facility to get the original coffee taste, using the finest form of coffee, Whole coffee beans. You can purchase the whole coffee beans and grind them in your grinder or get it in the pre-ground form for coffee brewing.

If you are using a reusable K-Cup pod instead of a normal K-Cup pod, then you have to do little preparation work first. Firstly you have to finely grind your whole coffee beans, then put your coffee grounds into the K-cup pod. (Insert paper filter inside the K-Cup pod. It’s an optional step for those who don’t want the slightest sediments in their coffee). A reusable K-cup pod can hold up to 2 tablespoons of coffee grinds. Now close the pod lid, tuck it back into the machine’s K-Cup pod holder and close it.

Preparing Keurig K-Elite for brewing

Now that you have set up your machine, it’s time to brew some coffee. For this, you have to adjust the settings manually. Here is a guide toward it.

Setting adjustments

When you look at the upper front of the Keurig K-Elite, there are a few buttons, each performing a different yet related function. The upper and lower mark button is used to rearrange the figures according to your desire. The setting button beside the display is used to move toward the next feature. The display shows the top 5 features from which you choose each and change it if needed. Here they are:


Set the exact time on the system using the up and down button. Once you choose the hour, click again on the setting button to move on to the minutes and set it accordingly. It will be helpful in automatic (on/off) pre-heating timers.


Click the setting button again to move on to the next feature. You will see a temperature sign on display. You can manipulate temperatures from 87 – 192 degrees Fahrenheit to adjust the brew temperature.

Automatic (on/off) pre-heating timer.

Now, move on to the next Automatic (on/off) feature pre-heating timer. It is a very convenient quality of it. Once you see a sun symbol, you can set the time for the machine to automatically turn on and warm up the water without brewing coffee. Doing this means you don’t have to wait for another few minutes.

There is also a moon symbol that allows you to set the time when you want your coffee machine to turn off on its own at the settled time. Pretty helpful, right?

High altitude temperature adjustment for brewing water

A little mountain symbol on display shows you have arrived at the altitude setting. If you are not at a high Altitude, you can turn it off and don’t bother it. However, turn it on if you are at the Altitude of 5,000 ft. You will notice the temperature changes because the machine adjusts the temperature according to the altitudes for proper brewing.

Hot water brewing

Another feature this machine provides is a hot water supply. You can also get hot water from it when there is no pod in the pod holder. Just place a cup on the dip tray plate, select the hot water button and the cup size, and here you have your warm water.

Coffee Making With Keurig K-Elite

When you are done programming and setting up the machine, the primary purpose starts here, Coffee Brewing. Put your pod in the pod holder, close the lid, place your cup, and select the brew size. For stronger coffee, select the “Strong” button; for iced coffee, select the “Iced” button and place some ice in your cup too. You will have your decent coffee streaming in your cup in a few seconds.


Keurig K-Elite’s fast, easy brewing service, excellent features, and quick working attracts many people to make it a part of their house too. After following these guidelines, I hope you will be able to extract a serene and flavorful cup of coffee by yourself using Keurig K-Elite. 

Happy Caffeinated!

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