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I have always been fond of long coffees, so Keurig coffee makers have always remained my favorite. I have used and replaced many Keurig brewers, so I know every bit of these makers. Last week, I went to meet my close friend for some reason. She had ordered a Keurig C K-Elite and her parcel came in front of me. When she tried to set it up, she faced difficulty. So, I helped her in setting and brewing.

When I came back, I realized that many other people in the world are unaware of Keurig C K-Elite usage or may feel difficulty. So I decided to write in detail about how to use Keurig C K-Elite. Let’s dive into these instructions.

What are the Keurig K-Elite C setup instructions?

Step by step instructions help you to understand the whole process immediately. It also reduces the likelihood of missing any step. So when you recall one step, the whole process will come to your mind, and you will not face any difficulty. Stick to the end to ensure that you would not skip any step. 

Keurig C K-Elite Coffee Maker Setup Instructions

The setup process of every brewer is different, and it should be done carefully; otherwise, it will affect the drink quality, and your machine will show problems. Below is a step by step guidelines on how to set up a Keurig C K-Elite. Let’s study these steps in detail.

Water Filter Installation 

The water filter removes dirt and delivers clean water for brewing. You should change the water filter every two months; otherwise, it will affect the coffee quality. Below is the detail of how to install a water filter, such as;

Firstly rinse the water reservoir  and then soak water filter cartridge  5 minutes in water 

  • After soaking rinse it under the water for 60 seconds    
  • Open the filter holder ,press inward towards the lower part and slide the base out
  • After soaking and rinsing ,cartridge pop it into the base of the holder and clip the top part of the holder into place  
  • Insert the water filter into the water reservoir 
  • Press down firmly until it locks into place  

Water Reservoir

The water reservoir of Keurig K-Elite C is removable and has a capacity of 75 oz. It allows you to brew 8 cups without the need for refilling. Removable aspects also help in easy access and cleaning. How to set up a water reservoir and the steps include;

  • Remove the water reservoir lid , then lift the reservoir straight up
  • Fill the water upto the maximum line in the reservoir

Power on Button

The power button of Keurig K-Elite C is located on the top of the group head. The power button of the brewer turns on the device and allows the machine to heat up. For this;

  • Press the power button ( the green power light will illuminate
  • Coffee maker will automatically start heating water about 3 minutes 
  • Once the sound of  heating stop  the coffee maker is ready

Cleansing Brew

Cleaning the brewer keeps it in a good position and delivers you fantastic coffee each time. It would be best if you cleaned the machine regularly and the capsule holder after each process as the coffee residues stuck to the puncturing needle. The cleaning steps include;

  • Wash the water reservoir and capsule holder with hot soapy water as they are dishwasher safe.
  • Fill the water reservoir with fresh water
  • Press the hot water button. ,The five brew button will blink
  • Place a 10 -ounce mug on the drip tray plate 
  • Press the small mug (237ml /8 oz) button to start a cleansing brew 

NOTE : Do not insert a K-CUP Pods in the  K-Cup pod holder


The clock is also located on the group head and allows you to monitor the brewing time. On the left side of the clock, there are up and down arrows and a programmable button on the right side. These features allow you to customize the time, temperature, etc., and you can easily monitor these things on the clock. To use this feature;

  • Press the customize button once to set the correct hour.
  • Press the customize button twice to set the correct minutes.

Auto – On

Auto-On feature automatically turns on the Keurig K-Elite C and is its common feature. This feature does not brew a coffee automatically, but it will pre-heat the brewer until you wake up and get ready. To turn on this feature; 

  • Press the setting button and use the program setting
  • When the sun icon enables on display screen 
  • Set a coffee maker turn on at a specific time

Temperature Control 

The programmable button of Keurig K-Elite allows you to adjust the temperature or customize it according to your preference. For this;

  • Press the program button two times.
  • The temperature icon will appear.
  • Use the up and down arrows to adjust the temperature between 187-192 degrees Fahrenheit.


Keurig K-Elite comes with five brew buttons located on the top of the group head. These buttons allow you to brew 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 oz drinks according to your need. If you are fond of intense and strong coffee, press the strong button to achieve your desired drink. The brewing steps include;

  • Fill the water reservoir up to the maximum line.
  • Place the desired mug on the cup support. The removable drip tray allows you to brew in large or 7” tall travel mugs.
  • Insert the K-cup pod and select the brew size according to your need.
  • The machine will deliver the desired drink within a minute.

There is also a program button that allows you to customize the brew size and temperature according to your need. 

For iced beverages

Along with 5 brew buttons there is also an ice button in Keurig K-Elite that allows you to brew iced beverages. For this; 

  • Fill a 437 ml/16oz  plastic tumbler with ice
  • Insert an K Cup pod , then press the ICED button

 NOTE: For iced beverages only use a plastic cup. Do not use glass

 Auto Off

The auto-off feature of Keurig K-Elite automatically turns off the brewer after two hours of inactivity. This feature saves energy and is helpful if you forget to turn off the device. To avail of this feature;

  • Press the setting time until the moon appears on the screen.
  • The brewer will automatically turn off after two hours.
  • You can customize the auto-off time to 15 minutes.

High Altitude Temperature Lock

The Keurig K-Elite has an incredible feature, i.e., a high altitude temperature lock feature. This feature detects high altitude (5000 feet) and its effect on the boiling point of water. This feature ensures that you get a fantastic coffee at a high altitude. To avail of this feature;

  • Press the program button until the mountain icon appears on the screen.


  • Press and hold the strong and 8 oz button until they flash three times. It will activate the high altitude mode and deliver the drink at 187 degrees Fahrenheit.

How do you start a Keurig C K-Elite?

It is easy to set up, use, start, and clean the Keurig C K-Elite. The multiple buttons and programmable features make the whole process quite easy. To start the device;

  • Fill the water reservoir with fresh water.
  • Press the power button, the green light will illuminate  
  • It will automatically begin heating the water in about 3 minutes

How do you use Keurig k-Elite?

It is easy to brew your favorite drinks with Keurig C K-Elite. The 5 brew sizes, ice and strong button, allow you to brew your favorite drinks in less than a minute. The programmable time and temperature feature and other incredible icons, settings, etc., give you full control over your drink. To use the Keurig C K-Elite;

  • Fill the water reservoir before brewing.
  • Open the lid, and place your favorite  K-Cup pod in the coffee chamber.
  • Close the lid, place your coffee mug on the drip tray plate, select your brew size
  • Enjoy one perfect cup of  coffee – about a minute.

You can also use your desired coffee grounds for this;

  • Punch the capsule holder from the bottom; the capsule holder will pop out.
  • Fill the funnel with your preferred coffee grounds.
  • Close the lid and select the brew size.
  • The machine will deliver you a fantastic drink within a minute.
  • Enjoy your drink. 

Keurig C K-Elite Manuals

What Is The Difference Between Keurig K Elite And K Elite C

Both Keurig K Elite and K Elite C deliver fantastic morning coffee and allow you to jumpstart your day with a clear head. Both brewers are pretty much the same, except that K Elite C comes with a water filter, pod adaptor system, starter kit and K-cup variety pack, while  Keurig K Elite lacks these accessories.

Our Verdict

It is easy to set up, use, and clean Keurig C K-Elite. By following the above guidelines, I assure you that you will not face difficulty operating these brewers. These steps will make your brewer ready in just 10-15 minutes, the features, settings, and programmable buttons give you full control over your drink and allow you to brew splendid coffee at home.

Happy caffeinated 

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