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It was a very happy day for me when I received the scholarship letter from abroad. I was getting ready to fly, packing everything that I might need. Suddenly one thing came to my mind, and I got worried. Do you know what that was? It was about my beloved coffee. Who will make me the delicious coffee that I am used to drinking here?

Then I asked my friend who is also a coffee lover and lives abroad to study. He recommended me to buy the Nespresso Gran Maestria, as it is very easy to use even for new coffee makers.  What else then, without wasting any time I ordered a Nespresso Gran Maestria.

Believe me, It’s really convenient to use. Do you want to know how? I wrote this article about How To Use A Nespresso Gran Maestria, its safety, cleaning, and everything you need to know when using this machine. Just read it.

Safety Precautions

As you are going to make your own coffee, it is important to have a list of safety precautions when making coffee. So that you can avoid any possible danger because safety of life must be the first priority.

Nespresso Gran Maestria safety precaution include:

  • Check the machine before using it.
  • Must have the proper guidance of an instructor.
  • Safely position the machine before using.
  • Be careful when making hot drinks.
  • Inspections of all the wires.
  • Be extra careful when descaling the machine.
  • Avoid direct contact with chemicals.

You can read more about the Nespresso Gran Maestria safety precaution by clicking the link below: 

Check Nespresso Gran Maestria safety precaution →

Nespresso Gran Maestria Overview

Packaging Content

  • Coffee machine
  • Aeroccino jug  
  • Nespresso capsules Grand Crus tasting gift 
  • User manual
  • «Welcome to Nespresso» Brochure 
  1.  ON/OFF button
  1.  Lever
  1.  Indication lights 
  1.  Espresso and Lungo dials 
  1.  Coffee outlet 
  1.  Removable cup support 
  1.  Cup heater 
  1.  Aeroccino dial 
  1.  Water tank 
  1.  Aeroccino 
  1.  Maintenance unit 
  1.  Power cord and storage

Specifications for Nespresso Gran Maestria (Breville BEC800M)

Dimension W 32 cm x H 30.2 cm  x D 38.5 cm 
Power Volts220-240 V 
Power Hertz50-60 Hz
Power Watts<2300 W
Pressure PumpMaximum 19 Bar
Water Reservoir Capacity1.4 Liter or 47 Oz
Weight7 Kg or 15 LBS
Auro Power Off      9 min
Warranty       1 year
Used Capsules Container Capacity      10-14
Warm Up Time                      25 seconds
Cup WarmerYes

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Preparing Your Nespresso Gran Maestria For First Use 

Nespresso Gran Maestria has some more customizable options and unique features. We recommend you to follow some simple steps to enjoy a perfect cup of coffee by using your Nespresso Gran Maestria for the first time or after a long time.

  1. Insert the cup support into the upright position, and remove the maintenance unit and water tank.
  2. Fix extra cord length under the machine with the cord storage fixation.
  3. Now close the lever and plug the machine into the socket.
  4. Rinse the water tank and fill it with fresh drinking water.
  5. Place the water tank in its position and also set the maintenance unit.
  6. Turn On the machine.
  7. You will see the front lights blink.
  8. Machine warms up for 25 sec.
  9. Uplift the cup support and place a container of (min 0.5 L) under the coffee spout.
  10. Set the long button at 5 and press to rinse the machine. 
  11. Repeat the process 3 times.
  12. Steady light indicates that the machine is ready.

Your machine is all set, now heat your cup by following the steps in the Cup Heater section.

Coffee Preparation In Nespresso Gran Maestria

Nespresso Gran Maestria is a wonderful addition to the Nespresso world, as it offers different amounts of coffee in very simple steps. You can choose between 25ml, 30ml, 40ml, 50ml, and 60ml espresso and 70ml, 90ml, 110ml, 130ml, and 150ml lungo cups via two volume controls in front of the machine. Follow the mentioned below steps for Coffee Preparation In Nespresso Gran Maestria.

  1. Rinse the water tank and fill it with fresh drinking water.
  2. Place the water tank in its position.
  3. Remember that the lever must be closed when turning on the machine.
  4. You will notice that the lights on the front of the machine will blink until the machine warms up.
  5. Nespresso Gran Maestria takes approximately 25 sec to preheat itself.
  6. Light will stay constant when it’s ready to go.
  7. Open the lever by lifting the long tab at the top.
  8. Now insert your favorite pod into it, then close the lid.
  9. Place the cup under the coffee outlet.
  10. For Lungo, you can turn the cup support to the right side and place a mug/glass.
  11. Set the dial to your desired volume.
  12. Press the button at the top to start brewing coffee.
  • Press the left side button for a short coffee, such as espresso or cappuccino.
  • Use the button on the right for long coffees, such as lattes.
  1. The flow will stop automatically when your coffee is done, or you can stop it manually at any time by pressing any button.
  2. Remove the cup or mug when you get your desired amount of coffee.
  3. Simply lift the lever up and down to transfer the used capsule into the container.

Your Gran Maestria is ready to brew coffee.

Nespresso Gran Maestria Cup Heater

CAUTION: To avoid injury, never press the cup heater with your hands, you can use a towel for safety.

CAUTION:  Removing the cup from the 3 ribs will stop the flow of water.

NOTE: Do not use the cup heater for any other purpose, it is only for heating cups.

NOTE: Water from the cup heater, will drain into the drip tray.

The Nespresso Gran Maestria stands out with something unique that I have never seen before, a Cup Warmer to keep your coffee hot until the last sip.

  1. Be sure to put the maintenance unit in place before heating the cup.
  2. You must have a full grid on the cup before pressing it into the cup heater.
  3. To prevent leakage, properly clip the cup to the base of the cup heater.
  4. Cup heater is always in ready mode (except when the machine is heating up).
  5. Now press the cup down on the cup heater.
  6. It shoots a spray of hot water (about 20ml) into your cup to heat it up in 5-10 seconds.

Now your cup has heated up for coffee.

Barista: Aeroccino Use 

CAUTION: Be careful and avoid the risk of electric shock and fire.

CAUTION:The underside of the Aeroccino and plug must be dry. 

CAUTION: Unplug the Nespresso Gran Maestria before cleaning.

NOTE: Be sure to clean your Aeroccino jug before and after each use.

The stainless steel Aeroccino jug sits on the right side of the machine. You can adjust the milk in the Milk frother to be hot or cold foam and the foam to be firm or velvety texture.

Milk Frother Parts

  1. Lid and Lid Seal
  2. Whisk
  3. Aeroccino

Maximum Filling Level Indicator 

You can add milk up to two maximum levels

  • Fill the jug to the bottom max line to create foam.
  • Fill the jug to the top max line for steam only. It depends on how much milk you want to add to your coffee.

Aeroccino will make two types of foam: Cold & Hot

  • Blue light on the right indicates that it is set to the cold milk setting.
  • Turn the regulator, it will show a red light indicating that it is set to the hot milk setting.

Jugs maximum level sets for:

 Max. milk: 1 Nespresso Recipe Glass

 Max. foam: 1 Nespresso Recipe Glass/or 2 Nespresso Cappuccino Cups

How To Set Nespresso Gran Maestria Aeroccino 

CAUTION: To avoid the risk of burns, handle the device only by the ribbed area. Serve and move on with cleanliness.

Let’s set the Nespresso Gran Maestria Aeroccino 

  1. Attach the whisk.
  2. Pour milk according to the desired need.
  3. Place a lid on the Aeroccino jug.
  4. Place the jug in its place.
  5. Select the desired recipe by turning the dial to the right preparation.
  6. Light on the device will glow blue or red, according to the dial you set.
  7. Now press the button on the Aeroccino dial.
  8. Aeroccino automatically stops when preparation is over.
  9. Milk frother can be stopped manually at any time by pressing the button or removing the Aeroccino jug.

Coffee Recipes 

We all love coffee but everyone likes a unique taste and aroma. Nespresso Gran Maestria takes care of everyone and offers a variety of coffees so you and your loved ones can enjoy it together.

Classic Recipes 



  • 1 Espresso capsule 
  • Topped up with hot milk froth

Prepare an Espresso in a Cappuccino cup and top up with hot milk froth.

Intense: Ristretto Grand Cru/Light: Rosabaya de Colombia Grand Cru

Caffé Latte


  • 1 Lungo capsule 
  • Topped up with hot milk 

Prepare a Lungo in a tall glass (350 ml) and top up with hot milk.

Intense: Fortissio Lungo Grand Cru/Light: Vivalto Lungo Grand Cru

Latte Macchiato


  • 1 Espresso capsule 
  • Topped up with hot milk froth 

Fill a tall glass with hot milk froth (300 ml). 

Top up with an Espresso preparation.

Intense: Indriya from India Grand Cru / Light: Volluto Grand Cru

Iced Cappuccino


  • 1 Espresso capsule 
  • Crushed ice cubes 
  • Topped up with cold milk froth 

Prepare an Espresso in a tall glass (350 ml), add four or five crushed ice cubes. Prepare the cold milk froth and carefully add three or four tablespoons to top off the glass. 

Intense: Arpeggio Grand Cru / Light: Livanto Grand Cru 

Gourmet Recipes

Iced Vanilla Caramel Coffee


  • 2 Volluto Espresso capsules 
  • 1 scoop of vanilla ice cream 
  • 2 teaspoons of caramel syrup 
  • 1 teaspoon of chocolate chips 
  • Topped up with hot milk froth 

Prepare the hot milk froth, add the caramel syrup to it and set aside. 

Prepare two Espresso coffees into a cup and pour them into a cold glass (350 ml). Immediately add the scoop of ice cream and top up with the hot milk froth. 

Decorate with chocolate chips.

After Eight® Coffee


  • 1 Livanto Espresso capsule 
  • After Eight® mint chocolate 
  • Nougat chocolate 
  • Topped up with hot milk froth 

Prepare the Livanto capsule into an Espresso cup. 

Top it up with hot milk froth.

Sprinkle shavings of nougat chocolate on top 

Add an After Eight® chocolate to the milk froth to finish. 

Serve immediately

Menu Modes

  1. Turn on the machine, then press and hold the Espresso button to enter into menu mode (Orange light will be steady in the middle).
  2. Set the dial to the desired settings just see the chart below.
  3. Once you choose the dial, press the Lungo button to confirm (Middle light is steady to confirm, and blinks orange according to a selected number).
Set Espresso dial to:Set Lungo dial to:
1: Auto Shut Off9 min30 min60 min2 hrs8 hrs 
2: Water HardnessHard MediumSoft
3: EmptyingSee emptying section
4: DescalingSee descaling section
5: Reset To Factory SettingSimply press the Lungo button to reset to factory setting(power save: 9 min, water hardness level: hard).

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Emptying Mode 

NOTE:  Nespresso Gran Maestria should be emptied before and after a long period of non-use. 

NOTE: Nespresso Gran Maestria will be blocked automatically after 20 minutes of emptying.

  1. Set the Espresso knob to position 3 to clear the machine.
  2. Draw the water tank out and also pull out the lever.
  3. Now, press the Lungo button to empty the machine. (Lights stop blinking: Machine is ready)

Coffee And Cup Heater

  1. Pick a cup and place it right down on the cup warmer.
  2. Press down on the 3 ribs to activate the water flow and empty the cup heater system.
  3. Maintain pressure on the cup until the machine automatically shuts off to indicate that it has switched to an empty mode.

All done! Emptying mode has been activated in Nespresso Gran Maestria.

Care & Cleaning 

Proper care and regular cleaning are an essential part of the Nespresso Gran Maestria’s well-being. I am going to share simple and easy steps for the healthy life of your machine. Just read below

  • Remove the maintenance unit from the machine by lifting the cup support to an upright position.
  • You can easily remove the maintenance unit in one piece, assemble it or take it apart for cleaning.
  • Cup heater grill can be detached easily for cleaning.

Aeroccino Cleaning Instructions

  • Nespresso prohibits the use of strong cleaning agents or solvent cleaners for cleaning.
  • If you are going to clean the machine by hand, do not use sharp objects, brushes or abrasives.
  • Be sure to clean the Aeroccino after each use to avoid milk and residue build-up.

Aeroccino Cleaning Process

  1. Remove the jug from its base, also take out the whisk.
  2. Remove the seal from the lid.
  3. Clean both parts, whisk and lid.
  4. Wipe the inside of the jug with a damp, clean cloth.
  5. After cleaning, attach the whisk to the base of the jug to prevent loss.


To get the perfect coffee enjoyment time after time, we recommend you to descale the Nespresso Gran Maestria at least once a year.

NOTE: The entire descaling process will take about 20 minutes to complete.

  1. Before starting the descaling process, switch off the machine.
  2. Turn the Espresso button to position 4 and then Lungo button to 1.
  3. Simply open and close the lever to remove any capsule.
  4. Empty the water from the drip tray. 
  5. Pull out the capsule container located inside the machine to dispose of used capsules.
  6. Press the Espresso button while turning on the machine to enter into descaling mode.
  7. Orange light in the middle stops blinking to confirm that the descaling mode is active.
  8. Fill the water tank with 2 sachets of Nespresso descaling liquid and the rest with fresh water.
  9. Place a cup on the cup heater and gently press down on 3 ribs until the drip tray is almost full. 
  10. Take out the drip tray, discard water, put it back and continue the process until the middle and right lights are stable.
  11. Now place a container of (min 1.5 L) under the coffee outlet.
  12. Press the lungo button to start descaling the outlet.
  13. Light on the right side will blink.
  14. Do not touch the machine during the process until the water tank gets empty.
  15. Once finished, the right and middle lights will stop blinking. The light on the left will light up.
  16. Empty and rinse the drip tray, capsule container and water tank, and place it back.
  17. Fill the water tank with fresh drinking water.
  18. Turn the Lungo dial to position 2 to activate the rinse mode.
  19. Put a cup back on the cup heater and apply pressure to start the rinse process.
  20. After the drip tray is full, release the pressure on the cup and empty the tray.
  21. Repeat the cycle until the middle light stops flashing and the light on the right will light up.
  22. Again empty and rinse the drip tray.
  23. Again place a container below the coffee outlet.
  24. Press the Lungo button to rinse the coffee outlet.
  25. All 3 lights (left, right and middle) will stop flashing and be steady.
  26. Once the process is complete, empty and rinse the drip tray as well as the capsule container and place them back.

Gran Maestria is now ready to go. You can continue to enjoy the best quality of Nespresso coffee.

Water HardnessDescale After
CaCO3 (Calcium Carbonate)40 ml
360 mg/l800 60 min 
180 mg/l 240090 min
0 mg/l3200120 min

Nespresso descaling kit: Ref. 3035/CBU-2

Nespresso Gran Maestria Troubleshooting 

No lights in the frontNespresso Gran Maestria automatically off after 9 min of inactivity. Press the ON/OFF button to turn on again.Also check the mains: plug, voltage, fuse to fix any defaults.
Irregular blinking on the Aeroccino dialGently clean the base and bottom of the Aeroccino jug.
No lights on Aeroccino dialClean the base and bottom of the Aeroccino pitcher.
Steady orange light in the middleNespresso Gran Maestria needs to be descale.
No coffee, No water coming outThis happens when there is no water in the tank, check and fill it up.
Coffee is not hotPreheat the cup on the cup warmer.Descale your Nespresso Gran Maestria if needed.
Lever is not closing completelyDiscard the used capsules from the container/Check that there is no capsule blocked inside the machine.
Coffee leakage or unusual flowPlace the water tank correctly in its position.Clean the coffee outlet.
No coffee coming, just water runs out (without inserting capsule)In case of a problem, contact the Nespresso Club.
Machine switch off automaticallyMachine will turn itself off after 9 minutes of non-use to save energy.

Contact The Nespresso Club

Nespresso Club is always available for you to solve your problems. Call the Nespresso Club or Nespresso authorized representative, if you need any additional information, to ask queries or simply for advice.

Disposal And Environmental Protection 

Nespresso Gran Maestria acts in accordance with the EU Directive 2002/96/EC. This machine is manufactured from recycled materials that can be recovered or re-used. Recycling separates the remaining waste materials into different types of valuable raw materials. Leave the device at the collection point. You can get information about disposal from your local authorities.

Ecolaboration: Ecolaboration.Com

  • Nespresso is committed to deliver high-quality coffee that is grown with respect for the environment and farming communities. Nespresso has been working with the Rainforest Alliance since 2003 to develop the AAA Sustainable Quality Coffee Program.
  • Nespresso chooses aluminum as the material for coffee capsules because it helps preserve the aroma and coffee of Nespresso Grands Crus. Aluminum also lasts longer. It can be recycled without losing its beauty.
  • Aluminum can be recycled forever without losing any quality. Nespresso is committed to develop and manufacture innovative, high-performance and user-friendly machines.They are currently engineering environmental benefits into the design of new and future devices.

Limited Warranty

Breville gives you a 2-year warranty for home use (or 3 months for commercial use) from the date of purchase. If your machine breaks down before the warranty period ends, you will get the repair for free but if the machine needs to be repaired after the warranty period, the company will charge for the maintenance.

If you do not use the machine in accordance with the instructions given by the company and your machine breaks, the company will not be liable to pay for any damage to your machine.

How To Claim Under The Breville Warranty 

Nespresso handles product inquiries and product service on behalf of Breville. If your product breaks down, you can contact the Nespresso customer service team directly for instructions on where to send it or bring it for repair by an authorized Breville service agent. 

Contact Nespresso Australia: 1800 623 033 or New Zealand: 0800 234 579 auclub@nespresso.com.

Nespresso Gran Maestria is imported and distributed by Breville and this warranty is provided by Breville. To the extent permitted by law, Nespresso assumes no liability for the product and all warranties, guarantees and conditions are excluded by Nespresso.


How to use Nespresso Gran Maestria step by step?

Using a Nespresso Gran Maestria isn’t too difficult if you follow the instructions. First carefully read all the safety precautions then prepare your machine according to the instructions

  1. Fill the water tank with portable water.
  2. Put the water tank back, and also set the maintenance unit.
  3. Turn On the machine, wait for 25 sec.
  4. Place a container of (min 0.5 L) under the coffee outlet.
  5. Turn the Lungo regulator and set to 5.
  6. Repeat 3 times.
  7. Steady lights: Machine is ready.

How do you use Nespresso Gran Maestria buttons?

You can use Nespresso Gran Maestria buttons: Espresso on the left for short shots and Lungo on the right for long shots. 1 is in the center of the side which is the Aeroccino dial for hot and cold milk froth.

How do you use a Nespresso hot water heater?

Use the Nespresso Gran Maestria cup warmer very carefully,  minor carelessness can burn your hands

  1. First, put the maintenance unit in its place.
  2. Press down the cup into the cup heater.
  3. Properly clip the cup to the base of the cup heater.
  4. It shoots a spray of hot water.
  5. Hold the pressure for 5-10 seconds.

Now your cup has heated up for coffee.

How do you make coffee with Nespresso Gran Maestria?

Nespresso Gran Maestria offers different amounts of coffee in very simple steps. You can choose between 25ml, 30ml, 40ml, 50ml, and 60ml espresso and 70ml, 90ml, 110ml, 130ml, and 150ml lungo cups.

  1. Rinse the water tank.
  2. Fill the reservoir with fresh drinking water.
  3. Place the tank back to its place.
  4. Close the lever then turn On the machine.
  5. Machine will take 25 sec to preheat itself.
  6. Open the lever by lifting upside.
  7. Insert the capsule then close the lever.
  8. Place the cup under the coffee outlet.
  9. Set the dial to your desired volume and then press the button.
  10. Coffee will stop flowing when it’s done.
  11. Open and close the lever to eject used capsules.

What are the 3 buttons on Nespresso Gran Maestria?

The Nespresso Gran Maestria has 3 buttons, two located at the front which are Espresso on the left for short shots and Lungo on the right for long shots. 1 is in the center of the side which is the Aeroccino dial for hot and cold milk froth.

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