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As a coffee enthusiast, I love to experience different flavors in each cup, and if you are just like me, then you must have bought the Nespresso Evoluo to fulfill your desire. Now you have Nespresso Evoluo at your place, But hold on, are you having difficulty operating Nespresso Evoluo? or brewing a coffee with it? It’s alright if you don’t know how to use it because that’s what we are here for, to guide you on how to use Nespresso Evoluo smoothly.

Make sure you don’t miss any step to grasp the entire process quickly. At the end of this guide, you can tackle Nespresso Evoluo single-handedly. Anyway, let’s move straight into the main matter of how you can use Nespresso Evoluo perfectly.

Let’s get started!

Safety Measures Of Using Nespresso Evoluo

If you are going to press the button without knowing the right way to operate your Nespresso Evoluo, you are putting yourself at risk; how? Your coffee may spill at your place, resulting in severe burns. Similarly, you may suffer an electric shock while plugging in your machine. I hope you understand why you must follow safety precautions when using your Nespresso Evoluo.

So, please read the safety measures by clicking the link below and keep them in mind whenever you use your Nespresso Evoluo.

Specifications Of Nespresso Evoluo

Nespresso Evoluo is fitted with incredible and simple features. I love the versatility of this machine; it can brew five different serving sizes to fulfill the needs of all types of coffee lovers with its fast 15 seconds heat-up system. Let me share with you that the most impressive feature of this machine is its automatic capsule ejection process; You don’t need to touch the capsule.

Let’s check some other features of Nespresso Evoluo, which I have outlined below. Still, if the features are not up to your preference in any manner and you have not started operating it, you can return the machine.

1.Voltage120 Volts
2.Frequency60 Hertz
3.Power 1350 Watts
4.Weight 5kg / 11lb
5.Water Tank Capacity54 oz / 1.6 L
6.Dimensions Width: 9 in / 228mm x Depth: 12.3 in / 313.2mm x Height: 12.2 in / 310.5mm
7.Used Capsule Capacity17 Capsules

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Unbox Your Nespresso Evoluo 

Unbox your Nespresso Evoluo and set it up to brew your coffee. But before setting up your machine, check the box carefully; there will be some necessary items, such as a capsule pack. So, make sure you got all the items with your machine; if not, call the Nespresso Club for a replacement.

Now, Let’s check the items.

  1. Coffee Machine- Here is your Nespresso Evoluo.
  1. Nespresso Capsule Grands Crus Box- You get a starter pack of Nespresso capsules with your machine; with each capsule, you get a chance to taste a different flavour.
  1. Smart Start Folder- This folder keeps the user manual safe.
  1. User Manual- The user manual is to help you as it contains all the instructions you need to use your Nespresso Evoluo.

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Parts Of Nespresso Evoluo

Before we move into the details of this guide on how to use your Nespresso Evoluo, you must know about the parts of your machine. Let’s quickly identify your coffee maker’s parts and make the coffee brewing process easier. It’s time to get started!

  1. Water Tank

A rectangular-shaped water tank is attached on the right side of the machine, and the good thing is it is detachable, so you can easily refill it; however, you won’t need to refill it daily because the tank can hold 54 oz of water.

  1. Coffee Outlet

The front part of the machine contains the Coffee outlet from where the hot coffee flows out.

  1. Used Capsule Container

A large used capsule container is on the machine’s left side, it can hold 17 used capsules.

  1. Adjustable Cup Support

The cup support is present beneath the coffee outlet, where you place the cup of your choice. It is adjustable, so you can change its position to place a cup of coffee for which you are in the mood.

  1. ON/OFF And Coffee Button

The ON/OFF or coffee button is present on the head of the machine. This single button performs all the machine functions, including brewing a coffee, cleaning, and descaling.

  1. Locking/Unlocking Lever

The lever is on the head around the ON/OFF button of the machine. It is to lock the machine before you start the brewing process; move the lever to the left to lock your machine, and to unlock it move the lever to the right. 

How To Use Nespresso Evoluo For The First Time Or After A Long Period Of Non-Use?

It is your first meeting with Nespresso Evoluo, and you need the correct procedure to operate it. No! You are using it again after a long time. Don’t worry. Here you will get a complete guide on operating Nespresso Evoluo correctly. Look over the procedure below and follow each step carefully to avoid a blunder.

Step 1: Rinsing Of Water Tank Before Filling

When you start using your Nespresso Evoluo, you need to fill the water tank, but before that, you must rinse it with fresh potable water to ensure it is properly clean and free from dust.

Step 2: Safety Check!

Since your safety is always my first concern, before using the Nespresso Evoluo, make sure to place your cup, the cup support, and the capsule container in the correct position, and only operate it once you place them correctly.

Step 3: Plug-In 

Plug your Nespresso Evoluo into the socket.

Step 4: Turn On The Machine

Turn on your machine by pressing the button present on top of it. The machine heats up in roughly 15 seconds, and the button will start blinking. Don’t you think it’s crazy? That this machine heats up so fast.

Step 5: Steady Light

As the light stops blinking and becomes steady, what does the steady light tell you? Your Nespresso Evoluo is heated up and all set to brew your coffee.

Step 6: Place Your Container

Set a container of at least 12.5oz / 0.4L under the coffee outlet.

Step 7: Lock The Machine Properly

Lock your Nespresso Evoluo by moving the lever to the left, where the lock symbol is present because the machine will not start working if it is not locked correctly.

Step 8: Clean Before First Use

To start cleaning, press the button three times. Let the cleaning process complete itself. In less than two minutes, the water begins to flow, and the whole process takes three cycles of pumping water to clean the machine from the inside and water to flow out of the outlet.

Step 9: Five Minutes Cleaning Of Your Nespresso Evoluo

The whole process of cleaning the Nespresso Evoluo takes you 5 minutes, and you can stop the process anytime by pressing the button present on the head. When you press the button, the light will stop blinking; otherwise, you can continue cleaning. If you want to brew a coffee, insert the capsule properly, turn the lever to the left, lock the machine, and press the button to start brewing.

That’s how you can operate and clean your Nespresso Evoluo for the first time or after a long time of inactivity.

Let’s Brew Coffee With Nespresso Evoluo

Coffee lovers don’t look for any reason to brew coffee, especially when they have Nespresso Evoluo, where you need to press only one button to get a delicious coffee cup. Then, what are you waiting for? Wait, before you start brewing coffee, I want you to keep a few things in mind to keep yourself safe from any accident.

  • Before the process begins, ensure your machine is correctly set up and clean.
  • Once your machine starts brewing coffee, avoid touching and moving the lever; otherwise, you will burn your finger. So, be careful with it.

Well, enough talking, Let’s move forward and start brewing a cup of delightful coffee with your Nespresso Evoluo.

Step 1: Fill The Water Tank

Let’s fill the water tank, but before that, rinse it properly with fresh water.

Step 2: Power Up

To turn ON the machine, click on the Nespresso Evoluo’s single button located on top of the machine. The users find it easy to operate because, with this single button, you can switch on the machine, brew your coffee, and do cleaning and descaling.

Step 3: Heating Up

Within 15 seconds, the machine heats up; until then, the button will blink, indicating that the heating is in process.

Step 4: Steady Light

As the machine heats up, the light will stop flashing and become steady. Here you go! Your Nespresso Evoluo is ready to brew your coffee! 

Step 5: Variety Of Cup Sizes 

Nespresso Evoluo has a variety of cup sizes so that you can brew coffee in different quantities at once. What are the different cup options you have? Following are the cup sizes which you can choose according to your need:

  • Espresso – 1.35oz
  • Double Espresso – 2.7oz
  • Gran Lungo – 5oz
  • Regular coffee – 7.77oz
  • Alto – 14oz

Step 6: Place Your Cup

Put your cup under the coffee outlet, but the cup should be of sufficient capacity.

NOTE: Your coffee may overflow, so there is a risk of burning, be careful.

Adjustable Cup Support

Suppose you want to drink an espresso, but your friend wants a regular coffee. In that case, you can adjust the cup support according to your need, as the Nespresso Evoluo offers adjustable cup support. To change the cup size, remove the cup support; you can easily take it out to adjust the position and change it to four different positions to place the cup of your choice.

Step 7: Unlock Your Machine

Open the head of your machine by moving it upward. Just a few more steps to go,

as a delicious coffee is a short distance away from you.

Which Capsule Can You Use In Nespresso Evoluo?

Nespresso Evoluo works with the Nespresso Vertuoline capsule only; you cannot use the Nespresso Original line capsules in this machine.

Step 8: Insert The Capsule   

Insert the Nespresso Vertuoline capsule in the machine with the dome shaped side of the capsule facing down. Be careful; you might hurt your fingers from sharp points while putting the capsule inside.

NOTE: Always use a new capsule and make sure to remove the used capsule before inserting a fresh piece, to protect the machine from any damage.

Step 9: Lock The Machine

Close the head of your machine by moving it down, then pull the lever to the left. Your machine is locked now.

Step 10: Press The Button

The time has come to brew your coffee. Press the button, and wait for a while as it takes some time before the coffee flow comes out.

NOTE: The machine can automatically detect the inserted capsule and choose the coffee preparation settings and cup size recommended by Nespresso coffee experts to extract the coffee blend to its fullest.

Step 11: Press The Button Again

If you want to stop the flow early, press the button again; it will stop as soon as you do.

Step 12: To Fill Your Cup To The Top

To fill your cup to the top, press the button present on the head of your machine and wait till the coffee reaches the desired volume, then press it again to stop the flow. 

Step 13: Remove The Capsule

To remove the capsule, unlock the machine by moving the lever to the right; as you open the head, the capsule will automatically come out.

There you go! Your coffee is ready now. Let’s take the first sip and enjoy it.

Power Saving Mode Of Nespresso Evoluo

Who doesn’t want to reduce their electricity bills while using electronic appliances? It is good to hear that Nespresso Evoluo keeps you safe from high electricity bills with its Auto energy-saving mode. So, you keep on enjoying your coffee without stressing about your accounts. 

Now, if you want to turn off your machine, you can do it with a single step below.

  • Hold the button for 3 seconds, and your machine will turn off easily.

You don’t have to do anything for energy-saving mode; it will enter “sleep mode” on its own.

  • Automatic “Off” Mode: If the machine is no longer in use, it will shut down automatically after nine minutes.

In this way, the energy-saving mode of Nespresso Evoluo works.

How To Program The Water Volume On Nespresso Evoluo?

One thing that makes people happy is the attraction of effortlessly getting their desired dose of coffee every time by just dropping a pod in and pressing a single button. Don’t you feel good if you get your desired quantity without changing the setting every time? You can do it by programming your Nespresso Evoluo just once.

Step 1: Variety Of Cup Size

Nespresso Evoluo has a range of cup sizes from 0.3 oz/10ml to 17 oz / 500ml, and each capsule size, either coffee or espresso, has its specific programming.

Step 2: Select And Insert The Capsule

Choose the capsule for which you want to program your machine, open the head of your machine to insert the capsule, then close the head and lock the machine by moving the lever to the left.

Step 3: Programming

Press the button, wondering which button? The button on the head of your machine, hold it till the coffee reaches the desired volume.

Step 4: Programming Completed

The water volume level has been stored, and your machine is programmed now for the specific capsule size you have used.

Note: Once you program your machine to a particular volume for a capsule size, the next time you insert that capsule, the machine will stop the coffee preparation after reaching your programmed volume.

How To Restore Factory Default Settings?

If you are not enjoying the previously programmed volume, then there is a way to get back to the default settings if you want to; let me guide you on how to get the default setting again on your Nespresso Evoluo.

Step 1: Remove The Capsule

Open the head of your machine, and let the used capsule be ejected.

Step 2: Leave The Machine Unlock

Close the head of your machine and don’t move the lever to the left, leaving the machine unlocked.

Step 3: PressThe Button Five Times

Press the button five times in three seconds, and the button will blink five times, indicating that your machine is successfully reset.

Emptying The System Before Storage Or Repair

If you are sending your Nespresso Evoluo for maintenance or are going on a vacation and won’t use it for a while, make sure to clean out your machine. Don’t worry. It’s easy to do so by following the steps below:

Step 1: Empty The Water Tank

Drain out the water from the tank and put it back in its position.

Step 2: Container Placement

Place your container under the coffee outlet.

Step 3: Unplug The Cord

Disconnect the power supply by removing the cable from the socket.

Step 4: Remove The Used Capsule

Open the head of your machine by moving it upward and allow the used capsule ejection in the capsule container.

Step 5: Lock The Machine

To lock your machine, move the head downward to close it and move the lever to the left.

Step 6: Press The Button To Empty The System

Press the button and hold it; meanwhile, connect the main cable to the socket, and after that, release the button.

Note: You should take proper precautions when connecting the cable to the socket while the button is pressed, as the machine will eject the remaining liquid using heat, and the machine may release some steam.

Step 7: Auto Off 

As the machine gets empty, it will turn off automatically.

That’s how you can empty your Nespresso Evoluo before storing it or sending it for a repair.

Cleaning Of Nespresso Evoluo

Are you leaving your Nespresso Evoluo uncleaned at the end of your day? And the next day, you are brewing coffee with a dirty machine? Well, I call it dirty because leaving the coffee residue with moisture is like saying welcome to unwanted enemies (microbes). Man! You are putting your health at risk by not cleaning your machine. I hope you got my point and will not leave your machine unclean next time.

Let’s start cleaning!

NOTE: The cleaning process will take only 5 minutes.

Step 1: Rinse The Water Tank

As you are going to clean your machine from the inside, the first thing you need is water in your water tank, but before filling the water tank, rinse it with fresh water and put it back in its place.

Step 2: Container Placement

Now, place a container of 13.5 oz / 0.4 l under the coffee outlet.

Step 3: Remove The Capsule 

Make sure to remove any used capsules before your start cleaning. For this purpose, open the head of your Nespresso Evoluo to allow the capsule ejection.

Step 4: Lock The Machine

After removing the capsule, close the head and slide the lever to the left to lock the machine.

Step 5: Start Cleaning 

Have you locked your machine correctly? Do a safety recheck before you proceed further with the cleaning process of your machine.

To start cleaning, press the button on your machine’s head three times in two seconds. As the cleaning starts, the button will start flashing, and water will start flowing out of the coffee outlet within two minutes. The entire process of cleaning the Nespresso Evoluo takes 5 minutes only, and the cleaning procedure requires three cycles of pumping water to clean the machine from the inside and water to flow out of the outlet.


  • To clean the Nespresso Evoluo, you cannot use any strong detergent or cleaning solution.
  • Do not place it in a dishwasher.
  • Do not soak your machine or any of its parts in water.
  • Always use a moist cloth to clean the coffee outlet of your machine.

Step 6: Cleaning Completed

The cleaning steps are finished here. Note that you can stop the cleaning process anytime by pressing the button. The button light will stop blinking, or you can continue the cleaning by pressing the button again. Now, if you want to brew a coffee, insert the capsule properly by opening the head of your machine, turning the lever to the left and locking the machine, hit the button to start brewing.

That is how you can do the cleaning of your Nespresso Evoluo.

Time To Descale Your Nespresso Evoluo

If you are a coffee addict and use your machine frequently, you must keep it well maintained and in good condition by descaling it. If you avoid descaling your Nespresso Evoluo when it gives you a descaling alert, it will affect the performance of your machine and alter the taste of your coffee as well. 

For best results, descale your machine to remove the calcium deposits, enhance the quality of your coffee, and improve the shelf life of your Nespresso Evoluo. Let’s see how you can descale your Nespresso Evoluo.

NOTE: The descaling process will take 20 minutes to complete.


  • The descaling agent might be harmful.
  • Avoid touching your face and eyes while handling the descaling agent.
  • You can use only a descaling kit for descaling to avoid any damage.

Step 1: Powering Up

Push the button to turn ON the machine, and the button will start blinking, indicating the machine is heating up. As the light stops blinking, it confirms the heating is completed, and your machine is ready.

Step 2: Remove The Capsule

As the machine is ON, you have to remove the used capsule from the capsule holder to proceed with the descaling process. For that, open the head of your machine to allow the ejection of the used capsule in the used capsule container.

Step 3: Leave The Machine Unlocked

Close the head of your machine but don’t move the lever in any direction, leaving it in an unlocked position.

Step 4: Discard The Used Capsule

Discard the used capsules from the used capsule container and empty the cup support.

Step 5: Add Descaling Agent

You need to add the descaling agent to the water tank to descale your machine. Add 1 unit of descaling agent in the water tank. Afterwards, add 17 oz / 0.5 l of water to the water tank.

Step 6: Enter The Descaling Mode

To activate the descaling mode, press the button present on the head of your machine and hold it for 7 seconds.

Step 7: Button Blinks For 45 Seconds

The button will start blinking quickly and flash for 45 seconds, indicating your machine is getting ready to descale. 

Step 8: To Continue The Descaling Mode

If you want to continue with the descaling mode, place a container under the coffee outlet and press the button within 45 seconds; otherwise, the machine will return to the brewing coffee mode, and you will have to enter the descaling mode again.

Step 9: Mistakenly Discontinued The Descaling Mode?

If you have not followed the previous step, your machine has exited the descaling mode. Now, you have to re-enter the descaling mode. For that, you have to lock your machine and unlock it again. Then, press the button and hold it for seven seconds, and the descaling mode will get ON.

Step 10: Place Your Container 

Let’s continue with the descaling mode by placing your container of at least 20 oz /0.6 l volume beneath the coffee outlet.

Step 11: Descaling Mode

Now, start descaling by pressing the button, but before that, lock the machine by sliding the lever to the left. When the descaling is complete, your machine will stop automatically.

Step 12: Rinsing

Clear out the water tank by discarding the remaining water then rinse it with fresh water. Also, rinse the cup support.

Step 13: Refill The Water Tank

Ahh, you need water again! Descaling is all about rinsing, discarding, and refilling. Use fresh water to fill the water tank and place it back on the machine.

Step 14: Start Rinsing 

Are you ready to move forward? Just a few more steps to go to exit the descaling mode.

As you have filled the water tank, now press the button to start rinsing. When rinsing is completed, your machine will turn off on its own.

Step 15: Exit The Descaling Mode

You have completed the final rinsing, Good job! Now you can exit the descaling mode by pressing the button and holding it for seven seconds. The button will start blinking while leaving the descaling mode. 

Step 16: Steady Light

Once the descaling process comes to an end, the light will stop blinking and become steady.

Step 17: Descaling Completed

You have successfully completed the descaling of your Nespresso Evoluo. Hurray!

Leave your machine for 10 minutes to dry out from the inside before the next use.

Step 18: Ready To Brew

Your Nespresso Evoluo is all set to brew your coffee again.

How do you know your machine needs descaling?

If you notice the light on the machine has blinked three times and become steady, it indicates that your Nespresso Evoluo is giving you a descaling alert. Once you get a descaling alert, you can make only a few cups out of your machine, and then you must proceed with the descaling process.

Note: If the descaling process has been completed, your machine will stop and start blinking. In that case, pause the procedure, let the descaling agent read the scale buildup, and press the button again to resume the descaling process.

Blinking Summary

Do you want to know what the blinking button is trying to inform you? Do you need to refill your water tank, or is it a descaling signal? Wait! Don’t press the button without understanding why the button is blinking. Here I will explain the interpretation behind each blink of a button.

Button ImageDescriptionIndication
No light on the button.The machine is OFF.
Steady light on the button.Ready mode.
Light blink once/ second.Coffee preparation.
Light blink two time / seconds.Cleaning mode.
Light blink three times/second.Descaling / Emptying.
Light up to steady ON then OFF.Heating up.
Fading OFF, then ON.Cooling down after overheating.
Blink twice rapidly, then long OFF.Error.
Light ON for 1.5 seconds, then OFF for 0.5 seconds.Empty water tank.
The light blinks five times in 10 seconds.Reset to factory setting.
The light blinks three times alternatively then becomes steady.Descaling alert.


Are you having issues while using your Nespresso Evoluo? No problem! Like any other electrical appliance, it can also have some problems but they can be solved. How can you solve them? No worries, I have got you covered by providing the solution to all the problems of your Nespresso Evoluo, you can fix your machine after reading this detailed guide about troubleshooting your machine.

1.The button has no light➔The machine has automatically turned “OFF ”; “UNLOCK” the machine or press the button. ➔ Check the plug, outlet, fuse, and voltage.
2.No water, no coffee.➔Check whether the water tank is filled or not.➔ Check that the capsule is inserted in the right position, and the lever is properly locked, then press the button to start your machine.➔ Descale your machine if necessary.➔ Open the head of the machine and let the capsule be ejected. Then clean your machine.
3.Coffee is not very hot.➔ Preheat your cup with hot water.➔ Descale your machine if necessary. 
4.The machine doesn’t start with a steady light.If blinking, see next points➔Check the lever is locked properly.➔If you want to brew Coffee, check the capsule is inserted in the right position, and that the lever is properly locked then push the button to start brewing coffee.➔If you are emptying the system, cleaning or descaling, check that there is no capsule inside then close the head, lock the machine and press the button to begin one of these procedures.
5.The machine does not start but the light blinks alternately; 1 blink with 1 pause.➔ Add water to the water tank and press the button to start.➔Check that lever is locked properly.
6.Light blinks while the machine is working.➔If coffee is flowing normally, this indicates that the machine is working properly.➔If only water is flowing out, the machine is giving a user request for cleaning, descaling or emptying the system. Refer to the corresponding paragraph in this user manual.➔If there is no need of emptying, cleaning, or descaling of machine then press the button to stop the machine. If the button light is still blinking, then exit descaling mode by holding the button for 7 seconds .➔If problem persists, call the Nespresso Club
7.Button light is blinking but the machine is not working.➔It will take a little while before the coffee starts flowing.It is because the machine needs to read the barcode and prewett the coffee.➔ Check that a new capsule is inserted in right position, and the lever is locked properly then press the button to start.
➔ Fill the water tank and press the button.
➔ Turn the machine to “OFF mode” by pressing the button for 3 seconds and then press it again to turn the machine “ON”. Now wait for 20 minutes and let the machine cool down after extensive use.
➔ If the machine doesn’t turn “OFF ” then first exit the descaling mode by holding the button for 7 seconds.
8.Light blinks alternately 2 times and 1 pause continuously. Machine is not running.During regular Coffee/ Espresso preparation: Unlock the lever and open the head of machine to check that a fresh capsule is inserted in the correct position;Check that the lever is“LOCKED”. Check that the water tank is filled.
➔ During Descaling, Emptying and Cleaning: Check that the capsule is ejected. Check that the lever is “LOCKED”.
➔ During Programming of volume: Check the capsule has been well inserted. 
➔ If problem persists:Unlock the lever and open machine head.Replace capsule (if needed).Disconnect the power cable from the outlet and plug the machine back into the outlet after 10 seconds.Close the head of the machine and press the button to turn “ON” and press again to start brewing.If a problem persists, call the Nespresso Club.
9.If there is a leakage or irregular coffee flow.➔ Check that the water tank is correctly positioned.
10Machine turns to “OFF ” mode.➔ To save energy the machine will shut off after 9 minutes of inactivity.
11Light is blinking 3 times alternately and then becomes steady.➔ Descaling is required: machine can be operated when alert appears only a few times after this alert before descaling becomes necessary.
12Coffee grounds in the cup.➔ Perform the cleaning procedure twice.

How To Contact the Nespresso Club?

If you find any issue while using your Nespresso Evoluo and for that you need help, you can call the Nespresso club. You can check the contact details for your nearest branch of Nespresso Club in the smart start folder which came with the machine or you can check at Nespresso.com.

Disposal and environmental protection

  • Nespresso Evoluo agrees with the EU Directive 2002/96/EC. 
  • All the packaging content and parts of your machine are recyclable. It is good that this machine is environmentally friendly and made of a material that can be easily recovered and reused. 
  • Recycling raw materials will be easy if the residual waste is separated into different categories. 
  • Leave your machine at the nearest collection point. Your local authorities can provide you with disposal information.

Limited Warranty

Nespresso provides a limited one-year guarantee on Nespresso Evoluo. The warranty period starts from the day you bought the Nespresso Evoluo, and it includes the following things below: 

  • Nespresso will repair or exchange the defective part of your machine throughout the warranty period without charging any fee from the owner. 
  • If you use the machine carelessly, which will result in an emergency, keep in mind the manufacturer will not be responsible for it. The warranty period will not include this damage. 
  • Only the country of purchase or other nations where Nespresso sells or provides service for the same model with similar technical specifications is covered by this guarantee.
  • Nespresso will inform the owner if this guarantee does not cover the cost of repairs or replacement, and the owner will be responsible for paying the fee.
  • The extent of Nespresso’s liability is confined to this limited warranty.
  • The conditions of this limited warranty do not exclude those rights that apply to the sale of this product to the extent permitted by the applicable law.
  • Contact Nespresso for guidelines on how to proceed with a repair if you think your product is defective, or visit the website www.nespresso.com.


Cheers! You have successfully finished this guide, as this guide comes to an end. I’ve done my best to make it simple, So that operating Nespresso Evoluo will not be difficult for you. If you still have questions, please thoroughly re-read this tutorial.

I found Nespresso Evoluo an effortless machine with its single-button display; you will feel the same after reading this guide. Remember to clean your machine so you can enjoy fantastic coffee without any issues. Furthermore, if you like to read about coffee and coffee makers and want to know more, do visit the website of CoffeeAim.

Let’s wrap up by sipping some nice freshly brewed coffee with my buddy Nespresso Evoluo. I hope you enjoyed your visit here.


What If The Machine Is Not Working, But The Button Light Blinks?

When you insert the capsule and press the button, you have to wait for a while before the coffee starts to flow out of the system because it takes some time as the machine detects and reads the code on the capsule. Always recheck your machine before you press the button that you have inserted the capsule correctly, the used capsule has been removed, the lever is on the left side, and the machine is locked.

How Can I Remove The Used Capsule From My Machine?

Nespresso Evoluo consists of an automatic system for removing the capsule, you just have to move the lever to the right side and open the machine head, and the capsule will automatically eject into the used capsule container.

Can I Use Original Nespresso Capsules In My Nespresso Evoluo?

Unfortunately, you cannot use the original Nespresso pods in your Nespresso Evoluo because it is a Vertuoline machine that can only work with the Vertuo capsules, and original Nespresso pods will only fit in the original line machines.

How To Reset The Factory Setting Of My Nespresso Evoluo?

First, remove the used capsule by opening the head of your machine, closing the head but leaving it in the unlock position, then push the button five times in three seconds; the button will start blinking five times, indicating that your machine is successfully reset.

Can I Prepare Latte With Nespresso Evoluo?

To prepare Latte with Nespresso Evoluo, you need a separate milk frother as Nespresso Evoluo does not have a built-in frother. Still, it will give you double shots of espresso, and you have to add frothed milk in it with a separate frothing machine.

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