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About This Article: This article is an ultimate guide for the Breville espresso machines. In this article, we have discussed the features, parts, terms, conditions, and functionality of all espresso machines of the Breville brand. The Barista espresso machine is very popular and is known as the best espresso machine to be used at home.

Breville’s synonym is household appliances and is a well-known brand and has been making innovative appliances and brushed stainless steel coffee machines since 1932. Let’s compare Breville espresso machines with other coffee makers present in many homes and coffee shops. The Breville espresso machines are effortless to use, unlike Rocket Appartamento, and have some essential characteristics, i.e., durability and reliability. Coffee made by a Breville espresso machine is not only good in taste but also gives you the feeling of an artist barista. No doubt all Breville espresso machines are excellent. Still, the Barista espresso machine by Breville is known as the best to be used at home because it has various options according to your expertise, such as starter, intermediate and advanced.

The Breville espresso machines are not self-explanatory, so in this article, we will show you a step-by-step guide to using all Breville espresso machines best at home. This article also discusses espresso machines’ features, parts, terms, conditions, and functionality. Coffee made by the Breville espresso machine is delicious and makes your morning charming and makes you feel fresh the whole day. A perfect cup of coffee in the morning makes you active and stress-free.

Get to Know Your Breville Espresso Machine

When you buy a new Breville espresso machine, the foremost duty is to read all the instructions carefully. After this, wash all its parts with cleaning tablets present within it or with tap water because there are chances that its features may be dirty. Soak the filter in water for five minutes, fit it into the filter holder, and set the reminder for 2 months. To determine that the pump is working correctly, you should run the brew cycles properly. The Breville espresso machine does not have a water indicator, so you have to check the water level periodically, as low water or an empty water reservoir can permanently damage the machine.

Your First Brew

First of all, make sure that the machine is set up correctly. According to the water markings on the removable water tank and markings of coffee beans on the bean hopper, fill them. After this, preheat the Breville espresso machine for 15 minutes as preheating directly connects with the coffee taste. If we start the machine without preheating, then coffee beans will not extract appropriately because, in this case, the temperature of the water does not reach its optimum point. Also, preheat your coffee cup by placing it on a warm tray of your machine so that your coffee remains hot till the last sip and does not spoil your fun. Grind the fresh beans in fine powder in the conical burr grinder built in the machine. Like Dual Boiler and Bambino, some Breville espresso does not have a built-in grinder, so you have to use a separate smart burr grinder or any other standard coffee grinder to grind the beans.

Delicious coffee cups

How to Use a Breville Espresso Machine

There are step-by-step instructions for using an espresso machine at home.

Step #1 — Read The Manual

The foremost thing is to read out all the instructions to understand the working of your espresso machine. The manual contains the instructions regarding the cleaning cycle of accessories, fixing of machine parts, safety guidelines about before or after use, the function of each part, etc. When the machine is set up according to instructions, follow the next step.

Step #2 — Check the Water Level

Before using your Breville espresso machine, check the water level each time because the espresso machine does not contain a water indicator. If the water level is low, it will cause permanent damage to the machine.

Step #3 — Preheat the Machine

When you turn the machine on, it will noise; its buttons will light up and preheat for 15 minutes. Preheating maintains water temperature and affects the flavor of coffee; cold starts will give a sour taste to coffee. So to enjoy the best coffee in the morning, preheat it while it is preheating, brush your teeth, wash your face, and then start your breakfast. Place your coffee cup on a warm tray to preheat it.

Step #4 — Add the Coffee Beans

Add coffee beans to the grind hopper of the espresso machine according to the markings present on the machine. Don’t add too many beans; it will choke the machine. 

What Kind Of Beans Are Best To Use In A Breville Espresso Machine?

Beans that are best to use in the Breville espresso coffee machine are roasted within a week. Beans roasted within two to ten days give good flavor to coffee. Use whole beans and avoid using pre-ground beans because it loses their flavor while grinding. Similarly, use roast, which is medium dark rather than a dark roast, as it becomes oily and is not best for espresso machines. Beans should be stored in an air-tight jar in a dark and cold place. 

Step #5 — Set the Grind Size and Amount

So, if you want to make a perfect cup of coffee, you need to adjust the grind size, amount, and tamping pressure. 

  • Grind size

The grind size should be 5 and correspond to markings present on Breville machines. So you don’t need to change it.

  • Grind amount

Grind amount is a thing that needs to be adjusted every time you make coffee. But here is a trick that can solve this problem by simply adjusting the dial to the 3 o’clock position.

  • Tamping pressure

Tamping on the portafilter should be done carefully. If you tamp more on the front side, there is uneven distribution and muddy extract. So, evenly spread the ground by 30 pounds of force to get the correct extract. 

Step #6: Weigh the Portafilter!

Before weighing the portafilter, make sure it is dry. Then, place it on a measuring scale, weigh it and zero out all values to determine the correct amount of coffee beans every time. 

Step #7 — Grind the Coffee

There is a dial of filter size (single or double) on espresso machines. These are also known as single or double shots. Press the button according to your requirements. After measuring and zeroing out, place the portafilter to the grind outlet and push it into the outlet quickly; pushing will result in the grinding of coffee beans. Weigh the amount of ground coffee.

  1. You need eight to ten grams of ground coffee beans for a single shot of espresso.
  2. Similarly, you require 15-18 grams of ground coffee beans for a double shot of espresso.

Step #8 — Tamp the Coffee – Fill the portafilter correctly

Gently press the portafilter on all sides so that extra ground does not spill out. 

  • Tamping Pressure

Tamping should be done carefully because it causes errors during extraction. Tamp the portafilter so that it evenly spreads the coffee ground. If pressure is low, it causes low extraction, and if pressure is high, it will cause a high extraction process.

  • Use good water

Use only cold water in your coffee machine’s water reservoirs. Avoid using liquids other than water. Avoid using too much filtered, demineralized, or distilled water as it can affect the taste of coffee and the way the espresso maker works.


  • Clean all the loose grinds from the portafilter!

Remove excess coffee grounds from all the sides of the portafilter. If you do not wipe it carefully, the portafilter will not seal accurately in the group head.

Step #9 — Run a cup of hot water

Run 1 cup of hot water by pressing the 1 cup button; water will dump out after this. This step will maintain the temperature of your cup and espresso machine. Remember that if any part of the machine is cold, it will affect your taste of coffee.

Step #10 — Extract the Espresso

After putting the portafilter in lock position by inserting it into the group head, notice the red pressure needle of the pressure gauge. Press a button of 2 cups if you have to make a double shot. If the needle goes in the gray range, then Be Happy! You have got the perfect espresso shot.

  • If the needle is below the gray range, then in the next turn, make sure to increase the tamping pressure.
  • If the needle is above the gray range, then in the next turn, make sure to decrease the tamping pressure.

Steaming the Milk With a Breville Espresso Coffee Machine 

Milk is boiled or frothed if you have to make a cappuccino or latte. With the wand’s tip, draw a circle in each direction by turning the steam button on. Keep doing this until your heated milk turns into frothed foam. Once it is done, pour frothed milk into a coffee mug and top it with the remaining foam. Let’s enjoy it!

Step #11 — Fill the steel milk jug

Some espresso machines contain a V-shaped milk jug. To get better froth, your mug and milk should be cold, opposite to espresso machine requirements that need to be hot. So, store your mug and milk in the fridge, not in the freezer. Also, use fat milk rather than skim milk to get better froth.

Step #12 — Purge the Steam Wand

Purge the steam wand before using it and turn on the dial of the steamer. After 15 seconds, you will notice that water starts to drip out. Now quickly purge the wand in milk, and within 8 seconds, it will turn into steam.

Step #13 — Steam & Froth the Milk

The important things that take into account to get better froth are tip position and temperature.

  • Tip Position

The tip of the wand should be 1/4th under the milk surface. Tilt the jug and swirl the milk around it. If the tip is inserted too low, the machine will produce a high screeching sound. If the tip is above the surface, it will make giant bubbles and splashes.

  • Temperature

Hold the bottom of the jug with your left hand and hold the handle with your right hand. Turn off the dial when you feel too hot at the bottom of the jug. Tap the jug and swirl the milk a few times to break any large bubbles.

Step #14 — Purge the Steam Wand AGAIN

It is an important step, so be careful! Again turn on the steam dial and place the steam wand on the tray. Wait for a few seconds so that steam comes out, and clean any leftover milk. Remember that you have to perform this step every time; otherwise, your milk will become sour, and you will get the taste of burnt milk. So be careful; otherwise, you will not get a perfect coffee cup, which will spoil not only your day but also your mood. Alas!

Step #15 — Clean the Steam Wand

The final step is about the cleaning cycle and is performed by the following steps:

  1. Immediately remove the milk from the steam wand with a wet cloth because milk will dry up after some time, and it isn’t easy to wash it.
  2. Similarly, wash any leftover coffee grinds and water.
  3. Remove excess coffee grinds from the portafilter, wash and dry it. Place the portafilter back to the group head in the lock position. This step will preheat the portafilter every time the machine is turned on. 

Serve immediately

Immediately serve the prepared espresso cup after brewing to enjoy it in a better way. Cappuccino and latte made by this espresso machine will also give you a fresh feeling. No doubt, espresso machines are incredible and can work with many types of milk, such as almond milk, soymilk, cow’s milk, etc. if you don’t like coffee with milk and want it without it, then don’t worry, Breville espresso machine is your best choice. Be happy!

Easy Latte Art Hack!

If your best friends, good guys, neighbors, and relatives come to your house and you don’t want to let them go, make your latte look fancy without any skill. So what you have to do is;

  • Top it with chocolate syrup in a striped manner.
  • Swirl the chocolate syrup on top of it with a toothpick
  • Now serve it with chocolate biscuits like chocolate or any chocolate candy or coffee candy.

Summary: How to Use Breville Espresso Coffee Machine 


  • Espresso machine by Breville
  • Materials
    • Whole coffee beans
    • Filtered/bottled water (you can also use tap water)


  1. Firstly, add fresh whole coffee beans into the bean hopper.
  2. Set the grind size to the middle, which is a good place.
  3. Similarly, set the grind amount to the middle. Push the portafilter in, and it will start grinding. Now select the single or double shot according to your requirement.
  4. Don’t forget to weigh the portafilter and zero it out before grinding the beans. You need eight to ten grams of ground coffee beans for a single shot and 15-to 18 grams for a double shot of espresso. Adjust your grinder according to this range if it is beyond this range.
  5. Press the coffee grind gently and tamp the portafilter with 30lb force. Be careful regarding the pressure, don’t apply too much pressure. Don’t worry; you will learn it with time when you gain experience and have command of an espresso machine.
  6. Insert the portafilter in the outlet and rotate it until it goes into the lock position. Press the 1 cup or 2 cup button according to your wish and Be Happy! For your first shot.

Perfecting Your Espresso Shots

Every time you make an espresso shot, diagnose it, find out the mistake and try to improve it in your next turn. You should be thankful as the Breville espresso machine will help you in this regard. So here are some essential tips that will make your shots better; these are;

  • During beans extraction, keep an eye on the gauge present on the machine’s front side.
  • The needle should be in the gray range, labeled as the espresso range.
  • If the needle stands below this range, then increase the tamping pressure and if the needle goes beyond this range, then decrease your tamping pressure.

How do I use Oracle Breville? 

Oracle Breville bridges the gap between manual and automatic espresso machines as it has automatic grinding, dosing, and tamping. It contains a triple heat system, so you have precise temperature and water pressure control. It also includes a portafilter made of stainless steel and can hold up to 21 grams of coffee grind. Coffee made by oracle Breville is relatively easy. 

  • Firstly, it automatically grinds, dosing, and tamping; after this, you just have to extract your espresso. The extract you obtained through oracle Breville is lovely, dark in color, and has a honey-like consistency. The time required by oracle Breville to make the extract is 30 seconds. 
  • The next step is to give you milk texture. It is simply done by adjusting the temperature on the LCD and adjusting the texture of the milk as well.
  • The next step, i.e., purging the steam wand or washing, is the same as discussed in the Breville espresso machine.

If you like black coffee, then oracle Breville has a one-touch Americano, a long black feature that makes black coffee. All other steps, such as automatic dosing, grinding, and tamping, are the same. For more information, visit the below video:

How to Use the Breville Oracle Touch The Super Automatic Espresso Machine? 

It is pre-programmed with all cafe favorites espresso drinks, from espresso to cappuccino, Simply swipe and select what you want. Suppose we are making a latte, then insert the portafilter and select the ground icon on the touch screen, and it will grind your coffee to a precise setting without tamping. 

Breville BES990BSS Oracle Touch Fully Automatic Espresso Machine, Brushed Stainless Steel
  • Now insert and lock the portafilter in the Group head and select the shot by touching the icon on the touch screen. After this press, the brew button, and your coffee extraction will start. It will look like thick warm honey.
  • The next step, i.e., purging the steam wand or washing, is the same as discussed in the Breville espresso machine.
  • Milk texture and temperature is selected automatically by touching the icon. Using a Breville oracle touch machine, you can also make your coffee extra hot.
  • Likewise, swirl the frothed milk around the mug and then close to the surface until the white appears to create a fine stroke to finish it off.

For more information, visit the below video:

How to Use the Breville Dual Boiler? 

When we turn on the Breville dual boiler, it creates a pumping sound which indicates that empty boilers are filled with water. The power button will flash, and the LCD screen will display the current espresso boiling temperature. When the machine has reached the operating temperature, the power button will stop flashing, and the manual 1 cup and 2 cups buttons will be illuminated. This machine also automatically alerts you to change the filters. The process of making the coffee is the same as discussed above. 

For more information, visit the below video:

How to Use the Breville Barista Touch? 

A step-by-step guide will be displayed on the color touch screen when the machine is on. This machine also automatically alerts you to change the filters. It contains 8 different favorite coffee with automatic grinding, milk texturing, strength, and temperature system. When the drip tray is empty, this machine will display a sound such as Empty Me. Indeed, it is the best espresso machine.

For more information, visit the below video:

How to Use the Breville Barista Pro? 

When the Breville barista pro machine is turned on, the 1 cup button is illuminated; press it. You can also see a countdown on the screen while your machine goes through the rinse cycle and primes its heating components. For making coffee, adjust the grind size on the side with a knob. The default setting is 15; if you go higher, the grind will be coarse, so use the lower setting to get a fine grind.

  • Put the portafilter in the grinding cradle, and select single or double with the filter size button· The main advantage of this machine is that you can also adjust the grind time. Turn the dial clockwise to increase the time and counterclockwise to decrease it.·        
  • Now press and release the portafilter towards the machine to begin automatic dosing. If you want to pause the process, press and release the portafilter, and the process will pause for 15 seconds. If you’re going to resume it again, press and release the portafilter.·        
  • Tamping is done manually, not automatically, as Barista pro is semi-automatic. The process of extraction is the same as an espresso machine.·        
  • Breville barista pro can also steam and froth the milk for cappuccino and latte as it contains a steam wand. Rotate the dial towards steam, and the screen will confirm that it is set to steam. All other processes of making foam, purging the rod, or washing are the same.

For more information, visit the below video:

How to Use the Breville Barista Express? 

When the machine is turned on, then it starts to preheat. When it is done, then all 6 lights will be illuminated. The portafilter is set with a single wall filter and placed, then shakes the portafilter to get your coffee grinds. Tamping and cleaning of all sides of the portafilter are done manually. The other extraction processes by inserting and locking the portafilter in the group head and selecting single or double shots by dial are the same.

For more information, visit the below video:

How to Use the Breville Bambino? 

In this machine, you can use only a tiny amount of coffee beans as the yield of Breville bambino is low. It contains a strip tray that can easily be removed and cleaned. 

  • It is a tiny machine, i.e., 12 inches in height compared to another Breville espresso. 
  • It also contains a steam wand and can hold 1.4-liter fluid. Another essential feature of this machine is reaching its optimum operating temperature within 3 seconds. 
  • Bambino has a default setting of 60 millimeters for double shots and 30 millimeters for single shots. Coffee made by this machine is chocolatey and rich in caramel. 
  • It has an automatic dosing setting for a single or double-shot; press the button if you want to stop it. It is a fully automatic machine. The whole brewing process, including milk texturing, steaming, and extracting, is the same.

For more information, visit the below video:

How to Use the Breville Bambino Plus? 

Breville Bambino Plus is powered on by pressing the 1 cup, 2 cups, or steam button. A separate smart grinder pro is used for precise coffee grinding. Tamping and fixing portafilter into group heads and the brewing process are also the same. 

For more information, visit the below video:

How to Use the Breville Duo Temp Pro? 

Its heating system is made up of stainless steel line Thermocoil. PID digital electronics control its thermal core. The main problem is that milk is textured at 135 degrees C, and espresso is extracted at 93 degrees C, so what do we do? We automatically put cold water through Thermocoil, and it brings the thermal heating system back to the optimal temperature to extract espresso. 

  • Duo temp pro also contains a pressure gauge for a low-pressure pre-infusion. This feature gradually increases pump pressure during the extraction process. This machine also includes a selector dial that goes from standby to espresso and across the other side to steam to make an Americano black coffee.

For more information, visit the below video:

How to Use the Breville Dynamic Duo? 

Breville smart grinder pro (or any other coffee grinder) and Breville Dual Boiler espresso makeup Breville Dynamic Duo machine. 

  • It contains a separate brew boiler and steam boiler; both are on the opposite side of the machine. This feature gives you the best digital temperature control and stability for your brew if you are steaming milk at the same time. 
  • It contains hot water steam for americano black coffee and an autostart system. The Breville dynamic duo machine has a top-loading water tank; water is poured into this slot and fills the water tank at the back. Due to this feature, you don’t have to pull the water tank out. It is time-saving in such a way that extraction, steaming, and texturing of milk are done at the same time.

For more information, visit the below video:

How to Use the Breville Cafe Roma? 

The water tank is present on top of the machine, and it contains only a single selector dial running from espresso to the steaming milk process. Compared to other machines, Breville cafe Roma has a small size and fewer features to be discussed, but its working is the same as other Breville espresso machines.

For more information, visit the below video:

How to Use the Breville Infuser? 

The Breville infuser contains 4 filter baskets. Two are double-shot baskets (one has a non-pressurized single-wall and the other is a pressurized double wall), and the other is a single shot basket (one with a non-pressurized single-wall, the other is a pressurized double wall). 

  • Its preheating time is half an hour. The Breville infuser also consists of a screen that looks like a stopwatch, and it displays the time of each step.
  • Espresso extract made by this machine is very smooth and is not sour.

For more information, visit the below video:

How to Use the Breville Duo-Temp 800ESXL? 

The water tank of this machine is at the back, and this Breville Duo-Temp 800ESXL also makes noise when it is turned on. This noise indicates that the pump is working. A level viewing window is present on the water tank that helps you estimate the water level.

  • A red light continues to blink; when it is done, the light goes off, indicating that the machine is preheated and ready to brew.
  • The dial is set to the espresso side; you will hear the sound of Tap Tap. Espresso extraction time is 25 seconds. Turn the dial to the steam side if you want steaming milk or frothed milk to make a cappuccino or latte.

For more information, visit the below video:

How to Use the Breville Barista Max? 

Preheating time is 60 seconds. It has a 3-way extraction system: 

  1. Thermoblock for fast heating
  2. Advanced PID controller for temperature control and stability
  3. Gentle pre-infusion for smooth extraction

For more information, visit the below video:


No doubt, Breville has set up a solid and beautiful foundation and is developing and getting better day by day. All Breville espresso machines, also called home espresso machines, contain several features, dial, buttons, bell system, and extraordinary settings. Due to these features, it is easy to operate Breville appliances. When you use its machines, you gain experience from time to time, and one day you will become a master of it, and nothing will remain difficult for you. 

Latte delecious coffee

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best setting for a Breville espresso machine?

  1. Read the instructions written in the manual.
  2. Always check the water level as it does not have a water indicator.
  3. Preheating should be done for 10-15 minutes.
  4. Use whole coffee beans having high quality, and don’t use pre-ground coffee beans as they become oily.
  5. The grind size should be 5 and set the grind amount dial at the 3 o’clock position.
  6. After weighing the portafilter, it should be zeroed out to measure the coffee grind accurately.
  7. Tamping force should be 30lb, and before you put out the tamper, twist it, it will give your grind a fine look
  8. Preheating of the cup should also be done to enjoy the best coffee flavor by placing it on the drip tray.

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