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I am smiling while writing this article, maybe you will smile too after reading this. That moment is clicking into my mind when I was about to make a Ristretto with my Nespresso CitiZ and Milk machine for the first time. 

I was feeling very tired after working so long since morning, then I thought to enjoy my break in the afternoon by taking a sip of Ristretto. I made a complete plot, but when it came time to press the button, I couldn’t find a Ristretto button there, then I shouted Oh No! I got the wrong coffee maker, because there was no button for Ristretto. After that my intellect said; read or research about it first. But I didn’t get complete guidance about it. It could happen to you too, but luckily, I wrote about it. If you don’t know How To Make Ristretto With Nespresso Citiz And Milk, read this complete guide.

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Precautions For Nespresso CitiZ And Milk

Just imagine how awful it would be if you are making coffee and some kind of accident happens. It spoils your whole mood, and you won’t even be able to enjoy your coffee. To avoid any mishaps carefully read Nespresso CitiZ and milk safety precautions. Don’t forget, safety always comes first.

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How To Make Ristretto With Nespresso Citiz And Milk 


The recipe for making a Ristretto with Nespresso CitiZ and Milk is exactly the same as for Espresso or Lungo. All you have to do is sacrifice one button; either Espresso or Lungo. Let’s see how to make Ristretto. 


  • For perfect measurement, use a 25 ml cup or any right measurement substitute to get exactly 25 ml volume.

To Reset The Volume:

  1. First, rinse the water tank.
  2. Fill the water reservoir with exactly 25 ml of water.
  3. Place a cup under the coffee spout.
  4. Turn On the machine by pressing any button (Espresso/ Ristretto).
  5. The lights will start blinking on the buttons.
  6. Wait for about 25 sec, your machine is in the pre-heating phase.
  7. Let’s move on, when the lights stop blinking.
  8. Press and hold down any button until you get the accurate volume.
  9. Your Ristretto volume is now stored.

To Make Ristretto:

  1. Refill the water tank with fresh drinking water.
  2. Open the lever and drop down your Ristretto pod.
  3. Push the lever down to close the machine head.
  4. Place a cup on the cup support.
  5. Press the button to which you have pre-programmed the volume.
  6. Now, Nespresso will serve you the same amount of volume which you have set before unless you reset the machine to factory settings.

That’s all, Enjoy your coffee!

How To Make Ristretto From Nespresso Citiz And Milk Guide

This How To Make Ristretto From Nespresso CitiZ and Milk Guide will solve all the queries that are confusing you and will help you to make a Ristretto in a simple, easy way.

What Strength Is Nespresso Ristretto?

Although Nespresso Ristretto is less in quantity and less caffeinated, but it has a strong flavor on its own. The strength of Nespresso Ristretto is 9 out of 12 in intensity.

Is A Ristretto Shot Stronger Than Espresso?

Both Ristretto and Espresso are strong drinks but Ristretto has a slightly stronger and more intense taste than Espresso because Ristretto uses less water. However, it is lighter and less caffeinated than Espresso.

Do You Add Milk To Ristretto?

No, I prefer to enjoy the strong, and intense flavor of Ristretto, and do you know that? A traditional Ristretto is served without milk means pure black. But you can use Ristretto as a base for other drinks like Latte, Latte Macchiato, Cappuccino etc.

How Long Should A Ristretto Take To Pour?

A standard-size of ristretto takes a very short time to extract, could you believe it?  It takes about 15-20 sec to pour.

Is Ristretto Weaker Than Espresso?

No, a Ristretto has a stronger flavor than Espresso, because a Ristretto uses less volume of water than an Espresso. Even though the same amount of coffee ground is used, but the amount of water and extraction time has a huge impact on the taste of coffee. That’s why Ristretto is sweeter and more robust in flavor than Espresso.

Is Ristretto More Bitter Than Espresso?

No, ristretto is less bitter than Espresso. Ristretto takes not so much time to brew than Espresso, that’s why it is sweeter than Espresso due to less contact with the coffee grounds.

Is Ristretto The Strongest Coffee?

Ristretto and Espresso both are stronger drinks, but Ristretto is more concentrated and strong due to low water volume.

Does Ristretto Have Less Caffeine Than Espresso?

Yes, due to less volume of water, Ristretto has less caffeine than Espresso. Ristretto contains 63 mg caffeine per ounce while a single shot of Espresso has 68 mg caffeine per ounce.

How Many Ounces (Oz) Is A Ristretto Shot?

A single shot of Ristretto contains 0.5 (½) fluid Oz (14.75 ml), and a double shot has 1 fluid Oz (29.57 ml). 

What Is A Double Ristretto Called?

The term ristretto means “short” in Italian language. A single shot of ristretto has 15 ml (0.5 Oz), so it is quite simple to understand, a double shot is equal to 30 ml (1 Oz).  In French, a double shot of Ristretto is called café serré (strong coffee).

What is a single ristretto?

A Ristretto (“limited” or “restricted” in Italian) shot is simply the first half of a full espresso shot, measuring ½ fl. oz. (15 mL) rather than the full 1 fl. oz (30 mL).(Taken from here)

How Much Caffeine Is In A Nespresso Ristretto?

1 cup of Nespresso Ristretto has a volume of 25 ml and contains 60-80 mg of caffeine. The amount of caffeine varies according to the volume of water and also depends on the type of pod.

Is Ristretto A Double Shot?

It is up to you, whether you want to make a single shot that is a minimum of 15 ml (0.5 Oz) and a maximum of 20 ml or a double shot of around 30 ml.

Is A Ristretto Shot Stronger Than Espresso?

Yes, a Ristretto shot is stronger than an Espresso because it uses less amount of water, so the Ristretto tastes more intense and sweeter than an Espresso.

How Many Shots Of Coffee Are In A Ristretto?

A cup of Ristretto coffee contains 2 shots, because the standard size of Ristretto is 15 ml which is quite small in quantity. So as Nespresso recommends a 25 ml size of Ristretto, many coffee bars serve a double shot of Ristretto which is about 30-35 ml.

Can You Use Other Pods In Nespresso Citiz?

Yes, you can use Nespresso third-party capsules that are compatible with Nespresso Original Line pods.

Is Ristretto Weaker Than Espresso?

No, Ristretto is stronger than Espresso because the ratio of coffee to water in Ristretto is 1:1 to 1:1.5. As compared to Ristretto, Espresso contains 1:2 to 1:2.5. So, due to the high ratio of water, Espresso is weaker than Ristretto.

What Is The Difference Between Nespresso Espresso And Ristretto?

Nespresso Espresso uses twice water than Ristretto. Espresso takes a longer extraction time whereas Ristretto takes less time for brewing. An Espresso has a Classic bold flavor while a Ristretto has a more intense and bolder flavor with a sweet finish. 

Which Is Stronger, Long Shot Or Ristretto?

You probably know that the word Ristretto means “short”. Whether it’s a Ristretto “short shot” or a Lungo “long shot”, the same amount of coffee is used but the volume of water varies greatly. So, it’s pretty easy to understand that Ristretto is stronger by a long shot.

How Long Should A Ristretto Shot Pull?

Ristretto shot just takes 15-20 seconds to pull. But remember that you have to set the volume first. If you don’t set your Nespresso CitiZ and Milk machine to the Ristretto size, your machine will pour either Espresso or Lungo, and then it will not be Ristretto.

How Much Milk Is In A Ristretto?

No, there is no milk included in Ristretto because it is served on its own. But it is used as a base drink for Cappuccino, Latte, Latte Macchiato etc.

Which Has More Caffeine Long Shot Or Ristretto?

A Long shot like “Lungo” has more caffeine than Ristretto. A Long shot contains 77-89 mg caffeine whereas  Ristretto contains 63 mg of caffeine.

Is A Ristretto A Short Black Coffee?

Yes, Ristretto is a short black coffee as compared to all black coffees. Its standard volume is 15 ml. Due to its smaller size, most of the cafes served its double shot, about 25-30 ml. It is less caffeinated but strong and flavorful.

Can I Use Ristretto For Latte?

Why not? You can use Ristretto as a base drink for Latte, Latte Macchiato, Cappuccino means in any drink you want.


I am damn sure, before reading this article, you may have many concerns about How to make a Ristretto from Nespresso CitiZ and Milk. I tried my best to explain everything from beginning to end. Hopefully, now it is very easy for you to make Ristretto with Nespresso CitiZ and Milk at home. 

At the same time, you must know How To Use Nespresso CitiZ And Milk. To know more about it you can visit Nespresso CitiZ and Milk Review.


How To Make Ristretto With Nespresso Citiz?

Making a ristretto with Nespresso CitiZ and Milk is quite easy as we make Espresso and Lungo, but there is a slight difference first you have to readjust the volume for the Ristretto.

  1. Pour fresh water into the water tank.
  2. Open the machine head and put in your coffee pod, and then close it.
  3. Press the button in which you have set the Ristretto volume.
  4. Now Nespresso will stop pouring coffee when it reaches to your desired volume.
  5. It’s all done, now discard the capsule from the used capsule container.

Does Nespresso Have Ristretto?

The Nespresso CitiZ & Milk machine apparently does not have a Ristretto button. But you can make a Ristretto by setting the Ristretto volume in any of the buttons (Espresso or Lungo).

How Do I Manually Make Ristretto?

There is no way to make Ristretto manually, but you can make it with the help of a Nespresso or Espresso machine. If you want to use a Nespresso machine to make a Ristretto, you will have to sacrifice one of the Espresso or Lungo buttons, as there is no dedicated Ristretto button, but you can set the volume to any button.

How To Make A Ristretto Shot?

The process of making Ristretto shot is similar to that of Espresso.

  1. Fill fresh water into the water tank.
  2. Lift the lever to open the machine head and drop your coffee pod, and then close it.
  3. Press the button in which you have selected the Ristretto volume.
  4. Your machine will stop brewing when the cup is full according to the set volume.
  5. Discard the used capsule from the capsule container.

Is Lungo The Same As Ristretto?

Lungo is the opposite of Ristretto. Lungo is 110 ml while Ristretto is 25 ml. Due to the lower water content, Ristretto is thicker and more concentrated than Lungo. It takes about 15-20 seconds to brew while lungo takes 35-40 seconds to pour. Furthermore, Lungo has more caffeine than Ristretto and is also larger in volume.

What Is Ristretto Vs Espresso Vs Lungo?

Ristretto is highly concentrated and more robust and flavorful as compared to Espresso and Lungo. As compared to Ristretto, Espresso is milder in flavor whereas Lungo has a less intense flavor than Espresso. This table will help you to understand more easily what is the difference between Espresso, Ristresso and Lungo.

Standard Volume15-30 ml 40-60 ml90-120 ml
Coffee to Water Ratio1:1 to 1:1.51:2 to 1:2.51:4 to 1:4.5
Time Duration15-20 sec20-3335-40 sec
Caffeine63 mg68 mg77-89 mg
Flavor IntensityHigh IntensityMild IntensityLow Intensity
TextureDark blackBlack TextureLight Black

What Pods Can You Use With Nespresso Citiz & Milk?

Nespresso CitiZ and Milk machine is compatible with Nespresso Original Line capsules and with third party pods  that offer Original Line capsules.

What Size Is Nespresso Ristretto?

By the way, the standard size of Ristretto is 15 ml (0.5 Oz), but Nespresso offers you 25 ml (0.8 Oz) volume of Ristretto.

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