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When I was about to buy a coffee machine for the first time, I was quite hesitant. After a lot of research, I found the Nespresso CitiZ and Milk Machine to be exactly what I wanted. Its beauty, features, and sleek design, it’s all good, but one question was still bothering me: “How Long Does A Nespresso CitiZ And Milk Last?”

Undoubtedly! Nespresso CitiZ and Milk gives you an opportunity to enjoy a delicious drink of coffee for up to 5-10 years. Its longevity can extend if you do TLC.

I am honestly sharing my experience with you. I have been using this machine for about 7 years and it still serves me the best coffee. How it has been performing well for so long is a matter of perspective. I planned a maintenance schedule and spent time on its regular cleaning as well as descaling at the recommended intervals. I will definitely tell you how I do all this. Just step down.

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How Do You Increase The Lifespan Of Nespresso CitiZ And Milk Machine?

No doubt the outer body of Nespresso CitiZ and Milk is strong and rigid but its longevity depends not only on its body but also on its proper care and maintenance. So, do not allow dirt to get inside the machine. Keep your machine on a stable flat surface. Place it in the shade and protect it from direct sunlight, water, moisture, and dust.

Nespresso CitiZ And Milk Maintenance

We often forget to pay proper attention to our machines. If you want its prolonged life, proper maintenance such as regular cleaning and descaling is essential to get the most out of your Nespresso CitiZ and Milk machine and enjoy the best coffee taste for a long time. If you take good care of your Nespresso machine, you may be lucky enough to get more cups of coffee than it should. Nespresso CitiZ and Milk maintenance requires some tasks every time (when you brew coffee), some maintenance work months later, and some on an annual basis. Come on, first, look into the regular cleaning process!

Daily Maintenance

If you drink coffee regularly, then it is very important to clean the machine when you’ve had your last coffee of the day. When you clean Nespresso CitiZ and Milk regularly it will always look elegant and bacteria will not get attracted to it. 


  1. Do not leave coffee pods in the machine. Pull the lever to drop the used capsules from the capsule compartment into the used capsule container.
  1. Take out all the removable parts such as the capsule container, drip grid, drip tray, and water reservoir. 
  1. Empty all the removable parts then clean them by rinsing them with water. Let them air dry or use a towel to dry them.
  1. Use a soft damp cloth to clean the body of the machine.

Weekly Maintenance

Let’s talk about the weekly maintenance. Besides outer body cleaning, internal sanitation is also important so that germs do not take root. As you can not run a cleaning cycle daily but it is recommended to clean the inside of the machine with just water two or three times a week, depending on your coffee brewing quantity. Before cleaning, Switch Off the machine. Disassemble all the detachable parts and soak them in water and wash them with dishwashing liquid. Fill the water tank with water and run the machine for cleaning.

You  can read the complete article on cleaning here: 

How To Clean Nespresso CitiZ and Milk

Monthly Maintenance

Now let’s talk about deep cleaning or full cleaning of Nespresso CitiZ and Milk which is actually called descaling. According to Nespresso recommendations, it is mandatory to descale your Nespresso CitiZ and Milk machine after 6 months or after enjoying 600 cups of coffee (which comes first). It maintains the machine’s performance, coffee taste and its temperature. It helps to remove hard mineral particles that are deposited inside the machine and remove coffee oil and residues.  

You can read the complete descaling process here:

Nespresso CitiZ and Milk descaling process.

Follow The Nespresso Guidelines

It is always a good idea to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to understand the operation of the machine. As it contains specific guidelines, recommendations, procedures, and technical information that are not immediately available anywhere. It will provide you with safe and efficient use of Nespresso CitiZ and Milk machine. 

Here I am sharing with you Nespresso guidelines that will help you look after your machine for a long time.

Don’t Try To Fit All Coffee Pods

Not all coffee pods are compatible with your machine, because there is a difference between the sizes of coffee pods. You can use Nespresso third-party capsules that are compatible with your machine. If you try to fit the wrong size pod it can break the capsule holder mechanism and also leads to water leakage.

Never Run Your Machine With Empty Water Tank

Always check that the water reservoir is at least halfway full before running the machine. If you mistakenly run the machine without water in the water tank, it can create air bubbles in the pump.

Switch Off The Machine When Not In Use

Turn off your Nespresso CitiZ and Milk when you are not using it. Of course, it’s designed to run when you want to make coffee. Although, due to the power saving feature it can automatically shut off after 9 or 30 minutes (It depends on how much time you set for the machine to auto-off). However, it is not good to allow current to pass through the machine when you are not using it because it may cause electric shock or any danger.

If you don’t know how to turn off the machine, you can learn from here,

How To Turn Off Nespresso Citiz And Milk.

Keep Your Machine In A Cool And Dry Place

Always check your countertop before placing the machine. It should be a dry and leveled surface. It is advisable to protect the machine from the direct rays of the sun as prolonged sun rays can damage the outer coverage of your Nespresso CitiZ and Milk machine. Further protect it from the water splash, humidity, and dust.

Don’t Experiment On Your Machine With Chemical Agents

If you want to extend the life of your Nespresso CitiZ and Milk machine, avoid using cleaning agents that are not suitable and harmful to your machine. If you use non-suitable chemicals, it can damage the internal system and also ruin the taste of your coffee. In such a case you cannot claim the defect in Nespresso Club.

Nespresso Descaling Kit is easily available so it is recommended to use it for deep cleaning your machine.

Empty The System When No Longer Intended to Use

If you are resting your machine for any purpose, whether you are moving somewhere, going on vacation, or sending it in for repair. Then it is better to empty the system. It prevents mold from forming inside the machine and maintains its system.

You can read the complete article on shifting the machine to an emptying mode here:

How To Shift Nespresso CitiZ and Milk to An Emptying Mode 

Guide On How Long A Nespresso CitiZ And Milk Last

If you think there is still any gap in this content regarding the longevity of Nespresso CitiZ and Milk machine then read the below guide thoroughly then you will not feel anything missing now.

Has The Nespresso CitiZ And Milk Been Discontinued?

No, CitiZ Nespresso CitiZ and Milk is available online. If you want to buy a new one, you can get this machine through the Nespresso website or Amazon.

Can A Nespresso CitiZ And Milk Machine Be Repaired?

Yes, if you are a machinist you can fix some minor problems yourself by purchasing replacement parts. Otherwise, if you cannot solve the problem yourself, you can send it to a technician or if your machine is within the warranty period you can send it to Nespresso Club.

What Can I Do With My Old Nespresso CitiZ And Milk Machine?

What to do if you bought a new Nespresso machine and are thinking about the old one? There are two ways:

  1. You can sell it to someone.
  2. This a very good move by Nespresso for its beloved customers and it’s totally free. Nespresso offers you to bring your old coffee machine for recycling within 28 days of purchasing a new device from the Nespresso website. 

How To Get A Nespresso CitiZ And Milk Replacement?

You can get Nespresso CitiZ and Milk replacement parts from the Nespresso website or Online stores such as Amazon, eBay, and Walmart. If you have an old machine, you can get it from that and also ask the technician.

Can You Use Any Pods In Nespresso CitiZ And Milk?

No, you can not inject any pod in the Nespresso CitiZ and Milk. It can damage the capsule compartment. In addition to Nespresso Original Line pods, Nespresso CitiZ and Milk is compatible with third-party pods labeled as Nespresso pods.

Can Mold Build Up In Nespresso Machine?

Yes, there is always a chance that mold will set inside your Nespresso CitiZ and Milk if it  does not get any maintenance or cleaning, it is bound to happen. 

How Often Should I Rinse My Nespresso CitiZ And Milk Machine?

If your machine has been descaled, continue to rinse your machine until you are satisfied that clean water is flowing out of it. It usually takes 4-5 cycles to run clear water.

How Often Should I Descale My Nespresso CitiZ And Milk?

Basically, descaling depends on the use of your Nespresso CitiZ and Milk machine. If you take too much coffee from it and minerals and limescale have made their place inside the machine, then you must descale after 3 months but if you are using a machine average then Nespresso recommends to descale after 6 months or after enjoying 600 cups of coffee.

Do I Have To Clean My Nespresso CitiZ And Milk Machine After Every Use?

No, it is not mandatory to clean your Nespresso CitiZ and milk after each use, but you should discard the used pods and clean all the parts that come apart after enjoying coffee all day.

What Pods Are Best For Nespresso CitiZ And Milk? 

Nespresso Classic capsules and the verdict Blue Cup pods are perfect for Nespresso CitiZ and Milk.


So, friends! I have kept nothing secret and have shared with you every tip and trick that is necessary for Nespresso’s long life and well-being. Now you can enjoy coffee from your Nespresso CitiZ and Milk machine for a long time

You can get complete knowledge on using the Nespresso CitiZ and Milk machine by clicking on the link mentioned above and reading its reviews at Nespresso CitiZ and Milk Review.


How Long Should Nespresso CitiZ And Milk Last?

Nespresso claims that your Nespresso CitiZ and Milk can easily last 5 to 10 years if you take good care of your machine through proper cleaning and descaling, and follow the Nespresso guidelines while using your machine.

Does Nespresso CitiZ And Milk Have A Lifetime Warranty?

No, everything has a certain duration and then it becomes unusable or doesn’t work like it used to. Nespresso CitiZ and Milk has a warranty of 2 years. 

Do Nespresso CitiZ And Milk Machine Need Maintenance?

Yes, Of course, everything in the universe needs love, care, and attention. Similarly, your Nespresso CitiZ and Milk need proper maintenance like regular cleaning of all parts and timely descaling as well. If you take good care, it will serve you delicious coffee every time without any hurdles.

Do Nespresso Machines Have Problems?

Yes, Nespresso CitiZ and Milk have several problems. The biggest problem is the dirt inside the machine which leads to clogging and blockage of the internal system. Each problem has different causes and many ways to solve it. Some problems you can fix on your own, and others can’t be solved without a Nespresso or technician. You can get complete guidance on this by clicking on this link: How To Troubleshoot Nespresso CitiZ And Milk Machine

What Year Did Nespresso CitiZ And Milk Come Out?

Nespresso CitiZ and Milk came out in 2009. It became everyone’s choice due to its unique features, sleek design, and simplicity of use. Nespresso CitiZ and Milk machines enabled people to make perfect espresso without having barista skills.

Why Does My Nespresso CitiZ And Milk Randomly Stop Working?

There could be two reasons why your Nespresso CitiZ and Milk randomly stop working.

  1. You may have programmed your machine incorrectly, reprogram it.
  2. There are mineral deposits inside the machine that are preventing your machine from working. It’s time to descale your Nespresso CitiZ and Milk machine.

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