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Hi, Nespresso Citiz Coffee machine Holders!

If you are a Nespresso Coffee machine holder or about to be one, the question is prominent enough to take up your thoughts like how long do Nespresso machines last? 

Well, I will not give you false information and will only tell you my experience with the longevity of Nespresso machines. I own a few Nespresso machine models, including Citiz, which has been with me for approx. 9 years, and Vertuo for 7 years, and both are still working great for me.

Nespresso machines, including the Citiz model, are hardy ones and can surely last up to many years, as I can justify from my experience. But throughout this whole time, how I managed to keep them healthy should also be considered, so I will help you by letting you know each aspect and measures you should take to enhance your brewer life up to years.

How You Can Keep Your Nespresso Citiz Last Long

Nespresso Citiz’s outer covering is made of plastic and stainless steel, which automatically strengthens its structure. But still, you should avoid placing your machine on unsmooth surfaces and prevent it from falling. Now it’s time to look after the internal structure or core of the machine that provides you with delicious coffee.

Follow Safety Precautions

Safety concerns are my priority, and I will not let myself directly start with the process without guiding you to follow safety measures. I understand that most people like to go straight toward the point, but some things should never be neglected as they concern your life. So do check Safety Precautions on Nespresso Citiz. Now let’s get to the maintenance part.

Nespresso Citiz Coffee Machine Maintenance 

Maintenance is the excellent and most effective way to preserve the condition & quality of your Nespresso Citiz coffee machine. It may look a little tiresome, but when you start cleaning your machine on a daily basis (if used regularly), then it will become a good habit of yours. Maintenance could be done differently on different time spans. I will discuss with you how you can do daily, monthly, and yearly maintenance of your machine. Let’s start with the daily maintenance; 

Daily Maintenance

If you are using your Nespresso Citiz on a daily basis, then by the end of the day, it is always a good decision to pass your machine through a small cleaning process. Believe me, these minor doings can vastly affect the machine’s life in a positive way. So if you are not doing the daily cleaning up till now, then it’s time for you to start doing it.


As you have used your Nespresso machine for today, now it’s time to wind things up by:

  1. Remove any used capsule from the capsule compartment by lifting the lever and closing it. The used capsule will fall into the capsule container.
  1. Remove the Citiz machine’s removable parts like; the drip tray, water tank, capsule container, and drip grid.
  1. Empty the parts and wash them nicely and either dry them using a soft cloth or set them aside for air drying.
  1. To clean the machine’s outer covering, use a damp & soft cloth and wipe it.

Monthly Maintenance 

Now, moving on to the next stage, which is monthly maintenance. It contains a cleaning or rinsing cycle where you pass your machine through multiple water rinsing cycles to internally clean the machine, and the remaining cleaning process is the same as discussed in the Daily maintenance point above.

To know how to monthly clean your Nespresso Citiz, check the How to clean your Nespresso Citiz guide.

Yearly Maintenance 

To further keep the machine in perfect condition internally, here comes Yearly maintenance. In this type, descaling comes in handy. The descaling process must be done twice a year or less depending upon the water hardness level and how much you keep the brewer in a working state. 

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Descaling, as I mentioned in yearly maintenance, is a very important part of the machine’s life. It helps in removing the coffee grounds deposits and limescale made throughout the days and months of usage. 

To know the descaling process check How to descale your Nespresso Citiz. 

Follow The Nespresso Guidelines 

It’s always best to follow what the manufacturer has said about its machine. Because no one knows better how to handle the machine other than the creator itself, I will tell you the Nespresso guidelines which you should follow while making beverages in your Nespresso Citiz.

Avoid Using Arbitrary Capsules

You should not put any random brand capsule in the Nespresso Citiz as their size and manufacturing can vary. Nespresso capsules are made according to the machines working. Using different capsules can affect the brewing mechanism. 

The small-sized capsules can cause water leakage in the machine, and large capsules can build unnecessary pressure. So it is important to only use standard-size capsules, which Nespresso itself provides to its users. 

Avoid Using Random Agents For Descaling/Cleaning

You should not use any random cleaning agent for cleaning your Nespresso Machine. The Nespresso machine’s inner system is crucial for making beverages, and if any damage occurs due to a random cleaning agent, then your machine could not be able to brew to its fullest quality. 

Nespresso recommends only Nespresso Descaling Kit for cleaning the Nespresso coffee machines, including Citiz. So you should also go for the recommended cleaning agent, the Nespresso Descaling kit.

Empty The Nespresso Citiz System Before Giving It A Rest

If you are planning to give the Nespresso Citiz machine a rest due to any reason, for instance, you are going on a trip or shifting the house or sending it for a repair, then emptying the system would be the best thing. It prevents your machine from the mold and keeps the internal system intact.

To know how to empty your machine’s system, you can take help from How to shift the Nespresso Citiz to an emptying mode.

Turn Nespresso Citiz Off If Not In Use

It is one of the preventive measures to turn your Nespresso Citiz machine off if you are not using it for a while, especially if your house has children. Although Nespresso Citiz has a power saving mode, which lets the machine automatically turn OFF after 9 or 30 minutes of continuous non-usage, it also provides a manual turn OFF.

If you want to know more about power saving mode, then you can read How to set Nespresso Citiz to power saving mode.

Check Warranty Coverage In Case Of Technical Issues

Nespresso provides a whole 2-year of warranty to its machines. If your machine faces any problem within the guaranteed time period, you can contact Nespresso for repair or replacement. But exceptional cases are there if the damage is done by you by not following the Nespresso guidelines on usage.

To Contact The Nespresso Club:

Originaline: 800-562-1465

Vertuoline: 877-964-6299

Video On How Long Nespresso Citiz Last

A Video is a great way to give more of a personal touch and more influential guidelines on how you are able to maintain your Nespresso Citiz last long. To watch the video click on the link below.

Video Link:

Guide On How Long A Nespresso Citiz Lasts

To know further about how Long a Nespresso Citiz lasts, you can read the guide below. If any question comes to your mind, this guide will surely help you out.

Is Nespresso Worth The Investment?

Nespresso machines are expensive, but they are worth investing in. A Nespresso machine could give you 5-10 years or more of service if used with care. Plus the high coffee quality with such an easy working system, and less space taker, Nespresso machines are a complete coffee package on their own.

Do You Clean Nespresso After Every Use?

If you are using your Nespresso machines regularly, then you should clean your machine daily, not after every use. For daily cleaning, just go for removable parts and the machine’s outer covering cleaning. Further monthly and yearly cleaning should also be done on time.

Do Nespresso Machines Need Maintenance?

Yes, maintenance is one of the crucial steps in the Nespresso machine’s life. If you keep your machine well maintained, then your machine will not hesitate to provide you with extra years of service.

How Can I Make My Nespresso Last Longer?

To make your Nespresso Citiz last longer, keep in mind the following things:

  1. Maintained daily, monthly, and yearly cleaning.
  2. Follow Nespresso guidelines
  3. Follow safety precautions.

Does Nespresso Have A Lifetime Warranty?

Nespresso only gives two years of warranty on most of its machines. So it does not have a lifetime warranty. 


Now you have fully acknowledged how long Nespresso Citiz lasts and how you will be able to maintain and enhance your Nespresso Citiz condition over these years. With this, I am sending you well wishes on your coffee journey. Adieu!

To know further guides on the Nespresso Citiz machine, check  How to use Nespresso Citiz & Review on Nespresso Citiz machine guides.


Are Nespresso’s Good Years Over?

Nespresso no doubt owns its name in terms of excellent quality coffee machines. Their sturdiness in covering and incredible coffee-making efficiency has made them attain a graceful position in the market. So no, Nespresso’s good years are not over, and till now, Nespresso machines are widely used in making delicious beverages worldwide.

Has The Nespresso Citiz Been Discontinued?

Yes, the Nespresso Citiz espresso machine is a discontinued model, but there are several other Nespresso coffee machines that are there to fill the Nespresso Citiz place. 

Do Nespresso Machines Break? 

The Nespresso Citiz machine’s outer covering is mainly made of stainless steel and plastic, which gives the machine great hardness. So they don’t break easily, but still, you should keep the brewer on a smooth surface and keep the brewer away from the edge to reduce the risk of falling.

Can A Nespresso Machine Be Repaired?

Yes, if your machine falls under the warranty time span, then you can contact Nespresso Club to repair or replace your coffee machine. But if not, then you can still get your machine repaired with the help of a technician.

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