Fortado Nespresso Vertuo Review 2022

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Here is our honest review of the Nespresso Fortado Vertuo pod. We brewed many beverages with this opulent pod and decided to share its exceptional attributes. 

The Bottom Line

Nespresso Fortado is a blend of South and Central American Arabica and the dark roast of Indian Robusta beans. This blend delivers intense gran lungo and rich your palate with dark cocoa and oak wood notes. 

I prefer to buy these Nespresso Fortado capsules from Amazon as it is a reliable online store, offers good shipping and return policy, and deliver you a sleeve or pack of 10 Fortado capsules.

What Flavor Is Fortado Nespresso?

Nespresso Fortado is an intense blend of Robusta and Arabica beans. Indian Robusta brings the force to this full-bodied blend, and Colombian Arabica’s long, dark roast brings cocoa and oak notes. Adding milk to this luxurious pod enhances the cocoa aroma. 

Nespresso Fortado Taste Test

I unboxed my Fortado coffee pods; its dark grey silver color was quite surprising. Fortado is a Vertuo pod and is only brewed with a Vertuoline machine, so I brewed it with VertuoPlus. The dripping of coffee in the lungo mug was eye soothing for me. Once it was done, I smelled it. It smelled good, I felt a few cocoa notes, and there was something else that smelled wonderful. When I tasted it, my first expression was wow! The bright notes just hit my palate. I took another sip to find out what types of flavor it possesses. I felt a little bit of cocoa powder notes and bitterness. I also got oak wood aroma and notes, which was incredible. Besides these notes, I felt something else that is very different and makes it wonderful. It was very bright and pungent and smacked my tongue strongly. 

I guessed its intensity should be around 8 or 7 as it was strong and hit hard. I also tried Fortado with milk; I frothed the 5 oz milk and added it into the brewed coffee. The chocolatey color was beyond anything. The rich roasted cocoa notes became dominant, and the oak wood flavor fainted when I tasted it. However, I did not feel any major difference in both types of drinks. Both were pretty much the same and possessed the same flavor. Any pod rarely stands up to the milk because, in most cases, milk dramatically steers and changes the capsule’s profile; Nespresso Fortado is one of that rare coffee pods.

I also brewed Americano, ristretto, latte, and other beverages with Fortado; in all cases, the drink was full-bodied, heavy, and intense. I found this pod wonderful, and it is the perfect Nespresso coffee to kick start your morning. I suggest this gorgeous pod. 

Major Features of Nespresso Fortado Gran Lungo

I have mentioned 10 major characteristics of Nespresso Fortado. These attributes are enough to determine which character makes Fortado different from all other Nespresso Vertuo coffee pods. These features also help to understand which time is perfect for brewing, whether it is perfect for morning or evening coffee. Let’s study these features in detail.

Origin — South And Central American Arabica And Indian Robusta Beans

Nespresso Fortado is an intense blend of South and Central American Arabicas and Indian Robusta beans. This blend unveils full-bodied and intense coffee. The bitter cocoa and earthy notes grace your palate and allow you to kick start your day with a clear head.

Roasting Level — 4 out of 5

In Nespresso Fortado Gran Lungo Vertuo, the beans are split-roasted. The Indian Robusta beans are medium and long roasted, and Arabica beans are dark and long roasted. The Robusta beans deliver strong character and balance intensity while Arabica beans glow in your cup with bitter cocoa and oak wood notes. 

Aroma — Bitter Cocoa Powder notes

The incredible thing that I like in Fortado is its intense and robust aromatic profile. When I brewed my Forado pod, its chocolaty steam soothed my nose. This character makes Fortado coffee different from all other filtered coffee. The dark roasted Arabica beans add woody and cocoa notes to my coffee. When I add milk to my coffee, the cocoa character is enhanced and makes my morning refreshing. 

Acidity — 1 out of 5

When I drank Fortado coffee, I felt mild acidity. Although Fortado is a blend of dark and lightly roasted beans, it does not make the drink acidic. It delivered full-bodied drinks with robust chocolatey aroma and earthy flickers. 

Bitterness — 4 out of 5

Nespresso Fortado Gran Lungo Vertuo delivers intense drinks with noticeable bitterness. The blend of Colombian Arabica and Indian Robusta beans delivers a bitter cocoa flavor. I felt bitterness on the tip of my tongue. However, when I added milk and sweetener, its bitterness fainted, and only chocolatey notes stayed on my palate. Nespresso Fortado delivers a rich drink and preserves the true depth of its flavor.

Body — 4 out of 5

Nespresso Gran Lungo Fortado delivers full-bodied and heavy drinks. The oak wood notes add richness to the drink. The Robusta beans add thickness, and the high temperature strengthens the coffee. When I tried it with milk and cream, the cocoa flickers became dominant and made my drink worthwhile.

Intensity — 8 out of 13

The Nespresso Fortado Vertuo coffee is the best to fulfill your cravings if you are fond of intense drinks. The underlying dark cocoa notes deliver enjoyable intensity. The Robusta beans add intensity but do not make your drink harsh. A long roast at medium temperatures brings out that intensity in the Indian robusta. I enjoyed the Nespresso Fortado coffee due to its balanced and enjoyable intensity. 

Finish — Chocolaty Notes

When I finished my Fortado Vertuo coffee, I felt a bit bitter, but its bitterness was soon balanced with chocolaty notes. The drink was intense, heavy, full-bodied, and lingering. The bitter cocoa notes stayed longer, and I enjoyed the drink in full swing. My mind still preserved its earthy & woody aromatic profile and briny and carbony notes. Fortado urges you to think that one cup is not enough and you should brew another cup at the same moment.

Fortado Nespresso Caffeine Content — 200mg

Nespresso gran lungo Fortado pods contain about 120-200 mg of caffeine and are enough to fulfill your caffeine needs for one day. This caffeine content can make you active for the whole day. However, Nespresso Fortado has high caffeine content and delivers intense and heavy gran lungo drinks. When we calculated it in our lab, we found 200 mg caffeine content in this ornate Nespresso pod.

Fortado Nespresso Flavor — Woody & Intense Roasted

When I brewed black espresso, the oak wood notes were dominant, and bitter cocoa notes were underlying. However, the rich roasted cocoa notes became dominant when I added milk, taking away all its bitterness. Nespresso Fortado delivered me a complex cup or bouquet of various coffees. It allowed me to experience a new flavor in each sip, and whenever I brewed it, it always amazed me.

Fortado Nespresso Strength

Nespresso gran lungo Fortado pod delivers full-strength drinks. The high caffeine content and dark roasting of Arabica and Robusta beans soothed your mouth with heavy, intense, and full-bodied coffee. The bitter cocoa notes and oak wood hints reinforce the coffee’s richness and allow you to kick start your morning with a clear head.

How Much Caffeine Is In A Fortado Nespresso Pod?

Nespresso Gran Lungo Fortado has high caffeine content i.e. 200 mg. Indian Robusta brings the force to this full-bodied blend, and the long, dark roast of Colombian Arabica brings cocoa and oak wood notes. The high caffeine content makes your drink stronger and more intense, but on the other hand, it adversely affects the health of caffeine-sensitive people. High caffeine content increases the heartbeat and causes headaches or many other problems, so if you are sensitive to caffeine, use decaffeinated Nespresso pods such as Altissio Decaffeinato,—- Decaffeinato Intenso,—- Nespresso Melozio Decaffeinato, etc. 

However, if you like high caffeine content and caffeinated coffees, Fortado Nespresso is the best choice. For more details, keep on scrolling.

Is Fortado Espresso Or Coffee?

Nespresso Fortado is a Vertuo pod and delivers a 5.07 oz intense and full-bodied gran lungo drink. It is only compatible with a VertuoLine Nespresso machine. Vertuo machines offer six brew sizes.

  • Espresso — 1.35 oz
  • Double espresso — 2.7 oz
  • Gran Lungo — 5.7 oz
  • Coffee — 7.8 oz
  • Alto — 14 oz
  • Carafe — 18 oz 

We tried other brew sizes, such as espresso, alto, carafe, etc. but got sour, citrus, and watery drinks. So, I suggested brewing gran lungo beverages with the Fortado Vertuo pod.

How Do You Drink Nespresso Fortado?

In Fortado, the bitter cocoa notes and oak wood hints reinforce the coffee’s richness. You can enjoy Nespresso Gran Lungo Fortado in multiple ways. You can brew black espresso, Americano, latte, or many other beverages. In all cases, it will deliver you a wonderful Nespresso coffee to jumpstart your day in a better way. To find out the details of Fortado recipes, click the link below.

Fortado Nespresso Vertuo Recipe

I brewed a latte and many other hot or cold beverages with Nespresso Fortado, which amazed me greatly. Below is a complete description of this recipe.

What Nespresso Machines Are Compatible With Nespresso Fortado Vertuo Pod?

Nespresso offers two lines; OriginalLine and VertuoLine

OriginalLine machines extract perfect aroma and flavor from OriginalLine Nespresso coffee capsules and third-party coffee capsules using 19 bar pressures. They are best for a frequent coffee drinker. 

VertuoLine machines use the Centrifusion technique, spin the coffee pods at 7000 RPM, and extract the perfect shot from VertuoLine and  Starbucks by Nespresso Vertuo pods. They are best for casual coffee drinkers. 

Nespresso Fortado is a VertuoLine pod, and you can brew it with any of the Nespresso machines such as Vertuo,—- VertuoPlus,—- VertuoPlus Deluxe,—- Vertuo Next, or Evoluo.

Nespresso’s AAA Sustainable Quality Program

In 2003, Nespresso launched AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program in collaboration with NGO Rainforest Alliance. According to this program, Nespresso invests in social programs (insurance and pensions), pays for coffee more than the market prices, and ensures profitable coffee farming. Today 80% of Nespresso coffee comes from AAA-certified farms, and 40% comes from Rainforest Alliance-certified farms.

Nespresso Fortado Reviews

Our readers send us 2900 reviews via email. We are glad to tell you that 96% of reviews were positive, indicating that our readers strongly recommend the Nespresso Fortado gran lungo pod.

Nespresso Fortado Nespresso Capsules Price

Many people feel it tiresome to go to the coffee shops regularly in the morning, but they cannot find a solution as they have to fulfill their caffeine needs. Nespresso capsule brewers are the solution for those people. With these brewers, you don’t have to rush to the coffee shop regularly, and you can brew your favorite coffee recipes at home.

Capsule or pod Cost, 1 ServingCost, 365 ServingsSavings Over Coffee Shop
Keurig K-Cup$0.35-$0.65$219$1,241
Nespresso Vertuo$0.90-$1.25$402$1,058
Nespresso Original$0.70-$0.85$292$1,168
Coffee Shop$3.50-$4.50$1,460$0

According to the above table, if you buy Nespresso or Keurig coffee pods such as Nespresso Fortado and brew your favorite milk and coffee recipes at home, you can save up to 80% of your money. Not only with Nespresso Fortado, but you can save the same amount with any of the OriginalLine or VertuoLine coffee pods.

Compare Nespresso Fortado Vertuo with Other Nespresso Gran Lungo Capsules (VertuoLine)

Capsule Image

Capsule Name

Nespresso Line







Email Reviews







Overall Score







Basic Flavors

Floral, Toasted Cereal, Floral & Cereal

Roasted, Woody, Intense & Full-Bodied

Intense and full-bodied

Cereal, Caramel, cocoa, and oak wood notes

Cereal, Malty & Sweet

Flowery, Berry, Fruity & Floral

Caffeine Content

120 – 200 mg

120 – 200 mg

Less than 12 mg

120 – 200 mg

120 – 200 mg

120 – 200 mg








Serving Size

Gran Lungo (150 ml ) (5.07 oz)

Gran Lungo (150 ml ) (5.07 oz)

Gran Lungo (150 ml ) (5.07 oz)

Gran Lungo (150 ml ) (5.07 oz)

Gran Lungo (150 ml )

 (5.07 oz)

Gran Lungo (150 ml )

(5.07 oz)


Kenyan and Ethiopian Arabicas

Colombian Arabica and Indian Robusta

Colombian Arabica and Indian Robusta

Colombian Arabicas and Guatemalan Robusta

Arabicas from Costa Rica

100% Ethiopian Arabica




Is Fortado Nespresso Out Of Stock?

Nespresso Fortado is available in stock on many online stores such as Amazon, the Nespresso website, Bed Bath Beyond, and many other stores. These capsules are the perfect addition to the world of coffee and are packaged in a sleeve of 10 capsules. I prefer to buy these Nespresso Fortado capsules from Amazon as it is a reliable online store, offers good shipping and return policy and delivers your product t affordable prices.

Is Fortado Nespresso for You?

Fortado Nespresso is meant for you if you are used to of taking intense, full-bodied drinks in the morning. Brew it with a VertuoLine Nespresso machine, and the blend of Indian Robusta and South and Central American Arabicas comes at you full force. It makes your morning amazing with rich roasted cocoa, oak wood notes, and 200 mg caffeine content. However, if you want to; 

  • Taste a Vertuo coffee blended with Brazilian and Central American Arabica beans, has 170-200 mg caffeine content, a size of 7.7 oz coffee, and Biscuity, Cereal, Smooth & Balanced flavor; search for Melozio Nespresso
  • Taste a coffee blended with Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Central American Arabica beans, has 170-200 mg caffeine content, a size of 7.7 oz coffee, and Spicy, Woody, Rich & Strong flavor; Stormio Nespresso is the best option.
  • Taste a coffee blended with South American and Costa Rican coffee beans, has 50-60 mg caffeine content, a size of 1.35 oz espresso, and Cocoa, Roasted, Full-Bodied & Creamy flavor; search for Altissio Nespresso.

I prefer to buy these Nespresso Fortado capsules from Amazon as it is a reliable online store, offers good shipping and return policy, and delivers a sleeve of 10 Fortado capsules.

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